People's false and misguided belief systems on the vaccine have become so strong that an attack on their belief system is seen by them as a personal attack rather than a debate on the issue itself.

The only two ways that people can be red pilled in such circumstances are as follows:

1) A traumatic event such as the death of a loved one from a vaccine injury which causes them to question their whole belief system.

2) Through socratic questioning backed up by undisputed data. The socratic questioning makes it appear to them that they have reached their own conclusions independently - which they have. All you have done is to get themselves the ask the right questions. This approach works as you are not coming across as directly attacking their deeply held belief system by simply shoving down their throat, what is right or wrong.

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Some people are a lost cause. Those that are worth trying, you have to be patient with them and chip away at them at each conversation. Don't argue or get upset. Find a point you know is false and when they don't believe you, find an article from CNN that proves you are right and show it to them. This will soften them up and they will be more apt to listen. Then you can have a real conversation. At this point I still hold back because you don't want to overwhelm them. Make sure the conversation stays nice and at the end thank them for having a conversation, even though you don't agree on everything, these conversations don't happen that often anymore and that you think it's important for people to have these sorts of conversations. Sometimes I say, I hope you know that I appreciate this conversation and I don't hate you for your views and I would hope you don't hate me for mine. Kill'em with kindness.

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Try humour - eg the following

The FDA has reached an important agreement with pharmaceutical giants producing the covid vaccines. Dr Henry Iseclosed, a long term FDA employee in charge of the discussions, described the agreement as “a breakthrough in animal trial research which is sure to improve the safety and efficacy of the already fully safe and wonderfully efficacious covid vaccines”.

“Well of course safety is job one” said Dr Iseclosed. “And in this context the pharmaceutical companies have long complained that animal trial results are difficult to bridge to humans. I mean, animals aren’t humans, right? So anything we can do to improve this situation… I mean, think of it this way, they are using like, ferrets, and cats, and those cute little monkeys. And they aren’t much like humans at all. Have you ever seen a picture of a ferret? And the ferrets tend to die unexpectedly in the middle of important safety trials, ruining the collection of important safety data, because, as it turns out, ferrets are actually quite a short lived species… so the companies have proposed that we replace ferrets, and cats and monkeys, with another species which has really quite an astonishing genetic resemblance to humans. This will allow the companies to draw much more safer and sciencey inferences from the animal trials to the human population. Accordingly, the FDA has agreed to allow a new test species, Homo Sapiens, into the phase 3 testing programs. The companies have indicated they may already have as many as 4 billion test animals lined up to work with. This is a really exciting development and should lead to expedited introduction of new covid vaccines to deal with the myriad of newer, deadlier, more dangerous, life-threatening, lethal, lethally dangerous, and extremely contagious covid variants which are springing up everywhere, particularily in the wake of the current vaccination program.” He added that, “And with, you know, like 4 billion test animals, that is like a real statistical ginormous big number and we are told that there should be no need for a ‘control’ group, whatever that is. So defeating the pernicious, lethal, dangerous, dangerously lethal and extremely contagious covid variants should be much easier, as the companies will be able to introduce daily safety booster power vaccines for everyone between the ages of 5 seconds and 120 years. It is a brave new day for this rapidly advancing, fully safe and thoroughly tested miracle consensus science technology.”

When questioned about the tracking and data systems which would be used for such a massive undertaking involving 4 billion animals, Dr Iseclosed replied “Well I mean the guys are just really excited about this. There’s so much going on… they did admit they were a little behind schedule on establishing failsafe and safer safety tracking systems, which is a concern as they do have concerns for the well being of the animals. But, we must remember, this is an emergency situation, and we are fully confident that a fully effective, comprehensive and statistical tracking safer safety system will be introduced by and by, fully aligned with consensus science, and safety.”


Post publication, Dr Iseclosed has indicated that he deeply regrets using the term ‘guys’ in his interview. “Of course the FDA is equal opportunity in all respects, and many of our top researchers identify as female. When I said ‘the guys’ in the interview, I was using a malicious and pernicious colloquial term which has no place in modern parlance. I deeply regret this misstep. And I would just like to say something else: I received all sorts of emails from insane conspiracy theorists who questioned the short lifespan of ferrets amongst many other complaints about ‘controls’, and the new test species designation, and so forth. Well concerning the ferrets, I have seen pictures, with my own eyes, of rows of dead ferrets. And they were only 6 months old! And these data were impeccable, and those were surely rows of dead ferrets, or do people think Pfizer and all that lot doctored the pictures? Follow the science people. Ferrets are a short lived species, case closed.”

We will update this story with other breaking news as it confirms the lethality and lethal dangerousness of the mutant twisted life threatening covid variants which threaten human life on earth. If you would like email updates with flashing blood scarlet warnings concerning evolution of these variants please click the button below.

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Which articles opened there eyes?

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Yes thank goodness more and more on the red pill! Poor red truckies in Canada right now! Trudeau had no more remedies up his sleeve so pulled this one, his father did same many years ago also!

But still many on the blue pill, my brother this morning stil totally on the blue pill, told me all I send him straight on delete, reads nothing I write! Cannot talk about it, totally ignoranza so is my other brother! No more friends left either, most on the blue pill, scared to read or listen! Anything new, no, same 1938/39 and most wars before! They want to get rid of Trudeau now, let’s hope!!

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Right now biblically Revelation 6

Dead white horse

The one on this horse has a Corona on his head, covenant with deadly point and fabric! Now, poisoned arrow with deadly point he goes conquering! Only the lamb can break that seal!

Next comes the Red horse

to take peace from the earth, civil unrest, to kill one another!

3rd horse - black horse

trade commerce all gone Famine

4th horse pale green horse Islamic flag of the Middle East hell on all the earth! This is all biblical! Amazingly so!!!

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Thank you so much Steve, for all the information you give to as many as want it! It is mind blowing, and you are talking about telling friends… I never would have realised but they have mostly all taken the vaccines I mean experimental injections, and they prefer to keep their minds and eyes shut, they delete all I have send and I am careful, they do not want to discuss in any form! Your information so easy to follow 2+2= yes but according to book G. Orwell it is 5 when will they wake up, yes below Liselle she was forced same as my daughter she has been quite I’ll for a long time, did not want the vaccines, her friends had told her do not came near me unless vaccinated, now it is about the booster same thing! She had to go to hosp they told her unless she complies not allowed to have any further treatment!

All draconian measures, COMMUNISM here I come - CHINA has now already 7 months taken over Tibet as all this was childish stuff, peaceful people, tortured, jail, camps, no matter children, male, female, sick no hope, this draconian stuff only the beginning! Thank you for making a big difference

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I was forced to get vaccinated. Here are a few reasons why I succumbed:

1. My daughter needed to go shopping for her wedding dress and wanted me to go with her.

2. I was threatened with "No vaccine, no wedding invitation

3. My other daughter needed me to assist with the grandkids - both parents working full time and with homeschooling they were tearing their hair out.

4. Christmas was on its way and I wasn't allowed in the shops except at the Grocery store.

5. My kids had also threatened that I would spend Christmas alone if I didn't get the vaccine as they were not prepared to expose their kids to the potential of catching the virus from me.

Did I have a choice? I am not sure.

I was called a selfish B.... for putting my husband and my community at risk.

So it was with great sadness that I took the red pill.

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You were not forced at all. Own it.

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Yes I know where you are coming from! My daughter told me tonight to my surprise she had the booster last Friday! She is in/out of hosp for tests they told her if she didn’t take the booster they could not treat her, as well she booked the plane to visit me, could not fly without that injection, so she took it! She also swore she would never have the 3rd one! It is becoming tougher, Austria terrible! I live in Oz which is just a waiting game what they do next! I live in QLD they are reviewing the situation early March, I somehow feel that March is critical, as well with war looming?

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Feb 11, 2022·edited Feb 11, 2022

I agree with the writer, Steve. You are an incredible force in this movement and we so appreciate all you do. I would love to know which of your articles have worked for people to change minds as I am struggling to break my kids and husband out of this and do not seem to be able to get through to any of them. I rely on you and experts/people in your circles to reassure myself each day that I'm not crazy. God bless you and thank you.

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Some people can't br saved, not even by force. Here is a comment seen on GLP:

"My youngest son forbade his wife from getting vaxxed while pregnant, as soon as she gave birth she took the jab before leaving the hospital. Today she is in the hospital and he is home with the baby, we pray for her constantly."

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Feb 9, 2022·edited Feb 9, 2022

People have beliefs and they filter out what they don't believe. Most people believe, in general, people are good so they can't believe in a conspiracy which hurts and kills people. They also believe that doctors would catch on and would never put money before a patient, even though most doctors are too busy to research and most people are vulnerable to intimidation and bribes and doctors are people. Beliefs in the goodness of mankind (in spite of history) and doctors blind many.

To red pill someone they must be exposed multiple times to ideas that re-inform their beliefs (research suggests at least six or seven times, so good luck), or you need to find something they believe more than their blinding beliefs which then reveals the truth. I was red-pilled on 9/11 when my brother insisted I read Dr. Stephen Jones's analysis of WTC 7 which I couldn't believe at first. So I timed WTC 7's fall myself and compared it to free fall. I've always believed in and understood basic physics. When I saw the numbers on my stopwatch I suddenly believed I had been lied to because I couldn't believe all that structural steel would instantly lose strength. That trumped my belief in the United States government. So how do we find the belief that trumps blinding beliefs? It's different for each situation and each person.

How does Steve get through to people? He doesn't, at least not always. Yes, he's straightforward, has good analytical skills, and puts his money where his mouth is but he still won't get everyone or even most people. However, he writes and speaks truths clearly enough that he reaches those who can be reached by those ideas at this point in their progression towards truth and he keeps trying which just might be the answer. In any case, I really appreciate your work, Steve!!! (Yes, that means I'm making a donation.)

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MARK: "People have beliefs and they filter out what they don't believe. Most people believe, in general, people are good so they can't believe in a conspiracy which hurts and kills people."

When discussing the question of poisoning innocent defenseless children via v@xxination, urge parents with children to watch the following Youtube clip, and see whether it jogs their memories:


It's possible that the very youngest parents, in their late 20s, wouldn't have seen the movie, but I'll bet most parents will remember it.

The mothers will be apoplectic, but I suspect that for many of the fathers, the lightbulb will go off in their heads, and suddenly they'll understand the horror of it all...

¡¡¡ KAREN-ISM == {Passive Aggressive Personality Disorder} x {Histrionic Personality Disorder} == VON MUNCHHAUSEN'S BY PROXY !!!

These crazy "mothers" are literally offering up their own progeny as sacrifices so that they can scratch & claw & virtue-snivel their way to the very apex of the vestal-virgin/oracle/high-priestess social hierarchy in the Cult of Moloch.

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Pivotal Moment video (about 15 min) helps connect some "big picture dots."


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Watched it, it lays the end game out pretty clearly. The virus hysteria was just a means to that end

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You are doing yeoman’s work. Your stats and data work are totally impressive.

I asked my self your question and my counseling background says to listen to them. Doing just what you did! Ask a question to prompt them to search for an answer. I have been trying to share info but it isn’t being received. Will put my ears back on….

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I asked someone who was at first pro lockdowns - and who over time red-pilled herself - how this change started. She said she started reading articles about excess harms and deaths of lockdowns. e.g. causing starvation in poor nations etc. Like this: https://www.france24.com/en/20200728-coronavirus-linked-hunger-kills-10-000-children-per-month-says-un

(my interpretation)

This is essentially a MSM source: data from UN, John Hopkins University, Unicef

It highlights what she cares about: stop people from people getting harmed and dying

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I, too, have to thank you for your blog, because it eventually helped me to red-pill my Mom, whom I've been tirelessly working on for about a year. One day I was reading the comments on your post about your "super secret plan" and someone had commented that Joe Rogan's interview with Dr. Peter McCullough was what turned his son around, and he was so happy he wept tears of joy. That made me realize, this video might actually get through to my Mom, and to my shock (and delight), she actually watched the entire thing. You opening up your blog is like someone opening up a popular bar where likeminded people get to meet and exchange ideas. Thanks so much for doing this. I pasted the comments and put a link for your blog on this page about how I finally got my Mom to see the other side. https://realcovidresearch.blogspot.com/2022/01/how-i-finally-got-my-mom-to-see-other.html

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I’ve only had a few cases of success. In my own immediate family, I have a 100% success rate. With a handful of friends, the successes are with about a dozen that I started talking to when this first started, almost 2 years ago. I think planting seeds early on was certainly key as they were able to watch the contradictions and moving goalposts unfold in real time before their own eyes. Needless to say, none have looked back.

This is much more difficult to do with people who have absorbed the propaganda for any serious length of time. There’s a kind of personal investment these folks have…I think, not wanting to believe they believed in lies. That’s a deep psychic kind of pain, cognitive dissonance that is denied to avoid feeling the pain.

Still continue to try though!

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Fully agree, we have to keep planting the seed, I also started to tell friends about it two years ago, a very few took the red pill, became conscious on it, but majority believed all the nonsense, thankgoodness, I never did, had to close down my business for 6 wks, and took up painting again, the best meditation at the time I fully recommend it, it did 46 paintings, haven’t touched a paint brush now for 8 months can’t believe I painted them, but at the time a lot of thinking, calm, decisions! But those very blue people, believing everything they hear not questioning anything, and now after all this indoctrination from the media nearly impossible! But same like you keep trying!

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Art can be very cathartic. I’m glad you found something positive out of that time. That is wonderful. I’m sure it was important in helping you find some degree of centered calm in all of the craziness. Never stop trying, even though it is challenging…

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