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Voting -

"Blockchain could facilitate a modern voting system. Voting with blockchain carries the potential to eliminate election fraud and boost voter turnout, as was tested in the November 2018 midterm elections in West Virginia.

Using blockchain in this way would make votes nearly impossible to tamper with. The blockchain protocol would also maintain transparency in the electoral process, reducing the personnel needed to conduct an election and providing officials with nearly instant results. This would eliminate the need for recounts or any real concern that fraud might threaten the election."


"Providers can leverage blockchain to store their patients’ medical records securely. When a medical record is generated and signed, it can be written into the blockchain, which provides patients with the proof and confidence that the record cannot be changed. These personal health records could be encoded and stored on the blockchain with a private key so that they are only accessible to specific individuals, thereby ensuring privacy."

source: "Blockchain Facts: What it is, How it works and How it can be used" Investopedia. April 23, 2023.


(scroll to middle of page to examine article quotes)

"Govt. will not give this to us. We must make it happen from grass roots level applying pressure upward, which means - those who understand this technology have a DUTY to explain it to everyone else in plain language in simple common sense terms everyone can get their heads around" //js

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Keep up the good work Comrade! Hope Comrade Putin rewards you with one of his yachts!

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Wow another person spewing B.S. on vaccines. At my work we all were told we had to get vaccinated, most did some didnt. So far out of 145 vaccinated peeps not one "strange" death. 3 years and counting. 2 people lost their kids 45 , and 37 to the virus, both unvaccinated. Now 12 children are missing 1 dad, and 1 mother. But keep pushing those conspiracies, hopefully people will have recourse to sue the anti-vaxxers, who are actually anti mandaters.

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Dear God! This can’t go on!

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I Love It!!! When I bet, I don’t lose (well after 5 years, I was down $200 with the co-founder of the Baylor cCollege of Medicine, Department of Orthopedic Surgery🤣🏴‍☠️🔥) Absolutely Love Your Style!!! Bring It! Ed

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you ask what does it say about them that they refuse to debate you??

I would submit that in their minds it does NOT say what we might think, namely that they know the truth and are terrified of it.

No. IMO they think of us what we ( or at least I) think of them - that they are thoroughly deluded, would cheat when it came to debate, and would never admit defeat and so to attempt to debate us would be a total waste of time

and this, to repeat, for the same reasons we should not waste our times with them.

Of course what makes us right are the facts the data logic and science itself.

you are not one of these rationalist types who think that when truth is proven doubters will be won over by the evidence and logic are you?

The old dictum sill holds true "there is none so blind as he who will not see,"

most people will change their minds not because of evidence but when their error starts to cost them something and that personally.

This is a great pity IMO but this is human nature: a given, an absolute and immutably FIXED, all the reason on earth notwithstanding

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Nov 21·edited Nov 21

dare i suggest that this too is a complete waste of time.

a convinced covid fanatic will NEVER concede defeat and will insist that you will owe his charity, even if you wipe the floor with him with science and reason

Moreover I did learn the hard way, debating about other issues, that it is impossible to beat CHEATS.

and fanatics are CHEATS

yo might be lucky if you can get some kind of unprejudiced arbiter to judge the debate. but i would not hold your breath on that one either

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You're batting zero on these bogus "offers". At this point everyone sees them for what they are.

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I mentioned this before but one of my own doctors who was 66 died in June 2021, two months after I had a televisit with him. At that time I asked him if he has been vaccinated, and he said yes; I asked him with what and he said Pfizer. So I assume he had had two shots between January and April--the middle of that time period to when he died would be four months. He died from a blood clot in his neck.

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Steve, thank you for all you do.

Sasha Latypova had an interesting suggestion to you: “ Did Robert Langer at MIT know that Moderna’s technology can be made into weapons when he co-founded it in 2011? You bet! Actually not you, Steve Kirsch bets Robert Langer $10M for another debate to which Langer will of course not show up. (I promise to humbly apologize for this statement if he does show up). That’s a great idea, Steve, but a better use of $10M, may I suggest? - buy several Congresspeople (they are cheap) and get them to dismantle the illegal laws enabling EUA Countermeasures and pandemic preparedness racket, starting with the PREP Act (government license to kill).”


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This is why I refuse to donate. There are so many better ways of using so much money, than literally handing it to our worst enemies.

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Did anyone tell Steve that in the original post on the top of this article, the other guy would have to pay only 1 million, not 10 million. Good luck, Steve.

If you get to debate him, we will all enjoy listening to it.

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Steve, nobody can say you don't have Balls. You are one of many credible sources fighting for our survival. We are indebted to you for your courage and determination to expose the biggest medical malpractice in history.

The Reset is being Reset by "We the People".

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you should speak to tom renz on suing over the pandemic. a much better use of your monies.

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