It has been really difficult for so many of us to see how blind and apathetic many of the "good" people in our lives really are. I've been able to make sense of it by realizing that throughout history, including now, there seem to be 5 archetypes:

1) Sociopathic/narcissistic/exploiting king and his circle

2) Aiding and abetting lords and ladies, who are handsomely paid for their participation in ruthlessly exploiting others.

3) Cheering/jeering countryman: See themselves on the side of the king / mainstream / convention and are blind to the people’s oppression, but are motivated more by social benefits / accolades for their support, since they don't receive much for financial benefit.

4) Self-absorbed/ignorant countryman - don't really know what's happening unless it impacts their day-to-day lives and their inner circle (friends/family), and don't really care.

5) Heroes: Motivated by commitment to altruism / principles

For our best chance at red-pilling those around us, our biggest bang for the buck would be to focus on harnessing the resources of those in category #5, who already want to help but don’t know how. It’s like starting a fire: the greatest chance for success would start with the most flammable straw first, then as the flame takes hold, add sticks, then logs.

1) First, solicit time/financial donations to create a unified national website that would be a go-to resource for those who want to pool their money/time for maximum impact. The website would make it easy to crowdsource projects. It would 1) Have a pre-selected list of possible projects, such as a) Local billboard campaign b) Local postcard campaign c) Local t-shirt campaign. 2) It would list options for all resources needed to completely carry out the project, except for time and money: a vetted project coordinator, a pre-selected list of project options (such as billboard/t-shirt/postcard designs, with the ability to upload your own, and a vetted list of venders. 3. It would essentially be a crowdsource “kit in a box” – just choose your options and invite others to crowdsource time and money.

2) Have existing crowdsourcing proposals searchable based on 1) Location 2) Category 3) Funds/time still needed to reach threshold. That way visitors could browse projects proposed in their own community, or proposals that resonate with them in other communities, such as specific billboard messages.

3) Registered website users can propose or pledge time/money to a project. Registered users could have a profile identifying their past contributions in the red-pill movement so project managers can vet their pledges prior to setting things into motion. Each project would have a threshold needed to reach for the project manager to start executing the project. For example, a postcard campaign may just need $500 and no volunteer hours to put a campaign in motion. The project coordinators could specify if their assistance would be free, or what the fee would be, and the fee would be included in the project’s donation threshold. The project coordinators would have public reviews of their past projects to make it easier to assess their reliability.

4) The specific vetted project manager and venders would be pre-identified as part of the proposal. The project manager would start action for a hosted project once it hit a specified volunteer hour / donation pledge, after assessing reliability of pledges received. They would then set up a site, maybe GiveSendGo, to collect the pledge donations. Once the pledged level of funds was received on that platform, they could execute the project, coordinating with and paying venders.

5) Donors would be advised that they donate at their own risk, so smaller donations, say $5 range would be appropriate for project managers with fewer reviews. Once a project was complete, donors could post pictures of the completed project and reviews of the project manager, to help give confidence to future donors.

The website could also have an infrastructure to browse other ways for how to get involved in our community, such as possible public venues to speak at, and links to where others are speaking out and what they are saying.

There are thousands of us who want to help but may just have $20 or 1 hour to spare, and this website could harness all these resources.

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Here's a podcast about my new book, Cassandra's Memo: COVID and the Global Psychopaths, and a way to download the book free. This is germaine to your article and summarizes the whole situation.





From the book:

Shedding illusions is life’s most painful, challenging, and imperative work. I know—I understood less than half of the contents of this book two years ago, and learning the truth has been agonizing. Here is what I have discovered and originally shared in my Substack blog.

Getting others to see through deceptions is far more difficult. If you have spent several years programming your brain with mainstream media, this will be a tough read. As Emerson wrote, “A man is what he thinks about all day long.” Try not to blame yourself or blame others who seem to need to put their thumbs in their ears. We are inside the most pervasive and effective propaganda campaign in history, and this is your chance to catch up.

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Use fire against fire, here's the recommended arguments to convince us, the so-called science deniers: https://getpocket.com/collections/how-to-talk-to-a-science-denier-a-reading-list?utm_source=pocket-newtab We need to use similar tactics in the opposite direction.

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Almost everything you write in reality is about mRNA - Covid vaccines ( the only ones used in the USA ).

Those of us who have studied and got other types of vaccines, like the whole virus vaccines (= like flu vaccines) have a completely different experience.

Dr. Andrea Schilling, MD, Chile

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It’s just so frustrating. Always follow truth no matter where it leads. Anything else is dysfunctional and anti-science.

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"Collecting more negative data on the vaccine isn't going to change anything. The problem is getting people to consider the possibility that what they have been led to believe is wrong."

Yes. This is precisely correct. There are mountains of evidence that suggest or prove the safe and effective message to be dead wrong.

I am a doctor and have been able to engage only a few of my colleagues in this discussion. Most do not even realize that they don't know anything about what the data actually shows. They only know what the CDC has told them and they really can't see the difference between trusting the CDC and trusting their own eyes. In their minds they are the same thing. "Besides", they say, "I don't have the time to read these things. That's what the CDC and the FDA is for."

The best way through this is to educate non-medical professionals so that when they appear in their doctors' offices they can use the tiny window of time where the doc is forced to listen to their concerns to plant doubt in their minds. These are precious minutes and cannot be squandered with anecdotes or lectures. Clear, answerable questions must be asked and an answer demanded before moving on like:

1) Can you tell me how many people in the Pfizer trial of 40,000 people got Severe Covid?

A: 10

2) How many people needed to get vaccinated to prevent a single case of Severe Covid?


3) How many serious adverse events resulted from preventing a single case of Severe Covid?

A: 15

4) Why was all cause mortality higher in the vaccinated cohort?

A: No idea, but when have you ever recommended something that results in greater mortality?

5) How many people needed to get vaccinated to prevent a Covid-19 death?

A: 20,000

6) So, by vaccinating 250 million people, how many Covid deaths were "prevented"

A: 12.500

7) How many deaths following vaccination have been reported in the US (VAERS)

A: about 14000

It's monumentally frustrating but it has become clear that most people and most doctors are completely programmed. Doctors especially, because part of their programming is the idea that they know best.

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Here is a suggestion that might help sway some minds.

Most blue pilled folks endlessly test themselves with CUE or PCR tests. I assume this is the same set of folks who are most likely to strap fitbit clones to count the number of steps to get some validation.

Anyway that digression aside, feeding into their need for constant testing, providing a test that measures spike production levels post vaccination/booster would help. They can verify for themselves how long spike persists in bodies and provide a counter point to the prior CDC/FDA/Pharma claims that the spike leaves the body immediately. Realizing that they are Vaxed/Jabbed/Boosted spike production factories might help pierce the bubble.

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As I wrote yesterday, provide financial sustenance for physicians who have the courage to resign from the hospitals where they have privileges because the Hippocratic Oath (First do no harm) prevents them from supporting the harmful and often deadly injection campaign.

Talking might feel good but it accomplishes very little. People will follow the docs. Action, not words. Do as I do. I am putting my cheer on the line. That says more than any words can say.

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Hey Steeve,

So great to read your work on a daily basis ! Amazing job ! Thanks for being here and fight !

Yesterday, I have used patience and compassion to discuss with 3 masked person I didn't know. Important that they are People you do not know!

My approach has been very direct, with a kind, gentle smile , asking the question with kindness: "May I ask you à question ? Why are you wearing à mask today? Are you aurait of anything ?" And then let the arguments come. I have not tried to convince... just listened first and if the discussion was possible, then, and only then, give additional facts... not trying to convince.

Great discussion with one of them.

The second has removed his mask afterwards.

The third has agreed that being informed takes time... and he has not done this effort yet.

Be patient, kind, show compassion !

We have a common ennemy = THEY THE GLOBALIST.

Have a great day.

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Pretty simple. People don’t want to admit they’ve been duped or that they possibly harmed themselves or their children. They’d rather remain in the dark than shine a light on what occurred.

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You have to show people, step-by-step, HOW they've been hood-winked by the very "authorities" they've mistakenly trusted. You need the actual clips of Fauci saying that masks weren't necessary - that HCQ worked against Covid-like disease - how he (or others) claimed that it would prevent infection and spread or serious disease or death - and then how they all back-tracked on this - how they HAD to discredit HCQ and Ivermectin to get emergency approval - how the FDA and CDC violated nearly ALL of THEIR OWN rules to get these "vaccine(s)" out - the clip where Dr. Ralph what's-his-name from NC clearly stated that the vaccine destroys the immune system - the clip from that news station that stated that the Red Cross would not accept vaccinated blood for treatment BECAUSE it destroys the immune system. All of this stuff has to be in ONE video, preferably in the time-line in which each thing happened with the points and counter-points (or reversals on the part of the authorities) congruent to each other so the massive chutzpah of it all can be clearly seen. The entire aim of the video would be to instill ANGER in the "believer's" - anger that they were lied to from day one by the very people they trusted the most.

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That won't have an impact as long s the docs continue to work. It's the docs who hold the key to turning this around. They have to take the initiative and call a side a spade and take action accordingly.

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An observation is that we have in Canada for eg something like 50% of those eligible have not gone past the first two shots. To me that seems like opportunity. Those folk are by and large 'soft' resistance, they are diffuse and unfocused as to why they didn't take another shot. Can we provide them some calm, factual material to help them understand why they were right? It is a LOT easier to convince someone they were right about something, than that they are wrong and have been fooled.

There are other emerging themes I think, all dependent on circumstance:

- provide a counter narrative that is believable to a typical normie. "Maybe it is just moderate corruption coupled with incompetent government agencies, crossed with pharma greed. And NO your doc is not in on it, he believes the system works fine, never lived through thalodomide, and is just following mistaken direction. It's all just really a big mistake, very unfortunate." Normies can perhaps believe that. However bring up the WEF, 5G, there are no viruses and you've handed them a reason to discount you forever.

-stick to factual matters, not horribly controversial. Provable. Use CDC data and pronouncements whenever possible. Never bring up anything you are not sure is provable.

- try to frame things as questions rather than assertions. Get the normies to explain where they are coming from. And politely leverage that.

- drop it instantly if they get 'tired' and just want to quit the whole discussions. Cognitive dissonance is very tiring, its a thing. The struggle to make it go away is a powerful impulse.

- be polite and steady. No alcohol (a personal rule haha). Never attack them personally.

A few observations. Kirsch is pretty heavy into repilling, he may believe as many do, that this is a struggle of ideas. And perhaps there are not so very many who are consciously and actively doing evil things? By which I mean even hospital administrators or bosses responsible for, eg, remsdesivir plus vents may not have fully comprehended what that really is. So our hope, and the 'cabal's' greatest fear. Not many would 'sign on' if they understood even a fraction of true things. And the vast majority can be redpilled, there is nothing inherently wrong with them. Just misled. What I choose to believe anyways.

And the books are powerful, IF you can get them read. Try introducing the Kennedy book as written by a noted anti-vaxxer, BUT that it has 1000+ references. 1000+, tell them repeatedly. The book stands on its own.

Been pondering shock videos. People dropping, people shaking uncontrollably. A video I only ever watched once but etched in my memory was a one month old baby shaking and vibrating uncontrollably. I cannot, cannot shake that. I wish I could. I may be using shock videos, humans are pretty visceral when it comes down to it.

And been wondering if music, or prose, can play a role. Say things indirectly in the matrix of the emotion created by the medium.

I have been thinking this hard and the above is not really complete, but felt I should drop something out there before this thread gets too old.

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1. Fear - of dying.

2. Mindset - believing entrenched dogmas about allopathic medicine.

These appear to be the primary reasons why people will not rationally look at the data.

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I also have a fear of dying before my time. That's why I didn't take th jab.

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Sep 25, 2022·edited Sep 25, 2022

People are emotional, not rational. This is why you can't red-pill with logic.

Instead, red-pilling requires you to 1) put the red pill in their path, and 2) open their mind. Here's how:

First, you must know the person's deepest interests. My friend, for example, is fascinated by Quantum Mechanics. (Note: not just "interested in", but "fascinated by". This is important.)

Then---and this is hard, but not impossible---you must find a well-written article that speaks to their passion, by an author who ALSO writes about (or links to) vaccine-truth. (It helps if you read a lot of blogs.) In my case, I found it here: https://janwellmann.substack.com/p/breaking-down-coincidence

You then send your friend a link to the article, with nothing more than a "I thought you'd like this." (You know, a thoughtful forward by a close friend who knows your passion, that's all...)

Assuming your friend reads and enjoys the article, they will likely browse other writings by the same author, including one or more potentially red-pilling articles.

Now, understand me, they MAY find and/or read those red-pill articles or they may not; there's no guarantee here.

What I'm saying is that if you send them the link to a red-pill article directly they'll reject it out of hand. But if you send them an article that speaks to their passion, they'll be in a more receptive mood after reading it. And if they stumble upon the right red-pill at that moment, they just might take it.

My friend did, and wrote me back with a "Did you also see the article about...!!!", and he actually awakened from his slumber.

He is my only success out of a few different attempts so far, but after two years of failures I'll take it. If we all open even one other person's eyes it will be a better world.

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I have had to give up trying to explain about the Vaccines. The only way Most people will change to seeing what I do see and have seen from the start of this, is to have a family member or close friend suffer a bad reaction after being Jabbed. Plus the fact that Many are worried about getting the Vaccine and will not admit it....!!!!!!

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I have thought about sharing Turtles too - the forward, introduction and first chapter are compelling enough on their own without having to read the remainder of the book (which I did and wholeheartedly recommend). Nonetheless, I’ve learned this painful lesson over and over and over - FACTS DON’T MATTER. Literally! Facts and data don’t matter one iota. Until the media and medical establishment change their tune, many minds will remain entranced in mass formation. While fear plays a big part, general misplaced trust is the biggest factor now, imo.

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