Interesting article. I have written today an article about the german mortality cause statistic (Todesursachenstatik). According to this date we had no death for people aged 0-20. Zero. So there is never be a chance to make any kind of risk reduction based on death.


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Nobody believes you because we're not buying into this persecution fantasy that corporations and the big bad government actually want to kill kids. Why would that be true? A million kids have now been vaccinated, where are all the deaths? Oh they're being attributed to things other than covid. What if they actually were things other than covid?

I am an educated person. I have a PhD from a mainstream university. I can't debate statistics and medical study design. But until you can answer those questions in a way that makes sense on a human level I question your motives and biases. Medicine has been wrong in important ways that have wrecked lives and caused deaths, but what they haven't been, by and large, is malicious. Whereas your side goes ballistic over tyranny when asked to wear a mask in public. I have to trust someone and your side is not credible.

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It is too late for the majority of America. The Mass Psychosis that the VRP/Media/Government/Pharma perpetrated against us is almost unbreakable. Everyone glued to their smartphones and TVs will only wake up as they themselves are dying and by then it will be too late.

The VRP know that the ones left will have a mighty large axe to grind so either they will force the military to deal with us or they will go into hiding as the country tears itself apart. Of course, the Chinese will not idly stand by with the riches America contains. They will land in force on the west coast and occupy America all the way to the Rockies.

A dark winter coming indeed.

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"I am focused solely on what the data is showing" -- Where is the data that shows "the virus" was isolated and causes some new disease?

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Why save the life of a leftist who is hell bent on destroying liberty and sciemce.? Let them eat their cake.

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Corrupt government? Try corrupt medical care industry, corrupt state and federal health agencies, corrupt school boards, corrupt republicans, corrupt democrats, corrupt big pharm, corrupt industrial businesses, corrupt services businesses, corrupt big retail, corrupt CEOs, corrupt news, corrupt hollywood, corrupt judges, corrupt DOJ, corrupt CIA, corrupt FBI, corrupt unions, corrupt DAs, corrupt banks, etc etc..... so why doesn't citizens just do somthing.....really, I just said why the public doesn't do anything of substance.

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Steve, can you take a look at what I witnessed growing up in lefty Canadian govt? It's a messy story, but so what - the truth is the truth, and we are all in imminent danger from these Fabian psychos. http://TowerOfBabel.ca

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Thank you for everything that you're doing, Steve.

I have started compiling a running list of all the children and teens that are suddenly dropping dead without explanation. I could use some help. Please read my post here for details:


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I disagree about getting your social media turned off in that this won't save any lives but I suggest to speak in code that allows you to keep what passes for voice

As a concrete example

I wrote the Rule of Freedom suite in 2006 mostly and it is important

Also it is important to nurture our children which means dareisay we ought not kill them nor eat them it ain't a sensible solution

Official narrative will eventually fall apart and the thing I see most missing that will hasten the change to the next phase is

Folks talking to each other in person

There is a reason they told us not to

We are gonna have to face each other calmly and firmly with love

And shut this stuff down they are pushing...

And they'll try another means to lock us all down and separate us thru lies

It won't end until and unless freedom rings for us all

Ain't no freedom in no freakin needle

Wish they would stop shoving those Damm needles in my face

I cringe every time I see one

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I care so much. It’s just that my friends and family are sophisticated enough that if I present them certain material they would say or think ‘oh that’s fake or that’s fake news or it’s something I’ve been told to discredit and not listen to’… I certainly try to pay attention to everything coming out of science now so that I can prove it has merit but unfortunately legit studies according to the establishment are hard to find and what’s more I find even then ppl won’t take them seriously

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Hi Steve. It is one thing for the CDC / FDA to be corrupted. However, what do you make of the many studies by other groups of scientists who do find that the vaccines are safer than you have calculated? Obviously, there is some dispute as with the Rose & McCullough paper, but others are finding lower rates of adverse effects. It would be great if you could explain how you see this process playing out. Thanks.

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From 1963 I was a university student, and watched closely how the truth about the Vietnam War was at first ignored by such a great majority, and how the protests just fizzled, how the anti-war activists were treated. Slowly this changed over the next few years, for when every small town saw a few of their youngsters coming home in body bags... I fear we may need something similar to cause a wave of waking up from the current herd madness.

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Well Steve, while I'm very happy that you've been working at this so diligently, I have a feeling that the people that want to believe that the vax is safe and effective, benefits outweigh the risks, won't even consider they're wrong until massive tragedy is rampant.

Even then, there will very likely be a preference to accept the establishment narrative rather than face the awful realizations that become necessary to truly understand our predicament.

I mean, think about it. Most people have freely admitted that they don't trust or believe MSM, yet they have become advocates for the message of MSM and have adopted it as gospel in their lives.

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