Steve, I noticed many were not comfortable contacting the families. If it would help I would have zero issue contacting the family to see if they would give consent.

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Looking up total US deaths stats, I stumbled onto this comparison chart from 1999 to 2021. https://deadorkicking.com/death-statistics/us/2019/ So in 2020, 2021, deaths skyrocketed by any extra 550,000 per year. An 18.3% increase...

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Hi, Steve. I imagine you are super-swamped but wanted to give you a heads-up that I sent an email yesterday to double-check the sample email I plan to send to the two reporters assigned to me. I just need clarification that I am approaching this as you are envisioning. Many thanks!!

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Can we still add deaths to the survey?

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I assume you are also working with Dr. Henele's team? He was the first one to discover the problems with death cert reporting for COVID at the start of lockdowns in Spring 2020. It's a double standard compared to how deaths have been recorded on death certificates for the past 18+ years, and still a double standard compared to how deaths are reported on death certs for all other infectious illnesses. COVID: always a double standard.

The only virus:

- for which Vitamin D doesn't work

- for which Vitamin C doesn't work

- for which interferon-generating drugs like IVM don't work

- that you can catch again and again

- for which the vaccine doesn't work

- that is both highly infectious and highly deadly (supposedly) (HINT: viruses have traditionally been said to be very deadly (e.g. Ebola) OR very infectious (e.g. common cold)... viruses were never BOTH infectious and deadly until COVID.)

- for which society has to be shut down

- for which people have to be classified as essential or non essential

- for which masks somehow work

- that means you can't socialize

- where there are never enough hospital beds and we forgot how to use surge capacity planning

- that has a test that when performed on a healthy person is considered diagnostic

- that is controlled by quarantining healthy people

- that means your loved ones have to die alone in hospitals (killing centers)

- where a shot became a graduation requirement

- for which healthy people can make others sick

- where the vaccinated are momentarily not protected when an unvaccinated person is nearby

- where sitting down and eating is safe, but standing in a restaurant is not

- where sitting next to people on an airplane is safe, but you have to keep 6ft away at the airport

- for which the vaccine "protection" wears off within weeks

- that we will never accept as endemic and go back to "normal"

- for which money became "dirty"

- for which the Bill of Rights became irrelevant

- for which science became irrelevant

- for which law became irrelevant

- .... I'm sure there are hundreds of other COV-oddities..... WAKE UP FOLKS!

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May 27, 2022·edited May 27, 2022

Using Python and Jupyter Notebooks, from about Nov of 2020 till August of 2021 I analyzed "Daily New Cases" and the "Daily New Deaths" using Benford's Law.

DNC always failed. DND, based on death certificates, never did. The curves showed it.


cases = pd.read_csv('https://raw.githubusercontent.com/CSSEGISandData/COVID-19/master/csse_covid_19_data/csse_covid_19_time_series/time_series_covid19_confirmed_US.csv')

deaths = pd.read_csv('https://raw.githubusercontent.com/CSSEGISandData/COVID-19/master/csse_covid_19_data/csse_covid_19_time_series/time_series_covid19_d

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Has anyone else noticed less or no email updates from substack authors? I use yahoo and I’m confident they’re not letting stuff through

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Omg--more “sudden deaths”:

1) Phil Butler, comedian

2) John Zderko, actor

3) Ray Liotta, actor

4) Joe Garcia, widower of Texas teacher/shooting victim

5) Andy Fletcher, founding member of Depeche Mode

6) Alan White, Yes drummer

These all happened within the past 24 hours, from what I could tell.

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My 18 year old nephew is hospitalized and was just diagnosed with Steven Johnson syndrome. He is vaxxed and boosted and I’m wondering if that could be the cause. Anyone else know someone with this very rare syndrome?

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I'm not a data analyst, but if you think that isn't a necessary skill I'm happy to do what I can to help with this. As each day goes by the more pissed I get at these killers and I want to see them pay before I die so please let me know if you think I'd be useful with this analysis.

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Actually she left due to the extreme Kung Flu madness - none of which had any impact on cases or deaths.

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Don't accept trolls with few comments and a short leftist history.

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I don't understand these records. They are all classified as unvaccinated????

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Did Kentucky get smacked with bad batches of the vax? Coworker of mine from KY started having neurological issues. Hasn’t been able to work for a couple weeks. Fully vaxxed and boosted

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In 2021, my wife worked as an assistant at an "alternative" high school with nine students. Al got at-least their first jab. Six of the nine reported heart issues. All are/were healthy young teens.

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