It seems that World Economic Forum is hiring unvaccinated pilots. "Safety of Our Members Is No. 1 Priority."


Also the fact-checkers disagree, so it has to be true!

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I wish to clarify that I do not believe the airline flights fully resumed even in February 2022. The flights seemed to be about 5% of their previous levels,--maybe 20% max--I'm under the Minneapolis flyway and I'm not seeing the multiple planes in an hour that occurred in 2019. A lot more military planes are flying instead. People in the Milwaukee and Chicago flyways aren't seeing the previous traffic. Almost everyone I know that tries to fly commercial has had their flights bumped and their plans forced to be changed. People who are flying mostly seem to have access to private flights--antecdotal. It would be interesting to know how many less flights are flying now for a week or month than same time in 2019.

How did the FAA resolve the lawsuit that Attorney Dundas and many other freedom lawyers filed in December 2021? How can any vaccinated pilots still be flying after that lawsuit?

Why hasn't anyone heard of any followup from that lawsuit? Maybe Epoch Times did a followup I remain uninformed about.

I note in several other comments below are indicators of controlled demolition of airline industry.

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This is a link to Dr Ardis Show by Dr. Ardis DC interviewing Dr. Josh Yoder cofounder of American Freedom Flyers on 7-13-2022. In this video Dr. Ardis puts out the call to thank Steve Kirsch for offering to screen pilots and for Steve Kirsch to get in touch with Dr. Yoder to do this.

Dr. Yoder's web address is USFreedomFlyers.org (only heard it verbally).

Dr. Ardis assumes that the Epoch Times numbers in entire nation of Canada for the week of June 6 to June 14, 2022 are representative of airline pilots as well. What I believe I heard was the following:

Total vaxxed 3xvaxxed 4xvaxxed Unvaxxed COVID situation Total vaxxed and unvaxxed

938 (90%) 640 10% Hospitalization 1,041

17,040 (95%) <5% Diagnosed 17,900

485 200 242 10% Died 521

Somewhere not obvious to me is a pdf file from Dr. Ardis identifying the treatment protocol to reverse myocarditis that mainstream does NOT appear to know. It tells how to reverse inflammation of heart muscle. But it must be started as soon as possible proactively. If it is not treated timely, the scarring becomes permanent, and it becomes too late to reverse. If someone can locate that file link for Steve, it would be helpful.

The offer Steve Kirsch actually made was for someone who runs a US airline. Dr. Yoder does not do what Steve's offer actually was as Dr. Yoder is not US airline management or owner.

Instead Dr. Yoder is the best contact for pilots that want to get screened as none of their airlines are screening them. The airlines have went very silent. The airlines bully demands were made in 2021 roughly through the end of the year in which they mandated their pilots to get the COVID vaccine, as if the airlines as employers had the right to hold employment over their pilots right to choose or not to choose an experimental vaccine and to enroll in an experimental study to keep their pilot jobs.

I personally believe it was illegal for the airlines to mandate the EXPERIMENTAL COVID vaccine. I personally believe the airlines and/or the FAA were not granted immunity in the Prep Act. And even before that, I believe it was illegal for the FDA to approve EUA COVID vaccine without following the proper procedures for any EUA drug which must start with an Institutional Review Board and all the requirements of that IRB.

In early December 2021 many attorneys sued the major US airlines and the FAA with Attorney Lee Dundas as the public face of that law suit which shut down not only US commercial flights but almost all the commercial airlines around the world until a few days after Christmas. That was when the airline's bully mandates first went silent and have stayed silent since that lawsuit. The lawsuit was about the grave danger that the FAA has created by allowing illegally vaxxed pilots to fly when the FAA rules prohibit any pilot from using any experimental drug as well as from using any newly fully approved FDA drug until that drug's data has been fully reviewed after at least one-full year in the marketplace in terms of acceptability for pilots that fly commercial flights. There is simply too much risk to the public.

Based on observations after Christmas, a few flights resumed over the northern MidWest, but most of the flights in the air were military flying back and forth heavily over the skies making contrails into the first couple weeks of January, as the commercial flights seemed to start flying again. I remain uninformed of what happened in terms of the commercial restart of flying as this lawsuit was heavily censored, preventing most people from discovering it had happened.


FDA violates own rules when pilots can fly taking experimental vaccine, per Epoch Times.

https://www.facebook.com/jeanine.eyers/videos/244224747791807 Lee Dundas re FAA allowing non FAA approved drugs in pilots and experimental drugs that could result in life-threatening disabling events to pilots in the cockpits.

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Last year a cardiologist doctor flew his Cessna 310 into the ground with no attempt to recover, just after vaccination,

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If no pilots will come forward you are free to screen a family of five going through the Green Card process and now being forced to get the vaccine despite living in the USA for 6 years if you like. We have maybe weeks left before I lose my life or risk my life. At least it might prove something or help someone if there was screening before and after.

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Jul 10, 2022·edited Jul 11, 2022

Well played sir!!

However, if you really want to expose the corruption, hypocrisy and apathy of not just the airlines, but the bureaucracies involved (FAA, FDA, CDC, AMA, NIH, WHO, UN, etc.) you should send your offer via certified, registered, return receipt mail...yes snail mail...to each Airline COO (worldwide) and the heads of each 3 letter fiefdom.

You then will have a demonstrable record of either their refusal or lack of acknowledgement. This can then be distributed and reposted, on numerous sites run/read by truth seekers.

I do agree with the comments from the retired airline pilot...which always ring true when the stakes are high, no matter the circumstances. You will only ever get the truth and associated consequences, when there is a group or entity that will profit by the revelation and step into the void. Nixon is a great example. Taking down a president and administration is a huge disruption, but many profited by the unseating and the deep state took a large step forward.

We all know there is enough corruption in D.C. to justify seeing every bureaucrat in that town, swinging from the end of a rope...but they all operate under the cold war premise of "mutually assured destruction". If one falls they all do, so the cover-up/apathy is agreed upon and dutifully perpetuated.

In the case of the airlines/pilots/FAA (read government) none of them will willingly put their head through the guillotine hole. The most vocal (the pilots) are unfortunately the most vulnerable. They are only a one trick pony, a cog. In systematic upheaval of the industry, the airlines can always hire uninjured pilots, the FAA is a bureaucratic fiefdom, which will always be protected and never done away with...the pilots have no cover, protection or terrain on which to regroup and rebuild.

They will be the expendable whistleblowers.

As many have said, what will happen is the well know "secret" will be kept and ignored, until there is an incident and someone has to pay. Even then, the systemic parties involved will steer the investigation and findings toward reasonable doubt, that any pilot incapacitation was caused by the jab.

Think about the planes that have fallen out of the sky and the revelation that the issues were well known, by the company, but not addressed. Which do you think cost less...stopping production, missing deadlines; paying penalties for delivery delays; recalling/grounding all of that aircraft model/type; the financial impact on the airlines flying those recalled/grounded planes...or waiting until "something happens" and hoping that the NTSB findings rule pilot error/act of god or settling with no admission of guilt or wrong doing? Incase there is a doubt for you...it's the latter.

This is why you will never see the swamp drained or the truth openly told, about the jabs, by anyone of position, in the regime. They could have video of 100 out of 100 people, literally dying as they are injected with the sludge...have it leaked to the fake news...shown to the world and they would all still say, "the jab is safe, effective and life saving...and those people died because they caught covid from a filthy unvaxxed trumper, before they could come in for the jab/booster. If only they had gotten the jab a week earlier or the filthy trumper had thought of others and done the right thing, those 100 would still be alive."

The corruption and depravity runs deep, but Steve, thank you for continuing to shine a blazing spot light on it.

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Haven't flown for a while, and don't have any plans to do it anymore. BTW Steve - the poll was such an excellent idea. When the official data has been castrated, one needs to resort to clever workarounds, which you have done! Bravo!

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Jul 10, 2022·edited Jul 10, 2022

Another 22,000 federal employees waiting to learn fate due to COVID vaccine mandate. An estimated 350,000 federal employees are in the category of less than fully vaccinated.


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Steve! 30 Years of intensive study, practice and observation have enabled a detailed program which can reverse all of the damage from the vaccines to organs, glands and systems in otherwise healthy people. The program is 2 weeks + according to metabolism and health status prior to vaccination. Includes training to avoid shedded disorientation until full immunity is reestablished.

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Steve! You are a ROCK STAR!

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Such a great challenge! If the government would stop wasting all this money on viral and 💉research, they could pay our injured pilots and all the others suffering!

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Keep beating them over the head Steve! The dam of lies and deception will eventually break.

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The airlines are so short of pilots they are cancelling hundreds to thousands of flights daily. What possible incentive would they have to test their pilots for heart disease and have them 'grounded'. Once a flight officer has had an MI he can never fly a commercial flight. GOOD LUCK WITH THIS DARE...!!!!

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Steve, I really like how you out these assorted criminals and fraudsters with brutal logic and reason. Their day of reckoning with the truth is coming with vaccine death and injury rates skyrocketing.

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Thank you Steve. You’re a hero!

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