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I just found this https://kirschsubstack.com/p/settling-the-virus-debate-challenge and you have not made a case for "the existence of a virus" and you hand-waved away the facts.

(1) Show us the proof in a single paper (because that's all it should take) that the sequence you claim that can be ordered online, came from a "virus".

(2) Explain why there needs to be 6 publications to prove a single virus? Bardens vs Lanka?

(3) Why do you misconstrue Bardens vs Lanka? It is CASE LAW that the original paper [Enders et al 1954] on the debunked measles virus DOES NOT HAVE ANY PROOF OF THE MEASLES VIRUS. You left that out of your "settling the virus debate" diatribe. You also omitted the fact that within that paper, the control experiment was mentioned, and it was mentioned that THE RESULTS DID NOT DIFFER IN ANY WAY from the experiment containing the alleged virus containing sample, AND Lanka, on April 21st, 2021 repeated what was done in the original paper AND GOT THE SAME RESULTS. https://talkaboutbruno.ca/f/final-refutation-of-virology

You also omitted the fact that there were three judges, and for the first time in history of that court did they reveal publicly the verdict, it was 3 to 0 in favor of Lanka. Not a single judge was in favor of Bardens.

Furthermore, the reason Bardens was rejected to escalate this further, is because the powers that be don't want an even higher court to establish NO VIRUS HAS EVER BEEN ISOLATED. And people have purposely obtained FINES in order to get an opportunity to fight the fine in court, using the same argument of NO VIRUS HAS EVER BEEN DENTIFIED, based on NO CONTROL EXPERIMENT EVER DONE IN VIROLOGY. Amazingly, these cases get dropped! EXPLAIN WHY? SINCE IT SHOULD BE EASY TO MAKE THE FINE STICK, HECK, THEY COULD JUST CONTACT YOU, AND YOU CAN TELL THEM ABOUT THE "SEQUENCE" IS THE PROOF! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!! Or maybe they can contact one of your lackeys? Here is one of the challengers before the case https://rumble.com/v2k05o0-the-court-case-against-virology.html and after the court ran away https://rumble.com/v2ovm36-another-escape-of-virology.html and this guy has a firm that helps others win cases, using the fact that VIRUSES DO NOT EXIST.

(4) You are the one running from the challenge. All you have to do is repeat what Lanka did in April, or what Enders et al did, and THEN TELL US IF YOU FIND A "VIRUS"! You wont. Neither will any of your lackies.

(5) And here is 1,500,000 euros for you to compensate you after you find a virus https://samueleckert.net/isolate-truth-fund/ AND YOU DO REQUIRE DOCUMENTATION OF A CONTROL EXPERIMENT! And this is why team no virus does not WASTE TIME WITH YOU, because you will not do a control experiment, but rather "you want to come to some agreement of the setup" so that you can exclude having to do the required, by legitimate science, control experiment! YOU ARE DISINGENUOUS! But you accuse team virus of being so. Don't you know what you say is what you are?

EDIT: (6) As to why you got sick, there is nothing new there, people have been getting sick for thousands of years, the Chinees called it "the influence" and we call it the flu, and the influence refers to a seasonal change in weather and daylight hours, it gets cooler and there is less light, this triggers the body into detox mode, simple. You have NO PROOF of a magic football passed from your wife to you, as the reason why you got sick. That's a strawman logical fallacy. Studies have been done, where they take mucous from sick people and swab the throats, put drops in the eyes etc of healthy people, and not a single one gets sick. So, how do you claim "your wife made you sick"? STOP MAKING UNSUPPORTED CLAIMS! You cannot get out of doing a control experiment!

(7) As to why people are having breathing problems, one needs to look at the CHEMTRAILS IN THE SKY! About 10 years ago, people were posting their blood tests online, water sample tests etc. and all had high levels of aluminum, barium, strontium. Did you ever think that breathing problems might be related to the air? https://twitter.com/BGatesIsaPyscho/status/1738872418687398343

(8) Why on earth would you claim Bill Gates and Fauci funded studies have any credibility???

1,500,000 € REWARD! corona virus scientific proof (requires documented control experiment) Let's go!

Virologists Never Do A Control Experiment!

{The control experiment is to do everything the same except do not add any supposed "virus sample" and see what happens, are the results different or the same?}



The way virologists go about "proving" they have detected "a virus" is fraudulent and unscientific. A TOTAL SCAM! If viruses were a thing, they would be easily detected in and directly isolated from the blood or sputum, by Gel Electrophoresis — is a laboratory method used to separate mixtures of DNA, RNA, or proteins according to their sizes — which is avoided by virologists, the CDC, the WHO, and government stooges! So, instead of using this legitimate method of direct detection, virologists invented an indirect fraudulent method, using monkey kidney cells in a petri dish in the lab. To this they add toxic chemicals, and contaminants (antibiotics and other sources of genetic material from cows in addition to the monkey kidney already there) which causes the monkey cells to die — this is the cytopathic effect or CPE — and into this contaminated mixture of dead and dying cells they add the alleged "virus containing snot" (additional genetic contamination because of all the junk in the snot like bacteria and fungi etc.) — and say that the observed cytopathic effect is caused by a virus! In the sample! Completely ignoring the fact that they killed the cells PRIOR TO adding the sample! — They call it "activation", they must "activate" the cells ahead of time before adding the sample! — And that is supposed to be "proof of a virus"? Ya right! — A TOTAL SCAM!


From this initial "proof", they take pictures of the junk from the mixture, with an electron microscope and point to a few cherry-picked images of weird shapes and claim that they have photographed "a virus". (Which you will learn below is fragments of dead cells.) What a joke!!!!! — A TOTAL SCAM!


Step three is to "sequence the genome" of the nonexistent virus. To do this — they use a computer program that builds a Frankenstein virus from the contaminated mixture — it does this by matching pieces of DNA in the mixture to a patented (by Bill Gates) template of genetic sequences!!!— A TOTAL SCAM!


So, let's see how EASY IT IS to expose this three part scam! In two words: CONTROL EXPERIMENT. The control experiment is the cornerstone of legitimacy in science. In this case, to claim that the cytopathic effect (CPE) indicates the presence of a virus, you must rule out all other possible causes, which in this case means to run the experiment without adding the alleged "virus containing sample" and see if the results are the same or different, without the sample. It turns out the results are THE SAME, WITH OR WITHOUT THE SAMPLE. The same cytopathic effect (CPE), the same pictures with the electron microscope, and you can use any template, to pull out any virus you want, from a single dead cell mixture.


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The USA section of "Can anyone explain the alarming rise in disability in both the US and UK?" has a much better fitting explanation:

per capita rise in general population (LNU00074597/POPTHM) in USA for those years is within the 10yr trend (with a dip during early COVID, consistent with processing issues), so not the vaccine. Your graph is the result of rising labor force participation for disabled people enabled by remote work, LNU01374597.

For the UK data what you're showing is clearances - the number of processed applications, a rise in which is consistent with a cost of living crisis. Approval data is available and is the correct one to use for your claims.

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Where does Steve stand on the AIDS Virus?

British Medical Journal - https://www.bmj.com/rapid-response/2011/10/28/aids-fraud

When one looks into AIDS one soon realises it was all a DR Fachi scam. Dr Fachi has been killing people for over 40 years with his "Cures"

Fachi is a mass murderer most likely the worlds largest mass murderer having killed many millions with AIDS alone not to mention all his Ebola vaccaines (gives you Ebola effects) and many others.

How RED PILLED is Steve ?

He's wise now to Covid Vaccaines but Is he wise to ALL Vaccaines?.

Does he trust / believe in Government?.

Does he know Covid was all part of an agenda by the UN/ WEF to control the world by 2030 with CBDC's and Digital ID along with other horrible measures.

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The human is an amazing machine. If given the right tools (fresh non toxic real food) the body will self heal anything.

It does not require toxins injected, inhaled or consumed into it to keep it healthy.

The human body is like a tree.

In winter a tree sheds its leaves (which contain toxins, etc) so it can start fresh the following spring.

The human body does the same, we shed our toxins also in winter.

Depending on how toxin one is will depend on the level of detox the body requires.

A body which is looked after may get just a sniffle, a little more toxic may be a cold and very toxic will be a full blown flu.

The PROBLEM is the average person goes to their doctor and get BIG PHARMA INVOLVED to stop the detox process.


BIG PHARMA Motto - A patient cured is a customer lost.

Once BIG PHARMA get involved the detox goes into remission until the following winter. If the body is very toxic one may get a spring / summer detox.

Each time the detox is suppressed the problems are building up inside your body to a point where one ends up with Pneumonia.

People who consume factory food, fast food, junk food, snacks, chips etc have very toxic bodies and theses toxins have to be expelled or turned into fat deposits as the body does not know how to expel them.

A toxic body will also have many parasites living off the crap they consume.

When I was young and had a cold/fever we were wrapped up in blankets and put to bed to sweat the toxins out, not much big pharma products were around back then so nature took its course.

I m 70 years old my sister and brother are 67 and 72.

We have NEVER BEEN VAXXED, our parents were wide awake to government and would never allow us to be jabbed.

We are never sick, none of us even have a doctor. We live off the land, grow all our own food, cook bread, drink raw milk and keep chickens. We have our property completely off grid.

We have no use for a supermarket expect for toilet paper and garbage bags.

We make our own laundry soap, shampoo and body wash as theses products in supermarkets are full of chemicals (what goes on your skin goes into your blood stream).

Nature provides everything one needs.

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They don’t want to debate you. Put more interviews in mp3 or videos. The betting is probably illegal unless you live in Nevada

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This is an amazing article! Thank you so much for ALL the info. I can’t wait to share it with some crazies who think the “vaccine e” actually worked!!

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Why does Big Pharma (Pfizer & others) enjoy 'NO LIABILITY' for all Injuries & DEATHS that occur AFTER their poisonous injections are applied?

Now proven to continue as 'Pre-meditated MURDER'?

Mick from Hooe (UK) Unjabbed to live longer!

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Has anyone suggested the reason for excess deaths is bad mojo? I know that's not a scientific term but I think they could make it into one with clever linking to related ideas.

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This guy with a physics degree is apparently looking for a platform to debate from a provax position: https://odysee.com/@thesystemisdown:d/jeremy-kauffman%27s-heated-dispute-with:0?t=430 (he says "the vast majority of vaccines work, they save lives").

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https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/35442969/ One step closer to a transmissible vaccine for rabies virus

Scott L Nuismer A recent study in PLOS Biology shows that a betaherpesvirus circulating with the vampire bat, Desmodus rotundus, could serve as an effective vector for a transmissible vaccine capable of reducing the risk of rabies virus spillover in Peru.

Viruses. 2020 Sep 8 In this review, we present current knowledge of the epidemiology and management of rabies in D. rotundus and argue that it can be reasonably considered an emerging public health threat. We identify knowledge gaps related to the landscape determinants of the bat reservoir, reduction in bites on humans and livestock, and social barriers to prevention. We discuss how new technologies including autonomously-spreading vaccines and reproductive suppressants targeting bats might manage both rabies and undesirable growth of D. rotundus populations. Finally, we highlight widespread under-reporting of human and animal mortality and the scarcity of studies that quantify the efficacy of control measures such as bat culling. Collaborations between researchers and managers will be crucial to implement the next generation of rabies management in Latin America. We for sure are the expiriments.

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No rebuttals here. Something to add. https://www.popsci.com/contagious-vaccine-virus/ 6/5/2017

Vaccines of the future could be as contagious as viruses: These transmissible vaccines will likely first be used in animals that carry diseases that can infect people. It’s early days for these kinds of vaccines and therapies, and scientists still have to show that they are effective and safe to use in wildlife or people. (have we not been witnessing this) One way around this would be to make a live vaccine that is only weakly transmissible. This vaccine would only spread a little bit before dying out. This kind of vaccine wouldn’t be able to eradicate a disease, but fewer people would need to be directly vaccinated. A weakly transmissible vaccine would still make a major dent in disease outbreaks, Nusimer and his colleagues have calculated. “Even a little bit of transmission goes a long way,” he says. Gates:

“Sadly, the virus itself, particularly, the variant called omicron, is a type of vaccine, that is, it creates both B-cell and T-cell immunity, and it’s done a better job getting out to the world population than we have with vaccines,” the Microsoft co-founder said. “That means the chance of severe disease, which is mainly associated with being elderly and having obesity or diabetes, those risks are now dramatically reduced because of that infection, exposure.

Gates, who is not a medical doctor, noted that vaccination efforts moved too slowly for his liking.

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Granted that only 41% hold a bachelors degree, but even Aylward, explaining his report on China said in March 2020 about a validated less than five percent secondary attack rate disease, a report he was confident nobody had read, that many claimed somehow trace contacts had missed the 55% more we would require to validate a highly contagious disease capable of a super spreader, and kept saying they just saw the tip of the iceberg, but he couldn't see that.

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