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Thanks Steve — you were all over it so early.

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The Untold Story Behind The Pandemic


The Untold Story Behind The Pandemic

Register to see the 2:20:00 Episode 1 here:


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"Get rid of the corrupt people at the CDC, FDA, and NIH". I say, yes, get rid of the corrupt people, preferably by imprisoning them for long terms, for life in many cases, but then absolutely get rid of the CDC, FDA, and NIH entirely. I think one important thing we've learned from this debacle is that bureaucratic agencies like this will always acquire too much power, come under the control of and serve powerful corporate interests (in the case of the FDA, the ones it was supposed to oversee), attract sociopaths who are only interested in power, money, and control, and corrupt almost everyone in them. Taking individuals out of corrupt institutions will just open up spots for new people to be corrupted. There is no way to reform these institutions; they must be eliminated. Btw, only the FDA served any real purpose. If we abolish it, we'll find other ways and better ways to regulate and protect our supply of food and drugs.

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You are absolutely correct. All of us should read at least pgs 1-95, and see the 22 pages of citations that are quoted in the 1st chapter of the book "The Real Anthony Fauci" by Bobby Kennedy, Jr - obviously not a Republican. And if you power through the rest of the book and see what he and others did during the AIDS studies, you will see how very evil this man and really our whole pharmaceutical industry and health care system is. It is truly stunning and frightening.

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Spot on Steve. Mentioning covid home testing kits. Let the buyer beware. About 2 weeks ago I learned that there is a substance in some of the covid test kits called sodium azide. This stuff I hear is toxic to the skin and the eyes if it lands there. Toxic to the lungs too if inhaled. I wouldn't want to use a substance like that indoors. I hear SA was also used in car bags in the 1990's. Also used in explosives and could possibly explode if flushed down the toilet. So I suspect it may be safer using covid test kits outdoors to avoid increasing indoor toxic air.

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You get my vote.

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5. If you have any flu-like symptoms, start treatment with safe, universally effective treatment IMMEDIATELY. Do NOT use a test to influence your decision to treat. Testing is unnecessary and may be harmful due to clinical false positives and negatives. If you still decide to test, do NOT wait for the result before you start treatment.

Examples of treatments that are safe, cheap, available and universally effective against ALL respiratory infections: all vitamins in sufficient doses, zinc + HCQ/EGCG/QCT, nasal rinse, gargling/mouth wash, nebulized inhaled safe DILUTE antiseptic (hydrogen peroxide, iodine, colloidal silver, hypochloric acid), NAC, melatonin, echinacea, budesonide, propolis, ivermectin, bromhexine, nigella sativa (black cumin), etc. etc. etc.

Even if you are not worried about severe disease, early treatment is still indicated, because it will reduce the duration of disease and your chance of infecting others.

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"Get rid of the corruption at the FDA, CDC, and NIH."

You'll need a Praetorian Guard if you want to survive doing that!

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😁🙋🤔never handle a pandemia without d i s t a n c i n g!!!!Friendly medical advise.

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what about the fake studies, falsification of data for any new vaccines that would have been tested for 2 years plus. have we learnt nothing from this monstrous vaccine pharma industry which has been a con since its very inception . We will only figure out the lies much later after the damage has been done with a target population of 10% experimented on like we do to animals today, and the rest of the population will not care and vote the next political party that promises lower taxes or more jobs.

Never forget the united states is at war with humanity and its most powerful weapon the internet is actively being used as a weapon now. you will only ever find controlled opposition or people that make a great many mistakes that preach both truth and lies on the web.

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You nailed it. We would have been over it by summer 2020. I would add that residents in long term fascilities need better care and we all need to up our supplements such as Vit. D, C, A, zinc, quercetin, artemisia,....

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Pertaining to most modern medical standards especially in the US. I took better care of my own health when I didn't know any better.

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I seriously think that you're living in a parallel universe.

We're not dealing here with a "pandemic" but with a scamdemic planned over a period of more than 30 Years.

Bellow are the steps that lead to the 2020 "pandemic":

1. Memo NSSM-200: Implications of Worldwide Population Growth

For U.S. Security and Overseas Interests (Kissinger 1974).

This document is about the Global South depopulation.

2. Agenda 21 - Brazil 1992

This document is about the Global North depopulation.

3. Spike Protein Vaccine for Coronavirus Patented 22 Years Ago: Patent No. 6372224 by Pfizer/Ralph Baric

4. Agenda 2030: Bill Gates and Klaus Swab (WEF )

How to control the sheeple.

5. Bill Gates promises during a conference to reduce the population between 10-15% using vaccines (video online)

6. ID 2020 agenda: Tag all 7billion people on the planet - you can get related conferences online

7. Event 201: where the "pandemic" was simulated in October 2019

8. 50 patents filed by Hardvard on nano-wires used in human cells to create self-forming networks activated by 5G. This was lead by the professor who was caught by the FBI in 2020. He was working with the Chinese lab in Wuhan.

9. Then in December 2019 China revealed that a novel virus had struck Wuhan. It was NOT a novel virus, it was just another corona virus that had been made more lethal by Fauci's gain-of-function research in Wuhan and the US.

The whole purpose is to reduce the population and tag the remaining survivors for tighter control.

The plan is working as expected and I can assure you that we haven't seen anything yet.

All indications from the UK adverse effects database show that the vaccine in those who are triple vaxxed have a negative efficacy of up to -192%.

When a virus becomes resistant to a drug, the drug's efficacy can only drop to 0 right? That's not the case with these transgenic injections because they compromise your innate immune system and you become vulnerable to any infection since your immune system no longer works.

If you read that EU Parliament president David Sassoli died due to serious immune system dysfunction, it means clearly that "Vaccinated" and "Boosted" are already showing serious signs of trouble. Imagine that billions of people have been jabbed with these toxins - the months ahead are going to be UGLY!!!

This new condition is called Vaccine Acquired Immunodeficency Syndrome (VAIDS).

Get ready for news titles like this one:

Actor Bob Saget “Dies Suddenly” 1 Month After Receiving COVID Booster Shot....

and expect letters like this one in the coming months:


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You don't help the cause by trying to one up other people on how deep the rabbit hole goes. We are all on the same side. While many of us know that Freedom loving people of Western Nations are under assault from the Globalists, and have been for decades, not everything is a conspiracy.

These days it seems like the Globalists are finally letting everyone know exactly what their warped totalitarian agenda is right on their own websites.

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Good point. Why dont people realize Theres no pandemic

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Time for the great reset! Reset those organisations that play host to corruption and power, remove those in power and reset them all with new order: no corruption, no liability free, no hold harmless, no indemnity.

All politicians to declare all monies, gifts, assets received and to be kicked out of their seat for any failure of probity or diligence.

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It's so infuriating to listen to Fauci in utter bewilderment over the number of covid deaths in America when he is directly responsible with moronic protocols which offer no early treatment option to those who show up at er, urgent care, or their doctor's office but rather send them home and told nothing can be done, a big fat lie, and tell them to go to er if they have trouble breathing which, as we all know, is too late. In an hypoxic state and vital organs damaged and beyond recovery and blood clottong occurring in the lungs, they are finished off with maybe Remdisivir and the last nail, the ventilator, so that 90-99% of them die once they've reached that advanced stage of infection. Now, lets compare the effectiveness of the NIH a la Fauci near zero non-treatment protocol to any other early treatment protocol like the Kirsch protocol, Zelenko Protocol, Peter McCulough Protocol, Dr Simone Gold of AFLD, FLCCC and Dr Vkeet, Dr Fareed and company, and the very few sane physicians out of a million who use them, and you will find a near inverse proportion of deaths vs prevention. For team Fauci, 90-99% hospitalizations and death occuring vs Teams Sanity and all things science, 85-100% reduction of hospitalizations and death. Of course, the response would. "That is anedectol evidence." But as the wise Dr Zelenko once said, "I'd rather be anecdotally alive than clinically dead." Me too, Dr Zelenko, me too. Love you, Steve

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Fauci has to explain why more people died in the U.S. with him at the helm than in other countries with less developed medical systems. Often the common thread is other countries allowed proven therapeutics like Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine while he made sure those PROVEN medications were barred in the U.S.

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Dr. Falsy has at least 50 years of explaining to do for his Dr. Frankenstein mentality, if he was ever held accountable to anyone besides The Lord God Almighty. He will do well to settle his account with God while he still has time. It tells us in Hebrews 9:27 - And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment. No one has to take my word for it. We shall all see for ourselves.

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Precisely, Steve. It's time for the Great Barrington Declaration II

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I would first like to see the truth and facts that support what constitutes a pandemic. Then again, they will always change the definition to fit the narrative and agenda. With a death rate of less than 1% and most deaths being the result of compounded medical problems, there is and was no pandemic. No emergency and no need for useless injections that as we have discovered are provided to ease our way into the next world and not keep us healthy in this one.

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Just heard a doctor state the other day that a pandemic doesn't last for two years. Looks like a plandemic can last till the end of time.

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