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Great idea, Steve. Now how do we get this writ up proper and put under our elected representatives' noses? A grass roots bill? Know any lawyers who'd "volunteer" to do this?

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i already have some sponsors in congress who are interested in the concept so this is just the first step in the process.

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There's a branch of CHD in Marin County, Marin Freedom Rising, and they have a substack either by that name or as "Marin Grin." They are very active in advocating for medical freedom. If you can find them and notify the author of what you're trying to do this will move like wildfire under the carpet. Very active advocacy group. Please do contact them, they will get behind it and I'm sure they'll help spread it. Go, Steve!!

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We should definitely have publishing of the relevant data at both the state and federal levels as a built-in cross-check for accuracy and accountability purposes. In addition, to minimize or eliminate the probability of corruption that occurs now through self-reporting, external auditors, like PwC should be appointed to audit the correctness and completeness of all systems and processes involved in data, labeling, gathering, analysis, and reporting - similar to what they do in large public companies. If such external auditors are already justified to help ensure financial integrity of our economic systems, then they should be just as easily, if not more justified to ensure the medical integrity of our health systems. If this is not done with the ability to enforce harsh penalties for breaches at both the individual and organizational levels, then the corruption will persist.

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Re: "already justified to help ensure financial integrity of our economic systems,"

They've done such a stellar job of improving the economy, I just can't wait to see how well this all plays out with western medicine. smh.

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"external auditors, like PwC should be appointed to audit the correctness and completeness of all systems and processes involved in data, labeling, gathering, analysis, and reporting"

You mean like the ATF "auditors" who sweep into gun dealers business any time they want and screw up (or force the store/biz owner to shut down) the business a day, so they can swagger their power -- real or not -- to harass and try to trick or catch the FFL in some non-crime they can slap a fine or threaten jail over?!

The corruption will BOTH persist -- and expand!! We need to STOP Pharma in their frauds, and the govt in its aiding, abetting, and MANDATING THEIR own frauds! Forcing "fraud control" onto the DOCTORS -- who should be spending THEIR time trying to help and heal their patients is just more govt bureaucracy!

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

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Steve, you really need to talk with Dr. Pam Wible. She is the expert on the mental health issues that doctors face. I have read her work for years and she is not just smart but compassionate. It would be a great interview.

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Oh, that'd be a big hit, to have this author interviewed on VSRF. I spoke with my clinician about The Mess (and even regarding The Big Mess created by "The Thing.."). She agreed that the way medicine is practiced needs to change. I don't think they're happy, either.. imagine... every time your patient tries to see you they can't get in when they need to see you, instead you just get assigned to whomever's available that day... that's Kaiser for ya, but it gets voted as best provider. As the late Michael C. Ruppert, author of Crossing the Rubicon: The Decline of the American Empire at the end of the Age of Oil, put it, "Change the way money works or you change nothing."

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I am one hundreds of ex Kaiser physicians. They were a reasonable employer many years ago and the care was decent, but I saw kaiser rot away at the core. They moved from a patient centered care to a business productivity model. When I first started at Kaiser I saw 20 patients a day maximum and spent a lot of time with them. My boss was a respected senior surgeon. When I left kaiser my boss was a MBA that traded stocks online at work and told me to see 40 patients a day.

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I agree with everything you're saying, that's been my experience there as a patient over the decades. Kaiser, like other HMOs, is not patient-centered. Medicine should NEVER be "for profit." So do you practice still? Are you in private practice? I'm looking for a functional medicine physician because it's very clear to me that this is the future of real medicine and actual health, and not the kind where you're told to slather on, inject or ingest some toxic crap that causes 20 other problems for which you'll be prescribed 5 other "medicines" all of which work together to kill you by totally destroying your body's natural ability to heal. This kind of "health" has at it's core an ANTAGONISTIC, ADVERSARIAL WORLD VIEW-- Soooooo disgusting-- HELP!

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Thanks for trying but for it to work the doctors have to be on board. But most of the ones I know are burnt out and have no idea of what is going on.

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Doctors shouldn't have to report to VAERS. They already have their medical records, they know what vaccines have been administered and it's logged into patient records.

This entry. point into the record should automatically go to the CDC in a format that protects patients ID. This is easy to do and there is no excuse for not doing it.

Doctors shouldn't have to go back through patient's records to bring this information up to date. All their digitized records should be in the hands of the data analysts so they are free to focus on their jobs.

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Most of the doctors I know are burned out because they know exactly what's going on.

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I know it, but don't despair. There are many doctors who not only know what's going on, but have in fact been speaking out ferociously since the beginning. It's hard to see them, however, even for those of us here on the medical freedom substacks, because they have been so heavily censored and shadow-banned. For example, I just found this video the other day-- maybe it will raise your spirits, as it did mine:

mainestandsup.org instagram channel

posted July 16, 2021


TRANSCRIBER'S NOTE: Prior to covid, as the author of several best-selling books on women's health, Dr. Christiane Northrup was an international celebrity, frequently featured in mainstream television, newspapers and magazines. She is a cofounder of Maine Stands Up https://www.mainestandsup.org/ and organization of citizens of the state of Maine dedicated to protecting and restoring civil liberties.

Her website is https://www.drnorthrup.com/

and Substack is https://truenorthdr.substack.com/


[Video shows crowd on deck of ferry.]

MALE VOICE: Welcome to Dr. Christiane Northrup!

CROWD: [applause]

DR. CHRISTIANE NORTHRUP [emerges from crowd, walks over towards the bridge, takes microphone]: Thank you all for being here. It's so— you know what it does, when we see all of this, the immune system is literally lifted up. Community equals immunity.


DR. CHRISTIANE NORTHRUP: And when you realize that you're not the only one who believes that you should have the right to determine what gets injected into your body.


DR. CHRISTIANE NORTHRUP: That's what we're primarily about here. And my fall to grace, fall into grace, began with testifying for LD 798 in the statehouse, March 2020.* And that's really all I did. I just got up and gave peer-reviewed literature on why we didn't need this bill. We're now facing September, that's when the vaccine mandate bill goes into effect in Maine, so a lot of people are scrambling. And Maine had a 95% voluntary vaccination rate. We didn't need this bill.

And as soon as I testified, I was on the cover of Maine Women's Magazine, and it was a fluffy article, it was the fluffiest thing I'd ever done, it was like, yeah, do you want to get married again, I mean, this sweet little [inaudible]. Next thing you know, I'm canceled big time! I'm suddenly a racist, a white supremacist, a Q-anon conspirator, whatever that is, and then here we are. Because I'm willing to bet that a lot of you who just asked a few questions, just asked a few questions, have had the same experience. I am now probably on my way to becoming a domestic terrorist after—

AUDIENCE: [laughter]

DR: CHRISTIANE NORTHRUP: — 40 years of practicing medicine in Maine and being quite well-respected. Thank you all, thank you for those of you who've come up to me and said, I've followed you for 30 years. I've had an equal number say, I've followed you for 30 years, what happened to you? Nothing! You're not keeping up! Nothing happened to me! You're just not thinking clearly!

So thank you for coming and being part of simply a movement of personal sovereignty, personal decision-making. I mean, as a surgeon, I always gave what's called informed consent. That seems to be something we don't have anymore. This is just basic. This is just basic.

We have an amazing attorney, Ron Jenkins,** who is like Atticus Finch from To Kill a Mockingbird —


DR. CHRISTIANE NORTHRUP: — and he would be here tonight except that he's filing a TRO, temporary restraining order, tomorrow, the revision of it, in Alabama. And they chose Alabama because it looked like they had a judge there who would treat this issue fairly. My daughter Annie over here is working on the legal proofreading of that motion.

So you know how, there's an old political slogan, as Maine goes, so goes the nation? Well I like to say, as Maine goes, so goes the planet. And what we're doing here, our lawyer is writing all the stuff that lawyers all over the United States are using in all the various states, just for basic, fundamental freedom. That's how good he is. He's almost like Thomas Jefferson reincarnated.


DR. CHRISTIANE NORTHRUP: And he's also very in tune with Longfellow.*** And his summer home was built by Longfellow's daughter. It's an amazing story. And when he last spoke to our group we were in a gym up in Augusta and he said, I could tell you about the case, but right now I'd like to talk about God. It was amazing, amazing.

So you're part of a wonderful group of warriors. I think that we are, as Emily said so beautifully in the last newsletter, we are like the same people of 1776 come back again. The same sort of rabble-rousing group that's just not going to take it. But we're doing it in a wonderful, spiritual, fun way, with a playlist by Mark.


DR. CHRISTIANE NORTHRUP: Who's fabulous at that. So at this point I'd like to invite my daughter Anne to sing for us.


Then we'll get back to dancing. Alright.

ANNE [takes the microphone]: OK I might have to restart if I have the wrong key, but.

[singing]: O say can you see, by the dawn's early light,

What so proudly we hailed by the twilight's last gleaming

Whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight

O'er the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming

VOICE: [inaudible]

ANNE [singing]: And the rockets red glare, the bombs bursting in air,

Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there

[AUDIENCE joins signing]

O say does that star-spangled banner yet wave

O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave?

[applause, cheering]

MAN: Alright, let's have some fun!


# # # 


*LD 798, sponsored by representative Ryan Tipping, disallowed religious exemptions to vaccine mandates. https://legislature.maine.gov/LawMakerWeb/summary.asp?ID=280071798

On her Substack blog, April 3, 2023 Dr. Northrup posted her testimony before the state legislature in support of reinstating religious and philosophical exemptions to vaccine mandates. See:


See also:


The entire session can be viewed at:


** Ron Jenkins, see:


See also "A 'Thank You' tribute for MSU consisting of several interviews with Attorney Ron Jenkins and video recordings of various events during the past 12 months by DavesPaper.com."

Maine GOP Convention Rumble channel

posted March 30, 2022


*** Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (1807-1882), a leading American poet and native of Maine. See https://www.hwlongfellow.org

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Oh my gosh, beautiful. 🌄🌄

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Judicial Watch has an article up regarding Anthem Insurance incentive reimbursements to doctors based on percentage of patients vaxed. Please look at JW latest. Shouldn’t p

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When the majority of the Congress & Senate is captured.

When the few uncaptured put up a bill .

Sounds good but it always fails!

Money is the driver.

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That is the problem . The phrase Sounds old .


that's why conflicts of interest exists .

That's why politician CORRUPTION

That's why Vaccine serious chronic ailments including death exists.

After 1986 vaccine act vaccine manufacturers were granted liability protection .

Thus no fear to produce safe vaccines, only more and more.

In other words Saftey was sold for Money. 1986 world vaccine income yearly 169 million 2018 50 billion

1986 kids received 20 vaccines to age 12

2016 " 72 vaccines to age 12.

USA kids are most vaccinated in the world

Before 1986 they were the healthiest kids in the world

Now are in line with 3rd world countries like continental countries of Africa.




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Not giving slim buckets my ssn for nuthin'!

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A get that you don't approve of Steve's law?

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To paraphrase the great Jessica Rose in Manitoba this morning, since VAERS has been waived as a pharmacovigilance tool, then immunity from liability should also be waived. https://www.youtube.com/live/5DAWUF46MW0?feature=share

2hours and 23 minutes.

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As far as vaccines go -

No vaccine is safe and never will be. It would take a minimum of 1000 years to determine whether any long term DNA damage has occurred or if there are any issues with Human reproduction. Even then it is not 100% certain, maybe 100,000 years would get us that 99% certainty. Finding ways to keep the the vaccination scam going is not the solution.

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I understand that you disagree with Steve's law?

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1000 years to determine safety? I disagree. The epigentic lectures I have listened to said two generations. The 1 in 36 children born with autism is telling of some serious environental probelm, and for me, thr vaccine schedule is the top of the list that should be looked at. The guilty behavior of the medical establishment on vaccines is also telling. No one is asking how or why on autism.

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I love your work on behalf of better transparency and truth. My only thought about the proposed draft is the downside of making sensitive data of deceased people publicly available, like DOB and SSN, as that could get into the wrong hands for potential misuse (tax filing, voting, etc.). Might need input from data security experts on that!

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Not to mention, only open source vaccinations. Available for testing. No DNA modifiers.

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Disagree with ID or SSN published as it can be easily misused even after death i. e. collecting “beneficiaries” unclaimed monies.

Listing the town can easily be confirmed in obits. You don’t need to publish SSN where bank accounts and too many personal informations can be abused after a death until estates are settled.

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Hi Steve, did you happen to catch the recent Kim Iverson interview with David Martin? Out-of-the-box thinking may be more effective, given what David shares about his experience with M-Cam unearthing govt and corporate fraud. NO ONE was ever held to account! David is of the opinion the US legal system has never been on the side of the people (taxpayers, constituents) See what you think! "Dr. Martin on Kim Iverson: It's Much Worse Than You Think. Covid Criminals in U.S. Gov 3-27-2023" - https://rumble.com/v2f5ehe-dr.-martin-on-kim-iverson-its-much-worse-than-you-think.-covid-criminals-in.html

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David has many opinion, the first having to do with how smart he is...

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Hi David, hope you are also aware that its rarely the brightness of a single bulb that counts rather its in sharing experiences. Human civilization has survived for eons in part by everyone gathering by the fire at night and sharing stories. Never can tell whom these stories may resonate for.

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Except for publishing the personal information of recently deceased individuals (a gold mine for scammers as well as a HIPAA violation), this sounds like a great idea!

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Until society honors truth and integrity above money...I doubt that the group of entrepreneurs that run our government will be open to a medical transpareny law.

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Have a website for all states to upload the data to, which would bypass the CDC and allow the data to be transparent. I would recommend not posting SSN to reduce fraud there.

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Anyone wonder why the congress and President and the supremem court has no power? Wonder no more. Those three entities are not running the show. Someone else is and it is codified in our laws.


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