Divisions and Chaos within the Ottawa Police. Violence and Brute Force Ordered by Trudeau Government, by Prof Michel Chossudovsky



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Feb 19, 2022·edited Feb 19, 2022

Reading a bit about the Canadian political scene: and the prospects for their "Congress" voting down the Emergencies Act invocation. About 5 minutes into gauging the political monkey-bidness, found that this person Jagmeet, apparent WEF plant who "leads" the "liberal" party, is, as I said, WEF along with Trudeau and Freeland (quite poetic name: she the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance and maybe the one who's in charge of cementing Federal Govt./bank conspiracy to separate citizens from their rights):


As stated by Viva Frei, the vote on the Emergencies Act is necessary (by law) before it is put into effect, but it has been invoked and, as far as anyone knows, basically martial law is in effect--And he wonders whether there actually will be a vote. They (Parliament) were supposed to debate and vote yesterday but that was canceled due to "planned police action" in downtown Ottawa. V. Frei wondered out loud why they couldn't debate and vote over Zoom. The police crackdown is illegal, if any facets of it bypass "normal" law and use Emergency Act law.

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Feb 19, 2022·edited Feb 19, 2022

To anyone who wants to go so deep as to study Freeland's ancestors from old WWII-era Europe. Glancing at this, maybe the most interesting part is that she lied about it. It is not the kind of thing that a politician can be truthful about and survive, politically. But I wonder if she's just a liar and sociopath like most of our people-like-Cabinet-officials (I'm in the US):


Not to go even much deeper now but: it's a little ambiguous as to whether modern Russia is a pesky obstacle to the WEF-type forces: Some say it is but some say Putin has an oligarch/WEF friend. Anyway it is clear from the last 4 years or so that Ukraine is set up to be a tinder-box to torment Russia (am saying that objectively, I'm neither a Russia fan nor hater). Not sure of the cause and effect or if this is even relevant, but Chrystia Freeland got where she is while being prominent in subversion against the Ukrainian govt. (and by the way, against the Venezuelan govt).

Anyway, fine representative of Deep State foreign policy, as well as fine worker for Deep State Orwellization of "her own" country.

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It’s frightening how efficient this clamp down was run. Canada is now fully under dictatorial rule. Jeff Childers nailed in his column today.


Also watch Trudeaus Gestapo trample the old woman


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This man's experiences are not related to mass formation psychosis. His peers literally hate him. This is not an illness, this is hatred. They have made the decision to dehumanize and destroy a man because his honesty does not fit their narrative. This is hate. He doesn't fit their worldview, so they're tossing him out of it.

Not the first time this has happened in academia... But, do it often enough, eventually, you'll cause a genocide rather than exaggerate one.

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Dr. Shiva A. runs his cytosolve system on the contents of the vaccine:


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Video: Freedom Convoy 2022. Mass Arrests Underway in Ottawa


4h video, beginning to watch, Sat 19 Feb 2022 10:35:41 WIB where I live.

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This is not just a war against Canadians, this is the Gestapo rolling and testing in order to send a message to the U.S., Australia, New Zealand, anyone who believes they can oppose the coup. I recommend reading Anna Seghers' The Seventh Cross^1.

1. [T]he Seventh Cross presented a still doubtful, naive America a first-hand account of life in Hitler's Germany and of the horrors of the concentration camps. Georg Heisler is able to escape from the Westhofen [Osthofen] concentration camp^2 near Worms together with six comrades. Immediately, a manhunt is launched for the fugitives and the camp commander, SA-Scharführer Fahrenberg, announces that they are to be brought back within seven days. As a sign of this, he has seven sycamore trees cut down on the grounds of Westhofen and a cross brace placed at shoulder height - a cross for each of the seven fugitives.

2. [T]he Osthofen concentration camp was established in the buildings of a former paper factory shortly after the NSDAP [Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei, National Socialist German Workers' Party, nota bene the abuse of the etymology of the terms, distinctive of the fascists] came to power. From the spring of 1933 to the summer of 1934, opponents of the Nazi regime, above all members of the KPD [Communist Party of Germany], the SPD [Social Democratic Party of Germany] and trade unionists, but also members of the Center, Jews, Jehovah's Witnesses, Sinti and others were imprisoned here.

[T]he example of the first and very early concentration camp of the then People's State of Hesse clearly shows what the National Socialists had been striving for since the beginning of Hitler's term of office: the elimination of opponents and exclusion of entire groups, up to and including extermination.

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Yeah the Gestapo: because the Nazis won the war and are in control now. Oh wait...

That's the opposite of the truth.

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Have you ever been in Germany? They are the most disgusting people ive seen in my whole life, after the french. Nazi ideology runs in their blood. Second time i´ve been there, i was planned to work in a refinery for 30 days. After 7 i was out of there. Never again. Disgusting food, disgusting people.

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As an extreme, I think even an idiot like Trudeau, who is finished in all cases, and will have to be *disposed of*, should now shit himself... an assassination to be charged to the protesters, and as justification for the crackdown, would be the icing on the cake for the MSM.

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I am very proud of Canadians. You are the leaders of the world for freedom

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Off topic, but I'm wondering what ever happened to the vials that Steve sent out for test?

Reason I ask is, a friend just sent me these videos of strange self-assembling graphene structures. Found by La Quinta Columna, relayed by Infowars...


And reportedly verified by two other teams in Germany and New Zealand!!


I'm hoping someone from Steve's staff can confirm or deny.

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Keep waiting, but pick up a chair so you dont get tired.

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this is how its done

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One of the steps the government is taking to control protests is funding control. Anyone that has contributed more than 25 dollars to the convoy will/is having their bank account/credit card/ personal finances frozen. I have heard the banks have shut down online banking from within Canada, I have not confirmed this.

The true goal of restricting funding platforms is to take power from the average citizen.

Generally the real power in a country lies with the wealthy. They control and affect using legal means at great expense(lawyering fees) this has worked well in the past because the average person can’t contest, due to lack of funds.

The funding platforms make the average citizen powerful. This is proven by the recent donations gathered in support of the convoy. Using funding platforms citizens can present a united front.

The new system is one where a donation is legal but capped to 25.00 Canadian. This cap is critical to the end result. The end result being the appearance of freedom but the control of the opposition.

How does a cap work,its very simple based in human nature. People will send a donations to a cause they support, which gives them a sense of satisfaction(taking action) and completness(I have done my part)

Its the act of taking action that is important, having been limited to 25.00 still satisfys the need to act but drastically cuts the overall donations.

This is very important now because the powers that control Canada know if the people are powerful they(the powerful)will be held accountable.

Please cut and paste and forward if you think I am making sense.

This is my first substack posting I don’t really know how it works. I was driven here by CBC. I am saddened by that as I have been a defender of CBC my entire life. In fact I nearly came to blows defending CBC in Yellowknife at the Monkey Tree, thankfully my nephew pulled me out. Defending CBC is a mistake I won’t make again

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Great interview!

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haven’t received my kirsch email for couple of days. unusual for him! anybody know anything about this?

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Trudeau Orders Major Police Operation against the Liberty Convoy

By Prof Michel Chossudovsky


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Haven't heard from Steve for 2 days. Very unusual. Anybody know anything? Always concerned, especially since he said he might disappear!

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I agree, unusual. He probably attended and did the interview for the weekly Zoom call last night but I didn't attend. This is no time to be AWOL; it disturbs people; But maybe he'll write a one-line post that says he'll write real posts later.

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