I've updated the article to add a section about Shot #3 of the HepB. Please read that section before commenting.

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So, the main evidence that I’ve seen purporting to prove that MMR cannot be related to autism is out of Japan. https://acamh.onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/j.1469-7610.2005.01425.x The claim is that MMR vaccines were discontinued, yet rates of autism continued to rise.

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I was forced to vaccinate my preemie baby with hep B in the NICU. She is my 5th child and was born at 34 weeks before I had all of my medical tests done. My previous baby was only 2 years old so there was information in my records showing what I was immune to and diseases I didn’t have and such but they didn’t care. We are a happy middle class family who lived in a small town in a nice big house with kids in private school so it is not like we looked like sex workers or drug addicts.

I volunteered to go get a blood tests done to show I didn’t have Hep B (which I did do and proved I didn’t have it) but they wouldn’t lay off. They kept pushing my husband and I and we both refused but they waited until my husband went home to see our other kids and then cornered me and threatened to send CPS and not let my baby come home with us.

She was 35 weeks by then, still technically a fetus and I gave in because it was so awful to imagine not bringing her home in time for Christmas which was just a few days away and I was scared they would take her away. It is the only vaccine she has had because he older siblings had some bad reactions, and she is a very healthy child (11 years old) however she does have some symptoms of adhd or mild autism and I will always wonder if it was that.

The idea that they thought injecting something like that into such a small fragile little human and that they would threaten to take her away is insane!

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Hi Steve - thanks for all your work. Seen this study done by Dr. Paul Thomas, a retired pediatrician with a formerly very large practice? He did a retrospective study of his patients comparing 3 groups - families who followed the CDC recommended kid's schedule, families who did his "Vaccine Friendly" plan and those who chose not to vaccinate. The outcome for autism is as you would expect -- see study in: International Journal of Research and Public Health

authors: James Lyon-Weiler and Dr. Paul Thomas

title: Relative Incidence of Office Visits and Cumulative Rates of Billed Diagnoses Along the Axis of Vaccination

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Hep B shots for some of us cause other problems, life long. For me it’s full body osteoarthritis.

3 courses of Hep B to teach in Correctional Centres, over a 10 year period.

I’ve only recently connected the dots and still looking into it. What else do Hep B shots cause? Maybe Leukaemia, I’m still looking into that as well. Prayers won’t go astray.

*The idea of implanting/injecting toxins into a perfectly healthy individual is insane.

Pseudo-science on steroids.

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Fun Fact: the childhood safety testing of the HepB vaccine was done on developmentally disabled orphans at Willowbrook State School in Staten Island in the early 70's. So, if it causes cognitive decline, you would never know.

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Yes - you are correct..

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In Swiss news in April 23: "Since the Covid vaccination, R.R. has suffered from multiple sclerosis

The symptoms of the 35-year-old scientist from Neuenhof AG were not taken seriously until he had to use a wheelchair. However, extensive tests by the University of Zurich confirm the connection between his MS and the vaccination."


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Dr. Andrew Moulden - md/phd Every Vaccine Produces Harm by John P Thomas and Tolerance Lost The late Dr. Andrew Moulden produced a three part series in 2008 called Tolerance Lost. Died from "suicide"

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James Roguski is warning about Censorship in the WHO Pandemic Treaty, Article 18 -


CALL TO ALL AMERICANS - Contact Your Congressman to "Exit The WHO" - All info. and contact numbers are on the James Roguski Substack site - https://jamesroguski.substack.com/p/exit-the-who?utm_source=substack&utm

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The editor of one of Europe's largest newspapers warned War with Russia was Deliberately Concocted by Cabal looking to destroy BOTH America and Russia for NWO https://jimychanga.substack.com/p/the-editor-of-one-of-europes-largest

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A few years ago I saw a video about an experiment put forth by a photographer. I don't remember the complete details, and have been unable to find the material again. I thought I'd share it here because of the premise, which I found quite compelling at the time. This was of course before the Covid vax fiasco. The premise is that the photographer would take pictures of children post vaccination and compare to before vaccination. He put forth that there were telltale signs in the smiles of the children that demonstrated they had been damaged or acquired autism post vaccination.

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“Vaers is worthless”


This guys blog needs some educational comments.

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no worries i love sharing information . ps some perspective the pyramids are concrete geopolymer less than 1% are carved stone usually granite for a battery.. and they were covered in dolomite which conducts electricity and reflects sun for farming but elecroculture as pyramids with no curry and Hartman lines(underground rivers as these will deflect the magnetic field ) this structure can extend the magnetic field higher so it collecting DC ionic eather . like a lightning rod i suppose. storms and aurora borialis make crops large from the electrified air. ( wirless communication is AC carrier waves the opposite of our existence). i also think the water chamber was to structure water as DC can charge crystal granite blocks as you can charge crystals with DC and they get heavier . Why churches have weather vanes with plugs in the wall was to electrify the soil with DC. also mercury weather vane balls when spun by the wind make DC . and this DC could potentially structure holy water in a granite bowl... Highly recommend Structured or kangen water as a boost H302..

Couple of poems i wrote about it all gives perspective

My world changed the day I found earthing sleeping via a sheet and changed again when I got my faraday cage, turned my electricity off at the trip switches, and went to bed. I was sleeping every night as close to our earth's natural environment as possible. Perspective in life I wrote.

A quantum explosion from nothing creates quantum magnetic entities time slowing down creating life. The earth made us in his image quantum and quantum works best not looking at it and sleeping connected to it. Life became simple and uncomplicated. Realizing our actions had been manipulated by hypoxia becoming childish and irrational. Conflicting thoughts inebriated, the next day on my behaviour. Became doing this sober making immoral cor e value choices because of hard times forced upon us and peer pressure.

A twisted web of cognitive dissonance that needs to be unravelled before I heal. Understanding why my decisions were my own but affected like a shot of whiskey negating the effects subsiding the anxiety adding to the hypoxia giddy and childish from our invisible environment. I felt like a screaming head like that Der Schrei der Natur (The Scream of Nature) in hell falling with no way out. The earth showed me what to do using plants and cacti reducing wireless communication into the earth negating the effects to heal our whole family. This complicated subject you cannot see so we spent some time experimenting with a triple-axis radio frequency meter and realized you should be in 0 in your home sleeping, The earth has healed us all. It has allowed us to thrive outside wearing earthing moccasins or shoe straps. The quantum computer doesn't work when you look at it. That's why you have to sleep. However,...

If your room is filled with invisible watchful waves. You cannot connect to your maker.

This beautiful earth I thank daily for everything I have. When connected it is an all-knowing quantum maker!!!!

My version of karma

Say there are 2 dimensions quantum light and darkness space nothing. Ubiquitous opposites. The quantum time matter event that managed to pierce the vale to eventually become quantum magnetic entities that make us in their own image quantum. Life soul quantum the same? If we are quantum beings that strive to cut into the darkness of night then it is only logical that we need to create that quantum event of time and matter. Creating life creates matter giving new life meaning creates time no matter how small is the creation or a quantum event then for us we can be allowed access to the quantum dimension like we use a quantum computer. Something called Ebb and flow what goes around comes around.

"The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist” What if it is

“The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world was hell and space was the heavens”

What if the earth is our heaven where we are tested... Space kills all life and is hell.

The earth healed our family like you wouldn't believe. We were all so sick and a building biologist that specialised in Building biology and Geomagnetic woke me up. I found that if I sleep connected to the earth with an earthing sheet in a faraday cage and radiation under the bed mat with the electricity turned off. I was in what was closest to what the earth used to be before these 1 quintillion x man-made wireless communication in 2 decades. Reducing the physics of conductive + electric field = antenna. My family & I prayed. We are much better over a dozen central sensation syndromes disappeared. From a scientific way of thinking about it, we are made from vibration our earth contains phonons trapped in superposition and vibration. light is particles and waves and the world we know has ubiquitous opposites. False light is particles with little to no waves and wireless communication waves with little to no particles. Which is the opposite of our nature. when UV light combines with invisible waves the photoelectric effect occurs and the waves of electricity change voltage heat up and speed up. This is why phones damage your eyesight as is a lens. What if these things were stopping communication with our maker. Without insulation, we were always connected to the earth all-wise and all-knowing. The earth and its pure environment could be a conduit for our maker. I suppose praying during sleeping?

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Most Attendees Infected in COVID Outbreak at CDC Conference Were Vaccinated...

A COVID-19 outbreak unfolded at a conference held by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) despite most attendees being vaccinated.

About 1,800 CDC staffers and others gathered in April in a hotel in Atlanta, where the CDC is headquartered, for a conference focused on epidemiological investigations and strategies.

Got to laugh except it's no laughing matter.


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May 30·edited May 30

Mr Kirsch, here's where I think your calculations are lacking:

The query simply reports back the absolute count of incidents. But the difference in counts for Hep B and Measles could be a result of Measles vaccines being administered 34x more frequently.

Hypothetically speaking, assume in reality that a Hep B and a Measles vaccine were causing equally autism in 1% of vaccinations of that vaccine. But say you had 1000 kids that vaccinated with Hep B vacc. (and thus about 10 kids got autism), and say you had 34,000 kids that vaccinated with Measles vaccine (and thus about 340 kids got autism). Your query as is, in that hypothetical scenario would report 10 reports from/after vaccination for Hep B, and 340 reports from/after vaccination from Measles, making you erroneously conclude that Measles is 34 times more responsible for autism than Hep B, a wrong conclusion given our assumption.

Thus absolute counts (a query giving absolute counts) is heavily biased depending on the frequency of vaccination of each type of vaccine. Had your query normalized and reported relative frequencies of occurences of autism from vaccine X / total number of vaccinations for vaccine X, only then you should expect these ratios to be the same across all vaccines X, if not causing autism, and only then you could claim definitively that a disparity in those ratios across vaccine types indicates a significant risk of autism from one such vaccine type vs another.

simply adjust your query to report on the count(autism_report_when_vaccinated_by_type_X_vaccine_in_that_year) / count(vaccinations_by_type_x_vaccine in that year). and compare for different vaccines.

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