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I just updated the article with my conversation with epidemiologist Dee M. It's really priceless. See the Nextdoor section of the article. It shows you exactly how science works.

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Hi Steve,

Perhaps you will see this study which I just recently came across. Note that I did read that the researchers objected to the redaction but for some unknown reason they were denied.


It's probably worth a longer visit down into the rabbit hole.

For me I have no medical background, heck I didn't even finish college. So this will be meaningless in polite society. 

The way society appears to work is if you happen to have 37 degrees and seven thousand doctorates you will be leading the discussion at the table and whereby my voice will be muted. I did start researching schizophrenia (a family member was diagnosed after a 20 minute interview by a govt. appointed shrink) before the internet was available and that officially opened my eyes to the propaganda that big pharma was inserting into the discussion. 

Onward to my sister being diagnosed with fibromyalgia, some of you may not remember how the patients were treated, much like covid vax injuries, that it was all psychosomatic or some other lame excuse. Speaking of fibromyalgia, where do you think the term was derived from?  Are all diseases which are caused by poison being introduced into the human body given these fancy names ? Hmmm, makes me wonder. 

Anyway with the internet now available one can find many resources and I began my journey into the abyss. This was approximately at the turn of the century  when I found the probable cause being aspartame for the ills relating to my sis. That led me further down the hole of corruption and deceit by our own government as well as private business. And taught me how the actors are interchangeable between the likes of the FDA and big pharma. It also opened my eyes to credible research being denied, ostracized and even disappeared, much like what's happening in the covid discussion. I now know how the whole allopathic medicine became the only game in town. From maliciously attacking the competition, like homeopathic medicine using terms like quacks etc., to investing millions into a propaganda campaign that is alive and well today.

One has to only look at the current discussion and see the overwhelming majority of those opposed to these vaxxes when they immediately state I'm pro-vax but. That statement in itself just oozes with cult obedience.

Well for me I can honestly say I'm anti-vax and proud of it. It starts with taking personal responsibility for your health. I just turned 65, I'm not on any drugs and haven't consumed even an aspirin in over eight years. If anyone would like advice, on the road to a healthy life from an uneducated healthy 65 year old just let me know. No charge.


Michael A. Stilinovich

ps    God bless

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ALL childhood vaccines are designed to sicken and weaken children. The CDC's 0-18 yo vaccine schedule is insane with dozens and dozens of shots and boosters and even the flu vaccine every year. Austism continues to skyrocket unabated and the masses can't break free from the demonic spells/magick of the MSM and academia.

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Going after the kids is the next best thing they can do beyond depriving you of your livelihood. It is about control and forcing you to submit to their control.

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Kids and parents need to be brainwashed that's why so many vaccines are required. "We must have Herd immunity!" and parents buy into this crap. Take your kids out of school teach them at home.

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Their reason is to protect the imunocompromised children who are unable to be vaccinated. Thus all healthy kids have to be vaccinated. Remember they said the same thing too about protecting grandma?

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Because, sorry to say Ca is crazy.

As a kid growing up in western NY., we used to joke that all new trends start in Ca then find their way to NY state, then to the rest of the country. We always sort of laughed it off.

Now it’s dangerous.

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See the movie VAXXED II (2019) for this issue. I think VAXXED (2016) is better (covers more political ground), and VAXXED II could have selection bias. VAXXED is a vaccine safety movie. VAXXED II is anti-vax. Both have considerable parallels to COVID response. Our library (Keene NH) has VAXXED but not VAXXED II. Our library showed VAXXED in its auditorium years ago, and there was a Pharma shill present. If you have a very good library available, you could request both to be carried and shown.

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man, all I know is I've been an anti-vaxxer for almost 10 years now and I can't tell you how awesome it is that the jig is up for these people.

They are running scared. Before their attacks would scare people off, not anymore though.

Keep it up, Steve! We are winning!

Morris Bealle, Ida Honoroff and Eleanor McBean set the stage. We are indebted to them for their courage.

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It must be rough being a Branch Covidian. Some of these people sound like they're about to take a bullet train to Hale Bopp.

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The good news is that now people are not just accepting and going compliantly along with it, like they did in the past. A lot of them are still poisoning their children for the convenience of using the public indoctrination centers (as a society, we still haven't quiiiittte gotten far enough to completely reject the entire rotten-to--the-core system and are still clinging desperately to hopes of "reform".) but that is changing, one family at a time. It's a leviathon like every other system of government, so change is slow, but it is happening!

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I have often asked these very same questions! Anyone in favor of mandatory vaccines has no basic logic. It’s plain and simple: If they work, why does anyone care if others get them? You cannot reason with many of the supporters! Thank you for always pointing out the obvious very clearly!

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I live in Mississippi and their vaccine laws are strict for kids to go to school. Which at the time I didn’t realize how dangerous vaccines are and the medical problems they cause.

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There is no logic because these assholes don`t know their ass from a hole in the ground. We know it is a poison ☠ vaccine and we know it doesn`t work so why are these bastards still pushing this????????

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Same debate many of us everyday "human beans" have with our "friends" and same type of ad-hominem attack / pitt-bull pugnacious response we get (an' nobody seems to have any time to show us "crazy" anti-jab mamas "all the studies" they generally mention that support "the science" of continuing this deadly charade).

We're just called troublemakers (far less cute than "troll mama," which just seems like we are living under a bridge, which, indeed we are forced to do, as we and our unjabbed troll kiddies are not allowed out into the open lest we contaminate their "air" with... CO2 perhaps).

When I suggest these mamas check out RFKJrs parent-friendly information at CHD they say "he's been debunked!" And if I suggest they look at your work and that of others also fighting the good fight with research etc (Naomi Wolf, Zev Zelenko-may he-rip but the videos remain...etc) I'm told I'm "traumatizing" them.

I guess truth is traumatic? Anyway, been canceled most places ('cept Substack) but I don't know how one gets thru a 13" wall that is their skulls by just "suggesting" they look at a few things in the most non-preachy tone I can muster. Sheesh!

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if the vaxxes work, & you got one, why do you care if someone else didn't get one? the one that didn't get it will suffer the consequences, right? or do you finally realize they aren't vaccine?? they don't stop the spread of anything except logic and deductive reasoning.

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