So should one assume all vaccines, or any specific vaccine, can cause autism? If it is contended that indeed it is "all vaccines", then what are the common threads (e.g. thimerosal, aluminum salts, formaldehyde, etc.). If on the other hand it is certain vaccines clearly top the list (e.g. MMR) what makes these more problematic. Are there vaccines that show relatively little or no correlation with ASD? One would think that those on any side of all the arguments would want a little more parsed answer than "Vaccines cause autism" or "Vaccines do not cause autism" by now.

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Hi Steve,

A travel newsletter AFAR was discussing families traveling with kids who have disabilities, and guess what?


“Did you know that 87 percent of families whose children have autism don’t take family vacations?” says Stuart Butler, chief marketing officer of Visit Myrtle Beach, a popular South Carolina beach destination that has become a U.S. leader in accessible travel. Butler was citing an oft-quoted I.B.CCES study that also found that 93 percent of families surveyed would be more inclined to travel if they knew of autism-certified options.."

'Traveling with Autism" notes the not-so-obvious challenges: “The changes in routine, unpredictability, crowds, new noises and sights can all make the experience difficult for people on the spectrum and their families.

That's just for starters. After all, about one in six children (17 percent) ages 3–17 were diagnosed with a developmental disability (as reported by parents)—autism, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, blindness, and cerebral palsy, among others—during a study period of 2009–2017, according to the CDC’s Autism and Developmental Disabilities Monitoring (ADDM) Network.

So many families are also profoundly handicapped in many ways as a result of having to care for their autistic children who are not able to travel without great difficulties.

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Jul 9, 2023·edited Jul 9, 2023

Thanks for your comment Cassandra.

Get as well as you can and above all else warn the dummies that are in a trance that make up the US population.

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It is so obvious on so many levels, that vaccines cause Autism and much more including death. The reality that this kind of evil is being perpetrated by our trusted institutions is too much for people to believe...they just can't wrap their mind around that reality. This phenomenon is perpetrated by the system with their constant authoritative statements about vaccines being both effective and very safe. This is why no debate can ever be allowed. Anyone wanting to look at data and apply real science will just be attacked personally. Fine. Take your vaccines stupid people, but not me or my family. Very sad and pathetic.

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I wonder if professors run and hide under their desks when they know you are in the building? It is like a crazy truth game and very glad you are own our side.

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Jul 7, 2023·edited Jul 7, 2023

That is quite a convoluted bit of logic.

The "vaccine court" has awared billions. Is that enough "science" for you?

Liability exemption is a violation of natural law something you have probably never studied.

It goes against any precept of law and justice.

How about an liability exemption for me if I hurt one of your children that is "until the science comes in"? I don't have a cranial rectal inversion like some seem to have.

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May God Bless you Steve for all you do. There’s so much money and corruption involved in the childhood vaccine schedule, that I fear what should be a simple process may be a difficult swim against a powerful current.

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The opposing rebuttal I almost always hear is that "correlation is not causation." We're taught statistical significance in the university sciences as an objective means to support hypotheses, but muh feels (subjective and always changing) is the current measure to which objectivity can hardly overcome.

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Steve, We ARE talking about such issues - because heroes like you have the balls to 'stand up and be counted'.

There are more and more of us that make sure the WEF's (New World Order) transgressions over the past 3.5 years are not hidden and forgotten.

I'm doing my bit to ensure anyone that sees me while out shopping reads my various 'informative' tee-shirts.

'Covid vax can Kill'.

'Covid - man-enhanced for profit'.

'Covid - created to sell poisonous injections for profit'.


Covid injections - Experimental, UNSAFE, Ineffective and dangerous.

Covid Vax - No thanks! With NO LIABILITY for makers?'

These are just a sample of my messages!

Lest they forget! The next Scamdemic and pretend injection is being prepared with maybe more serious consequences than their last successful attempt to CULL the planet.

Dissolve the now CORRUPT WHO as it's now just Gates's Vax marketing division!

Mick from Hooe (UK) Unjabbed to live longer!

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"[I]t’s a real shame that scientists who support the 'scientific consensus' are so unwilling to engage in a scientific discussion with their peers on the other side to publicly discuss the issue . . . ."

They're not even willing to engage in a friendly, informal discussion on the issue. One of my best friends from college, a physician, won't speak to me anymore. Just because I questioned the "safe and effective" vaccine narrative!

I'm sure he has administered hundreds, probably thousands, of vaccines over his long career. I suppose it harrows him to consider the possibility those vaccines did more harm than good.

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I think that Stupid people won't figure it out no matter how many studies you do.

We need to get rid of the medical monopoly for starters.

Then we need to get rid of the evil idea that doctors have have liability protection for when they cause damages like autism.

The problem will be solved!!!

People tend to make things too complicated by not really thinking.

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You stopped short:

How about vaccines also causing autoimmune conditions, and those grown in animal tissues carrying cancer retro virus's like the polio vaccine that had the SV40 cacer virus in it in the late 50's/early 60's'?

Perhaps larger than the vaccine danger are oral infections that were investigated by Weston A Price.

A book worth reading is:

Hidden Epidemic: Silent Oral Infections Cause Most Heart Attacks and Breast Cancers

MD JD Levy


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With autism rates so high, it doesn't seem it would take a study with that large a number of participants to show cause. The often cited study of 537K seems too big, too conclusive: the lady doth protest too much.

The movement against medical tyranny should fund a real study. Collectively, we have enough resources. Ditto the Covid 19 vaccines for sickness and death.

Happy 4th of July.

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As far as I can tell, the forces against the some-vaccines-cause-autism claim fear a loss of income from vaccine sales. Why don't they prove the opposite claim: "some vaccines do not cause autism"? Because surely there are some that don't. RFK Jr. is not claiming that ALL vaccines cause autism. Why is he consistently misrepresented by corporate media? Does that not suggest that corporate media is paid by pharma?

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Keep fighting the good fight Steve!

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We can't talk about it because science says ALL jabs are safe and effective. --Rochelle Walensky


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