What about Celine Dion's stiff person syndrome?

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Mother Nature’s Job

Is To Inform The Vaccinated

That They Have Violated

The Terms Of Their Warranty.

- Payback’s A Bitch.


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The powerhouse of the cell

Damage their unique DNA and pow

The lights go out

The battery drained

Cellular function

Is murdered and maimed

Maybe that's in your myocardium

Maybe your liver or spleen

Maybe in your nervous system

Or anything in between

But remember

You eat to get fuel

And you breathe to get air

But your mitochondria are the engines

That turn the gears

That drive every cell in your body

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It's still man made though & then they trued there best to cover it up. They then use a vaccine that they knew had side effects & then those of us that refused to be vaccinated were attacked from every source, presidents, prime ministers, doctors, media, film & music (Sean penn) & the general public. It stinks to high heaven & what's going to happen to the youngsters? I know if I was a kid & my parents did this to me, I'd never speak yo them again.

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Jabs baaaad! Unh!

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I have decided- and I’m not taking it.

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This supposed 'Treaty' could be the final nail in our coffins if our Governments don't realise what Gates and other influencers are up to.


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Another big deep rabbit hole I am circling the entrance of is - Statins.

Apparently half the UK's mainly male population is on them to reduce LDL cholesterol.

I read one of the possible side effects can be dementia, which as cholesterol is naturally found and required at its highest levels in the brain is logical as anything designed to interfere with it could well have unintended consequences. Wish me luck!

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It's now the most likely assumption, that the useless and DEADLY Covid jab is the cause of most new illnesses, but nobody wants to discuss it! Covid and other illnesses are attributable to useless but dangerous Vaxxes which cause numerous vulnerabilities to human illnesses.

Example; A new spate of Chinese kids with mysterious sudden and often serious illnesses occurring.

The WHO is stalling on the matter - probably because they don't want us to know these kids were unnecessarily decimated with DEADLY Covid injections which destroy natural immunity FOREVER!

Bill Gates is the biggest benefactor of the WHO and he now controls their agenda and policies to further his own financial gain and implement his insane theories of how the planet should function under his 'rule'.

The WHO is therefore unanimously terminated by all members of the world's population.

We hereby unanimously reject the WHO and their devious Treaty!

Mick from Hooe (UK) unjabbed ex-member of the now Corrupt, and now obsolete, WHO which is hereby disbanded.

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Hey Mick, Don't forget, along with Billy Boy Gates, the WHO is also heavily financially and politically dependent on Chiina too - another big reason to stall and not upset the CCP.

Next year is going to be interesting with their proposed pandemic treaty!

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Another thing I'd like to see numbers on is glaucoma. My wife had normal slow progressing form of glaucoma before the shots. Since them one eye has rapidly developed into an aggressive version and she's about to lose site in that eye.

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I've seen a lot of research, I'm just a concerned novice when it comes to snake oil salesmen, because that's what they are. We had the CIA smuggling cocaine then the opioid crisis, we had countless lawsuits against big pharma, we had those students in a drugs trail that hit the papers a while ago. You've got alcohol, tobacco, sugar, processed foods, GMO, benzene in fuel, aluminium in jet fuel, ptfe in just about everything, fluoride, babies being used as vaccine pincushion, we've got obsiety, diabetes, heart disease, cancers & have they found a cure for anything, do they really care? Of course they don't, we're a burden on resources, plebs, useless eaters. You only have to look at the way the rich live, abusing children, taking drugs, looking down their noses at us, it does surprise that no one's stood upto them in hundreds of yrs, what has happened to the human race?

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Robert, Well when you put it like that... But of course you are right.

PS Don't forget Geo-engineering and all the crap they are pumping into the very air we breathe. Terrifying!

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I haven't forgotten that, there's so much going on I'm surprised we get to live so long here in the west. By long I mean pumped full of meds & left to rot in an old people's home with dementia for the last twenty yrs of our lives. It sometimes feels like a prison to me & that everyday has that groundhog feel to it.

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Totally agree. But whilst you're breathing pHarma is still making money and the medics see death as failure and not as a blessed relief. It's barbaric! And all hidden away, out of sight.

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The excuse of "better health outcomes" is a convenient way for those involved to conceal their willful neglect and malfeasance from the public. From the beginning, COVID polices on all levels had very little to do health outcomes. Money and control have been the guiding principles for all things COVID.

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I know you're the data guy, so apologies-but anecdotally I do personally know/ or known personally to my close circle of friends/ family - at least six, and potentially a couple more people with new onset Parkinsons recently.

a friend's house- seller, a lawyer friend's mum, a conductor I know and worked with, an instrument maker friend i know, another close friend's mum, a close friend's neighbour. then there was Jeremy Paxman ( journalist/ presenter- and there was a whole article in a Sunday mag recently with he and several people his generation all talking about their Parkinsons. (Jonathan Sumption was on our Board, not sure if what he has is Parkinsons or when it started.)

I know 14 people with strokes and clots, 22 with heart issues ( one age 35, a few in 40s), attacks, arrhythmia(3), sudden death including a 30y/o and several people at work,; 17 with cancer returned or aggressive, 13 neurological- including worsening ms, parkinsons, vertigo, falls, tinnitus, muscle fatigue, 2 died after strep or chest infection, 3 ear infections with ears bleeding, 6 gynae including 2 with worsening endometriosis,5 kidneys/ diabetes, a transverse myelitis, osteophytes (2), orchiditis (1), elderly losing use of legs, 3 amputees, 3 hairloss plus hairdresser's clients, repeated covids, back issues including 4 osteoporotic stress fractures, and 2 with sudden high BP, as well as whooping cough/ scarlets fever, strep, tonsillitis, in kids and a couple of babies, man in health shop " 5 colds in 5 months" etc; lots of low platelets/ low haemoglobin in friends, 4 friends have leukaemia at the same time, one has died. At least 6 colleagues just in my section ( music) have died young, suddenly. one was suicide. I hear every week about another colleagues mum having a heart attack and stroke, or a heart attack, or their aunt dying, ( or having " bleeding down there"- at 90 😱), or being found dead at 51, or 50s with " a couple of heart attacks" or 30 in bed, "cause unknown", or a well known colleague having myeloma or myocarditis- whichever one she has, its bad.

And I have a notebook and I am taking notes. Paying close attention.

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I ASKED BARD WHETHER CANCER, MS, PARKINSONS, LESIONS WERE MORE CONDUCTIVE THAN NORMAL CELL TISSUE!! https://open.substack.com/pub/normanjames/p/i-asked-bard-whether-cancer-msparkinsons?r=kozxo&utm_campaign=post&utm_medium=web PLEASE SUBSCRIBE AND READ MY ELECTRIC DIET FOR MORE PERSPECTIVE

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