Steve, two basic facts about Communism/Communists:

1) They have NO respect for ANY human life; just pure evil lust for more power.

2) A basic technique used for brainwashing (psychological warfare) is mental conditioning via stress/relief cycles.

Hence, releasing a virus (bio weapon) and then providing the antidote is useful for testing, making money, and brainwashing.

(Research brainwashing, psychological warfare, and the once active U.S. Senate Committee on Anti-American Activities.)

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The interview with James Lyons-Weiller was the bomb! Great, great interview. The fact he's going to have Russell Blaylock join him defending vaccination vs unvaccinated study is beautiful, music to my ears.

I still believe the SARS CoV-2 genome and resulting, belated subsequent CDC synthetically produced samples were never isolated from a human from that original posted sequence. I'm not yet convinced about Sing Huang Li sp? Washington isolation. But I am open to looking into it.

Where's the Mikovits interview? She was the first person to say HIV did not cause AIDS, it was in her Ph.D. thesis. No one has suffered more than she has under Fauci's tyranny, other than those doctors who were suicided. They made attempts on her life. they locked her up in jail for not denouncing her findings of an association between XMRV's and ME/CFS patients. They locked her up without filing charges. How do you get away with that? Now it's popular, I guess, just look at the innocent souls invited into the Capital by Capital Police to peacefully protest.

Mikovits lost her two houses because she wouldn't denounce her findings. They stole her retirement and left her with nothing. Fauci banned her from flying over any U.S. labs. If she took a commercial flight that went over a U.S. Lab, she'd be arrested when the plane landed.

Nothing written in her books has been disproven. She delivered Harddrives and testimony to the FBI in Nevada, and they buried it. But she still has XMRV samples in freezers. her science notes were stolen by Fauci, they attempted to get her partners but got sloppy. He was able to go back and get them after they left, and one day he delivered them to Mikovits. From the material in the freezers to the notebooks, she can prove everything written in her books, and what that amounts to is that the immunogenic peptides from cell based vaccines are behind COVID. The COVID vaccinated have had their innate, adaptive, memory immunity erases, thus allowing these old pathogens from vaccines to begin expressing the same adverse events they've been producing for decades. The main difference is they are worse now because in the Vaxxed, there isn't much left to stop their proliferation.

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@34:10 timeline interview with Troy Ross is exactly what makes the system invisible to destroy that MOST health practitioners ARE DEVOTED BLINDLY FAITHFUL TO THE CDC & FDA the two corrupt rulers & BELIEVE they’re doing the best for their patients & even themselves & families by getting inoculated themselves devotedly

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Nonetheless, despite individual’s style of writing, conveyance of language, etc, hopefully we ALL can agree that this concoction injectable deadly poisonous COVID-19 serum targeted for an alleged virus coined SARS2 is a bio weapon & intended to HARM AND NOT DO ANY GOOD!! Only way tools known as “vaccines” are deemed a necessity is for the allopathic industry & its nefarious & brainwashed indoctrinated disciples to train, teach, preach, advocate, regurgitate & perpetually push the doctrine that so called “viruses” which layman can never be provided by the “experts” or disciples with logical documented evidence to even truly exist and are basically forced to just take the word of the more “educated” disciples.

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About Jeff Diamond. He explained that he reluctantly got the Janssen shot because he was taking care of his mother. I didn't catch what happened to her after. He was out of comission for a while, she must have been furious about what happened to him.

These crimes have too many ramifications.

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Juicy! So far watched 20' plus. Thanks for the link!! Dr Tom Cowan, Wakefield etc go deep in the weeds of virus virology. So, a genomic sequence does not necessarily a virus make. Wild. Another nail in germ theories coffin?

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It’s less detrimental to profits to blame an invisible invading microorganism for disease versus blaming technological advancements which poison the environment

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And, speaking of ENVIRONMENTAL TOXICITY being a probability for “COVID” or the exasperation of “COVID”, why has the 5G suspicion been tossed to the waste side & not considered anymore as a catapult or cause for disease? Does it conflict with mogul corporate telecommunications investors & profits, same as the suspected brain tumor conspiracy theory caused from cell phones swept under the rug never returned into discussion while we all keep using cell phones & and even worse the earpiece bluetooth. Just a thought.

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Please refer directly to Doctors Thomas Cowan & Matthew Kaufman, but allow me to best paraphrase as best I can. Dr. Cowan & Kaufman, both leaders of assertively claiming the invalidity of virology, never claimed that what it is to this day being mislabeled as “viruses” do not exist, do not infect or do not cause disease or do not replicate, but that the term “virus” has been & still is being misused.

The result & transformation/debris from diseased cells due to the result of a process which diseased damaged cells react when exposed to toxicity/poison and die, the dead cells, upon necrosis, breakdown releasing waste particles which are seen via electron microscopy have been mislabeled as “viruses” since the 20th century.

Cells that are dying/dead/necrotic release components upon breakdown which white blood cells consume/engulf, depending on one’s immune system NOT being compromised and which is why fever is experienced. The process of when a host becomes sick is mistaken to be an external invasion of viruses which “infiltrate cells” but it’s actually the diseased cells going through their natural process of metamorphosis. And, with regard to why more than one individual or a family or someone being around others who are/became sick gets sick as well is because the individual/s exposed in the same vicinity as the others who had gotten sick/became sick while breathing, consuming, touching whatever environmental toxicity, whether in the water, food, surfaces, etc, everyone exposed has similar symptoms.

Again, please do not debate me or hold me to what I’ve shared and rather go to research Dr.s Cowan, Kaufman & even Samantha Bailey studies & lectures to get more accurate explanation. Pardon my typos.

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Li Meng Yan interview.

Great questions, Steve. There is no doubt China wants to be emperors of the world. They’ve made that pretty clear. They have indeed infiltrated the U.S.A. through corrupted politicians, the Whitehouse and numerous bureaucracies.

They may or may not be the ones controlling General’s like Lloyd Austin who has mandated the jabs on the military. I couldn’t agree more about Fauci’s flaws, and Kerri Mullis and Dr. Mikovits, Ph.D., agrees. He is a puppet, as is Peter Daszak.

I also believe there is a globalist cabal of bankers who are driving an agenda, and I’m not sure how they fit with the China angle. They disclose their intentions yearly at the WEF. “You will have nothing and like it.”

Moderna’s Top Scientist said at the 2019 WEF: ‘mRNA shots are “rewriting the Genetic Code.” He calls it “information therapy”, and says “We are actually hacking the software of life.”


Li Meng Yan’s statement that the Chinese military invented SARS and SARS CoV-2 appear contradicted by U.S. patents, so I question her sources, and the question remains open on whether or not she is being used by the CCP to sow disinformation or whether she’s a willing participant.

She said she knows people near to President Xi Jinping, and that if they knew they were sharing insider information with the U.S. it would cost them their lives, they would be 'suicided.' Think about that for a minute. China has the best hackers in the world, there's literally no way for people in China to communicate to anyone in the U.S. without them knowing about it. This is highly suspect. Do you think that because she made it to our soil she is not working for the CCP? China has indeed infiltrated our Country. I'm keeping an open mind, I'm keeping everything on the table. But I'm not settled on what her purpose is.

The Comirnaty FDA license cites funding grants and interests by the DOD along with patent rights on the Wuhan spike protein, which was patented by the U.S. Government in January of 2017.

Statement of Government Support

This invention was made with government support under Grant NOs. CA119349(https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/abs/10.1002/smll.200701319), AI069259, AI072252, EB003647, HL056949 and AI061663 awarded by the National Institutes of Health. The government has certain rights in the invention.

“Page 6, FDA Biological License Authorization, AUGUST 23, 2021 - mRNA produces the Wuhan-HU1 Spike Protein - the bioweapon sequence uploaded to GenBank by China

COMIRNATY Manufacturing Overview

The mRNA in COMIRNATY is a single-stranded, 5’-capped mRNA encoding the full-length SARS-CoV-2 spike glycoprotein derived from the Wuhan-Hu1 isolate (GenBank MN908947.3 and GenBank QHD43416.1).

(12) United States Patent

Von Andrian et al.

(10) Patent No: US 9,539,210 B2

(45) Date of Patent: Jan. 10, 2017”

In an interview with Dr. David Martin by Reiner Fuellmich from his corona investigative committee, Martin said the poly basic cleavage site alterations were patented by Ralph Baric from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill in 2008.

“25:00 Specifically, they targeted what is called the poly basic cleavage site, for SARS CoV, the novel spike protein and the ace-2 receptor binding domain which is allegedly novel to SARS CoV-2, and all of that was patented on the 5th of June 2008. And those patents in sequence were issued between November 24 of 2015, which was US patent 9193780. So that one came out after the gain of function moratorium. That one came out after the MERS outbreak in the middle east.

25:45 But what you find is between 2016 and 2017 and 2019, a series of patents all covering not only the RNA strands, but also the sub-components of the gene strands were all issued to the Avlink’s? and Sanofi.

26:10 And then we have Crucell, we have Rubius therapeutics, we have Childrens Medical Corporation, we have countless others that include Ludwig Maximilians Universidad in Mucin, Protein /science Corporation, Dana Barber Cancer Institute, University of Iowa, University of Hong Kong(Li Meng-Yan?), Chinese National Genome, Human Genome Center, Shanghai, all identifying in patent filings that ranged from 2008 to 2017, every attribute that was allegedly uniquely published by the single reference publication the novel bat coronavirus, reveals “natural insertions of the S1 S2 cleavage site of the spike protein and possible recombinant 3 origin of the SARS CoV-2 virus.

27:19 The paper has been routinely used to identify the novel virus. Unfortunately if you actually take what they report to be novel, you find 73 patents issued between 2008 and 2019 which have the elements that were allegedly novel in the SARS CoV-2. Specifically as it relates to the poly basic cleavage site, the ace-2 binding domain and the spike protein.

27:55 So the clinically novel components of the clinically unique, clinically contagious, you know where I’m going with this, okay, there was no outbreak of SARS, because we had engineered all of the elements of that, and by 2016, the paper that was funded during the gain of function moratorium that said that the SARS Coronavirus was poised for human emergence. Written by none other than Ralph Baric, was not only poised for human emergence, but it was patented for commercial exploitation, 73 times.

Reiner mentions the video of Ralph Baric saying you can make a lot of money with this.


David Martin Reiner Fuellmich interview


David Martin was hired by the U.S. Government to track bioweapons patents, and in 1999 he discovered the origin of SARS, MERS and SARS COV-2 from work beginning in 1998 from a Fauci NIAID funded project for Ralph Baric to develop an HIV vaccine using a replication defective beta coronavirus. From this work he patented the SARS Chimera in 2002.

IIRC, Peter Daszak described Ralph Baric making the humanized epithelial cells in mice lungs for his experiments. I have read that they shipped those to Wuhan after the gain of function moratorium, and how else would they obtain the vero e6 cells used by Baric that originated from Fort Detrick except that we sent them to them?

The information relayed to Li Meng Yan as facts from unnamed figures remain unsubstantiated, and are contradicted by David Martin’s patent research.

I believe she is being used by the CCP to disseminate misinformation. I believe our DOD is captured by the CCP, globalists or some combination of the two. Evidence I’ve seen suggests our own Government has a plan to eliminate 30 trillion in unfunded liabilities, and that by viewing people as “useless eaters” (Henry Kissinger), have decided to use these humans as test subjects to create a much smaller population of controlled humans via transhuman technology.

I suspect the COVID pandemic is designed to roundup the sheeple into a testing and extinction program. The variants are caused by vaccine induced AIDS, and their purpose is to offer excuses and incentives to get the number of injections needed into the population to replace human DNA with cDNA, to be used with biocircuits also being installed that are necessary to reprogram the survivors to “have nothing and like it.”

Beware ofr virus myopia. It’s a red herring. This is all about population reduction and controlling the rest.

It’s interesting how the DOD funded the development of mRNA and DARPA has this dream of having perfectly controlled soldiers. The University of British Columbia developed the lipidnanoparticles necessary to deliver the mRNA and patented them. China is producing the PEGylated Lipid Nanoparticles by a company called SINOPEG. They didn’t invent this, but they aren’t stupid, either. There is a broader agenda going on, and in order to implement it it was necessary to use this subterfuge with lab made viruses to get the people to line up for their new human software and hardware installations.

I believe Robert Malone’s mRNA patented works were fueled with good intentions. Cancer is linked to genetic defects. Genetic defects plague many people. But his work has been highjacked for this transhuman future being pushed by these powerful entities. We have China on one hand and the central bankers/globalist cabal on the other. How and if they are joined by this effort, I frankly haven’t a clue.

To learn more about the nanotech found in vaccine vials check out La Quinta Columna’s work at Orwell.city where they translated it into english, and Dr. Aryianna Love’s research.


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I’m curious to know who it was, Mr. Kirsch, whom you claim you had the discussion with regarding isolation of “viruses” or existence of “viruses” whether it was Dr. Thomas Cowan or Matthew Kaufman versus some regurgitating individual lacking the adequate knowledge & information in order to sufficiently explain himself/herself. And, I’d love to witness a discussion/debate between your guest PCR testing expert and the doctors Thomas Cowan & Matthew Kaufman.

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Thank you for all the most interesting interviews!

Steve: A Chinese contact e-mailed me in March of 2020 a link to a Chinese Covid treatment manual, you can download here:


This is with regard to the interview with Dr. Yan. There on page 24, chloroquine is mentioned in the treatment protocol.

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As always, Mr. Kirsch, thank you for your diligence & resilience pursuing the truth! 💪🏽

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Just watched your interview on Greg Hunter's show. Wow!! You were fantastic!! I love the calm, fact-based, wise approach you take in these discussions. It's also amazing how much you have stored in your memory to answer almost any question asked. I really appreciate what you said about Dr. Robert Malone and others. You may have lost 95-percent of your friends from before, but you have the highest-quality friends imaginable now in Dr. Malone and lots of others in the fight with you!! With deepest thanks and prayers.

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