Is anyone part of an organized effort to combat fake accounts on platforms like Quora? I believe Pfizer or pjarmaceutical marketing firms are hiring people to create fake accounts and spread lies, answering and disabling discussion on vaccine related questions, for example. I know the identities of a few of them and they disappear when I dox them. Howe r I suspect this happens on twitter and everywhere, and it would be more effective if we also organize to upvote each other and take back control of the narrative, what people see when they when they ask Quora a question for example.

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Someone should set up a website dedicated to "outing" all of the tyrants (government officials, CEO's, etc) who have established forced vaccination policies and other draconian measures (such as masking children). The idea being to use the power of the internet to get some quick justice by simply posting photos of these folks along with factual statements of the policies they've implemented...for example County Commissioner Smith voted to force county employees to either take an experimental vaccine or lose their jobs.

This in theory would be legal as only factual statements would be made...avoiding defamation claims. Most importantly it could haunt these people for the rest of their lives and possibly deter other folks from doing these kinds of things. Translated to the real world, say an employer wanted to hire one of these individuals. The employer internet searches the name of the person...lo and behold the website comes up listing the offense perpetrated by the person. Another example, you move to a new area and are unfamiliar with local politics...you run a search on the names of local candidates...once again...

you learn who the "bad guys" are. It could be similar to mugshots.com but on a much larger scale.

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"Pfizer’s stock sinks after company slashes $9 billion from outlook, foreshadows layoffs" -

Take a look at the stock price of Pfizer. This article on MarketWatch is by Wallace Witkowsk, Oct.13, 2023. It is posted here - https://www.marketwatch.com/author/wallace-witkowski

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This may be a very effective way!

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If the FDA report proves the 8 pages of deadly side-effects from the Frankenshot and Pfizer never issued any of this information on the packaging or the website, or to hospitals, to pharmacies, clinics, for the people to be aware of before injecting them - surely this must be valid for a class-action legal complaint?


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Moderna's FDA clinical trials for their Frankenshot documents the court's forced them to release:


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The secret stash of FDA files Pfizer tried to hide.

Pfizer vaccine side effect for ages 16 and over:


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Oct 14, 2023·edited Oct 14, 2023

More and more FDA Pfizer documents are being released by the court order:

Pfizer vaccine side effect for ages 12 to 15:


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I don’t See Pam Popper…… this is right up her alley.

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Don’t see David Martin in the promotional pics is he involved?

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Every part of covid is being done by the government or with its permission , so what makes you think that the best chance is to fight all of this covid BS is in government courts?

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I'm encouraged by all the legal efforts being made to stop the medical tyranny and make them pay for their mistakes/crimes.

Mikovits and Frank Russetti, former NCI employees have one terrabyte of evidence against NIH/NIAID going as far back as 1965. No one has refuted any claims made by Mikovits. Her three books, Plague, 2014, Plague of Corruption, 2019 and Ending Plague, lay out the crimes and are extensively documented.

Mikovits and her attorney submitted the evidence to a Nevada FBI field office in 2014, and again later in an FBI Office in Ventura, CA, IIRC. The FBI refused to investigate the allegations instead they sat on it.

Mikovits recently turned over 1 terabyte HD evidence to Attorney Thomas Renz of Renz-law who is seeking prosecutions over punitive damages. This is what I think we all want to make sure the crimes committed never happen again.

I'm most excited by the work of the National American Renaissance Movement

Ana Mihalcea writes on her substack:

"As a board member of the National American Renaissance Movement, I am pleased to announce that National ARM is submitting an 83 page Grand Jury petition containing evidence of C19 ‘vaccine’ crimes to the Ohio Governor and the state Attorney General. National ARM’s Grand Jury Petition States that C19 shots should be, “Banned Immediately and Criminal Investigations Should Begin”

Besides the Ohio Governor and Attorney General, previously, this evidence was submitted to the Governors, Attorney Generals, along with prosecutors and sheriffs in California, Tennessee Texas, Idaho, Florida and New Jersey

This document was prepared by National American Renaissance Movement President, and NJ criminal defense and trial attorney, David Meiswinkle. This 83 page document lists 149 exhibits of evidence and asserts that state and federal crimes have been committed. This document demands an immediate ban of C19 ‘vaccines’ and calls for criminal investigations. The document also lists persons of interest.

Crimes include, murder, racketeering, biological weapons laws violations, treason, and genocide. National ARM intends to submit evidence of vaccine crimes to local prosecutors and law enforcement in all 50 states.""


I think this is what we all want. This is the path to justice. Financial slaps on the wrists to Corporations don't stop crimes, criminal prosecutions do. That is not to say I want to forgo the COVID litigation though. Evidence established in litigation can be used in criminal cases so the COVID litigation efforts are very important.

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I’m curious about why Dr. Joseph Mercola isn’t a part of this conference?

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Has he signed up for it?

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At long last - an enquiry into the Covid and supposed VACCINE farce is a step in the right direction.

There has never been any doubt that Covid was a man-enhanced virus created deliberately to justify a supposed "CURE" from which the perpetrators of this crime could enjoy enormous profits. The Big Pharma machine pretended to have miraculously invented an injection that was SAFE & EFFECTIVE. They refer to the depopulating injection as a VACCINE! All this in suspiciously super quick time.

My hunch is they were simultaneously working on the 'cure' in the adjacent lab to the Covid maximisation experiment called 'Gain of Function'!

Then they 'SOLD' the useless POISON to Governments with absolutely NO GUARANTEE - accepting NO LIABILITY! Unbelievable - but every country and government took the bait with no questioning of why NO LIABILITY?

Mick from Hooe (UK) Unjabbed to live longer!!

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The Canadian Petition e-4623 (Foreign affairs) on exiting the WHO and the UN.- https://petitions.ourcommons.ca/en/Petition/Details?Petition=e-4623

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Corman Drosten Review report online. A professional peer review of the protocol of the most corrupt medical test ever devised, the SARScoV2 RT PCR. A massive false positive generator. PU.

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