Hello Steve is this challenge still up?

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Wonder if Steve will be visited by the FBI 🤔. Seems everyone with concerns on certain topics is now a person of interest. This needs to stop.

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I don't think so. I suspect the people in the FBI are trying to figure out how to stop the social fragmentation and "madness" from the fear-based, cult-like need for lies, censorship, and control. Social collapse will take them out too.

Steve is asking questions in good faith, which threatens the fear-lock on people's minds. I suspect he is seen as an ally by law enforcement. 😊

People will awaken from their delusions and return to civility eventually. 🤞

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This is a no brainer. For example, see https://scdhec.gov/covid19/covid-19-vaccine. And follow the FAQs page: https://scdhec.gov/covid19/covid-19-vaccine/covid-19-vaccine-faqs. Obviously, our own state laws say that SCDHEC is the source of all correct information and I got this from the Attorney General's office when I asked anyone can sue the administrator of a vaccine if they don't reveal it is experimental, reveal all the current information on effectiveness and adverse effects, and acquire a signed release form: "Thank you for contacting the South Carolina Attorney General’s Office. Unfortunately this matter falls out of the purview of our office. Your concerns might best be addressed through the SC DHEC office as they give guidance to health care workers and the public regarding vaccines in our state."

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As an ardent follower of your substack, I have tacitly accepted that video is the proper format for your proposed debates. Since you have gotten essentially zero response, I am wondering if offering some form of public written debate might be more productive.

In the traditional spirit of true science, our objective is not to embarrass the opposing side but to provide a format for both sides to test and sharpen their arguments. The format need not be global. Any individual debate can be as broad or narrow as the sides can agree on.

I am sure you have given this a great deal of thought. I suspect a substantial number of your readers would welcome your thoughts on the issue.

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Here is an answer to my earlier question about video vs written debates. It comes from a relatively new but very impressive piece of scholarship:

"Turtles All The Way Down: Vaccine Science and Myth".


The balance of this post is a quote from the book.

Begin Quote:

You may be wondering at this point about the usefulness of clarifying scientific truths in a public debate. You may imagine it like a political debate between two nominees, with its two-minutes-per-topic format, gimmicks, and quips. That is 20th century debate. A 21st century debate, conducted on an internet-based platform such as Facebook, would be the perfect setting to allow a comprehensive, thorough, and productive debate. The two sides could lay down their arguments meticulously, providing references and supporting material as required. The debate could go on for days, or even weeks, elucidating relevant topics as the need arose. The audience could follow at their leisure, weigh the arguments made by both sides, check the references, and make up their own minds. If one side played unfairly – evading questions, refusing to back up their arguments, etc. – this would be noted by the viewers and reflected in their success.

Such a debate would be the perfect mechanism for settling many of the controversies surrounding vaccination. And that is exactly why the medical establishment’s spokespersons will NEVER engage in such a debate, wherein substance would speak louder than sound bites. Just imagine a debate where the vaccine “experts” are publicly asked the inconvenient questions this book has presented. They would have no choice but to evade direct replies as they have no adequate answers. Within days, this debate could be viewed by millions all over the globe, spelling a PR mega-disaster for the vaccine establishment. Vaccine proponents are well aware of this scenario. That’s why they flee, like snakes from a bush fire, whenever invited to formal debate.

To cope with the ever-increasing flow of invitations, vaccinologists have created a brand new field of thought, which might be termed vaccine-debate refusology: the study of potential excuses for refusing a formal debate with a vaccine critic. In recent years, vaccine proponents spent much of their time honing their refusological techniques, while providing much-needed emotional support for fellow refusologists. State-of-the-art refusology has come up with two excuses of quantum-theory-level sophistication: The first is something along the lines of We are busy scientists/physicians and we don’t have time to waste on vaccine debates, which is ludicrous considering the enormous amount of time these people spend promoting vaccines when there’s no capable critic within a country mile. The second rocket-science excuse is We don’t want to give anti-vaxxers the stage to spread their misinformation, which, if you think about it, is a not-so-subtle admission that they know if they show up they inevitably will lose the debate.

End Quote

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If Kill Gates is paying the 'experts' $100,000+ already, you won't get any takers from the corrupt to the core, blood money taking, no morals, government/Big Pharma puppets!!

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Steve, from *May 2020* on I asked a renowed journal staff and some other academics worldwide whether the mosquito Aedes aegytiy was able to convey and to transmit the SARS-CoV-2/Coronavirus: not a single response... Now we all know why: one cannot take in what does not exist!... yet. I am afraid your challange is going to get any answer as a matter of Logics.

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When you can’t question something, you know it’s propaganda.

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AND DR JANE RUBY. They have analyzed the clots FROM DR HIRSCHMAN..They are NOT BLOOD. PLEASE, talk to them....

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Now you're onto it Steve;

It's a scam that any testing of the "vaccine" vials is not allowed by anybody outside of the "owners of the drug" due to some ingredients being industry "secrets";

Let's face it, The governments of the world purchased this "vaccine" with The Peoples money; Therefore, LAWFULLY, The People own the vials;

Sure, we can't administer the "doses" as that requires a certain skill set apparently.....even though ex cafe workers and factory workers could do so in the alleged "clinical" trials;

Surely it would be in the best interest of every entity involved to allow random testing of the vials to prove they are "safe and effective";

But no, we just have to accept and trust "the science";

If for arguments sake when we purchase a lawnmower, a bike, a car or a toaster, we can pull the thing apart and find out what all "the ingredients" are to make it work;

Not so with the "vaccine" because the vials contain "trade secrets" apparently

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Sep 1, 2022·edited Sep 1, 2022

I had two people I know who died in the last month. I believe it was the vaccine that caused the health issues from what I have read and studied.

One was 59 and died of a coronary embolism and the other had a fast spreading cancer that took her life in a month. One article I read said if you have had cancer in the past and you get the vaccine the cancer takes over the body again on fast speed forward.

My whole family have been vaccinated and I worry about losing them all.

Sadly their jobs "mandated" them all to get it and it was in the beginning and they felt they didn't have a choice. Since getting their shots they have had Covid numerous times. My heart breaks when I think about them.

Steve and everyone on the forum, thank you for speaking your truth and asking people to serve their dignity by also speaking truth.

Did you see this week one state got sued by the people for not honoring their religious right of choice? THEY WON!

We need to change the law that stops big pharma from getting sued, I am sure they would do more clinical trials and provide more facts if they thought they were going to loose money.

Our govt is in bed with them and we are all paying the price.

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My dad was killed by this vax as well. He had larynx cancer 17 yrs. ago. Successfully treated and tested clear of cancer every year until after he got the vax. Then he suddenly had aggressive esophagus cancer, then it started showing up in the colon and prostate. He was gone in six mos.

The doctor at his senior's care living center refused to let him try Fenbendazol under the 'right to try' act signed into law in 2018 by the real president Trump.

So I no longer have to wonder how Nazi Germany happened. We're there now.

You do know that there is detox available, right? Dr. Judy Mikovitz has been talking about this. Hope all goes well with your family.

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Great job Steve! The questions I have for "them" is: Are you using your misinformation OR disinformation and WHERE/WHO are you getting it from?

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Fantastic, I hope somebody tries, as we all know they can't, and therefore won't, but now you have one more stack that I get to send to my sheep-like friends. PS, if any hospital doctor accepts your offer can you ask him if he wondered why his employer got so much fed money for calling it covid and what he knew the true Covid danger was, so why lockdowns?

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Oh, what did you see, my blue-eyed son?

And what did you see, my darling young one?

I saw a newborn baby with wild wolves all around it

I saw a highway of diamonds with nobody on it

I saw a black branch with blood that kept drippin'

I saw a room full of men with their hammers a-bleedin'

I saw a white ladder all covered with water

I saw ten thousand talkers whose tongues were all broken

I saw guns and sharp swords in the hands of young children

And it's a hard, it's a hard, it's a hard, and it's a hard

It's a hard rain's a-gonna fall

....... Bob Dylan

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I wonder if Bob took the shot. Don't recall hearing from him for a long time.

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Fear and mass formation are the strong drivers here. Ain't nobody coming forward for $50K as the influence of the wanna be masters of the universe (Schwab, WEF, Gates, Soros, pharma, big food, et al) has captured too many soon to be lifeless humans. As the REM song goes, "Its the end of the world as we know it." Guess I'll keep playing that over and over.

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Aloha Steve,

I turned the faucet handle, but the water did not flow. I tried again; no water came out of the spigot. I tried a third time — still no water. Dry.

Perhaps, thought I to myself, I may not have success if I turn the handle again and again …. and I thought to myself that doing the same action over and over again might not prove a successful tactic for getting some water.

Says I to me, if you want water you gotta either, repair this faucet, or find another source of water.

For two years I’ve heard you offering huge sums for a debate. Could it be that that faucet is broken? Could it ever get repaired?

This finnancial incentive approach, to be successful, requires the willing consent of the parties you wish to debunk. They won’t go for that, will they?

The families of vax-killed and vax-injured together make a natural cohort who might be very willing and able, in the hands of savvy lawyers, to bring many lawsuits, both private and class-action, against the government agencies and regulators who made policies that resulted in the deaths of their loved ones.

I needn’t extoll the many virtues of such an action for the long run, but it’s worth focussing on just one, at least.

Public announcements, press releases announcing 327 lawsuits in progress, with a combined expectation of more than 327 billion in damages.

Could the press ignore that?

Getting in the press, getting the word out is a primary goal, I take it.


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You're right, it couldn't be ignored. Im

a pureblood but I was thinking the same thing, and it has also crossed my mind (more and more often) that the lawsuits and pay outs, especially to the mandated, along with payouts from the media and tech that censored the facts, will put our nation on the brink of collapse, and the sheep who ignored the obvious signs they were shooting up poison will riot, then our currency will collapse, which could very well be one of the many plans floating around out there, hatched before this even started or on the come, but either way I hope they get to share in whatever bounty this way comes.

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Chase them back under the rocks they crawled out from under. Then CRUSH them. No excuses for the enablers, no SAFE SPACE to run, no SAFE SPACE to hide. Truth is coming and will not be stopped.

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