Data on 4 Nordic countries jab vs. SARS-COV-2 vs. myocarditis! With contacts! https://bmjmedicine.bmj.com/content/bmjmed/2/1/e000373.full.pdf?utm_source=substack&utm_medium=email

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NOTICE TO ANY Hospital or Medical facility for the

REFUSAL of recommended treatment for Covid 19 from the NIH, CDC, FDA using Sedation, ventilation, Remdesivir protocols.

To whom it may concern:

I, ____Name_________, being of sound mind, with this document am hereby notifying this and any Hospital or Medical Facility that I am REFUSING and DO NOT consent to any Covid 19 Treatment using the sedation, ventilation, Remdesivir protocol treatment. Administration of the foregoing, whether individually or in combination, shall be deemed AGAINST MY WILL.

I am informing this facility that I am refusing the protocol using Sedation, ventilation, Remdesivir because it is deadly. It is my expressed intent for this document to be kept in a prominent place in my records visible to anyone responsible for my care. This is formal notice that any person or facility administering the aforementioned treatment protocol against my will shall be subject to legal consequences, including wrongful death claims.

Further, In the event that I am unable to make medical decisions for myself, I appoint my Trusted family member NAME_____as the sole and exclusive designee to act on my behalf.

I do NOT give any of my medical rights or consent to deviate from my wishes outlined in this document to this facility or to ANY PERSON period.

I do NOT have a DNR In place and it is my desire to be resuscitated if needed. I do not give authorization to this facility to restrain, imprison, or keep me against my will and I have the right to leave on my own free will at any time I wish to do so.

These are my wishes with respect to COVID treatment and this document shall remain in full force and effect unless I terminate them by express written notice at a future date.

Notwithstanding anything to the contrary stated elsewhere, any consent forms I may sign authorizing treatment should not be misconstrued to negate or erode the directives set forth herein regarding the Covid treatment protocol noted above.

___NAME___________ ​​​ Witness: ​​







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OK now I understand why the safety trials are meaningless. First, only healthy people were enrolled. This alone reduces the number of deaths attributed to Covid 19 by a factor of almost 20. Then only those who had not had the virus may have been enrolled. People who had the virus have about four times as many adverse effects. Also, people who dropped out after the first injection were not counted at all in the trial, no matter what happened to them. They may have had severe adverse reactions. In addition, some adverse reactions were covered up such as Maddie de Garay who had a severe disability that was just recorded as “abdominal pain.” One fellow who was severely handicapped said his reaction was not counted as severe because he did not die and did not go to the hospital. Finally, despite all this, there were so many adverse events that those who were running the trials had trouble keeping up with them. Of course we also know that the placebos were not really placebos. And then on top of all of this, the drug companies did all they could to keep their records secret, until they were forced to reveal them by FOIA actions and even now much information is not known.

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The ‘data’ problem stems from the fact that it is currently being processed in a manner that yields the desired results.

Must get raw, unfiltered data, assess data processing and challenge flawed and/or weak assumptions. These assumptions magnify results across data sets

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I am concerned about the judges of the debate. How can you know they are truly unbiased? If they are compromised, then no amount of effort, proof or stats will help.

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I wish I was qualified to assist Steve! No doubt you'll have plenty of them wanting to prove the reality of the NWO (WEF), Covid & the DEADLY VAX!

'LIABILITY' would stop the VAX DEATHS and the paranoia surrounding Fauci's modified Bat virus that's no more dangerous than Flu!

Mick from Hooe (UK) Unjabbed to live longer.

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Jessica rose or Jennifer Margulis

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The lobbies drain the pockets of families, impose death policies encouraged by their shameless politicians by reducing third world states, health, education, safety, industry, inflation, energy, forced immigration of men of military age,

Censorship, propaganda, corruption of judges, impunity, time is serious

Christian exemption, exemption of faith and many apocalyptic revelations


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Sorry I have not made myself very clear. I don't want to free Steve from what is a great part of him. We need people like Steve. I just have a feeling that he has some parts of his life that need freeing. I started my comment by saying "I could be wrong" and if I am wrong just ignore me. Thank you for your comment I can now see how my comment could have a different meaning than what I intended and will keep this in mind if I write again.


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Jan 20, 2023·edited Jan 20, 2023

Paul Cottrell was right about a lot of things WAY WAY ahead of even the best C-19 sleuths:


eg: https://twitter.com/dr_cottrell/status/1616206480792817698?cxt=HHwWxMC4tebO9e0sAAAA

Maybe he'll get involved.

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Hi Steve I am going to make some comments and if I am wrong just ignore me.

You have a driving need to be right and to challenge people. If I am right I want to offer you my friendship over email to help you become free.


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Steve, I want to help you with this. I have 15 years, leaving pharma as a Assistant Director of Pharma Research and Development, on the safety side. I can set you up with a trial, coordinate it through the Western IRB, and right you an informed consent. You would need 3 offices to conduct trials, near airport hubs, Denver, Atlanta, LAX, Newark. All we need it pilot volunteers, willing to provide medical records, including pre and post VAX EKGs, and an echocardiogram (to get the best estimate of Ejection Fraction), and an EKG. An independent cardiologist at each site. We can add Troponin, and other labs easily as well. I would recommend McCullough help us. It is an observation study only, not involving any investigational drug, therefore an FDA Authorization is not necessary ie., a 1571. I can write the protocol, direct the people in each clinic. We use the people we know will help. The Freedom Flyers will get this out, even to international crews.

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Hi Steve - I suggest contacting the people who created the graphs within the following expose-news article which takes the official UK Government/ UK Health Security Agency Vaccine Surveillance Report / UK Office of National Statistics (ONS) data link download and demonstrated that the vaccines were increasing risk of death and COVID in every single age category, contrary to the BBC News' bullshit claims.


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Steve-I have learned so much from following you. I also follow Mathew Crawford and I am curious as to why you have treated him in such a dismissive manner? Matthew has asked some important questions-ones that you once asked, but are now, curiously, avoiding. With such an important issue, why would you seem to be ostracizing other voices in this discussion of the abuses/corruption around Covid? Matthew has been physically threatened over the work he is doing-I haven’t heard you mention this. His work and voice are important and I would like to hear you address this sudden silence you have adopted concerning his work and the data he has compiled. I would think that the more people actively pointing to the evidence and irrefutable proof-the better…?

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