If you saw a 1 foot or longer clot taken out from a LIVE person who was unvaccinated, please add your comment as a reply to this comment. Thanks.

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I have a friend right this moment who I know is vaxxed. She has a clot from groin to ankle. In the ICU for three days, clot did not respond to blood thinners. They are sending her home.

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I am a 60 year adult male who had Omicron Christmas 2021. I believe I had covid again summer 2022, but never tested. I have since been diagnosed with "unprovoked extensive blood clots " in my left leg and am on blood thinners. Curious eh?

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Our aunty fit and healthy but vaxxed and boosted has a solid tube like mass in her Basilic vein for the length of her forearm. One week ago they gave her blood thinners (NHS in the U.K.) she goes back this morning and they said continue with the blood thinners and come back next week. She is really concerned. Can anybody help or advise us please?

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Work in a large hospital and take care of heart transplant patients. One lady who was vaxed got a transplant and kept clotting and clotting all of her drains. Normally post surgical patients can come out clotting and oozing all at the same time but her drains and lines kept having to be declotted and switched otherwise the chest will fill with blood. I removed one clot and it seem to keep coming and coming. About 2 feet long. I took a photo. It look normal but I have never been able to a blood clot intact like that before. So strange...and also to mention we are doing an insane amount of heart transplants now....weirdly in mostly vaccinated individuals.

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Steve: We *think* we had the Vid in December 2020 after traveling from WI to FL to see my MIL (never believed in testing) for Thanksgiving. Came home and got really bad *colds*…. All of us; but my husband also has vericose veins. From 12/1-12/18, my husband was on the couch in extreme pain from a clot on his left leg - knee to groin (approximately 18” long) - that his doctor did an ultrasound and MRI to make sure it wasn’t deep vein thrombosis (it was not). He is 6’-6”. His doctor also told him NOT to get the Vid shot (this Doctor is in WI, also owns his own business outside of medical called Raised Grain Brewing)….. which I suspect he is more truthful because he has another source of income.

Contrary to 12/2020, on 12/1/2022, his Mom had a massive stroke (once vaxxed and once boosted), she died on 12/22/2022. We are just driving back to WI from her funeral (she lived in FL). We were supposed to fly down via SW……..

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We have seen these clots before. I am a retired internist and we saw these in the 1970’s. Look up white clot syndrome on google scholar. These clots were a type of drug reaction to heparin. Antibodies to platelet factor 4 develop. This causes these stringy white clots. These antibodies have been shown with the vaccine- Vaccine induced thrombotic thrombocytopenia. 23 cases reported. Looks like vaxed people need to get their platelets checked with a simple blood count and if it is low they should check platelet factor 4 antibodies with a HIT antibody test. If they have it they should be on specific blood thinners for this, I believe there are 3 on the market. They might be able to remove the antibodies with plasmapheresis, but they will probably reform because it takes a long time for the mRNA to clear. I don’t know why Drs Cole and McCullough don’t remember this but I was a medical student when I saw this at autopsy and it still creeps me out. I guess I should do a video and let them pull my license since commenting this on different blogs has gotten nowhere.

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I cannot take your poll but I don’t know how long the clots were from a teacher’s husband, but he was vaxxed and boosted and had blood clots taken out of both legs. Man was always in good shape and walked miles every day. No more now.

His “ doctor” said it was once you got COVID you never know what can come up…..

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This is like a nightmare come true. There are STILL unreported 'other' 'things' being found in the bodies of vaccine victims. I saw a lecture by a prominent pathologist, who included in his slide show, other long 'things' that he said were actually alive! But they did not conform to ANY known living beings. Also found were strange particles that were unidentifyable, that were described as 'machine-like'. I think these 'murder/culling' injections were truly designed to cull the population and they are only just getting started. The very best thing, in my non-expert opinion, one can do, based on my reading about it (a lot) is to LOOSE WEIGHT! Anyone whose had even one injection, should loose as if their life depends on it, because it does. I was interested in this because, like an idiot, I got 1 injection, the first Moderna shot. I felt ill and weakened by it almost immediately and it has not gone away after 2 years or so. So I did what I could, took the supplements and lost weight, going from 205 down to 135. It has helped a great deal and is probably why I'm still clunking along. But that feeling from the shot, the irregular heartbeats, that I've had ever since, along with a myriad of symptoms, still persists. Maybe at least, I bought myself a bit more time. Takeaway...NEVER EVER, trust the government when they till you you need something, medically or otherwise because they want us mostly gone.

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I would assume they would run every blood test available to attempt to determine why this happened. All tests came back normal? We need to be able to detect and treat this condition before more people drop dead.

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I tried reasoning with people on clots and it's always the same. "This is normal even in young children"

You tell them excess mortality is up 40% and apparently that's normal as well.

You tell them disabilities are up 35% and apparently that's normal and has always existed.

You can't post links to research as it gets taken down immediately.

You can't publicly speak about it for fear of being sued or arrested.

Now they want to use mRNA tech for flu shots in trial but apparently we have nothing to worry about.

We did what we could other then drop the pushers on a deserted island but that's not legal..... YET!

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I decided to be the guinea pig for my small family and take the jab before anyone else considered it. After the 2nd dose of the Moderna vaccine, I felt a sharp pain down my arm. I dismissed it as simple symptoms from the shot, and the pain faded away in two weeks. A month after the second dose, I began to feel a sharp pain at the ball of my left foot. Again dismissed the pain as just me getting older (47m) and a bit overweight.

I dealt with foot pain and self-diagnosed it as plantar fasciitis. A month later, the pain began to travel from my foot up my shin, where it settled at a varicose vein, becoming large and very hot to the touch. I visited my local urgent care, mentioned my concerns, and suggested they may be related to the vaccine. The PA shook his head no and prescribed me antibiotics and Aleve for the pain. The prescription worked for a short while (about two months), and when the pain returned, it seemed to have traveled further up my leg. I returned for another urgent care visit to be sent off to the local emergency room agreeing in writing to go immediately (no shortcuts).

After blood tests and an ultrasound at the emergency room, I was diagnosed with Superficial Thrombophlebitis and told to treat it with over-the-counter pain medication and to wear compression socks, “It would eventually go away.” Fast forward three months, and today the pain has now reached my groin, and my legs feel as if they are heavy when I walk. The pain is bearable but still concerns me.

Each time I asked if I was experiencing side effects of the vaccine, I felt as if I was crazy. The PA at the second urgent care I visited smugly laughed at me, boasting that he had been triple vaxed and had experienced zero side effects.

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Read MIT reports from longtime PhD Stephanie Seneff & Data Scientist Jessica Rose: the clots are basically collagen fibers that are self assembling due to lgG4RD disease:

IgG4-related disease (IgG4RD) means FIBROSIS and organ destruction

That leads to death, eventually...


DEC 28

Let’s get some definitions out of the way:

Fibrosis is a pathological wound healing in which connective tissue replaces normal parenchymal tissue to the extent that it goes unchecked, leading to considerable tissue remodeling and the formation of permanent scar tissue.¹

Connective tissue is one of the four primary types of animal tissue, along with epithelial tissue, muscle tissue, and nervous tissue.²

Collagen is the main structural protein in the extracellular matrix found in the body's various connective tissues.³

Type I collagen is the most abundant collagen of the human body. It forms large, eosinophilic fibers known as collagen fibers. It is present in scar tissue, the end product when tissue heals by repair, as well as tendons, ligaments, the endomysium of myofibrils, the organic part of bone, the dermis, the dentin, and organ capsules.⁴

Type III collagen is one of the fibrillar collagens whose proteins have a long, inflexible, triple-helical domain. Type III collagen is found as a major structural component in hollow organs such as large blood vessels, uterus and bowel.⁵

A recent paper published in Science confirms what many of us have been saying for well over a year now: repeated injections with modified mRNA encapsulated by LNPs messes up your immune system.

It messes it up in a specific way. We have evidence from this work that the fibrosis and organ destruction we are witnessing in countless numbers of folks post COVID injection, is due to the shots and more specifically, likely due to the eventual class switching to IgG4 and subsequent prevalence (perhaps dominance) of this antibody subclass. Just so that you know, the typical relative percentages of the four subclasses of IgG in the blood are the following: 60-70% IgG1, 20-30% IgG2, 5-8% IgG3, 1-3% IgG4⁶⁷.

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I just want to say:

Yes the people w the hydrogel “clots” are all vaccinated for now; but because of shedding, the rest of us may be next. I don’t want to be too smug about this very real danger. All of humanity has some degree of the same problem now and our focus should be figuring out what to do about it to survive.

Of course I agree that the first thing is to stop the injections.

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I am uninnoculated. I contracted COVID in December 2019. (Unconfirmed, as it was not during the proper "time period". Although, I had all the symptoms, including loss of taste and smell.) I ended up in the hospital with myocarditis for 5 days. A year later, I had a relapse of myocarditis and was in the hospital for 5 days. I'm just recovering from another myocarditis infection. (Unconfirmed, as I didn't go to the hospital this time, but all symptoms are the same.) My cardiologist is puzzled by my recurring myocarditis. While I am sure it's somehow COVID related, I wish I knew the mechanism that is causing it. It's a horrible illness!

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My husband is an unvaccinated pharmacist working around all vaccinated staff. After a leg injury, he developed a long clot from groin past his knee and a huge saddle embolism in his lungs. He was less active after the injury, but we were surprised by how quickly the clot developed and how large it was.

BTW, my husband was forced to resign from Costco because although he received a religious exemption for the vax, he refused to give it to children. That was not an acceptable professional opinion, so he could either be fired, resign, or give the shots.

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