Global Coalition Statement: Commercial Aviation and Pilot Vaccine Injury 17/05/22

Signatories from Canadian, UK, USA, Australia, France, Netherlands, Switzerland and International aviation, medical, scientific and ethics bodies.

Learn more about GAAC and its members, who include:

Canada's Free to Fly, US & UK Freedom Flyers,

Free To Fly - Canada

US Freedom Flyers

Aussie Freedom Flyers

UK Freedom Flyers

Navigants Libres - France

Luchtvaart Collectief - Holland

Airliners for Humanity - Switzerland

International Medical Alliance

Global Covid Summit

Canadian Covid Care Alliance

Health Advisory Recovery Team HART UK

UK Medical Freedom Alliance

Association of American Physicians and Surgeons

Pete Chambers, US Special Ops Flight Surgeon - Affidavit

Download and read the "Global Coalition Statement on Commercial Aviation and Pilot Vaccine Injury” here:


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This will certainly need to have a closer look

A passenger with no flight training was able to land a Cessna Caravan in Palm Beach on Tuesday after the pilot collapsed at the controls


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Great interview. Thanks to Josh for all the hard work to date of all his US colleagues.

Josh's attitude about support for aviation employees is correct. Most have been duped or forced or scared into doing the wrong thing. Airlines, regulators and unions are all in this together - there is active collusion within the industry to subsume the real human issues for nothing more than corporate and political interests.

Here are a few articles about some of the wider issues in aviation:

Calling Passenger Smith: Has Aviation Backed Itself Into a Corner? (part one)


Calling Passenger Smith: Pilots and Vaccine Injuries (part two):


The Baseline: Protection via documenting causality


The Baseline: The pilot's and aviation's trap


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Sorry, not sure where or how to post this, so I am throwing it out here. Just got a call from another pilot friend who retires this month. To make a very long story short, his wife had a heart transplant years ago and doing very well. They went on a nearly 2- month long RV trip to the western part of the country. They were joined for a spell by his sister and brother-in-law in another camper. They are all vaccinated many times over, very worried about his wife since her immune system is zilch due to the cocktail of anti-rejection drugs she has to take daily. Well, lo and behold, she got Covid!! and passed it on to the rest of them. My friend said they were very sick for a day or so, and him being worried about his wife, headed to the nearest big city with a good hospital. In the meanwhile, she called her doctors at Duke hospital who prescribed them Molnupiravir. They felt much better within 24 hours. here is the kicker though, the sister and brother-in-law are medical doctors in an ER ward at their local hospital at home, and they declined to take this antiviral treatment!! Not sure what to think of this, brainwashed? afraid to lose their license? I am sure they still think this fake vaccine is good.

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“.. Meanwhile, the Air Line Pilots Association is telling its members to not take part in clinical trials for vaccines because they’ll lose their medicals, perhaps for a long time. “… since no trial COVID-19 vaccine has full FDA approval, the FAA considers participation in COVID-19 vaccine trials medically disqualifying for pilots for an indefinite period…”


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Just published a few thoughts about this rich interview video over at PostModernConservative. I signal a few highlights of Yoder's and Kirsch's conversation, between two mock airline announcements. I also use the jazz classic "Take Five" to demonstrate how close those passengers came to a crash-landing. https://pomocon.substack.com/p/629?s=w

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Apr 23, 2022·edited Apr 23, 2022

Reminder: fulljobz dot com and all of that is an attempt to lure you into some hidden malware downloads, to do who-knows-what or maybe WHO-knows-what.

P.S. I could imagine that it could lead to an attack on substacks, in the manner that Yahoo Groups had that, about 10 years ago. The Substack admins really ought to be de-spamming maybe more than they are.

Another P.S. You know, we all hate Wikipedia by now but there's some factual info here about some Yahoo problems around that time:


The first Yahoo "problem" I knew of may or may not have led to that: A form of hack which allowed the hackers to take the identity of people posting to Yahoo Groups; ie. they could "become" you or me or anybody for posting purposes...and, they intended, for other Yahoo purposes. But they failed with the latter at first.

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"As human beings not having the compassion to call one of your injured pilots..." THE EXACT PROBLEM! We are all so complacent with others suffering in this dystopian time that we are willing to sacrifice basic human decency for profit. Truly a sad time we are living in. My soul aches every day for all of us. Thanks Steve for being so persistent.

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What about this unexplained one in China?

The last seconds of China Eastern Airlines MU5735 were caught on a CCTV camera. Shows that it was in a near vertical dive.


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Thank you Steve for your hard work on all the Covid issues that to me a retired RN mostly appear to be an acute case of Medical psychosis or medical Dementia! On one hand who ever is now dictating what compromises sane and safe medicine has forgotten all the basics of Medicare! For example “First do no harm”,that has historically been the foundation of medical care. The foundation of how to initiate safety, is First Look at the Patient! If people cannot be seen in person by their doctor, much of the assessment process is lost! And somewhere along the line insanity has overtaken those who manage the medical system! If those people think the entire world has been convinced the Medical system is now offering as a NEW BEST WAY TO PRACTICE MEDICINE, then those managers are totally out of touch with the public opinion with

These changes! The Doctor’s they once respected they distrust, and are angry with them! And the general public is asking,”why don’t these doctors man up and tell their bosses to get out the way and let us do what we were trained to do? “ and the public is sick of being told they are believing “fake news, poor ignorant people!” The public, is tired of the liberal politics that is tainting the entire free world! We all are sick of the Trio of the egomaniac destruction of the entire world, based on this new way to help people which is obviously nothing more than an evil attempt to deceive people by forcing people into constant fear into be willing to run the risk to commit suicide via taking a never ending vaccinations until these deadly drugs finally kill millions or render then sterile or make the recipients invalids! Therefore, why are we the public trusting these folks? One man is a college dropout who freely states his goal is to cure global warming which has never been proven to be a real threat since the earth crusts prove that across time the climate has had times of hotter weather and much colder weather! The other man is a bitter elderly person whose younger life was tainted by war and cruelty so instead of stepping away from the cruelty that darkened his life he is still, living out creating and paying for destruction and an old man whose career appears to fallen victim to a love of money and power rather than real true elevated health for others. Therefore, we the people need to demand our government stop playing along with the evil game! If we the people elected others to carry off this evil then we surely have gotten what we voted for! If we voted for those who uphold our Constitutions at the Federal and State levels to do that job and those voted for have failed or are involved either by commission of failure to uphold the laws then we VOTE THEM OUT AT EVRY ELECTION! But if those in office are discovered to be corrupt or are now involved in corruption then we voters must demand all departments of government investigate promptly and with the intent to bring charges and try those who appear to be guilty of crimes against our laws which are the pillars of freedom and the life giving aspects of those freedoms and otherwise the government has no business in family life, our education and our churches! But when government and the people have rolled over to the ,immoral, unethical, dictates of the few who behind closed doors and under the radar are buying the very destruction of the government and the health of the people not only of the USA BUT THE WORLD this is EVIL AND MUST NAMED THE ENEMY IT IS!

This virus and it’s vaccines are doing exactly what the people who created them intended it to do and it is time for every citizen to call it out and for the government to come clean! From the voter to the both houses of Congress, to the Military, the FBI, CIA THE ATTORNEY GENERAL, AND THE DOJ AND LASTLY THE SUPREME COURT!

Speaking to the Supreme court, your job is to uphold the laws not decide to write new laws nor is your job to run in fear as if someone has bought your options and if they have then your job to step aside from your seat on the court and if you are so deranged as to think law breakers need a break and you are unable to know or define the differences between a man and a woman then you are without the basic common sense and education to occupy the very chairs you each occupy! Your rulings over the last several days, weeks, months and for several years on the hard issues have proven most of you appear like you either lack the skills or the backbone to do the hardest of all the jobs that is to maintain the balance of freedom and law and order! You maintain

the spirit of the laws while killing the intent of the law which is that balance.

If every citizen does not do our job to defend our nation then freedom and order will be gone forever not just here inAmerica but for the entire world! Wake up America, China is in bed, with Canada, your politicians and the trio of the wealth elites who think their wealth makes them superior humans. Politely always but with conviction speak the truth and call your politicians to do their job. After all you hired them and you pay their wages so you are their supervisor! And if they are failing your pen votes them out! But always do your best really know who are voting for!

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Thanks a million Steve for covering this news story so beautifully! Pilot health and safety is an issue that every American citizen should care about, since everyone is at risk (flyers and non-flyers) when our pilots are at risk of potentially crashing airplanes. And all because of some completely preventable, horrific Catch-22 situation where nobody wants to be the one to publicly acknowledge what many insiders have known now for some time.

I'm wondering if there might be some way that we public citizens might start reporting safety issues--such as on the FAA website? It seems they want specific examples, but I bet we're starting to see some now. Here's the reporting page for anyone who has an incident to report:


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Richard, thank you for the excellent information re adverse effects of the Pfizer vaccinations. Unfortunately all true from what I read from a source who had direct access to recent unredacted data delivered by Pfizer due to strong pressure by the court.

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Those things are flying over major cities. How much longer till a plane falls out of the sky and hits a building, this time, not on purpose. This is scary. The SF Bay Area has 3 international airports. That's a very busy sky to have planes and no one behind the wheel.

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From: https://www.faa.gov/pilots/medical/

"Individuals holding an FAA-issued Airman Medical Certificate or Medical Clearance are reminded that they are prohibited from performing flight crewmember duties or air traffic control duties if they do not meet medical certification requirements, including those related to adverse events from medications that render them unable to perform such duties."

The interesting part is the phrase, "including those related to adverse events". So this means pilots are prohibited by the FAA from flying if they have myocarditis.

On that same page:

"Holders of FAA-issued Airman Medical Certificates or Medical Clearances may receive the Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna, and/or Johnson & Johnson/Janssen COVID-19 vaccines; however, a 48-hour no fly/no safety related duty interval must be observed after each dose. This policy is applicable to both the initial vaccine doses and booster shots."

Pilots are not supposed to fly for 48 hours after getting jabbed. But how are they supposed to know if they develop myocarditis? Ouija board? Magic 8 Ball? Fortune cookie? Where is the FAA requirement for an examination after these jabs? Or is it their position that the pilot's next 6 or 12 month Airman Medical Certificate exam (age dependent) will catch this? If so, then the FAA is saying it is OK to fly with myocarditis that develops after a jab, at least until your next Airman Medical Certificate exam (or until you die at the stick and take everybody with you).

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I don't know if you have posted this, but an article on Children's Health Defense says that the FAA has a rule that commercial pilots cannot take medications or biologics that have been in use less than one year. In that case, they should have banned these shots until last December. In a sane world the massive evidence that they were dangerous would have kept them from being approved for pilots.

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Steve - I'm not sure you will read this. But today I have been reading about a company with a new novel covid therapy for patients with respiratory failure. Im not sure you have heard of it - its ticker is NRXP. They have an IV form of a peptide called VIP that apparently blocks cars cov2 entry into pulmonary cells. Trials showed improved survival. They applied for EUA last May. That's right - last May. The FDA waited 6 months and apparently responded with the randomized trial didn't have enough patients and we already have Remdesivir available.

Now they have reapplied for an EUA. They have gone back over the data and see a 2-4 times improved survival? I mean maybe my facts are not right or the company is making stuff up - but if this is true?????

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