Steve sent a "Pfizzer" phial sample to be tested by a friend who had access to lab equip to anal;yse (pos only organic) contents & his friend found no evidence of RNA(no proteins ) in the Pfizer sample. .

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The rage is coming. The vaccinated will bring it and I wouldn’t want to be in their way.

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The post where the plot is from says: "[Edit: Added 24 Aug 10:10 — The figure compares 'First Dose, at least 21 days ago' to 'Uncaccinated' in the .XLS file referencetable06072022accessible downloaded from the ONS Website -- see footnote 1.]".

So the plot doesn't compare all vaccinated people against unvaccinated people but just one out of 7 categories of vaccinated people in the ONS data, and that category has been fairly small since late 2021, as you can see from my plot: https://i.ibb.co/JdqVdTQ/england-ons-all-cause-mortality-by-vaccination-status.png. (But my plot also shows that in the category "First dose, at least 21 days ago", there was a peak in mortality in May to August 2021 when the second jab was rolled out, which may be because they classified double-jabbed people as single-jabbed for two weeks after their second shot. There was a similar spike in mortality among double-jabbed people when the third jab was rolled out and among unvaccinated people when the first jab was rolled out.)

Here's a plot which just compares the age-standardized mortality rate among unvaccinated people to the group labeled "Ever vaccinated": https://i.ibb.co/jWF7KmD/unvaccinated-vs-ever-vaccinated-all-cause-mortality-ons-england.png. In February 2021, unvaccinated people were listed as having about 5.8 times higher all-cause mortality than vaccinated people, but I think it's at least partially because the ONS misclassified vaccinated people as unvaccinated, as has been shown by Norman Fenton, Martin Neil, and Claire Craig. The ratio soon dropped to 1.9 in May 2021, and it remained between 1.5 and 1.9 until February 2022, when it had dropped to 1.4. The ratio further dropped to 1.1 in May 2022, which is the last month that is included in the dataset.

My plots linked above use data from Table 1 of the file "referencetable06072022accessible.xlsx": https://www.ons.gov.uk/peoplepopulationandcommunity/birthsdeathsandmarriages/deaths/bulletins/deathsinvolvingcovid19byvaccinationstatusengland/latest. In Table 2 the mortality is broken down by age group, but it doesn't include the category labeled "Ever vaccinated", so you cannot see the overall ASMR among vaccinated people. Last year I tried to calculate the combined ASMR of all vaccinated groups manually by taking their weighted average, but it produced vastly different results from the ASMR of the "Ever vaccinated" category. However I was able to reproduce the ASMR of the "Ever vaccinated" group by dividing the European Standard population into groups which matched the age groups used in the public data by the ONS and by using the formula from this page to calculate the ASMR: https://www.ons.gov.uk/peoplepopulationandcommunity/birthsdeathsandmarriages/deaths/methodologies/weeklycovid19agestandardisedmortalityratesbyvaccinationstatusenglandmethodology.

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The puppets do what they are told. PURE EVIL!!

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Keep up the great work Steve. I can agree on some points, and not so much on others. That is life. Keep fighting the good fight. No vaccine or "vaccine" mandates ever.

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I created this post as a response to a "Dr" an MIT grad and an Entrepreneur who all told me and I quote, that I am "delusional" "paranoid" and my posts are "completely devoid of any facts"...

because I daned to speak against the "safety and efficacy of the "magic injecton"

Here was my response with "credible" (according to these gentlemen) sources...

Victor Funk

"The waters are pretty muddied in countries that are heavily injected, since they injected the control groups…

This makes it essentially impossible to tell if the injection is the true culprit behind these deaths or the virus…

With that said you can look at countries that did not heavily inject their population and see that their deaths from the virus have dwindled or never really shot up, not too mention the all-cause mortality rates are fairly static year to year in countries with low injection rates, as opposed to countries that are heavily injected…

Notice the most heavily injected countries are at the top of the list for covid deaths and all-cause mortality deaths..

If it was just 1 or 2 countries you could chalk it up to chance or coincidence but not with dozens of countries all telling a similar story, even the most ardent sceptic would find good reason to pause…

At some point it becomes increasingly difficult to ignore (but not impossible, ;) if you are inclined to do so)…

Just as an example let’s look at heavily injected African countries vs lightly injected African countries

• Africa: vaccination rate COVID-19 by country 2022 | Statista (if the link doesn't work you can copy and paste this link in your search engine to look at the site... Statista is a well respected German statistics resource)

Look at the stark contrast between injections in Seychelles vs Burundi. (hint Seychelles is at the top and Burundi is not even close)

Now look at the cases and deaths…

It’s a long list but since the list goes from highest to lowest cases you can more easily find Burundi since it is around 48,000 cases and Seychelles is at around 45,000 cases.

Coronavirus statistics - Search (bing.com) (copy and paste to see these stats)

You might look at the cases and think, “gee this goes against your point since Seychelles has more injections and less cases…?” but look at the second column for deaths and you will see Burundi has 38 deaths vs Seychelles 168 deaths at the time of this writing… and to make matters even worse Seychelles population is around 99 000 people…

population of seychelles - Search (bing.com) (copy and paste)

While Burundi’s population is well over 11 000 000

popultion of burundi - Search (bing.com) (copy and paste)

So proportionally Seychelles has less than a tenth of the population of Burundi but almost as many cases and quadruple the deaths, this is mathematically impossible even oif the injection was benign or useless than Seychelles just based on population size should have 1/10th the deaths of Burundi but we are left scratching our heads and looking at numbers that just dont add up with the main stream narrative…!?!?

This is the quintessential 'smoking gun" so why isn’t this on the news…?

Well look at the corporate sponsors for all the news channels and ask yourself if this information would be good for sales…?

The companies funding these “purveyors of truth” are the same companies pocketing billions in profit all around the world from tax payer dollars …?

If you do this same study with other highly injected countries vs countries with low injections, you will find the same results again and again and again…

Yes, take this as a challenge, if you do it and find I’m telling you the truth, you may very well find yourself taking the red pill and groggily waking up to see me greeting you with these words…

“Welcome…. to the real world…!” ~ Morpheus.""

All backed up by data from "main stream sources" I just took a little time to look, sadly most don't and even when you present it to them many still won't bother to even click on the links to see you are telling them the truth but our job as freedom fighters is to simply keep speaking truth whether people want to accept it or not, that is their business...

God speed Steve, keep up the good fight...

Regards Victor F.

As the ancient proverb goes, "we will know the truth and the truth shall make us free"

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Nothing will happen. While not as bad as it is in the US, the press in great Britain is co-opted by The State, and it will do the bidding of their Masters.

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1) Cannot they merely concede their data are unsound and stop intoxicating people?

2) There has never been any SARS-CoV-2 culture in 2020 according to CDC's answer to FOIA's (Freedom of Information Act) request.

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Yesterday in Danish news it was written that the Covid-19 in the year 2020 had costed 30,000 living years, by on average 13 years/person.

So I started calculating: 30,000 / 13 = 2,308 dead persons .

Then went to Google to find how many dead in year 2020 and previous years, and found (in Denmark around 5.6 million) :

2017 2018 2019 2020 2021

53,261 55,232 53,958 54,645 57,152

So with if we then in 2020 had had vaccines so persons not killed by Coved then this year only

54,645 - 2,308 = 52,337 would have died.

But why with the many dead by Covid in 2020, actually no differens compared to the previous years?

But especially who suddenty for the year 2021, with the vaccines from God, as told, then a sudden increase in the number of deads, instead of less than for year 2020 when we not had the "vaccines"?

It's stange way the health ministery looks at it. And besides did not tell anything about year 2021.

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Aug 25, 2022·edited Aug 25, 2022

I calculated similar results here in Oregon.

For 2021, ages 18 - 44 y, all-cause mortality was about 150% of historical.

By hypothesis, mortality rate of unquaxxed would be 100% of historical.

But assume 1/2 of the age group was quaxxed.

Therefore, their mortality rate would have to be 200% of historical.

Average for the two equal populations:

(100% + 200%) / 2 = 150%

As a check:

Historical all-cause mortality rate: Roughly 113 per 100,000 per year.

According to the Oregon Health Authority for 2021 : 171 per 100,000.

171 / 113 = 151%


Mortality for unquaxxed half: 113 per 100,000

Mortality for the quaxxed half: 226 per 100,000

(113 + 226) / 2 = 170 (Close enough for a rough calculation)

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75% of the UK population fully signed up, body and soul, to the "vaccines will save you" mantra. No way now they will admit they were duped. They will simply carry on, the lucky ones relieved that they dodged a bullet, and simply and silently not comply with any other gene juice campaigns.

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They aren’t really bothering us to take shots any more and I think that they will do their usual passive thing and just quietly pretend it didn’t happen. There is a compensation scheme happening at the moment, which seems to be pretty hush hush. So I think thats what they will continue to do, distract us with things like the new “leadership” race and other things and bury their heads in the sand! Not sure if you are aware of GB News, they seem to be the only news team to be highlighting this https://youtu.be/DWaYdDKKTXc not sure if links work but it’s Mark Steyn interviewing Dr Malhotra, very good interview!

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