So I don't think Steve listened to Patrick's description of a process that passes Koch's postulates. Namely, you isolate the organism then spray it into the lungs of some poor sap that's just been replaced by AI and needs the money... e.g. everybody by 2030... and observe if said sap gets sick with similar symptoms to the previous schmuck who supplied the cootees. Then you go to sequencing and checking for finding the strain in diseased tissue. Petri dishes are charlatan sleight of hand. So BC never did that so the science is still way broke.

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Why not just invite to debates as freely and openly as possible, with no conditions?

Maybe they don't have the cash to cover the bets? There is no guarantee "random judges" would decide accurately anyway.

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If you have proof it exists, you can get the Isolate Truth Fund reward. Betting on something excludes people who don’t believe in such (like me). If you think you have the evidence, why put it to a bet? Why not just show the evidence and get the prize money? It is up to the people who “believe” the “virus” exists to prove that it does. It shouldn’t be very hard if there is a real SARS-CoV-2 “virus.” I have heard the process of isolation described many times.

This is really not something to “bet on.” It is something to scientifically prove. It needs to be tested and repeated. The ball is in the court of those who say the “virus” exists. No one can prove a negative, but we can say we don’t believe it until we see the evidence. Show us the virus. We are still waiting….

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I think you are missing something about epistemology. A defeater is a reason for you to stop believing some proposition. That there is a better hypothesis to explain the relevant data is probably a sufficient condition to constitute a defeater for some proposition. Clearly it isn't a necessary condition though.

Suppose you are looking at a table and you say that the table is red. I point out that there is a red light shining on the table. It would look red even if it wasn't. We now have no reason to believe that the table is red. The rational thing to do is refrain from believing the table is red. Your evidence supports an agnostic position. It would not be reasonable to continue believing the table is red until someone proved to you what color it actually is. We don't have to know the truth of a proposition to know that we don't have any reason to believe it. In this case, you have what epistemologists call an undercutting defeater.

That's sort of what it seems like the virus deniers have given you (if their arguments are correct). They argue that the current experiments used to support viral theory would yield the same results even if viruses didn't exist. I don't know the truth about that; I wish I did. But I do know that for their arguments to be successful they don't need to present an alternative hypothesis. I don't see anything obviously unreasonable or incoherent in claiming to not know why people get sick and yet claiming to know that the prevailing theory can't be right.

Anyway, my two cents. I appreciate your work. You are doing great things. Keep fighting the good fight!

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Wow, a lot of time fighting each other rather than the tyrannical government and elites that are committing genocide and taking our liberties. This is exactly what they want. Fighting on the same side over the small details is not going to help. Fighting with the asleep people isn’t going to help. We have to unite as a human race and find some common ground. We can debate the details later when we win and start cleaning up the mess that was made. Instead of turning on each other, why don’t we turn to the people who started this whole thing? Our focus is getting lost now in wanting to be right. May as well go back to sleep.

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Aug 10, 2022·edited Aug 10, 2022

There are MANY flaws in your statements which show you DONT BOTHER TO ACTUALLY READ THE OPPOSING SIDES POINTS/DATA/SOURCES, etc.

The ISOLATE TRUTH FUND, for example, is £1.5 million. Not 1 million. And you don't even need to use your browsers translate settings to find this - it took me all of 2 seconds to skim a web page that is entirely in German.

These sloppy mistakes just further discredit your position.


Furthermore, scientific truth isn't based on DEBATES, POLLS, VOTES, OR CONSENSUS. You are making a mockery of science and everyone who has been patiently & respectfully trying to point this out to you FOR MONTHS Steve. We're getting frustrated at this point.

And your attitude has left a bad taste in a lot of peoples mouth. Its not very welcoming when a grown adult man stomps his feet making statements that IM RIGHT AND ANYONE WHO DISAGREES IS WRONG WRONG WRONG. LOOK AT ALL THIS MONEY I HAVE AND IF YOU DONT ACCEPT MY ARBITRARY BET THAT IS NOT BASED ON THE SCIENTIFIC METHOD THEN YOU LOSE. I WIN! 🙄 you catch more flies with honey Steve. And maybe some humility FFS.

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I'm starting to think you people are cointellpro, you throw shade at Dr. Steve, act like children and refuse engage.

"And your attitude has left a bad taste in a lot of peoples mouth"

Right back at you, after seeing your behavior I want nothing to do with you even if you are sincere.

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I am watching your Patrick Gunnels interview. Steve, what do you think about the exosome theory? Watch Dr. Larry Palevsky (he does not deny the existence of viruses, for the record) talking about the possibility that viruses are not causing the disease but actually helping the body to heal. He says that an electron microscope takes flat static images while a virus is a three-dimensional moving object—What if what we assume (that a virus goes inside the cell to infect and destroy it) is actually not correct? What if this virus we see in the flat image is actually going into the cell to heal the body? Have you heard him—he being a pediatrician—say that this disease does not present as a viral illness but as something else? He says that it presents with symptoms of poisoning. Have you heard him say that there has never been a differential diagnosis for this disease?

Regarding contagion, I'll tell you my experience. Two months ago, my family and I went to Manhattan. Hilariously, we stayed across the street from the Pfizer headquarters. So I joke that passing in front of the building gave us Covid. Four days later, husband and I got sick with Covid. Daughters had nothing. Proving what we know, that children are not a vector of this disease. Well, I thought it was food poisoning because we ate lobster the night before our symptoms started and our daughters didn't, so I went about my life, went to sing in church, daughters kept going to school. And guess what? No one else in our community "caught" it. Not our friends or fellow churchgoers, not any of the girls' classmates, nor their teachers, nor any of their friends' parents. What if this disease is not so much spread like the cooties but somehow, for some yet-unknown reason, people in a geographical area acquire the illness at the same time? I do hear you about the antigen tests that your wife's friend, your wife, and yourself took. I hear the temporality of it, but you hear me out too please. And please don't say that you put this issue to rest. The question is not whether a virus is real or not but whether scientists know as much about viruses and their role in this disease as we think they do...

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New experiments have to be done to find out if infectious disease exists like transfer of saliva and nasal secretions from people with symptoms of cold/flu/covid to people without symptoms and see what happens. They have done studies like this in the literature however there is not many and the results are all over the place (sometimes they get sick other times nothing). Novel studies based on new hypothesis could be done also example- a hypothesis that common OTC medication and supplements cause symptoms that are common to cold / flu / covid (running nose, sore throat, fever etc) which are currently believed to be caused by viruses. Get groups of people with no symptoms, and control for other variables, and give them acetaminophen each day for a certain period of time. Record how many get cold/flu/covid symptoms. Do the same with other medications/supplements. Do the same for certain foods in the diet (unless you don't believe food has chemistry like everything else in the universe does). Expensive molecular biology experiments/lab equipment and theories to do with one single type of particle amongst innumerable others are not needed at this stage. Early studies on cold/flu viruses are trash, and there is room for some novel science in the area.

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What about finding a research Dr. from Tulane, where they study tropical viruses? We could all learn something. Keep coaxing those monsters out of the swamp for the truth . Curious minds want to know.

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If it was "made in a lab" like you say, how the hell is it a virus? The argument isn't whether or not viruses exist (because there are things inside our bodies that people identify as virions) but whether or not viruses are *natural*, self-replicating contagions. Fix the premise of your entire debate before flaunting your money.

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The entire tragic, criminal, murderous, stupid, farcical COVID fraud is based on a hundred years of Rockefeller medicine—a pharmaceutical tyranny in which the enduring headline is:


That’s the motto engraved on the gate of the medical cartel.

—Thousands of so-called separate diseases, each caused by an individual germ.

“Kill each germ with a toxic drug, prevent each germ with a toxic vaccine.”

In the absence of those hundred years of false science and propaganda, COVID-19 promotion would have gone over like a bad joke. A few sour laughs, and then nothing, except people going on with their lives.

The overall health of an individual human being has to do with factors entirely unrelated to “one disease, one germ.”

As I quoted, for example, at the end of a recent article—

“The combined death rate from scarlet fever, diphtheria, whooping cough and measles among children up to fifteen shows that nearly 90 percent of the total decline in mortality between 1860 and 1965 had occurred before the introduction of antibiotics and widespread immunization. In part, this recession may be attributed to improved housing and to a decrease in the virulence of micro-organisms, but by far the most important factor was a higher host-resistance due to better nutrition.” Ivan Illich, Medical Nemesis, Bantam Books, 1977


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You seem keen to debate on this issue - do viruses exist.

I am happy to debate with you, live, any time.

Like you, I have been fingers to keyboard researching everything ‘virus’ since March 2020. It is down to the person making a claim to evidence it as real, and also to evidence it as repeatable. It is only FACT when this occurs. Before then, it is THEORY. Therefore, the THEORY that we catch things from each-other care of our own coughs and sneezes, remains precisely that; THEORY.

Test with controls, evidence, repeat.

This is the method to carve out FACT from THEORY.

This has NEVER been done for contagion, EVER!

In Boston and San Francisco in 1918 the US Health Service, along with the help of the US Navy, demonstrated - with 100% certainty - that contagion is NOT a thing, and not even a thing that can be forced into happening when using unethical and / or unnatural means. Viruses have not been found in human fluids, nor have they been ‘isolated’ as per the accepted English meaning of the word, nor have they ever been evidenced as replicating, nor have they been evidenced as being the direct cause of infection, and human-to-human transmission has never been proven, by anyone, anywhere, ever.

That’s the case against GERM THEORY.

Cowan, Kaufman, Bailey, etc do not claim to know what causes disease symptoms in clusters, just as Germ Theory believers do without any evidence whatsoever, but they do know that viruses do not exist, and that their upcoming experiments are the ONLY way to solidly debunk the entire ‘deadly-disease / jab-only cure’ narrative, once and for all. Dr. Lanka has already proven that it is the laboratory process that is fundamentally flawed, scientific misrepresentation, resulting images being indistinguishable from those from a virus-free ‘control’ using precisely the same methods.

Anyone taking time out to read a few books about the fallacy of Germ Theory will soon understand just how simple the whole PCR trick has been - the trick to get the remainder of the World accustomed to having as many vaccines as Americans (over 70 now for kids). No question that the virus fairytale is the most damaging of all stories ever endorsed by the monsters of mankind, going beyond all ethical boundaries whilst simply paying their way to what is now overt control over the common narrative, having the deadly-contagion lie engraved over time as our common belief.

Many wise men before us have had strong words to say about vaccines.

One being Gandhi:

“I am & have been for years a confirmed anti-vaccinationist. Anti-vaccination has no backing from the orthodox medical opinion. A medical man who expresses himself against vaccination loses caste. Tremendous pecuniary interests too have grown around vaccination.”

Happy to debate with you any time.

Let me know, my offer is open-ended.

Why not?

Will be good practice for us both.

I am a huge believer in debate, and, of course, in just and equal representation.

I also believe that viruses do not exist.

And I am perfectly willing to put my face up to relay my position, and of course to listen to and respect yours.

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Contagion WAS tested during the 1918 “Spanish flu.” They couldn’t make anyone sick. Sally Fallon Morrell talks about this. It may be included in the book The Contagion Myth and I’m sure is on the Weston A Price Foundation website.

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Well put David. Hope he has a show with guys like you and me. We love everything he does but state that the virus is real. It makes no sense!

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I've heard the mantra a few times too about getting covid but being protected. It is a load of codswallop. The jab is not fit for purpose, period. I do not believe the jabs are time- released since I do not believe the connivers are that sophisticated yet. There are different batches that contain larger dosages of the toxins. Some were designed to kill within 24 hours, some for weeks and months, the rest simply destroying the immune system and killing off the victims through other ailments. In New Zealand the lesser dosages were distributed, since too many dying too soon would have raised eyebrows sooner. I know at least 6 old people who were jabbed and did not get serious effects save for the general soreness in the arm. We shall see if they have an infection later on what it will do to them. My first jab for tetanus many years ago was in the rump. The rather large and menacing nurse ripped my pants down and drew a bullseye on my backside, stood back a couple of yards, lit up a cigar and hurled the syringe across the room. It had the desired effect. I felt like I had been kicked by a mule, could barely walk for several days and didn't get tetanus. I suspect I would not have contracted this ailment had I not been jabbed. I went off the medical fraternity somewhat and have not altered my opinion. Now wearing a garland wreath about my neck prevents me from catching anything liable to have a detrimental effect since no one comes near me- including vampires.

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Kirsh is an example of Holmes' Law; "The expose is the coverup".

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Here is a corroborating story for you Steve.. It just shows how these doctors are cowards and take orders from "THEM", and are afraid to lose their JOBS, the Green Mile, so they would rather kill people and let them get murdered and DIE.... Glad they are able to keep their jobs.. Hope they enjoy keeping their jobs and their nice houses and cars and families, while other lose everything.. Sleep well cowards..


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