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Does anyone know if the liability shield gets removed if the vax gets taken off the list at some point in the future?

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Oct 20, 2022·edited Oct 20, 2022

This is simple: you want to collaborate with the increase of 8x or more in the children's mortality statistics? Just take your kids to get the covid shot.

Read this: https://expose-news.com/2022/10/13/eu-drags-out-investigation-excess-deaths-children/

There is and there were no other globally large scale experiment being run on humans including children except for the covid vacation and there are the current results... No other explanation. Use your brain, at least once. Do it for your children's safety if you don't want to do it for yours...

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Docket No. CDC-2022-0111: My submission to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for the meeting of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP)

I call on the relevant decision-makers on the proposal to include SARS CoV-2 vaccinations in the childhood vaccination schedule, to reject the proposal.

There are a large number of highly qualified, credible, and capable medical experts across the fields of general practice, epidemiology, cardiology, molecular biology, immunology, and more, who strongly oppose the vaccination of children and younger people, with Covid-19 vaccines. Their reasons are several, not least the fact that a large amount of clear evidence has already amassed showing that the risks from Covid-19 are far lower in this cohort than the risks from vaccination.

It is now well recognised that the vaccines do not prevent the contraction of Covid-19 disease, nor prevent transmission. Hospitals have treated, and are treating, large numbers of multiple-vaccinated patients for Covid-19 disease.

Serious questions are being raised about effects upon fertility, which should not be a risk inflicted upon children who are yet to be parents.

Cardiovascular dysfunctions are strongly implicated with Covid-19 vaccinations, especially among the younger male cohort.

Being EUA medicines, identifies the Covid-19 vaccinations as experimental. Thus, the precautionary principle is imperative.

The Nuremberg Code clearly states that no experimental medical procedures or therapies may be given without the fully-informed consent of the patient, who, if agreeing to the treatment, may pull out at any time. Children cannot give fully-informed consent, and, at least in Australia, their parents cannot get the full spectrum of information from their doctors upon which to make an informed decision, because the Australian government threatens to deregister any doctor who gives other than authorised vaccination policy positions, and in fact has done so.

Arguments have been given that vaccinating children against Covid-19 protects the older cohorts. This violates the principle that the young should never be put at risk to protect the old.

Conflicts of interest are legion throughout the organisations involved in manufacturing, promoting, and recommending Covid-19 vaccines, and other vaccines. Several of the major vaccine companies have paid huge fines for criminal and other breaches, the very companies making large numbers of the currently used Covid-19 vaccines, including Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, and AstraZenica, totalling billions of dollars.

There are many efficacious high-safety profile measures, including optimising Vitamin D levels, that could easily be recommended, at low cost, for children to boost their immunity.

I sincerely request that you do not recommend the inclusion of the Covid-19 class of vaccines into the childhood vaccination schedule.

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Your Substack made World Tribune Disturbing: This week CDC could add Covid jab to childhood vaccine list https://www.worldtribune.com/disturbing-this-week-cdc-could-add-covid-jab-to-childhood-vaccine-list/?utm_source=PMI_Donors&utm_medium=deployer&utm_campaign=60109

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Thank you again Steve for keeping us on top of this! Submitted my comments and passed it to people I know. Reaffirms our homeschooling choice...was at a private Christian school but they will likely be forced as well (we were able to ‘opt out’ with a form before but the gvt makes it more difficult all the time!).

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They really believe it’s good for them and pregnant woman. Did you see their data?

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In my view it is useless to object to every single vax ACIP approves.

We should ensure that the 1986 Act that absolves Pharma from liability is reversed.


And I am the mother of vaccine injured son with two disabilities.

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You can take your mandate and SHOVE IT along with your VAXXXXX.... My child has a religious exemption because God sure does not want this unnecessary poison in my child.

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Commented @ACIP meeting

Thanks for the info! Looked like around 1300 comments so far.

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I wrote: "Mandating vaccines for children who don't need them, so that pharmaceutical companies can be free of liability, is unethical and criminal."

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Added a short comment - like you said nobody will read them more than likely

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This should be a fantastic boost for home schooling.

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I put in my 2 cents. Probably not enough to get anyone’s attention, looking at their history.

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