Oh my giddy aunt! "Gotta go" Yes, I get it all the time, but from a so - called journalist?! Pathetic! He had to go in case he strayed off - piste slightly and got into trouble. Don't investigate too much, it might reveal something we aren't allowed to know.

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Exactly right, sir. Mainstream reporters do not deserve the title "reporter." They don't report - they distort. They conflate, confuse, omit, neglect, deflect, disrespect, and yep - they BS half their own stories and lie with utter devotion. They will never expose the true COVID cataclysm - because the people behind that attack on humanity are their employers.

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How about starting and saying there aren't any viruses and infecting the rest is then self-explanatory

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The growing calls for more and more euthanasia to get rid of "useless humans"; the pressures to approve the WHO IHR/Pandemic Treaty with its forced lockdowns and economic destruction; the push to put more and more mRNA into people by means of jabs, patches, sprays, and in our food, while demanding that we stop growing food; the destruction of energy and food processing plants; yet simultaneously conning ourselves into believing that this is merely about control, yet the reluctance to admit that the purpose of control is really to mass murder 7-8 billion people, should give people some pause to realize that they must organize and fight or die like sheep led over the cliff.

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“How many lives did COVID vaccines save?” (Sydney Morning Herald, 18 Apr 2024)

The above article links to the source:


which claims that, “Unvaccinated individuals had a 7.7-fold greater mortality rate than those who were fully vaccinated among people aged 50+,”

Wow! Doctors will be citing this ad nauseum.

If anyone has time to review the journal article, I’m wondering if it contains flaws – invalid assumptions, cherry-picked data, over reliance on modelling etc?

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I'm definitely not the person to mathematically analyse this paper written by mathematicians from Mathematical Sciences, School of sciences, IMIT University, Melbourne. This is how they said they came to these conclusions: " We evaluated deaths averted by the vaccination campaign by modelling alternative counterfactual scenarios based on a simple data-driven modelling methodology presented by Jia et.."

When I scrolled to the bottom of the page and clicked on "Materials and Methods," I scrolled down to the picture graphs. The bar graph on the left says "weekly covid deaths" and it also shows deaths according to how many vaccines a person had.

Maybe I am looking at it wrong..but that graph looks to me that the more vaccines a person had the more deaths- AND way more double and triple vaccinated deaths started getting bad in Jan 2022 and very little unvaccinated deaths. Wasn't omicron (with the supposed cold-like symptoms) in that

area then? Maybe I'm wrong but that's what I saw- regardless of all their gobbledygook writing or pretend modeling scenarios about how the

unvaccinated had a much higher death rate

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I posted some analysis below, but the summary is this:


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Have to agree with your interpretation that, "way more double and triple vaccinated deaths started getting bad in Jan 2022 and very little unvaccinated deaths."

Th author's interpretation (their words): "The Australian vaccination campaign was successful in reducing mortality over 2022, relative to alternative hypothetical vaccination scenarios."

Perhaps this is the key. Vaccination was successful RELATIVE TO ALTERNATIVE HYPOTHETICAL VACCINATION SCENARIOS. Or, calculate a hypothetical worst case scenario, look at the actual outcome, and conclude that vaccination was successful because it could have been worse (hypothetically).

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As an Engineer, and Data Scientist of over 20 years, I have read through this report and can say, without doubt, it is COMPLETE BS !

It is worded in confusing and scattered way to OBFUSCATE their methods, which are CORRUPT.

It is difficult, but I'll try to summarize:

• They admit that before the vaccines were rolled out, there was no large outbreak.

• "by the end of May 2021, ..there had been almost no community transmission"

• by June 2021. only 5% of population was vaccinated

• They counted deaths over a period of Aug, 2021 to Jul 2022, for ages 50+ only

• By end of 2021, 85% were vaccinated

• Unvaccinated deaths in study : 959

• Vaccinated deaths in study : 2436

This study does NOT COMPARE vaccinated to unvaccinated, although they try to make it LOOK like they do. It is not a controlled study, it includes a lot of hypotheticals.. it does not look at PERCENTS to compare properly. It does not account for the Timing of the outbreak, and that during the worst outbreak, MOST of the population was UNVACCINATED, which would cause the unvaccinated to count more deaths.. when no percent was used.. compared to a non-event time.

in short, they cherry picked the DATE RANGES of the data to favor the vaccines..

AND DESPTE ALL THE LIES built-in to this "study" to make it appear to favor vaccines, THIS IS STILL BLATENTLY TRUE:


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Keep buying the insurance that makes it easier to keep their income stream full.

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Went to see a cardiologist yesterday and during the interview he asked why I was taking D MG and zinc. I explained why and he said the “only” prevention of Covid is the vaccine. Then he told me I should go on statins. I told him that I thought the medical professionals were doing a disservice to the community by not being honest. Just venting cause I am disappointed in the medical professionals.

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Run away from that "cardiologist" as fast as you can! I am still trying to find a good one, the few are very busy, but rather have none than a bad one. I had a similar experience with a "neurology specialist" who stated that he used remdeathisnear because " they have nothing else". These people are not clinicians, they are pathetic.

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It sounds like that Dr told you to take 2 things that could disable or end your life- the covid 💉 and statins... These Drs have lost their minds

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Apr 17·edited Apr 17

Deep state, DNC, WEF globalists, and Big Pharma control the MSM. They don't care how many people their infernal Covid "vaccine" kills, injures, and disables. The MSM will stick to the "safe and effective" script. They are financially and politically married to it.

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It's like trying to talk to someone who is in an abusive relationship. You can try to say, "the media is no good, she's a lying, abusive, two timer who sold out to big pharma" all you want, but he'll ignore you. If you say it often enough, he'll get angry that you are attacking his loved one.

Ultimately it is just like any other toxic relationship, there is no way to reason with them, they need to hit rock bottom and see it for themselves. Unfortunately, that means many of the rest of us are unwillingly going along for the ride to rock bottom too.

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Excellent comment 🎯

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Nope, they are owned by the same people who own the jabs. https://okaythennews.substack.com/p/owners-of-everything-even-each-other?

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look at him, steve. clueless millennial. they think certain things have become impossible in the modern world through progress. they’re intellectually incapable only to imagine the vax hoax was going on for 100 years.

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Looks like an idiot.

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Hi buddhi,

Thank you for your comment, in reality it’s not a lot of reading several The Duran, Jimmy Dore, Due Dissidence are viewed, much more preferable and better on a big screen replacing the shitzen on the goggle box… who wants to watch that crap anyway…

As for the reading material, most would be at best or tops a 5 -7 minute read for the longest essays, much shorter the feast, thus in essence no longer than what was once upon a time spent reading the daily rag… except, there is far better content.

No, life is much simpler, far more enriching and better these days given my having tuned right out and turned off MSM… even Hollywood is a no go, who on earth with more than 2 brain cells could watch any of the rubbish that is passed as entertainment of late, profanity laden, extolling the latest WOKE nonsense, at times all but reduced to watching porn.. its truly bad, not worth the effort and if that’s what is needed to be passed off as entertainment… well it’s my index digit raised upright… happily so.

If you look you’ll find material well worth the time investment made doing so that will derive for you a greater sense of satisfaction, of time well spent, that is truly informative and entertaining and best of all educates subliminally whilst doing so… now try getting one iota of education watching the rubbish Hollywood passes for entertainment or you get via MSM, the only channels worth watching that I still follow are U.S Senate and House programming, the debates, central to understanding and getting a heads up verbatim what’s happening in our world, likely to impact me my family, investments.. even here in NZ, it all eventually reaches these shores, watching U.S politics as avidly as I do gives me a head start locally this part of the World NZ/Aust… whilst I also dial in to the Bus Channels Fox/MSNBC to get an overview… but if you are doing so… avoid the recommends made, especially that Kramer joker…

Anyway thank you again, thought you deserved a response of sorts…

Kia Kaha

From New Zealand

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When they stand before the creator they will be judged and found wanting.

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