Can someone recall - There were 2 vaccine programs in particular that were discussed they were halted with far less adverse data coming in - I am writing a letter to my local region asking why they are still recommending C19 with mounting undeniable evidence of damage. Can anyone recall the 2 particular vaccines? I am looking it up but running into a wall. Thanks for your help.

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Excess mortality is way up in countries in which vax rates are also very high. Just saw a report in Eurostat News -- terrible results from a jab that is destroying people worldwide.

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From duckduckgo search "Albus is an AI app that explores any topic you like from different perspectives. Think of it as Google meets Pinterest. Enjoy the early beta. Welcome and have fun."

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"I’ve never seen anyone dispute it or come up with something more convincing showing the opposite effect."

No surprise since you haven't listened to/understood actual scientists.

1. In your tweet about kids, you couldn't even list the key risks...so your analysis is wrong.

2. Not a scientist Stirling's "analysis" is wrong because he fails to use proper controls.

Big hint: the scientific world rejects this nonsense because it is just silly.

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From personal experience.

When they can’t refute, that’s when the personal attacks start, full frontal and potentially violent and behind one’s back.

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Why are we not surprised?

We, proud Conspiracy Theorists, call it "Death by Vax" (or 'De-population by injection').

True to form and as we'd all anticipated, CDC, FDA, etc, are 'covering their tracks' in readiness for the fallout of EXCESS INJURIES & DEATHS that follow the useless Covid INJECTIONS (called 'vaccines').

FDA are a primary component of the scam that the World Economic Forum has carefully created to modify Health Care' into a PROFIT MACHINE and a DEPOPULATION PROGRAM.

The philosophy is to reduce the world population while creating enormous wealth for the already wealthy, leaving the 'survivors' (mainly us unjabbed) to serve as SLAVES to the Elite. The WEF call it their New World Order. They control the WHO and use the, now corrupted organisation as their 'Trojan Horse' to force deadly 'medicines' into the undesirable world's population = The non-Elites!

Sorry, but too many of us have sussed your intent and your sinister plans. We are coming after you with far more numbers and determination than you could ever imagine! Be afraid!

Mick from Hooe (UK) Unjabbed to live longer!

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Wonderful, while worrisome. This reminds me of Denis Rancourt's spread of data. Prevax-lock down, people died from lack of; a) medical attention caused by someone screaming "fire" in a theater, causing stampeed mentalities (b)-lack of medical attention (c)-lack of social contact (d) mostly acute care or minimal supervised care passed (e)-the fact that many hospitals operate at near capacity. In 2018, only one critical care bed was available for my father, in a near by county/private hospital. Over zelous care was administered to people who showed signs of cyanide poisoning or acute radiation bursting of red blood cells. Exposed unoxidized atoms of iron and whole hemaglobin molecules broken open, is a less than healthy state of the blood life and death cycle. (f)- state, federal, regulatory organization's interferance in Emergency Room proceedures, diagnostics and treatment (g)- altering and limiting collegial consultation of practicing doctors and nurses (h) altering general "blue and black light exposure, habits", increasing electro-magnetic/photon exposure (g) using questionable testing standards to access a so called contagion.

Once the vaccines began, I saw the data escalate in the numbers of death.

The WHO admonised Morocco for sending Artermisia Atun, medication to certain African Countries. Some had the lowest rate of vaccination while also the least rise in Over All Cause Mortality Rate. This medicament is an enhanced version of Wormwood. Being Morocco, its version of wormwood is more so a tree, than a bush. And has over 475 years of nurse and doctor journaled use against African Sleeping Sickness.

We tend to easially forget that Auatralia had vast fires of Eucalyptus, burning for long weeks of time. Prior to this, "live global exercise", where even Physical Exercise Teachers were restricted from their expertise.

Did you notice, commercial TV operated as normal? And the Echo Chambers echoed each other without impunity. No new medical channel or emergency channel opened up, for proffessional or practical advise or open studies.

In 2019 a flu shot was administered to 26 million people in Italy and Spain. That Influenza Vaccine was quality control studied by a lab, by around Oct of 2019, the results were published, and showed far more contamination by various live cell cultures and fragments, including mite bug cell parts and mite poop as well as dust.

Concentrations of CO2 were topping over 350 parts per million or is it per billion?, at ocean level? There are still plenty of causative toxins and dietary deficiencies that need to be addressed, regardless of viral fear mongering. A virus of thought, is certainly a placebo effect that had affects on a population. One might even review media exposure levels as a contributor to mass behaviors and outcomes.


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Anyone listen to Dr Sherry Tenpenny’s morning interview today, Monday June 26? Or listen to Researcher Karen Kingston interviewed by Mike Adam’s?

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when they try to baffle you with bullshit, eschew the intramuscular route,

and go for the jugular...


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----- https://rumble.com/v2ekgwu-contamination-of-mrna-covid-products.html

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It may be all you can do, but when you are dealing with personalities motivated by power, prestige, pleasure and profit (i.e. narcissists, psychopaths, sadists and Machiavellians), it won't ever work.

As to their followers, the flying monkeys in their cults of personality who drank the Kool Aid will continue to stick to the logical fallacies rather than admit anything. It's not about science, justice or truth - it's about social psychology and zero-sum games.

See: https://maggierusso.substack.com/p/alice-through-the-looking-glass

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There are thousands of "studies and data" about all things covid. Studies and data have an important role in society. Yet so does common sense, personal experience and intuition. When it came to covid my intuition told me the government and tv were lying to me. As a nurse and military medic nothing they told us made sense to me. Everything they told us went against my personal observations and 25 years of treating patients. So, the powers that me can shower me with data and studies but when it comes to covid it changes nothing. I will never get vaccinated; I will never trust the media or even most doctors on anything relating to my health.

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Fantastic ammo, thank you Steve.

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To be honest I was not familiar with the term "gaslighting" prior to covid but remember the old Hitchcock movie by the name. It's a remarkably evil, abusive but effective psychological technique. It has been used successfully by the legacy and social media during the covid psychological operation.

I expect it to be used more in the future as the old tactic of calling everyone a conspiracy theorist is losing its effectiveness.

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This is a really good article noting the timing of COVID deaths and how that means they were driven by government action, not biology: https://denisrancourt.ca/entries.php?id=130&name=2023_06_22_there_was_no_pandemic_essay&utm_source=substack&utm_medium=email

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