Actually Steve needs to write directly to the Right honourable Mr Winston Peters ( NZ First) who is one of our new deputy prime ministers, a role he shares with The right honourable Mr David Seymour ( Act party) as Winston was the one who was pushing for a proper wide ranging, chips fall where they do, royal commission, not the limited guaranteed not to get Jacinda and her mates in trouble royal commission they set up with very limited frames of reference. Winston I think will be very interested in what Steve and his colleagues can collate because getting to the bottom of the Covid response this country delivered was one of the reasons I voted for him.

I hope that Steve's data is taken up and that we finally get the truth of what happened to our country.

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I admire deeply your focus on shining the light of objectivity on these maniacs and their depraved indifference to life and wellbeing. I cannot imagine how anyone rational will ever believe a "government health official" about anything ever again.

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Part 2

Singapore govt are now pushing the "new updated Pfizer XBB 1.5 jabs" for BABIES of 6 months old: 3 JABS for babies! Please, it is a desperate situation, and since Singapore does not allow any alternative media, the truth remains hidden. Can you please help to put this information on your Twitter, or substack and draw attention to it? So the illegal vaccine mandates for all foreigners stops? And the children are safe? Please Steve, can help bring the truth out to the world, and bring this corrupt government to it's knees so they will immediately withdraw the jabs.

Thank you,


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Nov 23, 2023·edited Nov 23, 2023


Can you please write a similar letter to the Singapore Government? Urgently needed!

Despite more than 90% jab uptake they have a massive 37% excess deaths rate in Q2 2023. The government is STILL pushing and MANDATING the jabs for ALL foreign professionals applying for a new Employment Pass in 2023! They are Mandating 3 JABS for each foreign citizen applying to work there. They require Vaccination Papers to prove that you had 3 jabs. Even the "intervals" between the jabs are checked!

NO 3 JABS means NO EMPLOYMENT PASS & NO JOB! This absolutely cannot be legal!

While all other countries have lifted all covid restrictions, Singapore is the only country mandating 3 vaccines for foreign citizens to work there. So many young foreigners have heart problems, heart attacks, injured, or dead as a result of these toxic injections.

A silent genocide is underway, and people have no recourse, as the country is run as a dictatorship, though it pretends to be a democracy. The government is corrupt. There is NO FOIA mechanism in the country, which says a lot. Locals are afraid, as punishments are harsh and outdated, like caning (YES, CANING ADULTS!!), being thrown in jail, judges are mouthpieces of government, and everyone is afraid to talk about deaths and injuries due to the quackzines. When teenagers die and people suggest it was from the vaccines, the government calls it misinformation and forces the news channel to 'correct" the story.

It's a disaster of massive proportions. The government is full of WEF puppets, including the newly "elected"president Tharman Shanmugatathnam. He's on the Board of the WEF and holds a position there & works for them! The PM is Lee Hsien Loong. He's on X. @leehsienloong

Continued in Part 2

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You might want to listen to this... Very worthwhile listening right to the end. Detailed and slow but a good account from a jab injured highly qualified, New Zealand based medical professional.


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"the life you save may be your own, or someone you care about". That is what I cant comprehend about the people pushing these shots. Do they have nobody in their life that they care about? Are they true lone wolf psychopaths? But there are tens of thousands of them and all in positions of power.

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I love your sense of humor, Steve. To think such an offer will attract a "yes! Of course! That's a no-brainer of an offer!" Hysterical.

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Please send a request for statistical information to the Australian Health minister in South Australia

His name is Chris Picton

They are still pushing the poison shots here and especially on children and from what I have seen it's a great worry! My children didn't listen to me and all got vaccinated and I am scared for them and my 8 grandchildren!

My 30 yr old son has liver damage now and I believe autism from vaccines in the past! He is high functioning and very intelligent in some regards!

I started looking into vaccines a long time ago but all I found were brick walls back then. A bit more information out there now!

Kind regards Nina

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Alas, sleepy little New Zealand is the sheep farm of the South Pacific.

and most of us New Zealanders are two legged sheep, docile complaisant and pampered with a welfare system that is still among the most generous in the world even after it was severely cut by a right wing govt in 1991.

If i had the courage the health and was young enough i would leave this hick town of a nation, but i am 65, ill, tired and it is too late

When one of the covid criminals, Director General of Health Ashley Bloomfield, was recently given a knighthood on leaving his post we know that our government here will ignore you outright.

in our recent elections of last month the only party ( New Zealand Loyal led by

Liz Gunn) which took seriously the crimes of covid got NOWHERE, with a mere 1.2% of the total vote. I voted for them and only 26.000 others, out of a vote count of about 2.5 million. and some called the leader of this outfit a crazy conspiracy theorist, even now, even after all the info that is out there

under our system a party needs to get 5% to get a seat in the House of our single chamber parliament

Moreover, given our system of mixed member proportional representation we do not have a government yet though it has been a month since said election.


no one party won enough seats to be government outright.

that means coalition which means whoring and horse trading, aka negotiation to get one tat they agree to.. it also means that small parties end up being kingmakers having FAR MORE power than their vote percentage should allow.

so negotiations continue. We have no government and if you want to be sure that they ignored you rather than there not being a government here to receive your invitation you had better wait until a govt is announced and then send it again.

and if i were a betting man i would bet good money they WILL ignore you when there is a "they" to do it

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Funny how our 'caretaker' govt will likely ignore Steve but just a week or so ago was miraculously able to extend the expiry of the "provisional" authorisation for these jabs.

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RUMBLE VIDEO: posted by NewsParadigm 17th November, 2023

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Thank you.

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An Op-ed has been posted on Trial Site News (TSN) titled "Infections Post-COVID-19 Vaccination" (https://www.trialsitenews.com/a/infections-post-covid-19-vaccination-19de4cfa). It identifies the breadth and scope of the myriad infections and infectious diseases reported to VAERS following the COVID-19 vaccinations. The infections reported to VAERS the largest number of times post-COVID-19 vaccination were related to COVID-19 itself, which runs counter to the narrative that these injections were protective against developing COVID-19.


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I was remiss. Wise Words on Your Part. I continue to “try”” to spread the “word”. I think it was Dr. Malone, “You can lead a horse to water;; but, you can’t make them think”. Ed

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Great letter Steve. Too bad it'll be shift-deleted in record time.

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They know the vaccines are bio weapons Steve. None of them are ever willing to debate it with a true honest expert

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Thank you for your work, Steve!

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