watched about 80% of this. the parts that interested me. and i saw several parts where steve (in my opinion) got frustrated.

of course some people are not that brave. i for one don't have to worry about my medical license being taken away, or being demonetized on social media, or offending everyone around me.

but the other thing that occurred to me is most people, being decent, tend to assume the same in others. Which leads you to explain bad human behavior in terns of incompetence or systemic corruption. sure. sometimes. but also there are sociopaths and that should be a consideration. rare. but definitely in existence.

now the page i ended up on after the last 2 years of reading is that something is very wrong with gates and fauci. wrong in terms or normal human decency. and that the FDA and CDC are captured and nothing can be accepted on face value from these institutions. it's a very unpleasant thought but it fits the evidence much better then any other possibility imo.

so i get steve's frustration. like, what more do you need for evidence if this pandemic response wasn't enough? but i didn't always feel this way. it's been about an 11 year journey for me from the time where i actually started asking questions about vaccines.

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No, it’s not about mind control, but trivial simple corruption of the overwhelming majority of doctors and scientists (The triviality of evil).

Because mind control would mean that you are fully behind your opinion ('yes', I trust the CDC narrative) and would defend it with arguments.

In fact, all the panelists are unpleasantly touched by the question and try to avoid answering it. That is, they are aware of their corruption, they approve of the lies of the CDC. And the sufferings of the vaccination victims do not trigger any compassion or sense of injustice in them.

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Yes, I agree also that the universe is unfolding beautifully. I've come from a background in physics, where I'm comfortable meeting with colleagues who prefer their own interpretations of quantum physics, each of which may or may not be "right"--and I'm at ease within this situation where we may never have resolution or 'proof' of which interpretation is 'correct' in my lifetime. I realize most people don't come from this kind of background, and may feel discomfort in living with such uncertainty, but uncertainty seems to be Nature's favored position.

Thanks for sharing your emphatic disagreement with China's overall approach of adopting such a draconian lockdown. I'm also opposed to mandated draconian measures, whether they happen in China, or Canada, or the USA or anywhere in the world.

I keep mentioning terrain theory in hopes that you and I might find some agreement there. I've been tracking the work of Substack author Walter M. Chesnut in the area of what the Spike protein is doing--and my biased interest in this area of research comes from my having adopted healing strategies that come from this line of thinking. So yes, this approach starts by considering that the Spike protein is doing something (or several things) that directly stress our bodies. It's like the way Dr. Peter Duesberg points out that HIV is not the cause of AIDS--it's similar logic that it's not COVID that causes longhaul covid. And longhaul covid directly and adversely impacted me, so this is a topic I care deeply about.

Thanks so much for caring so much about these topics, and so carefully sharing your thoughts and feelings. I also share your concern that so many people seem to lack what it takes to think or talk or share their thoughts on these matters. On social media, part of the reason for what seems like apathy might also be people having their accounts frozen if they do have such conversations.

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Has anyone completed the notes yet? I was listening yesterday and there are numerous points to get to into refute. It was magnanimous of the counter narrative panel members to include Eran but frankly the only thing he added was absurdity.

I was really taken aback by the fact that Dr. Robert Malone stated he reviewed the actuarials and that there was not significant excess all cause mortality in 2020 and they completely dismissed him out of hand without even offering any actual facts to refute him.

I really can't understand how any of them could sit up there and make any claim the masks had any affect and that the vaccines have any positive affect even the vaccine don't trials proved the vaccines did not offer any benefit there is no doubt it anywhere that creates anything more than an illusion that there was any positive effects from those vaccines.

A lot of time was spent talking about we didn't know or we didn't consider that we needed to think of the economic impacts of the lockdowns. that is complete malarkey and among the very first things I read back in February 20 20 was that the economic impacts to the public needed to be considered when planning responses to a pandemic it's among the oldest axioms related to public health it's inconceivable that none of these people knew that.

are you especially get a kick out of the mechanical engineer lady who spoke up and had to ask Dr. Claire Craig to compare the size of the holes in the masks she's a freaking mechanical engineer I assume she could do the math herself.

And finally for now I re assert that epistemic humility is essential for the people who foisted this bullshit on us and not for the people who all along said hold on wait a second let's consider what we're actually seem to do the impact and harms will be.

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Quite a conference. Malone hits it out of the park by noting the corruption within the NIH. Atlas does it as well in terms of his critique of the 'leaders' not bothering with science but instead creating policy that rightly belongs to the elected officials. Malone despairs that the system is broken with no way to repair it. Steve did his bit but it's just a fraction of the issue - it's a result of a broken system.

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Keep confronting the fraudulent players & exposing their cowardice & lack of character.

There is too much $$$$ involved to admit wrongdoing. The stakeholders (bureaucrats) are paid millions for royalties & in bed with PHARMA. LOVE OF $$$$ IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL!

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Jul 15, 2022·edited Jul 15, 2022

Are we seriously talking considering 4th and 5th shots? Are they injecting vitamins? Who in their right mind thinks this is sustainable?

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Just my thoughts so far. 2:56 mark it's mentioned the vaccines reduced anxiety and depression in poor people. People most exposed to risk. They were also the most negatively impacted by lockdowns reduced business due to economic distruption and could not work from home. 2 weeks to flatten the curve quickly became wait for the vaccine. Mass vaccination was needed for everything to get back to normal and provide hope for job prospects. Coercion to get people to wait and take them. Vaccines were sold as hope. Can't remember time but something along the lines of scientists discussing whether or not something is a benefit to society. Reminds me of "..for the greater good.` Who gets to decide what's a benefit and what isn't? Would testing vitamin D levels twice a week be better than testing for Covid? Would taking Vit D supplements be better than wearing masks? Is abortion a benefit for society? Fewer people on the planet a benefit?

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So it turns out that 'cowardice' is a big problem. Thank you Steve for all that you do!

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It took me a bit to finish it but it was worth the watch. My takeaways are:

1. There are many people who recognize the fraud, which has been committed every step of the way, but some people make excuses for it as if it were just an accident or due to some polarization forces that organically cropped up.

2. Some people think the answer is more bureaucracy, like more over-site of the data or more oversight of the oversight committees. That was really one of the most interesting aspects to me because it shows a lack of perspective to what is going on. Every new bureaucracy eventually becomes corrupted with time and “requires“ more funding as problems are increasingly made worse, instead of solved. Give more money, new worse problems magically appear. It’s survival for these bureaucracy. It’s job security.

The only way to fix this, in my mind, is for people to take control of their health so that they don’t rely on insurance companies, the FDA, the CDC, the hospitals, pharmaceutical companies etc. There will always be a need for these things at some level but because the vast majority of people have neglected their health almost completely, they have no choice but to go along with whatever the biomedical security state sets up. The government is not going to solve this. Big pharma is not going to solve it. Big tech is not going to solve it. Doctors are not going to solve it. We have to stand up and say “no” and be prepared to walk away. That means being responsible for our own health and then setting aside money or resources for more reasonable treatments if needed. I just don’t see any other viable way. Our system is literally killing people at this point in the name of “science” and the evidence is clear that it’s happening and people in positions of authority are continuing to allow it. I hope I am wrong but this video made me feel that way. Maybe momentum will continue to build in opposition by experts but I think it’s up to the people to not comply and start forging a new path of health and well-being.

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More news and info came out of this workshop held at M.I.T. featuring some of the most accomplished brains in science than in a hundred press conferences by Fauci & Brix.

He said that 24 percent of 18-24-year-olds seriously contemplated suicide in June 2020.

What happened during lockdowns was the largest transfer of wealth upward in American history, probably world history, from the working class, middle class, not just to the upper class but to the very top of the pyramid, the wealthiest of the wealthy, the 1-percent of the 1-percent

Aaron Kheriaty

Why wouldn’t they show me up. This was their opportunity to discredit me. They chose not show up at the debate table and that, my friends, tells you everything you need to know.

Steve Kirsch

We trusted completely inept public leaders

Scott Atlas

We have bulit a system and I’ve been part of the building that generates enormous revenue and has enormous vested interests in outbreaks. Outbreaks are really good business.

Dr. Robert Malon


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Don't miss this. Clare Craig, diagnostic pathologist from the UK and member of The Brownstone Institute explains transmission like you've never heard it explained before. 34:40 to 43:15 I hope Steve is patting himself on the back for this wonderful workshop.

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Thank you Mr. Kirsch for all of your research, follow up, and standing up to the bullying from our Universities. You are an American Hero!

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You mean Robert Malone also said that CDC was telling the truth about there were no vaccine injuries? I haven't watched the video, but this goes against all the articles he has written.

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I have to congratulate you on your persistence for truth. I too have heard those in responsible positions arguing the case that you have to meet on a middle ground. What a lot of unadulterated nonesense. Thats what they did with every tyrant in history. Just a major cop out for fear. Better they say I just was too scared to argue against the lies! At least that has some integrity.. Thanks a million once again

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Thank you so much for fighting and standing for truth!!

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