I would like to know how many people never got covid and never got vaccine?

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God Bless you and keep you safe

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Healthcare whistleblower here.. I’m seeing first hand destruction from inside gas chamber hospital where I work that pregnant mommas babies are dying and both have congenital heart diseases from all 3 vaccines. Within 9 weeks of pregnancy, it’s a disaster.

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Can you really get that many doctors to sign that ad?? Can't wait to find out m!

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You are all doing it wrong.

Who cares if the vaccine is dangerous. There is nothing to expose and nobody to expose it to.

Those who are against the vaccine aren't going to take it already. Those who won't shut up about how great the vaccine is?

I tell them not to forget the booster. And get their kids vaccinated.

If it turns out to be dangerous, good. We don't need these people or their kids.

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I saw this post in the Telegram channel COVID Vaccine Victims: Sara Jessica Blattner

14 Years old, USA

Vaccine: Pfizer

Dose 1: June 2021

Dose 2: None

Died: October 12, 2021

Sara Jessica Blattner, was a 14-year-old Israeli American girl who took her first and only dose of the Pfizer injection in June 2021. After suffering side affects from the injection including some neurological issues, Sara Jessica passed away on October 12, 2021 and was found in her bed the following morning by her mother. The cause as cardiac arrest. Her mother is now speaking out warning parents not to vaccinate their kids.

May you Rest In Peace Sara Jessica ❤️

#Death #USA #Heart #Cardiac #COVIDVACCINEVICTIMS #Youth #Child #Pfizer

Subscribe: t.me/covidvaccinevictims

Share your story: covidvaccinevictims.com

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to some extent I think the vaccine dose for 5-11yr olds is somewhat safe and *ineffective. That doesn't mean it's a good idea to risk injecting something into your child that provides no benefit, but at least the rates of myocarditis seem relatively low compared to 12-17yr olds. Jessica Rose's substack has a post about all the VAERs reports where they overdosed kids.

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Wow. You are optimistic. Getting ANY newspaper to print that will be a miracle.

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Great plan.

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How will that proposed ad wake people up, when any newspaper that those people might read are unlikely to be courageous enough to run such an ad? 🤔

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Not sure if anyone would appreciate these ideas for flyers/cards leaflet drops. Headings and a call to action. This CTA is important because it will help get the reader thinking...even if slowly.

What your doctor knows about v but isn't telling you. Link to questions to ask them?

Who else wants to know the real harm caused by the v? (Page x of free but damming report in return for email).

What you need to know about other countries c treatment successes, compared to ours. Click here

Don't get left behind. Get involved. There's more to c and v than you're being told. Click here

Printers are reasonable but surprisingly so are companies who do leaflet drops. I've haven't got Steve's budget but every little helps especially if more join in. Please feel free to copy.

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Study the past to understand

the present—and to predict

the future.

During the 1918 ( Military-Effected ) Flu Pandemic—the Vaccinated Died, too :



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Excellent plan. You go for it. Hopefully one of these creative ideas will be the crack that breaks open the dam.

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May 19, 2022·edited May 19, 2022

Ads in newspapers are super expensive. I wonder how mass postcard mailings compare in price? I would be willing to donate toward that. And you could include a bunch more information and resources while you were at it.

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The hard part is finding 17 employed doctors to sign onto the truth.

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"Your child is more likely to die from the COVID vaccine than from COVID." -

I think it is misleading. "More likely" could be 10% vs. 25% in terms of "probability." Which is clearly a false message or impression.

The message should be:

"Covid is a scam and your child doesn't need a "vaccine." By giving one, you put your child at risk of death, disability, and damaged immune system."

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