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A meme to reach out to the yet to be informed:


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Have any other U.K. based followers come across the term '100 day cough'? A friend, aged 76, was diagnosed ( no prizes for guessing when she started to ail...), but when I searched the term, pertussis came up. She, like most of us, was 'vaccinated against pertussis' as a child. Puzzling! Based on what? Of course, the initiative currently seems to be focused upon enlisting older citizens here to be 'vaccinated against Shingles'. In a population with a likely 95% exposure to childhood Chickenpox, its take up seems to epitomise the servility to the deities of 'medicine'.

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Dr. Paul Offit assimilates oral exposition to aluminum to be the same as injected aluminium!!!! https://www.chop.edu/centers-programs/vaccine-education-center/video/there-difference-between-aluminum-injected-vs-ingested

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It baffles the mind how careless both doctors and non-doctors are about injecting substances into the bloodstream. Anything in the bloodstream is far more dangerous than ingested, because the body has very little ability to filter it at that point. When ingested, it has to go through an acid bath in the stomach and the intestinal walls first. For example, imagine injecting microparticles of dirt directly into the bloodstream versus ingesting it, comparing the effects of a non-purified substance. Ingesting it would probably have no effect, but in the bloodstream it could cause clotting and blockages of the blood vessels.

In decent safety testing, vaccines are supposed to go through 5-10 years of testing for a reason.

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Yes. Dr. Paul Offit is absolute wrong.

(quote): "Scientists at Europe’s food safety watchdog have assessed the safety of aluminium from all sources in food and established a Tolerable Weekly Intake ( TWI ) of 1 milligram of aluminium per kilogram of body weight." (end of quote).


(quote from this link.https://www.videncenterforallergi.dk/wp-content/uploads/files/ph.d-afhandlinger/PhD-Hoffmann.pdf):

The overall bioavailability of ingested aluminum is low, with approximately ...... 0.1% from food." (end of quote).

An ex. :Vaccination with Gardasil 9 against HPV.


Adsorbed on amorphous aluminum hydroxyphosphate sulfate adjuvant (0.5 milligrams Al). Point 2

0.5 mg Al injected during vaccination with Gardasil 9 corresponds to 500 mg taken orally (se the information above).

A 12-year-old girl (at the HPV vaccine age) weighs on average approx. 40 kg, which gives a Tolerable Weekly Intake of 40 mg. Aluminum per week.

Vaccination with Gardasil 9 therefore corresponds to approx. 88 times the "daily tolerable load" of aluminum!

Two vaccines means approx. the amount of 1/2 year's daily tolerable load of aluminum!

And then you need to add all the other vaccines in the childhood schedule.

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Several months ago I sent you a "Don't stop" message.

I still agree with that but you are now acting like a jerk, and perhaps not listening as much as you should, and that will not help you. Please sit back a bit.

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Guess Dr.Paul Offit is in the pay of WHO et al; he seems to comply with the globalist narrative.

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Hi Steve and Steve list,

It seems unless you're an official medical professional, like an MD, you can not be qualified to debate or to even mention to the adult children of a desperately ill neighbor that getting a blood transfusion is like getting a death sentence because the blood supply is made up of mostly vaccinated donors whose blood is infused with all kinds of nanotechnology, heavy metals, hydrogels and synbio crap.

Its just an excuse. Sadly my 80+ something year old neighbor passed away suddenly just a few days before she was permitted to return homem this neighbor previously had been full of energy but became lethargic and diagnosed with low white blood cell over past few years. No connection being made between the vaccines and her rapidly decling health.

The adult children, most in their 60s, swore her mother's doctor knew best. I mentioned how important it was to get her back home asap. I never mentioned remdesivir and never got the chance as the eldest daughter looked at me with hateful eyes and walked away. To say that the blood transfusion was filled with toxins from vaxxed donors passed her off no end.

Her adult children still believe in western medicine and anyone who says otherwise is labeled a nutcase.

What else could I say to them to make them understand that these experimental vaccines are extremely harmful and toxic forever?

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Exactly the same thing we deal with as Flat Earthers (think of it as we are living in a big building Truman-show style, not a stupid floating disc in space).

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He won;t turn up. He knows vaccines don't work, are unsafe and have not been properly tested.

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He wont show up. It will cut into his PRO-ffits

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He will never debate you as he knows he is spreading BS on behalf of the dictators and the money made and he cannot afford to debate his fake story as he will exposed very quickly,but what amazes me is that these scammers still exist ,but of course their biggest fear is exposure.We have in South Africa a journalist called IVO who persists that Ivomectin doesn't work ,even till today he propagates that fake news even though it has been thoroughly debunked and together with HCQ would have saved many lives during covid and did here in SA as it was not banned. They say there are no pills for dumb only enlightenment helps.

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Gotta read this…


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This fails to test the basic question of whether vaccines have a positive net long term effect.

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Positivity healthful, positively toxic?

Gotta be clear nowadays which viewpoint is being presumed.

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Who is Paul Offit? Okay, I kind of know who this spoofster is ( I think I just made up a word). It’s just I have so much important information to keep up on, I can’t seem to find the time to care about this disinformation spreader. He must be a nobody.

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Why do they think “Anti Vaxer” is a derogatory term. Why wouldn’t you be a “Anti Vaxer” from now on, after all the lies told by the so called health experts and the massive harm these covid jabs have caused world wide. How could anyone with two functioning brain cells trust the pro jab establishment again. Seriously!

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Anti-vaxx is probably more accurately anti-adjuvant.


“An adjuvant is a substance that is added to a vaccine to stimulate and enhance the magnitude and durability of the immune response.”

“Furthermore, despite their widespread use, the molecular mechanisms by which the available adjuvants — including alum, MF59 and the Adjuvant Systems AS0 adjuvants — actually work in humans is not well understood.”

This paper is from 2021. It evinces clearly that the mechanisms are not thoroughly understood, even for alum, which has been around for decades. Bottom line, they’re still learning about mature technology, so how can one say that the book of knowledge is complete in regard to vaccines? Clearly, it is not. For this reason, it is perfectly appropriate to inquire what are the mechanisms that create autism, and are those mechanisms deterministically present or not present in vaccines and their adjuvants?

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Yes Dr Exleys work is one that shows autistic children’s brains have even more Alum than elderly Alzheimers patients.

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Vaccines are like accents; they are bred into the population over generations from birth. People pretty much cannot discern their own accents, and it would take a conscious effort to focus clearly enough to isolate it. It’s foundational to their identity.

Vaccines are the same way. To question them is to defy one’s entire upbringing and medical history and experience, not to mention implying that all those knowledgeable doctors in one’s life were dupes. It’s a big hurdle to clear to get one to even consider thinking about vaccines being unworthy.

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Thank you for all your work Steve.

The UK currently has a campaign on whooping cough vaccine.

It’s particularly targeting pregnant women.....

The public health mafia want people to believe health is all about lucrative injections.

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Agreed!! QLD, Australia.

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Steve, keep challenging these pharma-government bribed liars. Every time they run away and hide, reiterate and shout out these 3 keys to why they are liars and cowards. Bullies don't like it when somebody can kick their ass.

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