Congratualtions to Flavio and many thanks go to Steve!

My Question to Dr Cadegiani if at all possible: Has EGCG got similar effect as say Dutasteride?? (I am a health professional.)

Dr Cadegiani, according to your research on Anti-Androgens, my C-19 prophylactic should work? A brief comment from you would be very much appreciated.

I made up an anti viral (C-19) prophylactic regimen in July 2020 which uses EpiGalloCatechinG (EGCG) and Quercetin as Zinc ionophores. (Other contents: Melatonin, Vit D3, Co-E Q10, low dose aspirin - inspired by Raoult, Seheult and Zelenko)


NIH says 9 Dec 2010 ... Our results demonstrated that the beneficial effects of green tea polyphenol are associated with its antiandrogenic action!!

Quackzines, bio weapons and so on:

Attorney Tom Renz says Big Pharma immunity is not covered for willful misconduct.

Well, can he prove wilful misconduct?


Then a few hours ago Steve Kirsch News letter. March 18, 2022 at 7:04 am (Australia)

"BOMB SHELL in my view. Willful Misconduct"?

Deliberate sabotage by Pfizer!?!? Would Steve Kirsch/Dr Cadegiani contact Renz LAW?

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The local mafias must look in awe to gangs like Pfizer.

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I know someone who manages C0VID clinical trials for Pfizer; she started working for them right after Biden came into office. Before Biden was in office, and before she got hired by Pfizer, she admitted that she could find only limited information about the injection trials.

Now... she is 110% all injection all the time. A while ago, I sent her a different substack article that talked about unblinding one of the studies; it made her very, VERY angry. She resorted to calling the writer names, and basically said "people don't understand how difficult these studies are to do, and how many people are involved, so of course there are problems." She also disparaged the article because it would "discourage people from taking part in clinical trials in the future and made the industry look bad."

Then... there was the tell: according to her, the study HAD to be unblinded because if they did not, the people who did not take the shots would die. She--and I'm sure many others-- really believe that if you do NOT get injected and you get C0VID, you WILL die horribly.

In other words... they have to, at best, do shoddy trials or at worst, rig the trials, so their products can SAVE LIVES. In their minds, bad research is better than no research, a drug that harms is better than no drug because THEY ARE SAVING LIVES EVERY DAY.

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Where were all the clinical trials before mass injections?…. Emergency use for what…. ?? They all deserve prison. All for greed and the love of money.

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This woman -- yet another example of the morally bereft that surround us. They're everywhere throughout every institution -- outnumbering those with integrity, principles, and dedication to truth by a very wide margin.

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I've never thought of her as morally bereft, but I think perhaps you are right. But... in her mind, she honestly believes that she is doing God's work. It's sad.

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Morality, integrity, etc. don't care what people think about what they're doing. They represent the lens through which we all must evaluate our actions and that of others. Clearly, you do, and as clearly, she does not--regardless of what she prefers to tell herself.

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I don't know if it is just me but from the very beginning, as with HIV/AIDS, there was a push for a novel vaccine as a be all and end all. I don't watch much TV and definitely not mainstream propaganda but the 3 shows I watch have included commercials from Pfizer. When shots (they are not vaccines but experimental gene therapies) first introduced, Pfizer commercials say they are safe and effective with the marketing spin of saving grandma. When data starts coming out that shots are injuring and killing people, Pfizer's preemptive commercials start airing on what a wonderful, humanitarian company they are, doing their part to eliminate disease (impossible task) and save humanity. Now commercials are airing where somehow you can prevent COVID-19 with an oral medication which is an Ivermectin derivative by Pfizer. How about that...Ivermectin would have saved all the deaths, illnesses and injury all along and now Pfizer can patent this derivative and push it while WHO and other health authorities ban the cheaper true healer, IVERMECTIN.

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What is the use of peer reviews when the reviewer does not have all the data?

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What do you think Peer Review is? I've come to the conclusion that it's an IQ test. Or a way to separate adult minds from child minds. Because the reality is it's a glorified spell check. A high level review that assures that your hypothesis is clearly spelled out, your experiment is relevant and clearly described, your math doesn't have obvious, glaring errors, and your conclusions seem plausible based on the above. That's it. It's a couple of your friends looking over your work so you don't overlook some silly thing and look stupid. But somehow it has become idealized as some sacred process where hidden high priests weigh every publication on some mythical truth balance against a bald eagle egg, purified baby giggles and 2 sprinkles of uncut good-intentions powder. Some hardcore, fine tooth combthrough of the data, complete with an FBI background check and a lie detector test. Like WTF?! You go to your contemporaries for peer review. They know the subject matter best. Because they do the same work as you. They might even work for the same company, or agency, or under the same grant. Because conflicts of interest shouldn't matter. It's just a proofread. It doesn't matter. You have a few beers and make sure you didn't say 'one hundred' when you meant ' one thousand'. That all.

But what if it did matter? What if they falsely made it out to be some opaque but binding standard of proof? That only required five of your cronies, all paid by the same person, loudly agreeing, to make something a 'peer reviewed scientific fact'. What if they took it a step farther and pre-emptively installed those cronies at the top of research institutions and the editorial staff of Journals?

Then the person paying all of them could say "This vaccine is 95% safe and effective" and they would all line up to echo that claim and assert it as fact. Just as they could all line up and assert as 'horse paste', any competing product that might be a verifiably better. And completely corrupt the scientific process around anything from medicine to climate, for a generation. Could you imagine?!

So do us all a favor and never talk about or think about 'peer review' again. It was once a useful thing that has been corrupted to the point of irrelevance. Scrap your plans, admit you got duped and move on. If it sounds and smells fishy to you it probably is. Go with your gut. Because if you're waiting for total strangers to do your reading for you then decree for you that which is truth, FOR FREE, you never had a chance.

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Yup - it's all coincidence:

1) It's a coincidence that 85% of this medical doctor's patients are suffering long-term pain or chronic disability commencing immediately after receiving the Covid vaccine.

2) It's a coincidence that 20 of this medical doctor's patients suffered premature menopause immediately after receiving the Covid vaccine.

2) It's meaningless that male rats had a huge concentration of spike protein in their testicles after receiving the Covid vaccine. Any reproduction problems would only be a coincidence.

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Steve, I'm sure you're aware, Big Pharma corrupting their clinical trials has been going on for a long time, and in products developed for young people.

From the text book Vaccines & Autoimmunity (Shoenfeld et al., 2015):

"...all published Gardasil and Cervarix safety trials used either an Al-adjuvant containing placebo or hepatitis B vaccine as the "control" group (Harper et al., 2004, 2006; Villa et al., 2005; Mao et al.. 2006; Garland et al., 2007a,b; Verstraeten et al., 2008; Munoz et al., 2009). This practice persists in vaccine trials despite considerable data showing that Al in vaccine-relevant exposures is neurotoxic and can have unintended adverse immunological effects (Petrick et al., 2007; Couette et al., 2009; Li et al., 2009; Passeri et al., 2011; Khan et al., 2013) and that therefore it cannot constitute a valid placebo."

To top it off, the FDA fast-tracked approval even with these compromised trials.

Gardasil *was intended for adolescent girls and young women*. Yet Merck INTENTIONALLY designed the studies to hide adverse effects. Does it get more sinister than that?

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"The more things change, the more they stay the same." - Proverb

The original 1945 fluoridation trials initiated by US players were terribly corrupted. When dental researcher and statistician, Philip R. N. Sutton, was asked to look over the trials for his Australian University, he ended up printing a 70 page monograph to describe the deceits. Immediately thereafter, political shenanigans went into high gear including mysteriously disappearing the plates of his publication. His 2nd edition included his replies to the dismissive and vitriolic defenses of the original trial authors who refused to engage in an appropriate setting and only engaged in smear campaigns. He wrote on the topic periodically over the following decades:

- Sutton P R N. Fluoridation: Errors & Omissions in Experimental Trials. 2nd ed. Australia: Melbourne University Press, 1960. http://www.scribd.com/doc/212649060/Fluoridation-Errors-and-Omissions-in-Experimental-Trials-2-Ed-Phillip-Sutton-1960

- The Greatest Fraud Fluoridation. Philip RN Sutton. Lorne, Australia. 1996. ISBN 0949491128 http://www.fluoridation.com/sutton.htm

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What do you expect.

Here, here are BILLIONS of dollars for a product, OH and you will NOT be held liable for any damages it causes, just get it out there fast.

What do you think is going to happen. If they weren't first on race day then one of the others would have surely been there. It's only a matter of time before we finally open our eyes and see that ALL of them made billions off poisoning the masses with zero consequences.

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Go on multiple browsers and search the words - Pfizer criminal. They have a dark history.

J&J can't even make safe baby powder or sunscreen.

Moderna never had a successful product before their "not a vaccine."

Monsanto-Bayer is still selling glyphosate-roundup. It is in so much of what we eat each day.

Thalidomide victims are still trying to get recompense.

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Pharma: Greed, Lies and the Poisoning of America by Gerald Posner is a more than damning read.

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Don't buy it on Amazon. I see the Prime trucks everyday multiple times a day and I keep thinking that is how we will get everything someday.

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For sure. I only use them VERY sparingly. I bought this one from my local small bookstore! I always search there first. They now have a way to order most anything online and then I walk over and pick it up. Got Pandemia that way too! This week I ordered 1984. I’m developing a collection of covid times reads. Give me more suggestions! :)

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Once you finish "1984" then read "Brave New World." Very prophetic for both being written over 80 years ago.

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All the drug companies prior to 2020 gamed the system. This is a well known fact.

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This is nothing new. Trials are designed with the endpoint first. What endpoints do you want, engineer the study backwards from there. I commented (elsewhere) as far back as June 2021 that the adult trials were 'crafty', deaths were covered up because they were classified as having 'dropped out of the trial' because they died before the end of the 2 month monitoring period. These same issues that Dr. C bring up, I brought up in communication to FDA regarding the pediatric extension study, poorly, (but brilliantly), designed to meet their pre-designed endpoints. This is nothing new.

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please post your videos to rumble.links to you tube get censored.

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Flávio Cadegiani is such a bright researcher on Covid field since the beginning of the pandemic. As a MD, I can say that I’ve treated hundreds of patients supported by his and other colleagues work. Keep going. The truth will eventually come out. Great interview.

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