Pisses me off when called out for hypocrisy...at myself....hey I had too much coffee , gimme a break.

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I hope someone like John Ioniddis is doing a study looking at outcomes for vax vs. unvax of a large database like Kaiser Permanente. I think I would trust the results regardless of what the outcome was or at least take it into consideration given the mountain of information showing the dangerous mechanisms of the vax.

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MSM was still honest in 2009 (about the Swine Flu Scam) :


(thanks to The Expose for pointing this out).

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I recall that the toxicity of the spike protein was originally broached by a paper from the Salk Institute.

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https://www.covid-datascience.com/profile/jeffreymorris/profile Jeffrey Morris is or was actively arguing against Steve, Malone, et al. Has he been dealt with. . . ?

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So I am assuming this thread is still 'live' on soliciting input for the slidedeck.

A preprint


51 k people. Shows increasing probability of infection with increasing vaxx doses.

This could be an important line of argument. The vaccines, at least recently, increase the risk of testing positive. So how could a vaccine rollout save lives when the data shows the vaccines increase probability of contracting the virus?

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I think actual RCT data trumps computer models


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Imagine thinking that the vaccines magically saved more people since their introduction than the number of people the disease (ostensibly) killed throughout the *entire scamdemic* in the U.S. And then pushing a ridiculous computer model disguised as a study to showcase your lack of critical thinking skills.

Oh never mind: you don't have to imagine it

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Its a sort of 3 or 4 level thing, to evaluate have to go back to the original papers and model fitting, Definitely worth a look, David Plaisted below also linked this paper. Which it is not really, but in the background maybe something peer reviewed with the actual detail of what data and how used to fit their model.

So another model shows 'my God how bad it would have been without the vaxx!"

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All you need is Karen Kingston. The Kingston Report on Substack. She has been shouting from the rooftops and she brings the receipts!!! She has it all. https://karenkingston.substack.com/

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Kingston is excellent. Jane Ruby is another person who has done extensive research and brings the receipts.

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Sorry Susan, bet 'Confrontation' is the opposite to 'Acceptance' ('Submission' or 'Capitulation'). Neither alternative to noisy and beligerant confrontation will enable us to avoid the inevitable consequences of the intended New World Order planned over decades by the 'Elite' (WEF).

Mick from Hooe (UK) Unjabbed = safer!

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Watch out, they'll claim either that there are not excess deaths, or that they're caused by Covid, or that they're caused by the unvaccinated. This is how the cult has been trained to view things.

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You have probably seen this guy they are correlated results. It is so overwhelming obvious what’s going on. Another doctor did one recently. Was certain he new what was caused by vaccine injury vrs real Covid. I believe it’s the spike protein that isn’t fully expressed in the vaccine. All proteins are expressed when you catch Covid. Someone has a get those 2 guys together. Concrite the evidence. I will see if I can find the other video.

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If I understand correctly, the spike protein will be present whether the person had COVID infection or the spikeshot. But if the person had COVID infection, a pathologist will also be able to see the nucleocapsid (I think this becomes visible by specially staining the nucleocapsid protein). The nucleocapsid of a coronavirus is the round body of the virus that the spike proteins protrude from. I think pathologist Ryan Cole explains this and shows microscope slides when he presents re: COVID-19 and the spikeshots (for example in a recent Highwire show with Del Bigtree).

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I hope that you are able to get top scientific minded people on this work project. They could be graduate students with high IQs and the right backgrounds. I wish I could be of help.

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What about graduate students with low IQs? Are they better than undergraduate students with high IQs? I hope your presentation will have good references… for Steve.

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I am lucky to live in Texas my husband is an ex-army. There is no way anyone in our family will take covid any other shots

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What is the point of this. Take the shot and suffer the consequences or refuse the shot. Losing your job for refusing the shot sucks but at least you will live

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Many people are coming to an opinion about COVID that differs from the party line we’ve had shoved down our throats since early 2020.

There are studies undertaken by doctors that address COVID lethality and jab side effects, some by Pfizer. There are poems about the horrible social damage of the COVID story (I’m thinking of Margaret Anna Alice) and philosophical analysis by eugyppius. Dr. Dennis Rancourt wrote “what I believe about COVID” on Jan 4, 2021.

Is it time to compose and publish a corrected COVID story? I think the challenge will be in briefly describing the damage of the vaccine. Has anyone produced a list of references that document the individual damage? We do not need a history of the evolution of these understandings, although that would be useful and interesting, but a lot of work.

The corrected COVID story could be organized by: how did we learn about it, COVID comes to America, govt. response (quarantine, no treatment, wait for a vaccine), “vaccine” development and administration, censorship, errors, impact on democratic freedom, gains and losses, reality and origins of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, shortcomings/failures of the American public health “system” including the FDA and CDC.

Remember the early animations of “the virus”? To be kind, these were rushed explanations aimed at a non-medical, non-scientific public. In retrospect, they seem like so much misinformation and disinformation. In the meantime some scientists have admitted they do not think viruses actually exist outside of computer models. What is the public to make of this?

Through the last three years, the public has been subject to technical, supposedly scientific, explanations of viruses and viral infections as well as vaccination. I think the current medical/scientific understanding is different. Can we compose an explanation that fits the current understanding?

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Jan 3, 2023·edited Jan 3, 2023

There are already books covering aspects or eras of the COVID era. I don't know of one single book that covers everything. Here's a list from Amazon. There may be other books that aren't available through Amazon.

1. The Truth about COVID-19 -- Joseph Mercola

2. COVID-19 and the Global Predators -- Peter and Ginger Breggin

3. The Real Anthony Fauci -- RFK Jr.

4. A Letter to Liberals -- RFK Jr.

5. The Wuhan Cover-Up: How US Health Officials Conspired with the Chinese Military to Hide the Origins of COVID-19 -- RFK Jr. (to be published in Jan. or Feb. 2023)

6. The Courage to Face COVID-19 -- Peter McCullough and John Leake

7. "Cause Unknown": The Epidemic of Sudden Deaths in 2021 & 2022 -- Ed Dowd

8. Plague of Corruption -- Judy Mikovits

About "some scientists have admitted they do not think viruses actually exist outside of computer models":

(1) I think scientists who say this about viruses generally (including SARS-CoV-2) are confusing viruses and exosomes. The alternative explanations they offer for clusters of people becoming ill at the same time are inadequate and implausible in my opinion.

(2) I think there are some medical practitioners who think COVID-19 is not a virus but a synthetic venom poisoning. I think venom peptides were added to the Wuhan strain SARS-CoV-2 virus's spike protein by gain of function methods; I think Remdesivir is synthetic venom; and I think the spike protein coded in the mRNA spikeshots includes venom peptides. There may be some experimentation with plain old poisoning using synthetic venoms, but I think this is small scale and may have been a method used for assassinations of certain "inconvenient people." I definitely *don't* think COVID-19 is "just" widespread envenomation with no virus involved.

(3) Recently I heard someone (perhaps Dr. Meryl Nass?) state that she has seen an interesting split in opinion on the issue of virus vs. no-virus in COVID-19. She says that M.D.s who have treated COVID-19 are on the side of "Yes, COVID-19 is a virus and it's not simply a cold or another flu. The Wuhan strain was a distinctive illness. The alpha and delta strains were definitely descendents of the Wuhan strain with changes in some aspects." Some of these doctors think Omicron is just another descendant, but researchers studying the evolution of SARS-CoV-2 say Omicron is definitely not a descendant of delta; it branched off in summer 2020 and remained "suspiciously the same" (very little mutation) until it appeared in human populations. And it is largely PhD's who are on the side of "Maybe COVID-19 isn't a virus at all."

I think it would be an enormous mistake to get sidetracked into "Viruses don't exist" or "COVID-19 wasn't really a virus." The globalist/pharma cabal would love to see their opponents sidetracked and mired in this debate. We do, however, need to educate the public that the so-called COVID-19 "vaccines" are gene-manipulating injections, very different from "traditional" vaccines.

My own opinions about COVID-19 come from a great deal of study but also from my experience having COVID-19 myself in Mar 2020; seeing (up close) an immediate family member go through the illness (in Mar-Apr 2020); reading a description of the illness written by a doctor treating COVID patients early on (Feb-Mar 2020) in China; reading the "Chinese Guidance" on COVID-19, 7th Edition, published Mar 4, 2020; etc. I'm definitely on the side of "COVID-19 is a distinctive illness, not just another cold or flu; it's distinctive due to features installed by gain-of-function techniques."

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Great list! A few additions:

The must-read ASAP book: The War On Ivermectin by Dr Pierre Kory of the FLCCC group (Front Line Covid Critical Care) https://covid19criticalcare.com

After reading The War On Ivermectin, simply replace the word Ivermectin with the words Chlorine Dioxide, and you have ‘The War on Chlorine Dioxide’ practically ready to publish. Almost exact same stories of coverup, deceit, fraud, censorship and needless injury, pain and death - and it has been going on since the '70's.

Here is a quick and recent update on the compound:

- Chlorine Dioxide: An effective and cheap cure or a deadly dangerous substance?

by Jean Pierre Wenger – printed recently, quick overview of covid

Or… watch this documentary to get the history and drama: www.theuniversalantidote.com

Banned and censored in the US books

- FORBIDDEN HEALTH (banned on Amazon US, yet available in Spanish, German, French & Italian)


Other Solid Publications:

Censorship and Suppression of Covid-19 Heterodoxy: Tactics and Counter-Tactics


this paper references the following paper by Dr Liester:

The Suppression of Dissent During the COVID-19 Pandemic, Mitchell B. Liester


…which links to this paper:

The chlorine dioxide controversy: A deadly poison or a cure for COVID-19? Mitchell B. Liester


…which references this paper:

Determination of the Effectiveness of Chlorine Dioxide in the Treatment of COVID-19

https://www.hilarispublisher.com/open-access/determination-of-the-effectiveness-of-chlorine-dioxide-in-the-treatment-of-covid19-67319.html by Insignares-Carrione Eduardo

…which ultimately leads to hundreds of other studies, articles and trials..and even the NIH website which concludes:

“Our review confirms that chlorine dioxide is effective against the resistant Mycobacterium, H1N1, and other influenza viruses. Studies generally support the use of chlorine dioxide as a disinfectant. The concentration deemed safe for usage still needs to be determined on a case-by-case basis.”

Keywords: COVID-19; Chlorine dioxide; disinfectant; efficacy; safety.


Regarding the insane censorship that been going on for years, the last two books by Andreas Kalcker you WON’T find on Amazon in the USA… because Amazon banned them... why? because while the substance in the form being discussed is "safe and effective".... but it is incredibly cheap and can be made by anyone, so it has been demonized and censored for 15+ years. I think it was Adam Schiffs letter to social media co’s in 2019 that got it removed

You can probably only get these books in English here: https://andreaskalcker.com/en/training-courses-and-books/books.html

Forbiden Health is Andreas Kalcker's experience & experimentation with Chlorine Dioxide and how it is effectively used by ingestion, topical applications and intravenously. Bye Bye Covid is a compilation of numerous doctors, military leaders who've had extraordinary success using Kalcker's methods for preventing, treating and eliminating COVID and much more. Written in conjunction with doctors around the globe from 27+ countries. : Dr. Manuel Aparicio, Cnl. Dr. Pedro Chávez, Dr. Eduardo Insignares (also has clinical study published, Dr. Blanca Bolaño, Dr. Martin Ramírez Beltrán, Dr. Giselle Barrantes, Dr. Viviane Brunet, Dr. José María Cabezas, Dr. Pablo Carvajal, Dr. Roberto García, Dr. Sandro Moncada, Prof. Dr. Antonio Añi, Dr. Christian Ortiz, Dr. Ernesto Pazos, Dr. Mauricio Quiñonez, General Dr. Victor Manuel Rico, Engineer Lourdes Torres, Dr. Ricardo Velázquez Larrinaga, Gonzalo Arcos, Sec. Gral. Comusav Tannia Bayas, Verónica Del Castillo Journalist, Karla Revollo Journalist, Eng. Eidy María Schmitter Biologist, Dr. Murad Agha, Dr. Yohanny Andrade, Cnl. Guillermo Tamayo, Cap. Dr. Pamela Trujillo

All of these people were part of the "Bye Bye Covid" project, about chlorine dioxide in the form of CDS, which is currently used by thousands of doctors in more than 25 countries.

The inventor of Snoot! Awesome Nasal Cleanser, Mr. Howard Alliger, began experimenting with Chlorine Dioxide and here is his first patent for a microbicidal wound gel: https://image-ppubs.uspto.gov/dirsearch-public/print/downloadPdf/4084747 That patent turned into Alcide Corporation, which is now owned by EcoLab.

One of his last patents, was using Chlorine Dioxide for sinus infections. Had this compound not been censored, none of this COVID situation would have happened at all.


President, CEO

Snoot! Awesome Nasal Cleanser


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