When you and Robert Malone did that Youtube thing long ago, my main impression was that people were a lot more interested in your tone relative to Malone's than anything else. And these were people who AGREED WITH YOU on the facts. We're not serious people.

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I just saw a friend at the grocery store in Big Bear, CA. He told me his girlfriend who was 38 died a few days ago of liver complications. I asked if she was vaxxed, yes, and did she have any medical issues or liver problems prior, no.

I think they only way we will know the real numbers is for us to report these deaths or injuries to you.

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Awesome people are fighting back on all fronts against these criminal medical organizations WHO silence the truth and push LIES..

Dr. Khan, an Ontario physician that recently had his license revoked by the CPSO, details why he has filed criminal allegations against the College


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Steve here is another injured person I just communicated with on twitter... You ca add her to your poison bio weapon injured list.. That's why I say the people doing this deserve no civility or mercy.. They all need to be hung or thrown in Jail.. Wonder how long it will be up before the truth DEMONS take it down and replace it with LIES..



I was 23 when I received my covid vaccinations.I had my health,a full time job,I owned my home and I was in a happy relationship. It’s completely nuts that 2 jabs that were supposed to help and protect myself and other people has completely ruined my life.I now have none of this.

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> We couldn't find a single supportive anecdote!

Well, if you're dead, you don't get COVID anymore. #CDClogic

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Time for a booster of Steve Kirsch data. I’m sure it’s safe and effective.

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The 1223 people that died during Pfizer clinical trial would be just under 3% fatality rate if they kept the study to 44,000 people. In that paper they blocked out the number of participants but originally it was advertised around 44,000 I believe. 5.3.6 post marketing.

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Fauci just announced that no one dies from the shots. Cool. Biden just announced there is no inflation. This means the economy is safe and effective ... and free. On my Truth Social I claim to be alive, retired and a James Bond look alike. 2 out of 3 ain’t bad.

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When the vaxx was first rolled out, there was discussion about people who were NOT vaxxed, suffering from effects of “shedding” of vaxx components, from being in close contact with the vaxxed.

I’m not seeing any reports on this.

Was that more fear mongering & hype?

Or are there real incidents of such injuries from exposure to vaxxed people “shedding”?

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LOL OSHA will investigate 3 deaths but not any poison vaccine deaths... Obviously those crooks are on another level..


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all this is great but why not publish information on how people forced to undergo experimental vaccination can mitigate the damaging effects of said forced vaccination?

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But it isn’t nonsensical to those want us dead.

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It's the same issue with SSRI drugs. Give out a million pills to a million people and if only 10 have the serious side effect of mania, and they start plotting out a mass murder, well that is 10 more mass murders than you would have without the SSRI drugs. So the question has to be well if only 10 out a million go bonkers with the drug, should we keep using them or should we take them off the market? Obviously it's going to go the way of the Pinto. The drug companies would loose way to much money so let's just blame the guns in stead of the drugs. I suggest the book called Medical Madness by Peter R. Breggin, MD and You're Next: Lies, Corruption and the Dirty Business of Vaccines by Chris Rasmussen MD and Murder by Injection, the Story of the Medical Conspiracy Against America by Eustis Mullins. The TRUTH is out there. We are dealing with a Medical Mafia. Money is their main goal, not your health.

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"You are 25X more likely to be injured and 20X more likely to die if you get the COVID shot" than what? I lke this article, but it has logical weakness. The main missing point: injured by what?

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To deny the claim "vaccines are safe and effective", one could write "not (safe and effective)", which is equivalent to "(not safe) or (not effective)". However, the fact is: "vaccines are not safe and vaccines are not effective", a stronger statement. Logical reminder.

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