Interesting article. I have written today an article about the german mortality cause statistic (Todesursachenstatik). According to this date we had no death for people aged 0-20. Zero. So there is never be a chance to make any kind of risk reduction based on death.


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Here is an article I wrote that expounds on a UK study that found that only six "healthy" children in the UK (out of approximately 12 million children) died FROM Covid in the first year of the pandemic. This is a mortality rate of 0.0001 percent. My article, which includes some extrapolations, links to the actual study.


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Nobody believes you because we're not buying into this persecution fantasy that corporations and the big bad government actually want to kill kids. Why would that be true? A million kids have now been vaccinated, where are all the deaths? Oh they're being attributed to things other than covid. What if they actually were things other than covid?

I am an educated person. I have a PhD from a mainstream university. I can't debate statistics and medical study design. But until you can answer those questions in a way that makes sense on a human level I question your motives and biases. Medicine has been wrong in important ways that have wrecked lives and caused deaths, but what they haven't been, by and large, is malicious. Whereas your side goes ballistic over tyranny when asked to wear a mask in public. I have to trust someone and your side is not credible.

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Malice requires one to evaluate intentions and a shared moral framework, eg many people say nothing critical of China’s harvesting of organs from living political prisoners.

As for medical and pharmaceutical deaths, the annual numbers dwarf all causes except cancers and cardiovascular diseases, see repeated studies by Johns Hopkins University.

When a pharmaceutical company product was suspect in thousands of births of babies with teratogenic malformations the company fought back for years, going so far as to accuse the mothers of performing at home abortions. Those women and their children were all the victims of a highly touted drug, thalidomide.

Granted, most people don’t have degreas covering the recent history of medical science and bioethics, but just a bit of a memory will make it clear that large pharmaceutical companies frequently break rules and laws. No educated person even needs to hear the litany of crimes against people by government. But back to malice, one could assume that pharm and gov mean well, but still recognize how often they miss the mark or work at cross purposes.

Cigarettes were sponsored by doctors. Agent Orange was a safe defoliant. Radiation was mostly safe, so safe kids were X Raying their feet in new shoes at department stores to see the fit. Any young person with sadness should try SSRIs, many murders and suicides since there’s finally a black box warning and different guidelines (if not practices).

Give people a rare cancer with product? Spend decades and a fortune playing legal games to avoid full liability.

The obvious truth is that governments crave increasing power and big companies want ever more money. You’re right not to automatically accept skepticism online, but trusting the US Government and the likes of Pfizer and J&J?

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You had me up till the last paragraph. I did say that medicine has been wrong and wrecked lives and killed people. These are some of the terrible incidents I was referring to and there were more. Doctors and governments are not immune to grift. Big pharma by and large sucks. Trust can be misplaced. I might have smoked in a different time.

But the world is more sophisticated now. It's not the 50s. It's way harder to keep a secret and way easier to verify things.

You are absolutely correct that pharma companies just want money, assuming the vaccine is a cash cow which I'm not sure it is, but what is this supposed government craving for power? To do what? Everyone wears masks, gets shots -- why would that be such a win for government? You sound like a reasonable person, you don't believe this Bill Gates microchip crap, right?

Really what I'm saying here is not that I trust the government, but that I don't trust the author of this substack. I have to pick between the CDC and Steve here. Thalidomide happened, but plenty of good medicine also happened. What are we going to do today?

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only need a small number of the evil ones at the choke points; most others will just go along

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Then debate him please. I’ll watch with an open mind. Maybe you can grab a million bucks too

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The reason nobody accepts these debate challenges is because the person making them is not credible at the outset, and also who is going to decide a winner? All this "debate me!!" crap is disingenuous.

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Nah that’s BS … nobody engages cause they’ll lose. There is no reason for this awful jab. I mean I think whoever wants it should get it, but don’t coerce others into it. If it works then you should be protected from the unvaxxed lepers, right? So what’s the concern?

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Again, who judges the debate? You? AJ? Are people gonna vote? How do you pick those people? Every presidential debate ever, the republicans think their guy won and the democrats think their guy won. Debates don't settle anything.

You know the concerns by now. The selfish ones are:

1. Unvaccinated people get covid and take up hospital beds needed by others. Sure so do fat people and smokers and so on but it's harder and slower to get in shape than it is to just get a shot.

2. The more people get covid the more likely it is to mutate and maybe the vaccines stop working.

But I do just generally want people not to get sick or die, and I think scare tactics are causing suffering. A guy I know, my age (45), just lost both his relatively young, unvaccinated parents to covid. Not saying that proves anything but he is very sad now. I wish it didn't have to happen, that's all.

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The people who watched the debate would judge the debate. Some would think side A won, some side B. What this doctor is trying to do is allow such a debate to happen. He obviously wants as many people as possible to view said debate. It's an open question if the corporate media would even cover such a debate. They probably would not. But by inviting officials to participate this would block all of those censorship tactics. How could "public health officials" say this was dangerous misinformation if half the debate comments came from public health officials? It IS telling this debate offer was refused.

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you do know that in the most heavily vaxxed places, the hospitals are full of the vaxxed? and btw, when they fire nurses or they quit because of the mandate, then beds are closed, and the available beds fill up that much faster. The vax does stop working, the production of antibodies appears to be over by 4 months on, and then you are left with a damaged immune system, and/or damaged organs. The spike protein makes it into the nucleus of your cells and disables a couple of vital DNA repair genes. Mutations can ONLY arise in the vaxxed, your statement 2 ONLY applies to the vaxxed. There is no proof that if your friend's parents had taken the vax they would still be alive now; and that the vax wouldn't have killed them in the end anyway. Even if that end is at an unknown future point. I have listened in to a couple of epidemiologists trying to estimate how many, and how soon, will be cut down by the immune dysfunction caused by the vax. It ain't a pretty argument, the numbers are hair-raising. If your friends parents had the natural infection, and been offered the treatment most of the world seems to have no problem prescribing, they would have a 95% chance of being alive, with lifelong immunity. This is why the kids should be allowed to get thee infection and get over it, with treatment preferable; they would form the backbone of herd immunity. Some months ago, Uttar Pradesh state in India had a raging delta pandemic going, decided to truncate their vax program and send everyone a treatment kit with ivermectin. Their infections and deaths fell off a cliff. The ongoing infections and deaths are, for the most part, preventable, and therefore optional.

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Practically none of that is true but I'm about done here.

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I will accept Steve Kirsch's word as credible over yours, I have spent some time reading his proofs, opinions and background. If you can't debate stats and the design of medical studies, what value do you think your comments will provide to the readers here?

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What value are you adding?

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Why do you want to vaccinate children. In Germany we had ZERO deaths for children according to official mortality cause statistic. ZERO. It was also never proven for children that it can reduce such risks kids. More or less in the same way for older people because of all cause mortality. Zero Evidence. Do the math. It seems you have no clue about statistics.

Your comment about mask is in the same way absolute insane.


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I already said i have no clue about statistics, or minimal clue. I'd read your post but i don't know what you think I speak German?

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I had no trouble with the google translate version in english

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You didn't reference his research? He is spot on . No need for these vaccines in children. Zero!! It's been nearly 2 years since the start of Covid and mortality rates in children is staggeringly low to even consider the risk of an Emergency Use vaccine. But you have no heart do you? Your willing to put children at risk unnecessarily becasue your overeducated brain can't accept that government and big pharma are in fact more interested in money than saving human lives. People like you are a disgrace to mankind

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What research? His own posts, same tweets, other antivax sites, some political economist who knows some stats, maybe? Again, a million kids have been vaccinated, where are all the deaths? You can't just post a couple of tweets and say there they are, because there should be thousands.

I do entirely believe that big pharma is more interested in money than anything else and that the FDA is not a pure-hearted organization. But that doesn't mean all medicine is bad.

Personal attacks are all you have and they bounce right off me.

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I do not think you even read the article

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I read the article. I read it closely because I wanted to see what research I missed. It's what I said it was.

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Why do you want vaccinate children who have no risk according to german data? This doesn't make any sense. You harm children, this is obviously. 20 month of terror, especially against children.

None of these things are based on science and evidence.

I asked my state government (FOIA) that they should provide documents which show that these non medical interventions are based on evidence. There are zero documents.

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I mean again I don't speak German. But why do you ignore the research that says children do get covid, and even though they are at low risk of serious illness or death, they transmit it to adults who are. This is bad for everyone including the children themselves.


Inflammatory language like "20 months of terror" does nothing for your argument.

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And here…I believe is the basis of her argument. Erin is afraid a child might infect her and therefore, all children need to be forcefully injected. “This is bad for…the children” what facts does she have to back this statement? None to be exact. It is not about the innocents at all, it’s about her. Her own arguments have nothing to do with fact only of FEAR! She appears closed minded intending to excuse away her guilt over the killing and injured of the innocent and vulnerable for self preservation. Not to dissimilar to populations that looked the other way in other genocides. Sad.

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Nobody is killing children. Nobody wants to kill children. It doesn't make anyone any money to kill children.

There's not so much evidence that adults getting covid is bad for children, just the obvious stuff. Losing a parent or the parent's income, even temporarily, means kids lose their homes or don't eat. Remote school sucks as we all know.

I got both shots and a booster, I mostly work at home, I'm not afraid a kid is going to infect me. Children do get covid, maybe they don't die of it that often, but getting sick is still bad.

I got my kid vaccinated. I've got skin in the game.

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quoting the CDC does nothing for yours

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Well not according to you, I should maybe have known better. You still haven't told anyone WHY the cdc is so evil. How are they getting rich off this? What new power do they have? Where is the evidence for that? Why would they want children dead?

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It is too late for the majority of America. The Mass Psychosis that the VRP/Media/Government/Pharma perpetrated against us is almost unbreakable. Everyone glued to their smartphones and TVs will only wake up as they themselves are dying and by then it will be too late.

The VRP know that the ones left will have a mighty large axe to grind so either they will force the military to deal with us or they will go into hiding as the country tears itself apart. Of course, the Chinese will not idly stand by with the riches America contains. They will land in force on the west coast and occupy America all the way to the Rockies.

A dark winter coming indeed.

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"I am focused solely on what the data is showing" -- Where is the data that shows "the virus" was isolated and causes some new disease?

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Why save the life of a leftist who is hell bent on destroying liberty and sciemce.? Let them eat their cake.

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Corrupt government? Try corrupt medical care industry, corrupt state and federal health agencies, corrupt school boards, corrupt republicans, corrupt democrats, corrupt big pharm, corrupt industrial businesses, corrupt services businesses, corrupt big retail, corrupt CEOs, corrupt news, corrupt hollywood, corrupt judges, corrupt DOJ, corrupt CIA, corrupt FBI, corrupt unions, corrupt DAs, corrupt banks, etc etc..... so why doesn't citizens just do somthing.....really, I just said why the public doesn't do anything of substance.

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I couldn’t have said it better. You truly grasp the scope of our problem.

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And the Scope is huge

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Steve, can you take a look at what I witnessed growing up in lefty Canadian govt? It's a messy story, but so what - the truth is the truth, and we are all in imminent danger from these Fabian psychos. http://TowerOfBabel.ca

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Thank you for everything that you're doing, Steve.

I have started compiling a running list of all the children and teens that are suddenly dropping dead without explanation. I could use some help. Please read my post here for details:


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We simply have to wait for these crazy government lovers to die. Nothing else we can do. The more you speak up, the more they don't want to hear it. Leave them be. Its a low IQ problem. Remember, higher educated people were most likely to say no to RNA instructions.

It should be evident to everyone there is no pandemic.

600,000 die every year from cancer, but no one is forced chemo and radiation.

660,000 die every year from heart disease, but no one is force fed anti-cholesterol pharma chemicals, no one is being shipped off to fat camp.

Only 400,000 die per year from Fauci-China-Gates virus.

Tell your friends, family, and employers to calm down

They'll be dead soon enough, and you won't have to hear it anymore.

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I'll take that bet. Seems to me that most of the deaths these days are in the US south, not the highly educated north.

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Wrong again but facts don’t matter to the genocidal cultist. How’s your sacrifice’s heart rate these days? Poor kid.

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I am way too boring to be a genocidal cultist, you give me too much credit.

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I disagree about getting your social media turned off in that this won't save any lives but I suggest to speak in code that allows you to keep what passes for voice

As a concrete example

I wrote the Rule of Freedom suite in 2006 mostly and it is important

Also it is important to nurture our children which means dareisay we ought not kill them nor eat them it ain't a sensible solution

Official narrative will eventually fall apart and the thing I see most missing that will hasten the change to the next phase is

Folks talking to each other in person

There is a reason they told us not to

We are gonna have to face each other calmly and firmly with love

And shut this stuff down they are pushing...

And they'll try another means to lock us all down and separate us thru lies

It won't end until and unless freedom rings for us all

Ain't no freedom in no freakin needle

Wish they would stop shoving those Damm needles in my face

I cringe every time I see one

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I care so much. It’s just that my friends and family are sophisticated enough that if I present them certain material they would say or think ‘oh that’s fake or that’s fake news or it’s something I’ve been told to discredit and not listen to’… I certainly try to pay attention to everything coming out of science now so that I can prove it has merit but unfortunately legit studies according to the establishment are hard to find and what’s more I find even then ppl won’t take them seriously

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Hi Steve. It is one thing for the CDC / FDA to be corrupted. However, what do you make of the many studies by other groups of scientists who do find that the vaccines are safer than you have calculated? Obviously, there is some dispute as with the Rose & McCullough paper, but others are finding lower rates of adverse effects. It would be great if you could explain how you see this process playing out. Thanks.

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Are you asking how others look st VAERS & find lower rates of adverse events?

Or others finding lower rates of adverse events in some other way?

I must say, I’ve seen very few reports on adverse events at all. Almost as if there aren’t any.

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Any method, really. More the greater point that accepting Steve's arguments means rejecting many others in the peer-reviewed literature.

I have little doubt (given a little bit of experience in academia) that we do have some corruption in science at present such that some will publish that everything is just fine regardless of the truth. I have seen this for myself on another medical topic, and it also included what looked like a measure of corruption by at least one regulatory agency.

However, on that other topic, there were also other scientists and doctors who were not so perversely incentivised and were slowly advancing the reality of the situation, paper by paper.

So, if Steve is correct, how has science been so subverted that even those scientists and doctors who have the independence to publish without perverse incentives are either *not* publishing or (as per Steve's argument) consistently under-reporting the true rate of injuries?

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Mass psychosis is what’s happening according to Mattias Desmet.

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From 1963 I was a university student, and watched closely how the truth about the Vietnam War was at first ignored by such a great majority, and how the protests just fizzled, how the anti-war activists were treated. Slowly this changed over the next few years, for when every small town saw a few of their youngsters coming home in body bags... I fear we may need something similar to cause a wave of waking up from the current herd madness.

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While I agree that, given enough time, that would happen, we’re not going to be given enough time.

I predict vaccine passports will be introduced & be required to access food shops. Boosters will be mandatory in order to keep your VaxPass valid,

By the time enough of us are ready to seriously protest, protest will be impossible. Because cash & $$ wil have been replaced with CBDCs & the long eta of Frer Humans will be over.

Then the mass depopulation will really get going.

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Well, Mike, I'll take your scenario as a "worst-case" one, but I have some reservations, as I discuss at


My diagnosis would rather be a Colossal Con Job for Big Bucks turned into a Colossal SNAFU.

Surely the VRPs (very rich person) who are supposed to have planned the population-reduction have not planned very well: They are not going to kill the people one would think they would prefer to kill first and foremost. They are not going to get the Russians, Chinese, even most Indians and S. Americans to take the spike generator. And they are apparently trying to kill off their own military, not very wise with all them Russkies and Chinamen just itching to take over the world themselves (or so the Intelligence Agencies and Think Tanks would have us believe.) I think "our designated enemies" must be sitting around in what used to be smoke-filled back rooms in complete stitches observing what a fabulous own-goal the western VRPs have created. Now, had BigPharma come out with these miracle shots and said to the world, we are generous! we want to be sure every last person on the planet is saved! so we will first give all our production to all the poor nations, to every last "foreigner" who wants to be saved before we, the inventors and producers of this miracle will take the medicine ourselves... THEN I could believe there was a "plan" in action.

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Also. I expect we’ve not seen much of the plan as yet.

There will be many more scary stuff yet to swept around the world.

India I believe already has a digital ID system which some of the perpetrators kindly volunteered to establish for free!

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Peter, I much hope you’re right. Personally, I equate loss of human freedoms with death anyway.

If we end up in a system where vaccination is obligatory where we live, because VaxPass regulates access to food, then the fact that other, distant countries aren’t in that position doesn’t help much.

BIG IF, but if we can prevent VaxPass introduction & crucially, becoming widely accepted, wherever we see it, then the 4th industrial revolution cannot occur.

I’ll fight for that.

Despite their hideous unpopularity, the perpetrators appear to have made progress towards a VaxPass regulated existence in most European countries. In Austria, so many seem to be quite happy to discriminate against the unvaccinated thst it’s hard to be optimistic.

It’s not possible to believe what’s being put in place is accidental. At least, I don’t believe it.

I think we unite at deep concern to oppose VaxPass control of daily existence?

Thank you for your work!

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You guys are doing a lot more work than I, all I can do is watch and think a little, stranded here in the mountains... But, as American philosopher Yogi Berra insisted, "You can observe a lot buy just watching" ;>_)

Meanwhile, this just arrived:


World’s First Vaccine Murder case against Bill Gates, Adar Poonawalla filed in India’s High Court

Posted by Indian Bar Association on November 25, 2021

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by... not buy.

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and this:


Fully Vaccinated Canadian Senator Dies of “Covid”

A prominent Canadian politician who was fully vaccinated against Covid-19 has passed away from “covid”, according to government officials.

Josée Forest-Niesing, 56, suffered from an autoimmune condition that reportedly affected her lungs. After getting vaccinated, she fell sick and had to be sent to the hospital, where she remained for a month undergoing treatment.

Eventually, Niesing was sent home on November 14th, only to have her condition deteriorate even further. One week later, she passed away due to the vaccine-induced illness from which she had suffered.


I suppose she was one of the "high risk" persons for whom the shot was especially recommended.

Something has got to give, and I may be overly optimistic, but I sense it may be sooner rather than later.

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Well Steve, while I'm very happy that you've been working at this so diligently, I have a feeling that the people that want to believe that the vax is safe and effective, benefits outweigh the risks, won't even consider they're wrong until massive tragedy is rampant.

Even then, there will very likely be a preference to accept the establishment narrative rather than face the awful realizations that become necessary to truly understand our predicament.

I mean, think about it. Most people have freely admitted that they don't trust or believe MSM, yet they have become advocates for the message of MSM and have adopted it as gospel in their lives.

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