Hi Steve,

I may have found a taker! He doesn't necessarily meet your criteria exactly however as the struggle to find any experts in their field willing to debate tightens I thought he might be worth considering. The echo chambers seem vast at this point and I for one am deafened by the lack of discourse on these matters. Dr Graham Bottley from the UK who runs incytometry.co.uk and delivers Flow Cytometry training to PhD students, Postdoctoral researchers and Academics across the UK and beyond. He has a PhD in Immunology and states he has trained many thousands in his field. He says he is willing to debate vaccine safety with you or your team. His position is that antibody dependent enhancement is IMPOSSIBLE with respect to SARS-CoV-2. His justification for this assertion is as there are no CD16/32+ cells that express ACE2 and are productively infected, ADE is therefore impossible with SARS-CoV-2. He confidently states that any immunologist worth their salt would know this fact. He states the vaccines are safe, speaks on the VAERs issue and that ADE hasn't been seen and won't be seen in future because, as previously stated, is 100% IMPOSSIBLE with these jabs? I just read an interesting review on ADE this very morning which raises all kinds of concerns, so to a layperson like me it seems Dr Bottley is perhaps overlooking or ignoring other factors but who am I to say; https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC8512237/

Either way I think this would make for an interesting debate with respect to vaccine safety and the overarching issue of ADE. Would you be interested in setting this up? I can't in any way vouch for Dr Bottley's sincerity, its not clear if he would genuinely take up the challenge push come to shove but we can but try, right? He talks a good game and appears to have very worthwhile credentials. He says he can be contacted via email here: admin@incytometry.co.uk

More importantly he claims he is up for this, which appears to be a rare thing these days! Let me know what you think, would be incredible if you can make this happen Steve. Please touch base with Dr Bottley and see what you can do. We are all desperate to see the experts sit across the table so to speak and see how big the daylight between respective positions actually is.

Many thanks in advance.


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Hi Steve, I have an MD contact who might be open to this (depending on the opponent etc). He’s not someone who would fit on your hit list but he sends out emails twice a week (previously daily) on all things covid and vaccines and is very pro-vaxx. Let me know and if there’s any interest we can take this offline. Thanks, Damian

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they will never debate you, Steve -- they love to screech about "the science" but know it is not on their side. here in Russia, the government is not even pretending to collect data on adverse events -- they're just telling people the vax is safe, stop whining. There's not even a VAERS-like monitoring system. Some doctors are now speaking out and saying that the government is trying to bury "terrible" statistics on side effects.


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A powerful adaptive flanking-move is now available

(recalling the insights of Colonel Boyd's OODA-Loop)

Clues to that approach are linked below.

It has a very short-fuse and only needs lab-confirmation.

Then it's "Ode to Joy" time.



Enhances CD8+ T Cell Response and Mucosal Protection from Viral Challenge




Storage requirements for Pharmaceutical Grade RETINOIC ACID:

XXXX >> Stored in the dark, -20C or -70C << XXXX



Pfizer covid vaccine ingredient list

Pfizer vaccine must be stored at -70C


Moderna covid vaccine ingredient list

Moderna vaccine must be stored at -20C

Both vaccines are recommended to stay

in their original carton/container

to protect them from light.


Retinoic Acid Inducing COVID Antibodies Better than a Vaccine


Nano-encapsulated RETINOIC ACID as a safe tolerogenic ADJUVANT

for intranasal vaccination against cutaneous leishmaniasis


RETINOIC ACID-Loaded Poly (lactic-co-glycolic acid) Nanoparticle Formulation of ApoB-100-Derived Peptide 210 Attenuates Atherosclerosis


Non-Viral COVID-19 Vaccine Delivery Systems

"Poly (lactic-co-glycolic acid) (PLGA) polymer has also been incorporated into a lipid mRNA delivery system, called TT3-LLNs, for mRNA delivery in human cell lines [ 41 ]."


https://benklesc.medium.com/the-mrna-pfizer-covid19-announcement-marks-a-new-era-of-cleaner-and-preservative-free-vaccines-d82bea123954 "The Pfizer COVID19 vaccine is

SELF-ADJUVANTING, which means that it requires no immune booster and it is not incubated in an egg so it requires no antibiotics or formaldehyde to kill off harmful pathogens.

h/t Grant Genereux @ggenereux.blog

author of Poisoning for Profits

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I’ve dwelt in the land of psychology for the vast majority of my life and am a spit shy away from 70. Everything screams at me you don’t let psychopaths speak a single word because every one of those words will be lies.

I see all the stories of what is happening to children today and it dredges up the agony of what happened to my own babies. I wrote article after article after article on how these shots are completely illegal and absolutely nobody listened. Scratch the children. To hell with the babies.

Illegal Use Authorization Update [in addition]


Illegal Use Authorization


Illegal Use Authorization Update


Illegal Emergency Use Authorization [EUA] Has Been Approved


Illegal Use Authorization Again


And I know I’m right.

Now I am being fed research that shows we are screwing with the subatomic level. This is good [or bad—depending how you look at it] research being done by crazy people. We need to get rid of Harvard, Stanford, MIT and so many others because they are completely violating the boundaries of nature in such a way we will all go *poof.*

Maybe we all need to go *poof*. We are a hell of a nasty species anyway.

I wrote an email to a man this morning who I figure must have worked on the shots. I sent him this because I can see his smug face in my mind’s eye over the carnage he’s probably been involved in:

“I am beside myself over the number of people who have been murdered. I have a good feel for what the shots are for—I surmise a neural network lattice of some sort.

I'm so very sorry I survived to see how depraved the human species became.”

I sent him something December 2020 and part of it went exactly like this:

“In December 2020, I asked From: JOYCE A BOWEN

To: <********.*******@**.com>

Date: 12/10/2020 11:38 AM

Subject: question

"And after intensely studying what has been happening for an indeterminate time [on my end], and after suffering damage [as have my sons] from these nasty concoctions, and in suspecting this is probably connected to Mitochondrial DNA,

I’m assuming you must have a projected death and damage toll from the nasty GM shots.


So—death and damage toll—how much? I can guestimate it will be a huge number.


Joyce Bowen"

That one he didn't answer. I suppose it was easy to surmise I was furious about the coming carnage I knew we would see.

For those of you who don’t know, Aristotle U in Thessaloniki Greece was where the veterinarian CEO of Pfizer ran their Veterinary school”

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I just saw where Gate’s basically stated that mRNA vaccines don’t work in the way one would expect. Though he was happy with implementation in New Zealand and Australia. Ugh! This from Health Impact News is where I read it.

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ZDoggMD... LOL!!!

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ZDoggMD........hah! He proved himself to be more concerned with getting an article in MedPage as if that would legitimize him.

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If Iceland had a pop of 360 thousand and 300 thousand +\- are vaccinated. And I read that they’ve 6000 reports of adverse reactions.

If I remember correctly they recently added a missing 2000 reports to 4000 reports to get that number

Now I get that that could be multiple reactions per individual. Still an alarming number.

Tbf my numbers are not precise but the are close enough. It should be verified. I don’t want to be talking nonsense.

I was wondering if a closer look at Iceland might reveal more.

Steve, have you had a close look at Iceland?

And in keeping with the post. Can you imagine if they did look? And they saw the catastrophic mistake that they have made? That’s one good reason not to look I would say.

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Personally, I think a gentle, evidence-filled conversation with the average brainwashed Faucite would be helpful. Highly educated people can act as stand-ins for the authorities, as they are sponges for what the authorities and media say. And many would be eager to debate. There are (obviously) scads of these loudmouths on Twitter, some with blue checks. The debates could be ongoing, like whack-a-mole. Getting an off-Twitter audience would be good; fewer extremists. (Or maybe try political asses like Krugman, David Frum, Jennifer Rubin, etc., or just about any celebrity—people who love to argue and be on-stage. The audience can relate more to non-scientists, and those people are more influential than scientists as they’re more known, and less able to baffle ‘em with big science words.)

Once these lower-rung efforts are underway, the bigger fish you’re after may come begging for the bait, thinking they have to do damage control. They will come up with more lies that can be debunked.

The vax cult has a predictable list of dearly held myths—“it’s like the smallpox vaccine,” “it will end the pandemic,” “everyone is at risk from Covid,” “vaxxed can’t spread/they can only get it from unvaxxed/ok they can spread but are unlikely to get Covid” “they are safe,” “they were well-tested,” “unvaxxed are variant factories,” etc.—that comes directly from the authorities and media. The more elite, the more indignant, invested, and desperate. They scream and hold their ears.

But when the talk is over, and they’ve had time to think. they might even thank you. Being redpilled is empowering and feels great! (even if one loses some friends …)

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What about Erin Bromage? Associate Professor of Comparative Immunology. "Vaccine advocate - bring facts". He was a nuanced voice, quoted in various media, about how to take covid seriously and stay safe without isolating in fear (i.e. think of ventilation, time, etc). But with vaccines, he's all in with the official narrative, yet possibly - probably - I'd like to think so - in good faith. https://twitter.com/erinbromage

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Steve, did you see the 2 NIH doctors that are going to debate livestream on Dec. 1?


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LOL ZDogg as a last resort. That made me guffah. He is so annoying.

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This is a real piece of data we can rely on!

"About 57,000 people in NSW did not come back for a **second** COVID-19 vaccine, prompting health authorities to stress it is not too late to complete the course.

The statistics show the vaccine status of 57,300 people last week was considered “overdue” – meaning they had received a first dose but not returned within the recommended time for a second."


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Nov 12, 2021Liked by Steve Kirsch

Got me on the paid plan with this one! Might buy some gift subs too. Go get 'em, Steve!

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#18 !!!! Bahhhhaaaaaa haaaaa

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