JUXTAPOSING: PETER BREGGIN & MATTIAS DESMET (ENGLISH | AD-HOC 27 & AD-HOC 28). Corona Investigative Committee, September 14, 2022


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Dec 28, 2021·edited Dec 28, 2021

Looks legit when you know that only 20% of population possess conceptual thinking.

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Dec 9, 2021Liked by Steve Kirsch

You have two choices now:

Carry on complying with no end in sight.

Stop complying and this ends very shortly.

Choose wisely. Have courage. #DoNotComply

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Dec 9, 2021Liked by Steve Kirsch

Dr Desmet appeared on the Corona Committee with Reiner Fuellmich. Was first eye opening experience &Makes perfect sense. Once he speaks, the puzzle pieces fall together.

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Yup. Agree!

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Another worthwhile podcast is Max Blumenthal's interview of C.J. Hopkins - for those unfamiliar Hopkins is a brilliant author/satirist, who has been speaking truth to power for a decade or more-- very insightful... https://odysee.com/@WinstonsWorld:a/GloboCap:0

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Here is another podcast of Dr. Desmet by Aubrey Marcus that is outstanding... they discuss the findings of Solomon Ash and much more... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IqPJiM5Ir3A

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I'm very glad that Steve is aware of Mattias Desmet and telling people about him. I have been watching every interview of from Mattias I can find on mass formation.

There is another doctor who is a psychiatrist in the US rather than Nederland and his name is Dr. Mark McDonald and he is also talking about Mass Formation or Mass Psychosis in relation to COVID. He wrote the book "United States of Fear: How America Fell Victim to a Mass Delusional Psychosis" on COVID. Here are the interviews I found of him and his book: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EK2T9d5_l9g







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Erich Fromm in his monumental study, "The Anatomy of Human Destructiveness" has it 10% necrophiles (Hitler, Himmler), 10% biophiles (Schweitzer, Einstein), and 80% blowing in the wind and following whomever has the most persuasive propaganda.

Here's some persuasive propaganda: "EU Leader Calls For Throwing Out Nuremberg Code In Favor of Forced Vaccinating All Dissenters"


But maybe not as persuasive for borderline followers when scrolling down to see "EU Chief" Ursula Van Der Leyen practically making love to "Pfizer Chief" Bourla. That's as disgusting as it gets, and might just break the spell for a few...

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Here's a thought on our dear EU Leader's recommendation : she is explicitly admitting that the Nuremberg Code is still fully applicable, as it has been since its creation, for if it were not it wouldn't be necessary to "throw it out" in favor of forced vaccinations.

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That’s such an important point.

Thank you.

Is the EU commissioner, Ursula, in video talking about the Nuremberg Code?

If so, I’d like to see & file it somewhere for posterity.

Regret to say I’m 100% certain that all countries are going to mandate covid19 vaccination.

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Fear not Dr. Y.

Lets hope an Awakening is happening around the world. Many are Finally seeing the reality of the shots.

We are at an advantage in the US because many believe in a higher power which most choose to call God.

Importantly we also have Guns and the 2A.

Most real Americans would rather die on their feet than live on their knees.

That is what Steve is trying to do in getting people to Rise Up.

Since you’re a doctor, and I’ve seen your posts elsewhere, It amazes me how a majority in your profession have joined the evil or are unaware? of it.

That’s like saying the German population didn’t know what was happening when Jews got on the trains?

Maybe you could help us understand medical “Professionals” going along with the madness.

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'Fraid I jumped the gun there, her address is referenced on many websites, with the video, but I can't find one where she actually says "Nuremberg". It's all the subsequent reporting that what she said about "discussing mandatory vax" implies she is in favor of ignoring the NCode.

She does specify that certain medical conditions should be exempt... A question or two:

Are we or shouldn't we be trying to reach a maximum number of GPs encouraging them to grant a medical exemption? A simple family history of heart/circulatory problems, for example, should suffice in view of one of the main adverse reactions. A snowballing of GPs and patients with such medical certificates might well put a sizeable dent in the vaxagenda and save some lives.


Do you think that spike remnants may be present in immunmoglobulin replacement therapy products such as Privigen? It is highly refined, all IgA removed, only IgG supposed to be in the bottle... A friend would like to know!

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GPs in the main apparently are among the least well informed healthcare workers.

Why, I don’t know.

I’m not a fan of a tactic like exemptions (instead, outright opposition).

This because we’d be playing along with an evil scheme.

Psychologically, those unvaccinated yet with a valid VaxPass won’t feel like others do.

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Peter, no worries. Yes, it’s illegal to mandate an investigational treatment & maybe any treatment.

Though at low levels, spike protein will be present in blood derived products assuming free spike protein doesn’t

get removed by the clean up processes.

In most vaccinated people spike isn’t elevated for long.

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'Reputation' 'on the line'?

“The data shows no reduction in covid or death”

The last American vagabond video at 27:57 :

28:00 These spike proteins cross the blood brain barrier. . . . They have prion disease effects. We are going to see this in about a year and a half.

39:50: the outcomes of these prion diseases. The data shows that it is a problem for both {the virus and particular the vaccine}

https://www.flemingmethod.com/select-videos ???

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Mass formation explains a lot. CJ Hopkins has a very good take on what's needed to break the spell. Hold a mirror up to them. Show them the atrocity they are becoming and they must face it.

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A few days ago I was told about a recent protest, where the protesters, when faced with the police, held up mirrors to show them reflections of themselves in full riot gear.

Brilliant tactic in the physical world as well.

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today, an ambulance on my street, yesterday, an ambulance on the street behind me......

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Did they run the sirens?

I ask because I noticed a couple months back that I am hearing a lot fewer sirens than in the past. Of course I am that person who suspects everything; "I bet the ambulance drivers were told not to run the sirens unless they needed to clear traffic. I bet they are concerned that people will be alarmed by the frequency. Or maybe the patients are dead by the time they get there and no need for noise..." I said that stuff to my husband. He thinks I think too much.

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No sirens, they are keeping it quiet, maybe the people are dead? hmmmmm

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I saw an ambulance too, on my ride home on the bus

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It’s really already over—done—fini… I called my congressional representatives local office for the umpteenth time today. By the time I had finished, the recipient of my call had written down the d-dimer test and was going to get his fertility checked.

I’ve been working hard to prevent this kind of disaster for almost 4 years. I keep trying to keep the words ‘I failed’ from crowding my mind. I figured if about 50% of the world population got the shots we were done.

I had a lengthy conversation with a young woman from the Philippines who provides tech support for me website today. I told her it was too late and to get herself to the jungle and hide. Heh—I wasn’t kidding. It is getting particularly bad there right now.

I just finished this illustration of this paper that just came out in the last few days. My journey has ended in tears.

SARS–CoV–2 Spike Impairs DNA Damage Repair and Inhibits V(D)J Recombination In Vitro: An Illustration by Joyce Bowen


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Watch the vid, Renowned Virologist [Geert Vanden Bossche] Warns of ‘Collapse of Our Health System’ Due to Complications from COVID Vaccines https://www.globalresearch.ca/renowned-virologist-warns-collapse-health-system-due-complications-covid-vaccines/5763796

Where he is wrong is of course in the conclusion, 'keep it peaceful', because this will only be possible if all those who made this havoc possible are brought to account before justice for their actions, which includes capital punishment as was rightly done with World War II.

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What's going on?

You can vote your way into communism but you have to shoot your way out.

That's what's going on.

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If this were communism we would have regular vaccines like the ones they have in China and Cuba, not this shitty diet gene therapy.

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It seems to me we now need to shoot our way out of capitalism, a far more crafty enemy, see






"shooting", however, may take many different forms.

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Before anointing Mattias Desmet's thesis as the principal explanation for the present totalitarian zeitgeist afoot in the world, one might pause to consider the consequences of doing so while also looking for more parsimonious explanations that engage the relevant facts. Mass "formation" induced by clever hypnotic techniques is certainly real enough as a means of creating a herd mentality, as advertisers and insurance actuarials testify. Actions of such a herd are predictable and, to an extent, malleable; actions of individuals in the herd, not so much. But is this really the case with the hive-like COVID mentality? For if it is, then the hivees have been transformed into victims with little ability or no ability to alter their state of mind or resist doing harm to others on the orders of the hive mind. That is, they are condemned to have no moral agency, no real choice. They are little more than zombies, undead creatures to be pitied even as they commit one atrocity after another.

Poppycock. This is the kind of Hannah Arendt banality that continues to be used to excuse the barbarism that made the Holocaust inevitable in the world's most "civilized" land. It happened not because "good people looked the other way." Rather, it happened because those same people actively supported the enterprise, as they are doing with the COVID mess today. Treating them as if they're victims removes the necessary sense of accountability that would fuel a countervailing force and an immediate rebuke.

Better explanations, for me: There is old fashioned evil in the world, one that must be monitored and, if it shows too much of its ugly head, engaged immediately to be cast into the proverbial bottomless pit--for as long as possible. The great Biblical story about Jesus casting out the demons, whose name was Legion, has great explanatory power.

Perhaps the best explanation, however, is the abuser and the co-dependent relationship (the sadist and the masochist), where the former engages in escalating forms of abuse, both physical and mental, all the while blaming the abused, especially when the abuse is made public. The abused co-dependent keeps returning for more abuse--and the cycle continues. The masochist resists holding the abuser accountable in full knowledge that it's the lack of accountability that will perpetuate the horror of existence. In this scenario, however, abusers, despite their often strident arguments that they are the real victims, are not absolved for actual responsibility to any reasonable third party: they are acting freely as moral agents in a tragic pas de deux that can one day be accountable both to law and public intervention.

I submit that the goal should be to reveal the monsters, both large and small, doing such harm today for what they are and hold them in great contempt. Trying to reason with abusers only raises the stakes for greater harm. Trying to give them moral cover by conferring victim status on them should be anathema.

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People have behavioural motivators. One of the big ones is Certainly vs Uncertainty. The reason most people won’t rise up against the totalitarian dictates is because it creates too much uncertainty in their lives which creates a loss of security.

Most people seek certainty in their lives. It’s why most people won’t assume risky behaviours. It’s why so many succumb to the welfare state; it may be boring, uninspiring and dehumanizing, but they have certainly and security in their lives.

Another motivator of human behaviour is the pain-pleasure principle. Emotionally, 80% of the people perceive too much pain in going against the grain. It’s why most people won’t take up dare-devil activities like sky diving.

Only 20% perceive enough pain currently that they will go to rallies and marches (seeking pleasure or validation emotionally), that they will even risk arrest.

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To me getting a vaccine side effect would be more painful. I suffer panic attacks enough as it is.

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All life forms must act upon the world in ways that expand over time at least geometrically, if not exponentially. Each organism has a variable range of behaviors available as resources in its ongoing struggle to survive and, with a lot of luck, thrive. Cognitive science has learned much over the last century, mainly discovering there is much more to learn. None of this, however, justifies giving abusers or those who support them a pass because of their herd associations. Today's totalitarians are joined at the hip with those who terrorized the past, even the long past. They cemented power because there was too little accountability for their "freedom" to bully.

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COVID Propaganda || Mass Hypnosis Exposed (by a Hypnotist)


"You will comply"

The hypnotist explains how he does the hypnosis himself, and

shows how some people can react insane during their hypnosis.

He lists some parallels between his hypnosis and the news-propaganda.

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What's going on, is that all this covid nonsense is a dry run for crossing the digital divide. If you think the covid circus has been fun, you ain't seen nothing yet. They are honing their toolkit, they are just warming up.

Own nothing, be happy.

Own nothing? yes

Be happy? You Will Have No Other Choice

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