Maybe the lecture should be on the science of coercion through fear?!

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Answer yes because now science is political views and not what is real

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SHIIIIT! I knew Paul too! Oh man.....

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This is easy. They all bought into a prior position on the SARScoV2 scam and then again on the MRNA vaccines. They now suspect that everything that honest people are revealing to be true and they are scared senseless at the personal loss they face. Loss of 'face'. Loss of university prestige, etc.... PU.

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Brilliant article....thanks for sharing!

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Science has been overprivilaged since the Enlightenment.

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Just like proper spelling, apparently.

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Insanity. I'm so glad you're working with Seneff

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MIT alum here. Not surprised that it happens. MIT is not free from the radical left ideology and also rejected US own secretary of states from speaking on campus, citing that it will hurt the Chinese study body and professors. As someone who is still doing institutional science, all what is happening makes me want to leave academia.

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I would like to make your readers aware of Dr Peter McCullough’s ebook entitled Proven CVOID Treatments. It can be downloaded at cvdsecrets.com

Also at this website on March 16th a video will be airing called the CVOID Coverup:Deaths and Dangers From The Vaccines.

Dr Peter McCullough has been one of several heroic physicians who have been warning about the vaccines and showing the data. He does have a website.

Please share this information with friends and family members. It important to get the word out in a personal basis, because of the censure ship on social media. Dr MCCollough is heavily censured.

For those who have lost friends and family members because on their stance to provide information not of the mainstream warning against the vaccines, I can only encourage you to keep trying. I know firsthand of resistance but one never knows what information can trigger an awakening and open a mind.

Best Wishes to all.

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Look,everyone below, just know that WEF, Globalists call them what you want, are after this Great Reset- which will usher in COMMUNISM as everyone will be able to relate to.

We will all be under this digital social credit scheme.

No one will have freedoms as we know them.

See what happened in Canada.

Schwab, Soros, WHO WEF graduates want to bring this in by end of this year or early next year.

See Dr Vernon Coleman's articles on dailyexposeuk.uk

Stop arguing,work together,time is short. Ignore Russia/Ukraine war-false flag. Sorry for those injured,killed,I really am- but we must fight the greater war,time is short!!!!!

I am Aussie if anyone wants to know. Work TOGETHER-help those who can be helped. Non believers will believe,once their kids start dying from jab.

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Exactly right… and I’m doing everything I know to fight this. Including advocating against centralized power And the psychopaths using it against us. I don’t have time to get caught in the weeds or I would give a full explanation as to why Marxism/Socialism are enemies to humanity. The answer is anthropological by nature and can be found in the Bible.

I am American and I’m not angry but feel privileged to be alive in this moment in history.

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I have written you an article with proposed approaches for Waldenstrom's Macroglobulinemia and other cancers as well as other vital issues.

Letter to Steve Kirsch https://host.megapress.org/blogiq/2022/03/letter-to-steve-kirsch.html

Rich Norman

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You don't even know the difference between Stalinism and internationalism of Lenin and Trotsky. Then you are off to satanic poetry...you are off the deep end. . I gave you too much credit but now I see your a limited fanatic accusing others of not being human. We are done here as there is NO reason to continue listening to your blathering rage. Im out. Im sure you will want the last fart comment.

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Mar 2, 2022·edited Mar 2, 2022

The fact that Lenin and Trotsky’s internationalism is philosophically different from Stalinism only supports my point. When it comes time for practical application in the real world, their utopian fantasy falls to pieces. Again, because none of them understand what it means to be human. Whew… that stinks!

Also, if we are going to mention Karl Marx, in order to understand who he really was we must consider all aspects of his character. His Satanic poetry, bigotry and daughters suicide pact are relevant to discussion. Especially considering Stalin, Lenin and Trotsky were all influenced by this maniac.

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Hey bro, are you an angry American? Or just Canadian?

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Why do you say "just Canadian"?

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Anytime someone starts talking about the magic of the market I know they are lost and clueless. Read Marx's Grundrisse for starts . SURPLUS VALUE comes from exploiting workers labor input. Pretty basic....no mystery or " magic".

As for China it is still a Centralized Planned economy and they took advantage of capitalist markets true but still Central planning used those profits to build the rest of their society. You certainly can't say that for the capitalist economies like the USA.

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Oh, I almost forgot to refute your Earnest remark that...

"You certainly can't say that for the capitalist economies like the USA."

It just so happened that canals, ports, bridges, multilane divided expressways, water works, sewers, and other infrastructure were built by governments and financed in part with profits extracted from capitalist markets. (Financing is extracted also from the populace by government borrowing, which is fiendishly inflationary.) And did you know that the ugly, secularist layouts of many streets in America are the result of central planning? I'd wager that you did, just like you know that Lincoln and the GOP were under the influence of Marxism before their big, brutal war, the very first to test the industrial revolution for its ability to ruin Life during wartime, too.

You're welcome, Earnest, for explaining most of yourself to you in just a few paragraphs spread over several replies. People pay lots of money for that sort of service, you know, but I don't prescribe drugs or string you along to increase my own billable hours.

You're welcome also for the hint that if there is climate change casued by O-C-O omissions, THEN central planners and their public-private partnerships are among the leading perps of climate change. Central planning and public-private partnerships work the same way to stir up world wars, building nuclear weapons, and do some other nasty stuff, too, but I'm happy to report that a few people are figuring out how to eliminate all that from this once beautiful world.

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You can't demonstrate the alleged truth of "SURPLUS VALUE" theory or the labor theory of value by spelling profit as "SURPLUS VALUE" or e, x, p, l, o, i, t, a, t, i, o, n. Go read one of your many apostates, David Ramsay Steele, to educate yourself about some insoluable problems of Marxism and other species of communist idiocy. You can find a sideways introduction to the topic in

The Mystery of Fascism:

Mussolini - as he woud like to have been remembered


Pay attention when the author discusses the Crisis of Marxism of the 1890's. It's related to the rise of superfascism in China, which is rife with corruption, esp. among party hacks and the Princelings, the descendants of the Eight Elders.

Incorporation, too, of course, is implicated in the troubles of leftwing China, and it's no secret that the institution was preserved and extended throughout the world with the connivance and help of Marxists, Leninists, etc. Funny this. There's a neo-Fascist movement throughout the "West" to establish communist dictatorships by taking over from within the corporations of the Earth.

It's by the way also that accounting has a well developed vocabulary which is adequte to describe with nuance the differences between revenues and expenses. Feel free to notice the omission of moralizing gibberish, just like a good mathematics or physics textbook would omit that gunk.

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Mankind should be the object of science. It always has been. That's why science was so great and each advancement was greeted with excitement and hope.

Scientists like you and Dr Malone still live in the "old premises" of science. Others of us too, even non-scientists. Joe Rogan the podcaster shares, "Not here to share political opinions (I don't have the answers) but to explore the concepts of my human guests for the service of mankind" - which is very scientific!

MIT universities "establishment" have a different anthropology. They can't "hear" what you are saying.

Things went awry when mankind became the SUBJECT, as opposed to the OBJECT of science. How to unwind that wow

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Any faculty who sponsored Kirsch to speak would get fired. Simple as that. Facist state....call it what you will.

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Bombshell article! And after clicking the links, esp the one to your study" that this point, two separate stopping conditions have been satisfied:

1. The vaccines kill more people than they save

2. The vaccines have killed over 150,000 Americans so far." it is so crystal clear that those experimental gene therapies have to stopped immideately, but instead the vax totalitarians are doubling down, censoring all critical reports and even discussing vax mandates, although they are totally ineffective against Omicron. What is going on here, it is a a dystopian nightmare.

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It is sad that the 180+ countries members of the UN WHO will soon be signing, if not already, the International Pandemic Agreement whereby amongst other of its mandates, an annual CV vax will be required by all citizens.

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