Man... That was tiresome.... Here we had a good view on the reason why those ppl are called npc's, he has no own opinion...

I appreciate his effort, but honestly from personal experience, I don't think he got anything from that talk

Overspecialization is annoying

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That dudes attitude And demeanour was so frivolous to the point of insult.

Steve please find another candidate. He is wasting your time.

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Thank you Steve for conducting this interview and thank you to Dr. Ozonoff for talking with you!

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Thanks Steve for making this interview. Painful to watch, not because of you, because of Dr. Ozonoff. I felt you were interviewing a professor in North Korea. I could see the fear in his face, which is a disgrace considering where he comes from. Ozonoff is not much different than average people self-censoring themselves for the fear of losing a job or a social media account. I can’t believe we have reached a level where a professor at his level can’t feel free to express an honest opinion in public.

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I'm not sure I understand the usefulness of this endeavor. There are already quite a few well-credentialed tenured academics who doubt the safety or usefulness of these vaccines.

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Steve - I’m a fan of yours.

That’s not going to change.

You write so well.

You’re fighting a good fight.

But this interview?

Not great.

Took too long to get out the starting blocks.

Questions were conflated and the topic became ambiguous at times.

You held the reigns too tight and didn’t give this guy room to talk.

Then adding the 2 minute version at the end was not smart. Showing a heavily edited clip of someone saying ums and ahs is disingenuous.

It’s not going to help get more people to engage with you.

Remember that Emily Maitlis interview with Prince Andrew?

That’s how it’s done.

Keep up the good work.

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I appreciate his willingness to be interviewed but that was painful! He’s clearly controlled by big Pharma and big government. I’m sure that’s where his grants and his employer’s grants come from. Science has been corrupted by money.

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4:17 - If we were doing this ten years ago, do you think we would have had the same problem? [of not engaging in debate with people we disagree with].

Ten years ago, maybe not, but nine years ago yes. That (i.e. 2012) was when university feminists wanted to shut down Warren Farrell's lecture: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hx5x0Ztffm4

By the way, Robert Malone has apparently promised to go live with the person who documented the Warren Farrell protests. See the first minute of this video: https://odysee.com/@StudioBruleArchive:e/mRNAexperiment:0 . Still waiting for that to happen...

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I’m gonna guess the “discussion” stalls. Care to bet? He may be RELATIVELY decent, but that speaks to the utter corruption and bankruptcy of his kind. He’s obviously scared. And my cats have more intellectual honesty.

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Steve - last week I posted a short summary of the Nuremberg Code + this a print out of this https://pdfhost.io/v/pZig3jgly_VAERS_Heart_Damage_V2 to all doctors in Queenstown.

I then contacted the clinic where I was basically shown the door 10 days ago when I put this in front of the doctor and challenged her on her assertion that heart damage as a rare side effect of the Pfizer vaccine https://pdfhost.io/v/pZig3jgly_VAERS_Heart_Damage_V2

I informed them that I wanted to schedule an appointment to get the vaccine with that same doctor with a lawyer accompanying me. I said that I would like the lawyer to video record the entire appointment. I also informed the admin that prior to the injection I would present a couple of pages taken from the VAERS site as well as MedSAFE in NZ detailing the reported injuries and deaths - followed by a short summary of the Nuremberg Code + statement indicating that the doctor I am being coerced into taking this vaccine by the NZ government and that the doctor will be violating international law should they proceed to inject me with this experimental treatment.

I have not heard back from the clinic however my mate who has heart damage after Jab 1 went to that same clinic and saw that same doctor 7 or 8 days ago. She sent him away with Tylenol and told him she would not apply for an exemption. She advised him that there is an alternative to the Pfizer jab and that he should take that instead of shot 2. She told him that he'd have to take two shots of this other vaccine.

Yesterday out of the blue --- he gets a very pleasant and helpful message from that doctor advising that she will apply for his exemption but that the Ministry makes the final decision. She also wanted to schedule some follow up tests. A 180 degree turn.

I am thinking ... she's received my mailer --- and she's been informed that I called and asked for the appointment with her --- involving a lawyer.

And she's desperately trying to cover her ass. She will know that it does NOT matter if J'ASSinda has approved these experimental treatments --- Hitler approved the Nazi experiments..... international law trumps NZ law .... and they surely are smart enough to understand that this could come around to bite them in the ass once the dust settles.

Cognitive dissonance may help them ignore the carnage that they are complicit in causing ... but the threat of being charged with a crime against humanity will pierce the fog.

My suggestion to you and all the other bloggers who have a big voice is as follows:

1. Create a brief legal doc that can be read out to doctors/nurses by people who are being forced into getting the shot (I am here against my will -- this is experimental - key highlights of the Code)... Key to inform them that international law overrides their national laws. Add a page from the summary of deaths and injuries from VAERS

2. When making an appointment inform people can inform the admin that they intend to present his to the doctor prior to injection (I doubt they will allow video - perhaps tape the appointment on a phone?)

3. If I am a doctor and I am confronted with this reality - I may refuse to inject. If huge numbers of docs refuse because they fear the bigger picture... this could disrupt the program.

4. I would also recommend a version of this that can be presented to doctors who are refusing to treat vaccine injuries and dismissing them as 'anxiety' --- or who are refusing to write exemption recommendations.

This needs to be organized by a lawyer who can add some gravitas to the documents. That lets the doctors know that this is being orchestrated by people who mean business.

Again if I am a doctor and I am confronted with this - I am definitely concerned.

BTW I contacted another clinic putting my demands in writing -- they are definitely concerned because they have contacted me to inform me that they need to seek a legal opintion.

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Dr. Ozonoff should be thanked for his willingness to engage. However, I think the conversation could have gone much better. For the most part I thought the two of you were talking past each other. (i.e. you claim to have validated your VAERS analysis but he doesn't believe it is a robust enough system to base any conclusions on). I hope the discussion continues but in a more constructive way. You should develop an agenda prior to the next meeting. Or perhaps focus on a specific topic or a specific paper that both you and Dr. Ozonoff have experience with. In that way you could have a true meeting of the minds where actual learning occurs. I am glad he agreed to continue the discussion.

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Thank you again Steve. I didn't go through all comments but many I did have nothing but negative statements about Dr. Ozonoff. I don't think we should give him a break but I also don't see why so many feel that he should just roll over with everything Steve says, or be completely ready to answer questions Steve asked. We hear a lot in the forum from people who do believe Steve and can intelligently answer Steve's questions. Those people we know and like. Dr. Ozonoff may have sabotaged his career but he was willing to debate anyway. He definitely wasn't ready for this type of debate. He may be a silly ass but he did it and as Steve said that is an amazing thing in itself. So many comments are just furthering the division between us and them. There really is no us and them, we are all in this together.

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Steve thank you so much for having the discussion with Al on the vaccines. As you know it was a complete waste of time for you and us listening. Al cannot definitively say anything that was true because he couldn’t dissect it, analyze it, define it, and agree on it.

I think he would’ve argued his name with you. I wish these people could stand on something and actually have a discussion. Thoroughly enjoy your information keep putting it out thanks. Derek

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Lasted about half an hour with this. Just painful listening to an unleashed academic in this way. I propose having a moderator for future discussions of this nature. Some structure is needed. Maybe timed comment/response. Some kind of parameters. Love your work, Steve. I know this was a first step. Hard to listen to.

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Steve, I love your work, but why do you end so many of your questions with "you don't have to answer this".

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Steve, can you please interview your dog next time. I think I'll learn more and not have to listen to a stonewalling stutterer.#epicfail

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