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My friend Dean McKay wrote me this on Facebook: "Click the link for the study, and it clearly shows the opposite of what this substack post claims. Again, I’ve emailed the author of this column, politely raising questions about the interpretation of the stats, with no reply. He’s clearly not qualified to comment on stats, or is deliberately misreading the findings.


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Bold statements, zero factual counter-arguments. Steve is asking legitimate questions -- and tells you WHY he's asking those questions.

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It’s not that I agree with my FB friend; I do trust Kirsch. I just wish Kirsch could (if he had the time) reply directly to people like McKay, who is a researcher (PhD in Psychology).

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I don't trust anyone, including myself; I compare all evidence presented by the parties.

Just about always it turns out that the "other side" has just about zero factual responses and constantly uses the typical garden variety of logical fallacies, ranging from appeal to authority to your most typical straw man.

Not to defend Steve in any way, but a person of his infamy usually has a secretary (and if he doesn't, he should get one) to just deal with the inbox. He has more work than there is time.

If McKay wants to challenge Steve, he should just write a substack and publish his questions and corrections -- since he has already gone through the trouble of writing them up.

Finally, McKay has a PhD in Psychology. OK. So what?

I have a PhD in a biomedical discipline (won't dox myself), a very broad and relevant hands-on experience in most parts of a drug development pipeline, my h-index is ~10, and I happen to agree with Steve's questions here and elsewhere (and most of his conclusions). I have minor quibbles, but they don't change the outcome.

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There is a rumour of a $3 trillion Pfizer lawsuit. Is it true?

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since nobody cares for my posts, for a long time, I'll post the recent VARIANTS analysis in one of the SCIENCE papers, here in comments, OK? Sorry for this long text, it is important though. That addition posted yesterday at: https://mejbcart.substack.com/p/whatif-ace2-scenario-and-the-hell at the end is the following:

https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/jmv.27927 titled “Omicron (BA.1) and sub-variants (BA.1.1, BA.2, and BA.3) of SARS-CoV-2 spike infectivity and pathogenicity: A comparative sequence and structural-based computational assessment“ by Suresh Kumar et al. in Jun 2022. Now check it for yourself.

At https://www.rcsb.org/fasta/entry/7T9L/display is the sequence of the Spike and ACE2 used in this publication to predict the PHYSIOLOGICAL parameters, which will set people in isolation!!! Take ACE2 first and compare the sequence with NATURAL human ACE2 at https://www.uniprot.org/uniprotkb/Q9BYF1/entry. For ACE2:

- missing the entire N-terminal portion ‘MSSSSWLLLSLVAVTAA’ in the model

- the residue 616Q in natural ACE2 was changed to CHARGED His! but this was NOT enough!


For the ‘mutated’ Spike VARIANT:

- the entire C-terminal section of the wild type SPike is NOT there in the ‘model’ YIKWPWYIWLGFIAGLIAIVMVTIMLCCMTSCCSCLKGCCSCGSCCKFDEDD SEPVLKGVKLHYT

- the furin site is MISSING, BLAST comparison of the model with the natural Spike:




the model has 1285 residues, the ‘natural’ 2020 PATENTED Spike only 1273 residues=> the VARIANTS are GROWING and loosing entire sections of their sequences???!!!! And now read the PUBLISHED abstract in THE MOST PRESTIDIOUS JOURNAL of all times ((2022) Science 375: 760-764), for that 3 dimensional VARIANT analysis at https://www.rcsb.org/structure/7t9l , quote:

“The newly reported Omicron variant is poised to replace Delta as the most prevalent SARS-CoV-2 variant across the world. Cryo-EM structural analysis of the Omicron variant spike protein in complex with human ACE2 reveals new salt bridges and hydrogen bonds formed by mutated residues R493, S496 and R498 in the RBD with ACE2. These interactions appear to compensate for other Omicron mutations such as K417N known to reduce ACE2 binding affinity, resulting in similar biochemical ACE2 binding affinities for Delta and Omicron variants. Neutralization assays show that pseudoviruses displaying the Omicron spike protein exhibit increased antibody evasion. The increase in antibody evasion, together with retention of strong interactions at the ACE2 interface, thus represent important molecular features that likely contribute to the rapid spread of the Omicron variant.“

Every single process here is a COMPUTER SIMULATION resulting in The Table 1. Its title: “The predicted effect of Spike protein single mutations of Omicron variants on pathogenicity by using PredictSNP tool.”

Table 2 titled “Docking analysis of single-point mutation of Wuhan-RBM (receptor-binding motif), Omicron (BA.1)-RBD, and sub-variants (BA1.1, BA.2, and BA.3)-RBD residues with ACE2 using HEX software.” lists docking energies WITHOUT units…

Table 3 is interesting, salt bridge formation and hydrogen bond formation between ACE2-RBD predicted for Omicron and sub-variants using PDBePISA (PISA) web-based tool.

Salt bridge formation(ACE2‐RBD) Hydrogen bondformation (ACE2‐RBD)

WTa ASP 30-Lys417 Gln24-Asn487 (PDB ID: 6MOJ) Asp30-Lys417

BA.1.1 GLU 57-LYS 478 LYS 31-TYR 450

GLU 35-ARG 490 LYS 68-TYR 470

GLU 35-ARG 493 GLN 42-ALA 481

ASP 38-ARG 490 GLN 42-CYS 485

ASP 30-ARG 495 THR 27-THR 497

ASP 30-ARG 498 ASP 30-TYR 446

BA.2 ASP 30-ARG 490 ARG 559-ALA 472

ASP 30-ARG 490 GLN 388-ASN 484

GLU 35-ARG 495 LYS 68-THR 497

ASP 38-HIS 502 ASP 30-ARG 490

ASP 38-ARG 400 GLU 35-ARG 495

As you can see there are basically FOUR NEGATIVELY charged amino acids on the ACE2 interface, Asp30, Asp38, Glu34, Glu57, to which the positively charged Spike mutants attach with the strongest electrostatic forces, all caused by the total charge of -4 on the FIXED ACE2 surface. No matter how many positively charged Spike residues are around, that binding will take place if there is no steric hindrance to it. And now the CUT off of the first N-terminal residues in the ACE2 molecule, even if uncharged, will leave ‘lot of space’ for possible ‘new variants’…

Last but not least, adding SINGLE positively charged AMINO ACIDS, L-Lys, L-Arg, L-His to your diet, will help to neutralize and shield the ‘however mutated’ spikes… There are some studies confirming exactly that:

https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC8264737/ →supplementation with zinc and zinc ionophores; vitamins C, D3 and E; and l-lysine during covis19

https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/34372507/ →lysine supplementation


https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC8619186/ →arginine supplementation

I can only add one, this is a CRIMINAL SCAM, in particular the published conclusion, quote:

“In this study, Omicron (BA.1) and sub-variants (BA.1.1, BA.2, and BA.3) are compared and investigated with WT using various computational tools. There are 11 shared common mutations G339D, S373P, S375F, K417N, N440K, S477N, T478K, E484A, Q493R, Q498R, and N501Y in RBD Omicron and sub-variants that may contribute significantly to changing the host spectrum of SARS-CoV-2 in immune evasion and potential transmission. The Omicron sub-variants (BA.1.1, BA.2 and BA.3) are likely more transmissible than omicron (BA.1) and Delta.“

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Thanks for sharing.

I like reading the facts in detail.

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I'd love to know how you arrived at the "IFR for the boosted is 28% higher than the unboosted"?

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(0.018 - 0.014) / 0.014 = 0.286 --> 28.9%

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This experimental stuff should have been pulled off the market a long time ago, but instead they are doubling down and are still pushing it despite all the facts. Beyond sickening.

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While the jabs didn't seem to keep the elderly safe from the virus or death, I don't think it killed as many of them as the government hoped it would. I know a number of elderly people who got the jab and I was fearful for their lives, but after nearly 2 years, they seem fine. Did they get the placebo? The shot with less toxicity than others (given there were so many variables in the manufacturing process)?

Obviously, their goal by putting those 65+ at the head of the shot lineup was so they could get rid of a lot of the "useless eaters" that consumer so many resources in Medicare, Medicaid, SS, etc. I don't think it happened quite the way they planned it because a lot of the elderly were already ill with other types of ailments and taking mountains of drugs including those for autoimmune disorders that suppressed their immune systems, so it was really many of those who had one foot in the grave and the other on the Big Harma banana peel.

I also know several elderly people who saw many of their friends in assisted living, their neighbors, etc. die after getting the jab and they are avowed anti-C-19 jabbers who won't go near that stuff. Some people -- especially the elderly -- learn pretty fast!!

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Steve, I have been slammed and smeared online by friends who tell me I’M the one not thinking critically, that I listen to people like you instead of the experts. Then I read so many reports like yours and other red-pilled people that are just SO convincing. I guess I just let my emotions cloud my judgement. And yet, I’m not constantly sick now, due to the decisions I made based on my emotions.

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Unvaxxed Idiots Needed

Pf#zer Wants to Phinish You Off


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Maybe we should only worry if the rich and powerful all leave town and rush to the islands ?

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Alas, not a good argument. These confidence intervals are there for a reason.

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Somebody tell Dr Drew.

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How about joining the REFEREE board of JAMA and stopping their frauds, Steve?

Or how about analyzing every single 'covid' paper from very begin, in particular the ones from Pfizer and Mod-E-RNA which assured that the 'Emergency approval' went through with their lethal concoctions?

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Sep 12, 2023·edited Sep 18, 2023

It's virtually impossible to analyse "Covid" papers. They are mostly GIGO.

I had comments uniformly rejected from JAMA Online as "Not meeting community standards" when I asked that the authors reveal their criteria for "Laboratory Confirmed Covid."

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what I just did yesterday, I just CONTACTED THE AUTHORS directly, like this :

Dear Dr. Jae-Hwan Nam,

I came across that title of your recent publication:

"Analyzing immune responses to varied mRNA and protein vaccine sequences"

while looking for the real ingredients of the Moderna new seasonal flu injections

described at:


What I'm looking for is the sequence of the new products mRNA-1010 and the confirmation of the presence of N1-methylpseudouridine-5′-triphosphate (m1ΨTP; TriLink, CA, USA) in it? Since you write about them, it would be extremely important to know the details. Also, can you please indicate the lifetime of the synthetic above mentioned nucleotide, which if used indeed in these formulations, should absolutely not be called mRNA, but rather mod mRNA, synthetic version of a natural biological molecule.

With a hope for your answer,


So far no answer. Where shall we start publishing the names of the REAL CRIMINALS? The scientists???

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there has to be, somewhere, a way to crash this infinite arrogance and totalitarian behavior by the elite scientists, in particular, when we are dealing with murder of millions, if not way more...

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Well for three years now the Covid-Criminals have been throwing bullshit against the wall and it has been sticking. But each month, thanks to Steve and friends, the Bullshit is falling to the ground. Now we need to grease that wall up real good and get some buckets up to haul it all away.

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