It's all wretched theater Steve, the script, the actors, the billions, the private meetings and rehearsals

The Dumbing of America is nearly complete, as the saturation percentage point has reached the planned usefulness of fear, pain, compliance. All is being witnessed in real time. Many still sleep.

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Biden is just a puppet. He is controlled by the Deep State. They give him the agenda and he runs with it.

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Why did you vote for this plagiarist...?!

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Hi, I'm writing from the UK to say Keep the momentum of pressure and fighting back against these vaccine mandates and the crap your administration are telling you, our prime minister and MP's and many other world leaders. Please keep heart and keep strong. Things are starting to happen here in the UK. Check on Bitchupp there are 2 which confirm each other. One film is a taped conversation with an NHS Doctor from a patient who asks the doctor is she should get the 'vaccine', and there is also a copy of the email the doctor sends the patient. The patient asked the doctor, "should I get the vaccine"? The Doctor answers, " no, you should not take the vaccine as there is more information available now to say they should not be used, you will not see it on mainstream media but the vaccines will soon be stopped in the UK in the near future". What the doctor is referring to is the lawsuit have been put through to the Metropolitan Police, the crime number is 6029679/21. The police have been asked to protect the public as their duty and to stop the vaccines immediately. So the second audio on Bichhupp is a retired policeman who has been an active person within this lawsuit, Mark Sexton talks about people keeping calm, the police will collect the vaccines as evidence. If the police do not we have a right under law to peacefully seize these vaccines as evidence if the police do not do this.

So my son will hopefully get a stay of execution being 'mandated' as a paramedic to have the jab or no jab of which I am so very grateful, please God let this be the case.

So the UK Police have been given overwhelming evidence so it is breaking here.

Of course those of us who are awake, its what comes next. Having just listened to Alex on info wars I remain very, very frightened for my children's future. But for my children I will keep fighting. The richer you are of course the better off you are. People must prepare.

These people leading this should be arrested or taken out immediately, like Mussolini and all the SS.

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I totally agree with you. His leadership is non existent and piss poor. He hides behind others and anybody who has read about great leadership sees his inadequacies

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I don't believe Biden has agency, so I can't blame him. He's just a sack of water with an earpiece.

Trump on the other hand was 100% correct in his original take on the virus -- a mild disease that can be treated with cheap medicine.

Yet Trump made a foolish political maneuver with Operation Warp Speed, and he's sticking with it. If Trump, who has agency, continues to claim credit for the jabs, we must give him his due.

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Brave man for admitting that particularly massive fuck up.

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Another thought for the day: It's another day:

"It takes only a short exposure to anti-vaccine messaging to create hesitancy."

Oy, what a whole lotta trick words in a short sentence from basically The Govt. "vaccine"? "messaging?" "hesitancy?"

From an article by the Adults in Charge (sarcasm) explaining the wisdom of wiping the heretics from social media. This was at the time of the Biden Admin's initial push regarding the Disinformation Dozen:


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About Biden... I agree with your observation that history will judge him as worst president in US history. He sets that precedent. Pun intended. It's about the mass-murdering body count and worldwide swaths of economic devastation in which Biden's policies are actively, willingly complicit. My observations suggest that his and Fauci's premeditated body counts, and premeditated economic destructions, guided by the Josef Mengele attitudes of Herr Klaus Schwab, Herr William Gates and their cohort, is creating the fastest, largest body count in human history.

I no longer vote in any US presidential elections. The office of the president has been violently corrupted for decades, and are death-economy charades orchestrated by the reptilian predators of elite tyrants and technocrats. Think of Barbara Tuchman's book, The March of Folly?

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What do you expect from Biden?… He supports Israel as well with the same zeal and fanaticism as he does the vaccines and the reckless virus policies. Greetings from Scotland, the UK where we have Boris and Nicola Sturgeon. These awful people are everywhere.

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It is becoming obvious "the Government" we keep referring to isn't running anything. Look at most of them; inept bottom of the barrel and not intelligent. Biden, Harris, Buttieg, .. and the rest are doing the most radical things like the DOJ, DOD, FBI. They are working in tandem to take down Democracy and dismantle the Constitution.

There was an insurrection, it occurred during 2020, after George Floyd's death and went on for months, and no one stopped it. Harris said it is not going to stop either, until change happened and she cheered them on. Then what followed is still circumspect. How did Biden win when he could not even turn out a crowd for his speeches for the few times he went on the campaign trail. No one will ever trust the polls, until they stop trying to find ways to give the appearance of fraud. We look like a third world banana republic.

At this point party doesn't matter, it is who is willing to do the bidding of the overlords behind "The Great Reset." The WEF doesn't care who dies of COVID or vaccines to include children or how many. More likely the more the merrier for them. The curtain is being pulled back, like in the Wizard of Oz. There are other people behind the curtain who are running the show.

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We the insouciant people of the US have been asleep at the wheel for way too long. We deserve the government we have.

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You get what you vote for, and you voted for this man. Accept it. You helped enable the idiot who is, in your words, possibly one of the worst presidents in history.

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You are very naive, Steve. All politicians are more or less then same... sooner or later... Would you like to bet $2 that your candidate will turn out more or less the same?

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you voted for him. I believe you democrats are the lowest lying treasonous molestingest rapingest riotingest human filth in history.

here's why.

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Biden is blamed for the deaths caused by the shots, but, with the exception for those forced on the elderly who were unable to resist, they were asked for by willing individuals.

If Biden is your vote for worst, you need to consider Lincoln.

Read some of Thomas DiLorenzo's books on Lincoln.

See also: https://www.americanstalin.com/honest_abe_wasnt_honest.html,

and A True Estimate of Abraham Lincoln & Vindication of the South

by Mildred Lewis Rutherford.

After the war, even the northern states said: "The cause of the South is [Now] the cause of all"

At least Biden has not invaded the Red States....yet.

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