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Catch more flies w honey than w vinegar

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Good advice!

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Eshoo meeting with you since you are no longer a big time Dem donor. That is really funny! She is Nancy's girl. If she is a good girl she gets to ride home on the Friday federal jet with her. So funny...

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Steve, I contacted the local office of my congressman Sean Casten and requested a meeting with one of his staff members regarding the CDC ignoring critical safety signals regarding the covid vaccine and other studies from Germany and Israel showing the Vaccine to be harmful. The office person I talked to was cordial and said he would pass on my request for a meeting and contact me.

The following day I got the usual form letter they send to anyone inquiring anything to do with Covid...the virus. Although this issue should be near and dear to Mr. Casten's heart given the sudden death of his vaccinated and boosted daughter, evidently it is not.

In fact, in one part of the letter he (incredibly) writes this: "Currently, with the authorization from the Food and Drug Administration, COVID-19 vaccinations for children younger than 5 are now available. Families can now go to many trusted sources such as pediatricians, pharmacies, children's hospitals, and more to ensure their child's protection from COVID-19. "

I have to say after reading this it is hard to feel sorry for this guy. It seems that he is not the least bit interested in hearing anything that doesn't fit the Fauci Narrative.

He closed by writing: "The safety and health of all of us is one of my top priorities, and I will continue to stand-up for the science of COVID and the measures that keep us protected from this disease."

Fauci could not have said it better.

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The FDA authorized the use of the shots for kids but it's all STILL running under the EUA. Have people forgotten that?? The bait and switch "Comirnaty is the same as BiOnTech" farse and then just add the Bivalent to it, too.🙄 If they're all so safe, why doesn't the FDA officially approve them? What a puppet this guy is. I wonder how much he was paid to keep towing the line after the sudden death of his daughter.

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Agree totally about science - it has gone downhill all my life and I'm old. My husband recently said he was embarrassed to have ever been a virologist or scientist because of what has been done to the field. He devoted his entire life to the life sciences and studied it since he was 8 y.o. He's now 77. When he was in hospital 2 yrs ago, lots of nurses, techs etc. came to him when they heard he'd been a virologist, many in tears because their own families refused to hear the truth about the jabs/covid. My husband's own identical twin brother refused to listen to him and got angry whenever my husband tried to tell him the truth. Brother got vaxed 3 times anyway. Very sad. Brother had his own practice as an optometrist, too - you'd think being in the medical field he would have listened to his own brother. Amazing how resistant to truth so many people can be. But still, we have to keep trying.

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I must apologize for spreading info I didn’t fact check personally. The misquote from Pfizer’s Ceo on depopulating the globe by 50% was edited and distributed. I jumped right in because of my dislike of Pfizer and the destruction this “vaccine” is causing! The last thing I want to do is spread lies, so I apologize for sharing this statement. This may not be far from what they are attempting but the quote was edited and therefore incorrect!! Again, I apologize.

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I have several times requested a staff meeting and they completely ignore it. My request related to another side of COVID.

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Who represents US citizens living abroad?

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I follow Katherine Watts substack. Amazing research she's put together on all the laws and presidential EOs that have been put in place to allow what's happening now.

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They will only collaborate the day that they receive a Supoena!

What Is a Subpoena?

¨A subpoena (pronounced "suh-pee-nuh") is a request for the production of documents, or a request to appear in court or other legal proceeding. It is court-ordered command that essentially requires you to do something, such as testify or present information that may help support the facts that are at issue in a pending case. The term "subpoena" literally means "under penalty". A person who receives a subpoena but does not comply with its terms may be subject to civil or criminal penalties, such as fines, jail time, or both...

What Are Subpoenas Used For?

Under state and federal civil or criminal procedural laws, subpoenas offer attorneys a chance to obtain information to help prove or disprove their client's case...

Penalties :

Because a subpoena is a court-ordered command, a person who fails to obey it is subject to civil or criminal contempt of court charges.¨ Read more https://www.findlaw.com/litigation/going-to-court/what-is-a-subpoena.html

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Hi Steve, i am subscribed to your newsletter but never post..

I am done with government altogether.

I refuse to acknowledge them as anything other than ORGANIZED CRIME.

THAT is EXACTLY what they are, using constant "wars", drug running, weapons. running , and now plandemics at taxpayer expense to launder money and line the pockets of the wealthy, keeping Americans impoverished as free range serfs...

Acknowledging them as anything other than criminals is a mistake.

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Thank you for your clean thinking and your tenacity speaking out.

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you can put an x for anyone you know

who's had the syndrome

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Hi Steve!

What is the 'trigger point' for the DEADLY Covid injections, bizarrely called 'vaccine'?

I'm trying to use your suggestions to bring Vax DEATHS into the light here in the UK!

Obviously, we seem to haver the same inexplicable 'SILENT TREATMENT' over here too.

Sincere regards!

Mick from Hooe (UK) (unjabbed to live longer)

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You know that is a great idea Mr. Kirsch....we could ask for a meeting with a staffer, and have you on the Zoom call!!

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Tell them you are a Pfizer lobbyist. You’ll get right in.

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