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Please see this Bit hute channel for information on vaccine batches and Lot numbers. How expiration of batches are rendered PLACEBOS. Others with higher toxicity. Craig Pardekooper explains his web application, how to search for your lot, how to use his free app, explanation of the analysis of the week.


His web app: https://www.howbadismybatch.com/

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Thanks for the lead. Hey, do you know how to get to a "search" field within substack? I can't find it.

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Hi everyone, you must watch this comic gold skit if you haven't seen it. It will be cathartic I promise. It's entitled 'Covid Pitch Meeting' and is a perfect satirical summation of much of the covid insanity. This is on a site called 'Newswars'. Here's the link. You won't be sorry. It is pure genius. The laughter will be healing to your soul. https://www.newswars.com/watch-covid-pitch-meeting/

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100% agree. We all make choices based on risk. If I am not allowed to quantify the risk then I will refuse. At that point the only way to make me choose is by force.

The US Supreme Court has spent a week trying to figure out whether Americans being forced, at government gunpoint, to play Russian roulette in order to keep their jobs is "Constitutional" or not.

The fact that these black-robed puppets are still "deliberating" tells you all that you need to know.

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Dropped one hour ago!!! It is EVERYTHING! OMG!!!


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Vaccine mandates create a US Federal Govt established Religion and thus violate the 1st amendment that prohibits establishment of a State religion.

See 1965 US Supreme Court

US vs. Seeger

Agents and agencies of the US Federal Govt state that only a vaccine can provide immunity and protection from infection and therefore mandate that specific populations be vaccinated or if not they will punished - such as denied work, denied school, denied normal access to the marketplace.

No vaccine can provide immunity to disease or to infection. All immunity is the result of the Human Immune system, not from vaccines. Vaccines can only stimulate the immune system or impair its natural function. This is science that has not ever been disproved.

Therefore the US Federal Govt position that vaccines are more powerful than the Human immune system and those that do not share this belief must be punished, is based upon a belief system that equates with a State Religion.

Healing beliefs are a function of religion, for example that of Christian Science. Belief that only vaccines can protect from infection is a healing belief system. Establishment of rewards for those that believe the State Religion and punishment of those that do not believe in the State Religion in the superiority of vaccines to the function of the Human immune system is a violation of the 1st amendment of the US Constitution.

In its 1965 ruling United States v. Seeger, the US Supreme Court deemed regarding religion and conscientious objector status:

“[w]hether a given belief that is sincere and meaningful occupies a place in the life of its possessor parallel to that filled by the orthodox belief in God of one who clearly qualifies for the exemption. Where such beliefs have parallel positions in the lives of their respective holders we cannot say that one is ‘in relation to a Supreme Being’ and the other is not.”

This Supreme Court ruling indicates that a religion need not involve a “god” but rather a meaningful belief such as that of the US Federal Govt’s religious belief in the healing power of vaccines, whether or not those vaccines function the way the Govt claims they do.

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I like this. It truly is "faith-based" - relies purely upon "trusting" our "authorities" and it's not AT ALL based in scientific DATA or FACT. Any data which goes against the religion is censored as "dangerous information", but ONLY because it's dangerous to PHARMA PROFITS.

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We are entering a very primal phase where society will be tested to the brink as this period of authoritarianism rises into 2032. The inflation also began in target with the turning point of 2020.05 as has been the rise in civil unrest. Governments are collapsing and they can no longer keep the monetary system going as they once did. This is why they are becoming authoritarian using COVID to scare people into compliance. Civil Unrest will rise because no amount of protesting will divert governments from this #GreatReset. Thus, we will be faced with a global revolution post-2032 and a completely new form of government will be on the table. It is up to us to make sure that is for freedom and to not rob our posterity of the #freedom we once knew when growing up.


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My question? Why doesn't any insurance carrier offer consumer vaccine injury insurance? If the possibility of a vaccine injury is so rare, it seems as though it would be a good risk-spreading bet, right? On the contrary, not only will none of them even touch that, no government and no vaccine producer will market a vaccine unless there is complete immunity.

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Dr Mike Yeadon: Covid Injections Are Toxic by Design, They Were Always Going to Harm People


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The immunity (and complete lack of an official, unified, compulsory adverse event reporting system) for vaccine manufacturers has bothered me for a long time. It should be repealed. If it means nobody makes vaccines, then we'd probably all be a lot healthier.

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Not to mention, if safe and effective, why do they require a non-stop ad campaign, enticements, threats to take them?

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Insurance scam that is what it is.

The Insurance is the shot for the anxiety of fear created by the mass murdering media.

Profits are only for them you will own nothing.

Obey Slave.


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You can just spread the narrative that it's the virus and it's rare with the vaccine. It seems to be accepted.


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just wow First case reported in Israel of heart inflammation linked to Omicron infection

Previously healthy 43-year-old man who received a booster shot in August hospitalized at Tel Hashomer in intensive care unit; doctors call it a ‘worrying development’

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