If you want the BBC's official explanation to these excess deaths, here's a link to their trusty rottweiler Marianna Spring [disinformation and social media correspondent], spreading her own disgusting version of the truth:


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May 8, 2023·edited May 8, 2023

CBS News is brought to you by Pfizzer

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Steve: Thanks for your work on this. These people will never admit to their collective guilt in this because, at the highest levels there is a tacit belief that 1) there are too many "useless eaters" who perhaps can no longer be milked for their Medicare/Medicaid, etc., so they are being euthanized; and 2) this population and others have been let down by a medical system that ignores the opportunities to help our bodies heal by prescribing better nutrition than our commercial processed foods can provide; and 3) people at the top of this invisible government see a financial crisis coming and their way to save their comfy lives is to cull those on entitlements and large numbers of the youth, for whom they have no need, thanks to automation, robotics, and the crusade to save the planet (for the elite). Pretty dreary, but as more of us wake up and decide to work together to deny them the future they have planned for us, we have a chance for finding Justice and Freedom and some degree of Health on the other side of this. Thanks, again, Steve for laying out the problem so succinctly!

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How do you do it Steve? This is outstanding work, you are a national treasure.

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Why all the questions? The facts are obvious. Their goal is to reduce the world population, plain and simple. Check Africa, or any their world group, They had admitted that fact time and time again. What puzzles me is what do all of these lying lapdogs think, they will be part of the grander plan of the elites. No, when they had done all the damage, deaths, illnesses, their usefulness will be over, then they will take a dirt nap like all the other victims. Just to stupid to realize who they are dealing with, Satan himself. Idiots.

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Satan’s koolaid is sweet on the tongue, no doubt- and I’m sorry your colleagues drank of it. When Trump failed to secure 2020 I knew then we were in a biblical moment. This is God big and only He will right this 🙏but the souls that belong to the devil will face eternal damnation, THAT is a certainty

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Mother in law passed away this week she was in her 80’s and had multiple ailments but died from heart attack or cardiac arrest the U.K. excess’s deaths are up 29.% according to ONS statistics for WE 21/04

The last booster jab rolled out 03/04 is anybody thinking this is somehow linked

Apparently in cities like manchester there is up to a month wait for a church funeral service

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I have written members of the board for my local heart and stroke foundation. I encourage others to do the same. Ask them where the numbers are, for pre and post 2021.

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Celine Gounder is another cretinous fool. 'I Dr conger eel UN' is an anagram of her name, Céline R. Gounder.

So is 'CEO er underling'.


'crone lie nudger'

I have read this link on her.


'RN rule genocide' is another anagram. I am not surprised.

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I'm 100% convinced that Gates is co-antiChrist. George Soros being the other "co."

Some other interesting items about Billy Gates, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF):

-BMGF is the largest financial contributor to CDC, NIH, WHO, FDA. and many universities.

-BMGF donated something like $100 million to the University of Washington, AND countless millions to Johns Hopkins U.

- the U of Washington and Johns Hopkins created and provided every single COVID-19 chart, table, list, graph, and every piece of visual data ever used by the mainstream media. if you look back at ANY graphic on TV in 2020, it WOLL say one of these two universities in small print.

- Event 201. check it out. Johns Hopkins.

-and, there are these:







not to mention his affiliation with Jeffrey Epstein, and the fact he has been killing people in Africa for a couple decades now.

great guy

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Co anti-Christ is interesting, they are certainly both anti-Christ. I wrote this on George and I am not PC. Some of it may seem rather mad but it suits the times.


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It would be nice if we could all meet in person! Like minded Truth seeking people!

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Dr. Gounder sold her soul to the devil.

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I cannot remember where I saw it, but I heard the words straight from Bill Gates' mouth. Question: Have you been vaccinated? Bill Gates : "No." "Have your children ever been vaccinated?" Bill Gates:"No"

I've also heard him say his father was on the original board of directors of a cute little company of demons known as Planned Parenthood.

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Celine Gounder's husband, Grant Wahl, was in the news recently too. It doesn't seem to have given her pause for reflection and reconsideration.


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We all know the answer and that is, you don't need to investigate whether the COVID vaccines could have contributed to the increase in heart attack deaths of young people when you already know the answer. That being, you knew before the rollout of the COVID vaccines that this increase of deaths in young people was going to happen because it was planned all along as the most desirable outcome. Pretending you are an incompetent fool seems to be the only defense for something that to us, is so very obviously a planned attack and part of a depopulation event.

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You had me at UCD-10 code I21 thanks

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