I'm past feeling sorry for anyone other than kids and very old people who could not find good information for themselves.

Everyone else? Especially the "boosted"? Karma, bitches!

I fought tooth and nail to keep my job and resist the shot. I fought publicly at my agency, on behalf of myself and all those who also requested exemption. I won, but it cost me any and all chance at career advancement. I burned every bridge that could be burned, torched every relationship with senior leaders. It was only by going full scorched-earth that I was able to get my exemption. It took 4 months.

I will NEVER forgive those who advocated for the mandates, whether they were high ranking, or just regular people. I actively hope they all get discover just how bad their choices were.

Everyone else? while I don't wish them ill, if you were too cowardly to speak out against the mandate, if you stayed silent and got the shot out of pressure to protect your career?

Your no better than the Germans who stayed silent and let Hitler and the Nazi's rise to power, and while I don't wish you ill specifically, I certainly won't loose any sleep on your behalf.

The Unvaccinated will inherit the earth!

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How do we find out what our local hospitals have been doing. Accounting for listing the jab injured as unvaccinated admissions, to the death protocols pushed by the CDC, to correcting the lies about the unvaxed dying at higher rates than the vaxed. My mom has watched a lot of her elderly friends die from all kinds of things including sudden fast moving cancers after getting jabbed. Especially the booster. She had a doctor tell her that she would for sure be sick with covid by the time she gets back from a trip because she refused the booster. So many of the doctors are truly deluded believing the false reports and they need to be woken up by real data out of the local hospitals and their practices receiving a true data analysis. This also ignores the fact that covid is a very mild part of the normal cold/flu season at this point. For most of them extreme embarrassment and shame will steel them against future attacks like this.

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Somehow, some way we must make these agencies pay for their crimes. Keeping this information hidden and still pushing safe and effective is a crime and it need to STOP! And all involved need to be prosecuted

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What does the CDC, the Mainstream press, Congress, The Mainstream Medical Industrial Complex and Universities have in common?

Every one of them is getting fat off money from Big Pharma, Bill Gates and more.

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Oct 8, 2022·edited Oct 8, 2022

Thank you Steve for your unwavering commitment to bringing us the truth and exposing the colluded effort to suppress important safety data regarding these treatments. Informed consent was never an option for any of us and the efforts being made to suppress that informed consent are an obvious red flag for those of us who are trying to follow the science. Your posts and the links that you’ve shared have included a comprehensive collection of data and you’ve given many banned and censored experts their voices back. These things and these people gave us the data and clues to follow so we could make a somewhat informed decision for ourselves. God bless you, you’re a brave and honorable man.

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Steve, did the Nazis tell their Jewish victims that they were going

to take showers? Did these "showers" result in them being gassed

to death? Today all of us are admonished (even shamed!) to get us to take

"very safe and effective vaccines" to keep us well. Are these "quackcines"

today's versions of those "showers?" I won't go near any "vaccine"

ever again!

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Posted this important link on Facebook. Zuckerberg's Nazi thug Wokesters immediately slapped me with a 30 day suspension. LOL, it's routine.

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The symptoms are certainly real, but there are no authentic tests for a condition that has existed only in computer simulations, in patents (so the ingredients in the "vaccines" can be kept secret as "intellectual property"), and on TV. Diagnosing from symptoms is quackery, because even the last dropouts from "medical" schools know that the same symptoms can be due to various causes. Here are a few examples:


What's in the injections? One thing is certain: there is no more need for "vaccinations":


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Steve, you have done very important work here, and I appreciate your efforts. To answer your questions would require a deep dive into humans, their makeup, their psychology, and the nature of reality itself. It has been shown experimentally that roughly 35% of the population will go along with whatever nonsense is being proffered as long as they don't get ostracized from the group. Then you have to factor in the percentage of people who lack integrity, who will go along with evil, look the other way as long as they believe they won't be impacted too severely. This has to be a huge number at this point in time as well. These two groups alone give the megalomaniacs quit a bit to work with.

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Oct 7, 2022·edited Oct 7, 2022

This was published in the lancet in March https://www.thelancet.com/journals/laninf/article/PIIS1473-3099(22)00054-8/fulltext#seccestitle130. Not really a good journal for hiding data.

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If you get the vax you won't get covid. Ok you will get covid but you won't go to the hospital. Ok. You might go to the hospital but you won't die. Ok you might die but the vaccine is safe and effective. Ok the vaccine isn't effective but it's safe. Ok it isn't safe or effective but we have a new one.... here we go again.

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Oct 6, 2022·edited Oct 6, 2022

My local Fox 4 news DFW weatherman Evan Andrews made an idiot comment about 9 months ago about the stupid ppl using Horse Paste (ivermectin), just a couple weeks ago he was VIRTUE SIGNALING AGAIN! Rubbing his arm on camera bragging he'd just had his vaxx the day before. I cannot stand it anymore, I actually wish for them to be vaxx damaged. Their arrogance blocks absolutely ANY compassion that I have for their stupidity and grandiosity grand standing vaxx pushing zealotry. Do what you want to do, DO NOT TELL ME WHAT I MUST DO, NOR COERCE OR BROWBEAT OR 'SELFIE SHAME' ME INTO BECOMING THE IDIOT THAT YOU OBVIOUSLY ARE. ANYONE WHO POSTS A SELFIE ABOUT THEM DOING ANYTHING IS A FRIGGING NARCISSIST! IF YOU DO THAT...YOU NEED TO LOOK LONG AND HARD AT YOUR SOUL. Yes, I send pics of a beautiful meal or a beautiful beach....but never of myself getting a medical treatment!

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Great research, and just one objection:

"The Israeli system monitored far more adverse events" - sadly not true.

The leaked meeting revealed that Israel's Ministry of Health had asked for AE info from all the health funds, but they got data only from one - Meuhedet, which only serves 15% of the population. The three much larger health funds (Clalit, Leumit, Maccabi) didn't bother responding.

And even that was belated - they had set up NO monitoring system for side-effects, and they were tracking NOTHING for at least a year. It was public outcry and (probably) the grassroots initiative of Israel's Testimonies Project that got them squirming and needing to do something.

In short: Our health system did a WORSE job for its citizens than almost any other developed country. We were just lab rats for Pfizer.

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Those people have to be criminally responsible for this. Can we do it?

In Canada we are working on sending Trueadau to jail...

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