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Another paradigm to confront: Oxygen is a malfeasant misdirect that has retarded our comprehension of mammalian physiology.

Dehydration is the tipping point for dis-ease.

ATP is actually a surfactant that aids water to move sub-stances like Na Cl Mg Ca across osmotic membranes. Nothing to do with oxygen.

Water is inert and never reacts, it is always the carrier. Water is an element. This is why it can cycle. Water is not H2O. (Think: two dry flammable gases do not combine to become a wet substance that puts out a fire)

Orthostatic hypotension or dizziness on standing is a classic symptom of low blood pressure and low blood volume and dehydration.

Salt + water = hydration

Water follows salt.

Low salt consumption with any exposure to exertion or challenging heat/cold or stress etc further reduces salt reserves.

Dehydration or hyponatremia is a deadly emergency.

The adrenals respond to this with all their adrenocortical hormones not just aldosterone.

Chronic dehydration results in chronic adrenocortical response. This changes the kidneys state of ease (releasing sodium) to dis-ease (retaining sodium). And results in adrenal fatigue or adrenal hyperplasia.

Without adequate dietary salt, all stores of sodium are raided to maintain hydration, for example: muscles, joint capsules, bones all lose salt and therefore loss of muscle mass, joint cushioning, bone density results.

The body thrives in a fully hydrated state. Think about a baby versus the elderly - the marked change is hydration. The body is self healing in a hydrated state. This is why hospitals use the ubiquitous saline drip. Rehydration is their best tool.

The red blood cells carry salt + water. Nothing to do with oxygen or carbon dioxide. They are vessels carrying and distributing salt water.

The red light monitoring is checking for hydration not oxidation.

Dark RBCs are contracted and dehydrated.

Light RBCs are expanded and hydrated.

Monitoring the dark versus light RBCs calculates % of hydration.

The lungs rehydrate RBCs by adding salt + water to the alveoli capillary beds as they pass through, the RBCs are spongelike and soak up the salt + water, expanding and hydrating. The saline drip adds salt water to RBCs through venous exposure.

The topic of dehydration is occulted with the medical malfeasant mis-direct to oxidation or oxidative stress.

Re-program yourself to replace oxidative stress with dehydration and the SPELL is broken.

Hydration versus dehydration. Think slick versus sticky. For example: a chronically dehydrated brain is a sticky brain or a demented brain as the tide has gone out revealing plague.

And the eyes are a brain protrusion. Dry eyes are dehydrated eyes. Eyes give off moisture to their environment. Glasses fog from eye moisture. Eye performance deteriorates with chronic dehydration.

I explain why oxygen is toxic and kills in my article titled:

We breathe air not oxygen

It would be great if everyone understood why oxygen is not prescribed for breathlessness.

Instead it is primarily prescribed for the terminally ill.

Palliative care is not kind!


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A little more "back of the aptop" analysis of NZ data.


4-5% of deaths amongst the elderly in New Zealand-increases in rates of death per 1,000 in elderly cohorts around 20% - were there more than twice the vaxx deaths?

Bulk of national population adjusted (part) occurred in the 80-84 year olds plus 75-79 uear olds.

What's the betting that the Gore and Invercargill deaths are tied into this excess - and can also be tied to particular administrrators/hospitals/facilities?

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re: Important to investigate the Micro-chips that are being created in the brains of the vaxxed

Dear Steve,

In a recent interview between David Icke and a Swedish journalist, Nicolas Holmsten, titled "David Icke in Conversation with Niclas Holmsten" David Icke points out that the real purpose behind the Covid vaccines is to insert nano-particles that can replicate themselves and then organize themselves into tiny micro-chips that will connect each human being to the 'hive-mind' instructions being sent out by the thousands of Starlink low-earth-satellites and cellular towers.

Many excellent researchers (such as yourself, Steve) are still focusing primarily on what's "in" the vaccines, what's causing the sudden deaths and the huge increases in cancers, etc. and these are important subjects to investigate, but they are also a smoke screen that prevents us from realising that the Global Cult's main agenda is to hi-jack our minds, by micro-chipping everyone.

Here's the link to this important interview. Please watch from 49 minutes through to 1hr 1 min:


Thank you for what you do!


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So: a fact-check failure. CHECK.

Silence/coverup from the taxpayer-funded "regulators". CHECK.

They are terrified. They have nowhere to hide. They are just hoping you will give up and go away. They literally have no other cards to play.

Safe & Effective. At helping de population.

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Has any “fact checker” checked to see if the vaccines saved 1 life?

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And this is the way they’re getting away with it in the face of such damning and irrefutable evidence. They publish their flawed “fact checker” and the greater proportion of the gullible public accepts it without question! After all… as far as the majority of the dumbed down population is concerned… they’re the “experts.” The unfortunate reality of the situation is… in this distorted “new normal reality” we’re living in… a ‘flawed mainstream media fact checker’ will trump ‘factual irrefutable data analysis’ every single time. They are just going to keep on denying, dodging, discrediting, ignoring, gaslighting, lying and denying some more! Until billions are dead in the ground… and even then!—they’re going to continue on with this simple strategy. It’s a simple strategy … but in today’s world..(a Clown World) it’s a totally impenetrable, 100% winners strategy. There is no stopping this now… there’s way too much on the line for these people. They will NEVER, EVER allow this information to become accepted as fact.

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I didn't see any place in Jeff's comments where he said anything about forgiving or forgetting ("Jeff's forgive and forget ain't going anywhere.") any of the crimes that have been committed against Humanity by Big Pharma, the Medical Establishment, our Government, or the Media. What I get from his comments is that "The Fix" is in & we should continue inform & fight, but don't expect "JUSTICE" from our existing perverse & totally corrupt System.

You said: "Michael Yeadon called it murder 2 years ago". I called it MURDER in April of 2020 after the government & the media killed Dr. Zelenko's treatment of Covid with Hydroxichloriquine & again in early 2021 when they killed Dr. Pierre Cory's treatment of Covid with Ivermectin.

I can't read people's hearts (only God can), so I try not to second guess people's motives for saying what they say. However, people are obviously dying from the Jab, and I do strongly condemn those who are supporting the agenda - regardless of their motives.

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The “Fact Checking” was financed by


... this is Johnson & Johnson, the same company that made vaccines for COVID.

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Having witnessed the corruption of climate science by the UN's IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) as a research scientist in the field of earth science who employed statistical analyses routinely, I am not surprised at the level of corruption that we are now observing in the field of epidemiology and medical research. It is in most cases not a question of a misinterpretation of the data or science, particularly when the data is rather straight forward to interpret in most cases, but a case of morality or the absence thereof. To give you an example as it relates to climate science, I remember a special session devoted to the cause(s) of global temperature change sponsored by the Geological Association of Canada over a decade ago where the proponents of the Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) theory of manmade CO2 warming refused to show up and debate their theory. And more recently at a special session on the so-called COVID pandemic organized at the Freedom Convoy in Ottawa in the winter of 2022, top health officials from "Health" Canada were invited but again refused to participate in an open debate of ideas which is the fundamental essence of science. The only conclusion one can come to in both cases is that these scientists are corrupt and should forfeit any moral standing they have in the scientific community, and the so-called "theories", aka hypotheses, they are promoting are flawed and indefensible. Most of these corrupt scientists in my view have traded scientific integrity for secure positions, research grants and promotions, not to mention the impact of social exclusion and death threats which honest scientists in the field of climate research have received. All of these so-called scientists who have betrayed the scientific method should be treated with the contempt and disgust they so rightly deserve. In fact it is much worse than that in the case of COVID injection deaths which have been estimated to exceed 17 million worldwide because they are now complicit in mass murder and crimes against humanity for which they must be held accountable.

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Do we have a better visual of the data, Steve had a person that build a dashboard is that still around?

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Cause I am a lazy ass, and another malconte

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I will look. It was a”while back”. 🏴‍☠️ Ragnar Danneskjold, Ed

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I am not a statistician but have studied some and routinely interpret technical data in Pharma quality Depts. I do not understand how these charts are being intepreted. E.g. the monthly death chart . As presented the first data point is Aug 15, each +12 month data point after that is another Aug? Then deaths seem to peak in Aug ???

2nd chart for Aug 2021. I see a likely upward trend over about 1st year followed by a years data which seems random.

Ok so taking the 1st year post injection (is this 1st, 2nd shot? And presumably boosters after that?) So deaths increase over elapsed time but how do you assign this to the shot? It could be some other unindicated factor; you need a control group to make this connection with confidence? Trying to understand, if you have time please educate me.

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Dec 18, 2023·edited Dec 18, 2023

Fact checkers bought and paid for. I never knew fact checkers were also doctors and scientists?

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From James Roguski's Substack - Watch The UK Parliament Debate

A three hour debate about the WHO proposed Amendments to the International Health Regulations is scheduled to occur in Westminster Hall on Monday, December 18, 2023.


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