Thank you. Steve.

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I agree Steve, somethings aren't debatable.

Both Cleveland Clinic studies exactly and clear say that the vaccines work.

I know you don't understand the science, but really....why can't you read the words correctly?

Big hint Steve: the world reject's your claims because you are really, really wrong.

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... and then pure propaganda.

The UN’s Digital First Responders – or The UN’s Virtual Brownshirts?


Mattias Desmet - June 23, 2023 - citeing

Fifth Gen Warfare, Part 3

"PsyWar tactics; Cyberstalking and Gang Stalking are against the law, and the CDC funds groups that are doing this to US licensed physicians"


Robert W Malone MD, MS - 18.04.2023

... related to

CDC Partners With ‘Social and Behavior Change’ Initiative to Silence Vaccine Hesitancy


April 7, 2023


It seems, they want to get rid of us.

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... just out:

E-mails Show Walensky, Collins, and Fauci Knew mRNA Vaccine was Failing January, 2021


Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH™ - 22.06.2023

... based on

New emails show COVID vaccine mandates were based on a lie


by Jack Elbaum, Contributor - June 20, 2023

"It is not uncommon for politicians or bureaucrats to lie. What seems to be unique, though, is just how common and consequential the lies were during the COVID pandemic.

On Monday, we got a bombshell. New documents indicate the entire justification for vaccine mandates was based on a falsehood — and that public health officials knew it. ..."


... Lies, Damned Lies - and History.

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You are welcome

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Haven't we seen videos of "anti-anti-vaxxers" going down to their graves in bitter tirades following proud announcements of their vaccinations, without admitting it caused their demise? I think I've seen a few like that.

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Something tells me that the Cleveland Clinic is an island of sanity and honesty. I live in the Houston area and can get pretty much everything I need medically here or in Dallas. But if I ever have to travel out of state, the Cleveland Clinic might be the first place I would go.

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The truth about what cancer really is has been gaining steam. It's microparasites. Now my thought is that the same evil scum that did this mass genocide has been putting toxic loads of microparasites in certain lots of ALL vaccines for a very long time. Think about it. What a great way to keep the masses sick so you can sell more drugs and keep the hospitals and doc offices busy. Check out www.excelwell.net/drugs

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Dr. Walensky got Covid again, a month after taking the bivalent booster. Body builder Doug Brignole died suddenly, a week after his bivalent booster. All i need to know.

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Whatever these moral monsters are champions of, it ain't science. As Ian points out below, these same persons seem to to be captured by vaccine Induced psychosis resulting, perhaps, from capillary Thrombosis in the frontal lobe, think of it as a chemical frontal lobotomy, and are thereby incapable of acknowledging anything harmful has occurred as a result of the largest and most fatal human trial in history, and worse, have been rendered incapable of even caring about it.

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Because these types have come to identify as the "smart party", based on those who disagree with them in any way as tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy theorists with low IQs and no formal education outside grade school.

And when you frame any issue that way,with that kind of false dichotomy, you take the human disinformation to admit to mistakes and turbo charge it. Because to admit to being wrong is to admit that maybe the people you defined as tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy theorists with low IQs and no formal education outside grade school are not as stupid as you presumed and may even have been smarter than you on some issue.

Just look at Scott Adams' begrudgingly admission of defeat on covid vaccines, but insisting that we only got it right by accident due to our unjustifiable ignorant kneejerk distrust of institutions that in this one case turned out to be justified, and it couldn't be that we based our position on anything resembling solid evidence or logical thought. Because those are his domain, while those who disagree by definition have not even a bidding acquaintance with such notions. Even when one of them.admits to being wrong on this, they do it within a narrative that they are still the smartest,most special people in the world who should not be questioned and the fact that people they consider inferior were right is an anomaly that could never happen again.

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Based on current research the vax appears to predispose to an organic psychosis. Consequently the rescue of the Covid captured mind and subsequent acknowledgement of wrong-doing becomes somewhat remote.

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ps... i'm gonna spread this article as wide as i can and share this same " logic " with them should be entertaining to see them squirm if nothing else...

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This is hilarious, i LOVE the way you beat them up, your the man. I'm gonna use that " title myself, anit-anti-vaxxer hilarious... keep up the good work. I would add some $$ to the pot too if i had any :(

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Steve...have you heard of ASIA or Shoenfeld Syndrome? Adjuncts in vaccines could cause chronic illness.



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Microsoft Bing AI told me "I choose not to continue this discussion" when I tried to cross examine it on the increased death rate coincident with the vaxxx.

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