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Ive been reserved about vaccines and censorship, but have got to the point whereby when people start talking about such and shuch who died/had a stroke etc, I now just say "yep, probably the covid vaccines, they have been known to cause that type of problem".

So we now just give Gurgle the middle finger, and just step around them and tell people directly. You get the occasional numpty who cant handle the truth, but most people just go quiet as if experiencing an "oh ****" moment.......

The ground swell is building - people feel deceived and are frustrated and angry, looking for answers,. I just tell them to take it up with the govt and the vaccine companies, and leave them to it, because thats where the issue lies.

A friend had a friend whose 12 yo just died died in his sleep. The father of the kid was super defensive of vaccines previously, not now. 12 yo just dont die in their sleep.

I do think the sociopaths who "govern" us will create a new "crisis" to head off the coming tsunami of anger, it might be a war or a new virus. In the state of Victoria in Australia, our first CCP colony, they said wearing a pnuemonia inducing and pointless mask was a "morally superior" thing to do - it sounds like something out of North Korean propaganda play book.

Assming this is legit, this link below is a recording of an angry father in NZ ripping a pharmasist for not teling his wife this kid could get myocarditis from the jab - Steve - this needs to be on every alt news channel in the world. https://www.brighteon.com/266dcf7a-0934-4942-8642-e3ca199e4812

Lets pray the truth comes out, and when it does, stand back, payback is going to hurt the vax pushers - that incudes the social media compnaies, doctors, govts, vax companies, etc.

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Three words:

Let's Go Google.

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google et al are useless, if I want some diverse opinion and information I use Yandex...

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So try another less threatening survey if you haven't already...

2 questions:

1 -- do you regret getting the covid vaccine?

2 -- will you get any more covid booster shots?

and maybe a thrid on just for kicks...

3 -- do you believe our government health authorities, CDC FDA etc, are trustworthy?

It would be really interesting to see if the future of vaccination uptake is in jeopardy.

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System is backwards and it has layers of androgynous inversion to defuse any address. Its called luciferianism.

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I hate to say it, but this article that I put on FB last week got me suspended from FB for 42 hours, so you know FB and Google are in bed with censorship. However, Twitter let it run and I retweeted it. I guess it's the month for super high censorship. FB suspended me last month for 24 hours for porno. I made a photo album of our vacation with a photo of my grand kids fishing in the bay, 2 and 3.5 year old, face down on the docks with only their back side showing. Innocence is gone since Hunter rules over what is acceptable porn these days, uncensored and not investigated.

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Will the day come when google are taken to court? What right do they have in censoring questions? The more questions asked and answers given, then we can once and for all put to bed this misinformation spread. But google know it's not misinformation but facts, and that is why they squash it. There must come the day when they DO all face justice. This will go down in history as one of the greatest acts of criminality.

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(Continued) then you could do the same with facebook and twitter. On video, Zuckerberg is explaining some friends the reason he didn't take the jabs: Because they are dangerous and untested.... Well, well, who got a hefty sum of money from Biden to hide the truth and occult all warnings? It's time to make these people pay through the nose.

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Dear Steve,

Maybe a better way to spend your 1 Mio dollars offer would be to organize a class-action lawsuit against Google with people who have been maimed / died (relatives), since refusing to forward warnings of known imminent danger is definitely a crime sanctioned by law. If 1000 people claim 1 Mio each, that could make Google think twice? I'm sure you could find honest lawyers (Renz-law?) to organize the party.

Nowadays, only lawsuits seem to work in the midst of all the corruption

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Yes, Next Door is a carefully controlled, communist site designed to spy and control. They will take down anything they deem to not fall in step with the narrative. I am thinking of starting a new site. “RIGHT Next. Door” featuring free speech. Would you like to assist, Steve?

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Google and Facebook are run by Nazis. The CIA was started by Nazis under Operation Paperclip. Our government and our courts are captured. It's time to act accordingly.

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We cut off the flow of money to the Google Nazi regime and see how they react they might go stand in the corner, suck their thumbs and wail.

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Why the hell are people still using Google for search then?!

I switched to DDG for search almost two years ago, made it my default search for ALL my browsers (desktop, laptop, tablets and phone) and never looked back.

If I can't trust them for their med bias, I can't trust them on any search results.

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... I would be dead too, as I took one dose of J&J, thinking it was a "classic vaccine" (the name had a "virus" in it) :P... Hard to get information at that time - it was well hidden - and I was not as skeptical as I should have been.

But, as I was talking to a friend today, we are lucky (in a perverse way) that the hackcines are a disaster; imagine that they would have worked without a flaw (except for the sterilization bit)... NO WAY IN HELL we would have been able to push anything back!

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Are we now in a GENOCIDE (albeit a mostly silent one?) Are the culprits




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To be fair, Internet surveys are hardly "science".

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