Maybe the reason this contradicts the CDC is that it's a very badly run study with heavy bias and poor statistical analysis?

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Steve, I’m commenting on a different subject.

Your off-base and reckless article/editorial about Patrick Gunnels was an absolute sham.

You lack courage and integrity; it’s slanderers like you who disgust me.

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I dabble in all cause death statistics. I downloaded all cause deaths for several past years for my state (Florida). Today I was curious to answer a relatively simple question. Consider the following:

2020 can be called a year that for all practical purposes was mRNA vaccine free. The vaccines were never released before December that year, and uptake only began.

In stark contrast, 2021 was the year of the jab. Nearly anyone who wanted the doses, and many who didn't received them.

My idea is very simplistic perhaps. What happens if we take the 2020 figure, add in expected annual population growth, and then deduct it from 2021's total. Long story short, I did this, and get the figure 15,763. Then I scaled this to the US population (multiply by 15.7) = 247, 479, roughly 7% of all deaths that year.

Limitations, granted there are many assumptions in that data. Still, I say that gives an "upper bound" on vaccine deaths (if ALL the jump was due to vax mortality.)

Even so, I find it intriguing that this "back of envelope" calculation is not all that different from Steve's survey, VAERS estimates I've seen, etc. I couldn't find what time period the survey asked about, so I assumed from beginning to date. That would be about 1+12+6 months = 19 months = 1.58 year. So let me multiply my 247, 479 * 1.58 = 391, 842 ~= 400,000; that's even closer to Steve's number of 600,000. Again, interesting that we are in the "same ballpark," especially if you take into consideration that wildly different methodologies.

For those interested, my exercise isn't all that different from a thought experiment that famed physicist Fermi did when taught physics. For those interested google "How many piano tuners are there in Chicago?" TL;DR: If you take some simple assumptions or common knowledge, you can often arrive at an estimate that is quite close to the true figure. Of course, here we don't know what that true figure is, but it's probably a sign we're on the right track is independent investigators, using different methods, arrive at (very) roughly similar numbers.

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My son is a Marine and was forced to get the vaccine. He suddenly started passing out for no reason and they had to have him wear a heart monitor for a month. Then they said he had some heart condition which he NEVER HAD BEFORE HE GOT THE VACCINE. I would know. I’m his mother. Plus he had to pass tons of health tests to become a Marine. You’d think if he had a heart condition, they would have found that. I’m so angry. I fear every day that they’ll find him dead like they have found so many other strong, healthy young men. Dead. For “ no reason”. My son is a strapping 6’4” double black belt athlete. Always has been. He’s 20 years old. And now he has an unexplained heart condition?!?!

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Last year while anti covid jab protests shaked EU and western world. The U.S and many western countries donate millions of doses covid jabs to Vietnam. 99,99% Vietnamese jabbed at least 1 dose. And then a lot of young people suffer a healthy stroke, heart attack, and sudden death without any unusual signs of previous health.

They die while sleeping, dead while singing, dead while talking with their beloved etc. Mainstream media almost kept silent, when they could not keep silent they blamed "post-covid" And you know that's totally a lie.

And now a lot of people are facing limb necrosis, bowel necrosis, especially skull necrosis. Most of the victims died.

I share the story in my country to warn people in other countries, because I believe that they're going to face catastrophe similar to people in my country if they also take the experimental jab from a mafia pharma company.

The most terrible thing is the deadly jab still does not stop, the consultant from the mafia pharma company continues to urge Gov continue mass the 4th boot jab.

They are carrying out the genocide of humanity.

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And if they had not suppressed the use of HCQ and IVM nor used Remdesivir and ventilators as the standard hospital protocol the "treat" (kill) patients the death toll without the deadly vaccines could have been insignificant. When will Fauci, Gates, and the rest of population reduction and vaccine proponents be brought to justice????

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Thanks Steve.. Gives more weight and corroborates the info I wrote in my article on June 12: The are either injured or dead.... part of the bigger plan


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Funny how 100% of the 'covid deaths were in the hospital, nobody died of the flu at home! 3-4k payouts to hospitals for each 'case explains it all. Doctors & pharmacist who conspired=Nuremburg

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Eustace Mullins revealed 30 years ago 2018 'Spanish flu birthed in Ft.Riley KS buried only the jabbed! (Deathbed confessions from doctors)! Farci pulled same scam with AIDS (dry run).

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When I told my secretary she should let me jab her if she wanted to keep her job they said it was coercion. How did Biden & Farci do it? How did Farci steal Trumps balls in front of the world?

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Flu disappeared from death stats, replaced by Farci Germ. Life insurance payouts were Higher in 2019 than in 2020! (Year of Lies). In 2021(Year of jabs) death payouts up 40% & the year isn't over yet! Nuremburg II = NWO/WHO/NIH/PFIZER

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Since Igor published global birth rate stats today, including a 26 Sigma drop in Taiwan, I would like to suggest a survey, and Steve, you are the only person doing them that I know of.

How many women took the vax (any number of jabs) and had a subsequent successful pregnancy? with a healthy baby? baby still alive? any cases of covid during pregnancy?

how many had known miscarriages? stillbirths? birth defects? Christiane Northrup recently talked of couples under fertility care, whose ova and sperm appear to be non-viable after the jab; this is undoubtedly not confined to those under fertility care.

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Jul 2, 2022·edited Jul 3, 2022

I'm calling BS on the numbers and conclusions in this article.

Firstly the sample size is way too small. You're looking at 501 households and extrapolating the results to the entire population of the US, which is about 330 million. If I flip a coin 500 times it might come up heads 300 times and tails 200 times. This doesn't mean that if I flip that same coin 5 million times it'll come up heads 3 million times and tails 2 million times. Actually it is far more likely it'll come up heads 2.5 million times and tails 2.5 million times since, as we know, there is a 50-50 chance of it coming up either way.

Secondly, out of the 501 households there are 299 households in which people have been vaccinated (Q10). Out of these 299 households with vaccinated people there are 12 households in which someone has died, presumably from the vaccine (Q15). But we don't know how old these people were, if they had any underlying conditions, etc that may have contributed to their death.

Thirdly, the 501 households represent a total of 1689 people, not including the 501 people filling out the survey (Q9). Out of these 1689 people 968 people have been vaccinated (Q11). However, the survey doesn't tell us how many of these 968 vaccinated people have died after getting vaccinated, you only know that in 12 households one or more people have died (Q15). So you're lacking data to determine what percentage of vaccinated people have died.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm against people getting vaccinated with an experimental vaccine. Because as long as the last phase of clinical testing hasn't been completed, the phase that takes about 3 to 4 years during which test subjects are monitored to determine any long term side effects, this is still an experimental vaccine (until 2023/2024). I also worry about the synthetic mRNA that is being used and that'll stay in the body for at least 60 days and has your cells create the Spike protein during that time. And thus puts pressure on the immune system all that time. I also worry about the nano-lipids that are used as a delivery system for the mRNA and what barriers (such as the blood-brain barrier) this will enable it to pass.

But you have to base the conclusions you make in this article on solid data, not a survey with a too small sample size and lacking data. If you look at the data from VAERS about 29.000 people have reportedly died from getting vaccinated. Of course the real number is much higher. Let's assume (even though we know what that does to you and me) that the real number is 10 times higher. Then you're looking at 290.000 deaths due to vaccination, not 600.000. Still a lot of people and this number will probably become a lot bigger in the future since we're only seeing the short term side effects.

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This is shocking but not surprising. It looks their only spin angle on the truth will be to blame climate change since climate “science” is very similar to covid “science”. I’d also like to see the polls ask if people are unvaccinated and exposed to vaccinated people, how many are developing menstrual disorders and other health issues.

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Whatever it takes don’t stop sounding the horn. Out of everything going on this topic needs to be dealt first. Ignore the border, election, and whatever else they want to sidetrack you on. My sister once told me that a judge has more power than anyone. Can’t you go a talk to one that’s not corrupt?

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Isn't the most accurate estimate ~10x whatever VAERS is showing at the moment? If I recall correctly, there's a common view that VAERS underestimates by at least a factor of 10.

It also concerns me that VAERS seems to include reports from other countries. Other countries may have non-existent systems to report side-effects but I don't think VAERS should be used that way. It's a scandal that countries other than the USA are even worse.

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