I enjoyed your article. Thank you for your good work! question - the link you provided to the Pfizer data specifically said there were no deaths in participants 12-15 years old. Could you comment on, with this information, why you still believe the predictive modeling for deaths in 5-11 year olds injected with the vaccine would be similar to what you see in older groups? Thanks!

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Thank you Steve and thank you Toby. Truly. Your words and questions may be falling on deaf ears by the people in power (for now), but we hear them, appreciate them, need the analyses and are in this fight to protect the children.

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"On September 24, 2021, Toby posted this reasonable request on Twitter:"

Should this be '2020'

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Even the 45 children would probably die WITH not OF CV

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.....ironically (or perhaps NOT so MUCH so) enough, Kostoff's citation of Panagopoulos' 2019 findings as to the PROFOUND biological effects of millimeter-wavelength, other spectrum artificial EMFs contextualizes HOW they're CATALYZING this disease-state, AND validate my own pathology model for CV-19, other biologics.....to WIT:

'Second, the typical incoming EMF signal for many/most laboratory tests performed in

the past consisted of single carrier wave frequency; the lower frequency superimposed signal

containing the information was not always included. This omission may be important. As

Panagopoulos states: “It is important to note that except for the RF/microwave carrier

frequency, Extremely Low Frequencies - ELFs (0–3000Hz) are always present in all

telecommunication EMFs in the form of pulsing and modulation. There is significant evidence

indicating that the effects of telecommunication EMFs on living organisms are mainly due to

the included ELFs…. While ∼50% of the studies employing simulated exposures do not find any

effects, studies employing real-life exposures from commercially available devices display an

almost 100% consistency in showing adverse effects” [Panogopoulos, 2019]. These effects may

be exacerbated further with 5G: “with every new generation of telecommunication

devices…..the amount of information transmitted each moment…..is increased, resulting in

higher variability and complexity of the signals with the living cells/ organisms even more

unable to adapt” [Panogopoulos, 2019].'

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Dec 20, 2021·edited Dec 20, 2021

How? Covid doesn't kill kids anyway!

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Although I admit that I have nothing like the statistical ability or medical knowledge that Steve Kirsch obviously has, I believe that I am capable of discerning very obvious trends in death statistics. After several hours of comparing teenage deaths in the UK in previous years with those that occurred from July to November 2021 when nearly half of them got vaccinated, I was completely unable to detect any significant difference between the death rates in earlier years and those that occurred in the latter part of 2021. I have therefore come to the conclusion that vaccine deaths in teenagers must be occurring at a much lower frequency than the adult population, where definite differences between 2021 and earlier years can be detected, in line with Steve's earlier work on American mortality rates in 2021. I am therefore not at all convinced that the URF of 41 can be applied to the teenage deaths recorded in VAERS and think that maybe the deaths of youngsters recorded in VAERS represent almost all the vaccine related teenage deaths. This is not to say that I think it is acceptable, which it clearly isn't, but I feel it is important to be completely honest about these matters so that the truly valid predictions are not dismissed by establishment.

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The implication of Solonsax' questions 1&2 is that the vax excites immunity not against covid19 but against itself, and against any number of things benign or malign. It is inevitable that numerous adverse effects will emerge with time.

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Steve, I respect your work and applaud your dedication. I've only one significant objection: that you "lead" with the Under-Reported Factor (URF) of 41x within your figures. I strongly believe that doing so is a mistake, because you give the vaccine-supremacists an easy target which they will use to discredit the notion of negative net mortality.

I believe it is vital to follow USAF Col. John Boyd's dicta:

1) Do your homework. Never misstate facts.

2) Use your enemy's data against him.

3) Understate, never overstate.

By beginning with solid data from the CDC, WHO, etc. and making rock-bottom/low/conservative estimates, we give them nowhere to go. They cannot argue against their own data. However, by your adding a 41x URF, they can misdirect away from their own damning data.

So, I've calculated without any URF, to arrive at net negative mortality for Pfizer (-8%), Moderna (-19%), and J&J (-35%). Here is my analysis of the (non-mRNA) J&J Covid vaccines:


LIE — “J&J Covid vaccines have net saved many lives.”

FACT — J&J vaccines kill 35% more people than they save!

The most pessimistic average Infection Fatality Rate (IFR) is 0.3%.

Preventing 333.3 infections saves 1 life.

The inverse of the absolute risk reduction (1/ARR) = number needed to vaccinate (NNV) to prevent 1 infection.

J&J vaccine has an NNV of 84.

84 J&J shots prevent 1 infection.

84 x 333.3 = 28,000 shots save 1 life.

14,000,000 received J&J vaccines.

14,000,000 / 28,000 = 500 lives saved.

However, according to VAERS (without any under-reported factor), of those 14,000,000 J&J vaccinated, there were 675 deaths from J&J vaccines.

675 deaths / 500 lives saved = 1.35 deaths per life saved!

J&J vaccines have caused at least 175 additional deaths than if we’d let Covid run its course (as the Amish did).

To save more lives, we should have avoided these poorly tested, hasty, experimental J&J vaccines!

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My grandson lost his grandfather on his dads side last January after shot and his dad had heart palpitations, sweats, headache after being vaccinated this past summer and resorted to taking a naproxim? shot because he was afraid of dying and didn't trust hospital care. My grandson is 9 and I'm angry that his life is being disrupted and that he is fearful.

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What about psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis? Any worsening symptoms? How to treat?

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Re: getting our supposed representatives to at least listen - ain’t gonna happen. If they shut you out, they can answer honestly (in their version of honesty anyway) that they were never informed of any possible adverse reactions or death. Sorta like the Obama care vote which no one voted on. They don’t want to be held to account when it’s plain to all that they were on the wrong side of this jab scheme in response to the “pandemic”.

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I don't think it is correct to use the factor or 41 for underreporting of deaths. Deaths and serious adverse reactions are much more likely to be reported than less severe or delayed reactions. I support your work but feel that it's important to keep things credible. Grant Falck MD

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Great article . The Big Pharma trolls are out in droves on many sites . Just look at what they’re doing to the life saving molecule Leronlimab from CytoDyn , the only MAB that actually takes death off the table for covid critical cases and without any side effects .

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Another estimate:

mRNA vaccines will kill 3800 children by causing cardiac injury, to prevent 14 COVID-19 deaths in the US


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How much does the pharmaceutical industry make per dead child?

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