​​Dr. Pierre Kory explores his evolution and latest treatment protocols for covid vaccine INJURIES and spike protein toxicity. "THEY JUST DON'T FEEL RIGHT AND THEIR BRAINS AREN'T WORKING"

Most common are Persistent Fatigue, Brain Fog, tinnitus, inability to exert,


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Screw covid and be happy.


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It was an interesting video but a little too much and verbose. I have frequent conversations with the non-covid vaccinated and mask refusers at Starbucks and the Dog park. Talking with them actually helps my mental health. In my experience- 3 patterns emerge. 1. However, you define the term "conservatives" were far less likely to take the shot or wear masks? 2. Those that were nonpolitical had a history of not trusting authority. 3. Those that consider themselves religious were also less likely to take the shot. I'm not one but if I was a psychologist this would fascinate me.

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Coincidental... todays Natural News report

CONTAMINATION CONFIRMED: Covid jabs found to contain green monkey DNA


Today I see many trained 'monkey minds' that cannot escape their educational 'conditioning'

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YOUR QUESTION: Why did I not get the Covid vax?

I got vaxxed in 1958 Polio shot (Polio Pioneer). I got Paralytic Bulbar Polio. Multiple consequences. 1 yr out complained I don't feel well/normal. Parent said 'Others In Iron Lung, Don't Talk about It, Don't Complain'. 1964 Smallpox shot - 10 days of high fever/sick just before being taken to the hospital. Pills: Sensitive: 1 aspirin = felt ‘stoned, and could taste 1 aspirin for 7-8 days.

1983 Anesthesia 8hrs+ refer to Memory, Consciousness & Coma [Full Talk], Sadhguru at Harvard Medical School with MIT engineering & computational neuroscience etc.. Anesthesia = Total life change. Old personality gone. Memory Shot.

2023 = Started Inner Engineering. 65yrs after from polio my historical 2” shorter R Leg now equals L leg. Coincidently Blood sugars -> Urine odor altered to no odor.

Why did I not get the Covid vax? Experience/gut feeling…Vaccines hurt people.

Also, the SV-40 in the polio vaccine passes to offspring. It damages ongoing human species.Perhaps that’s contributing to a degree of mental numbness - monkey minds which goes in circles but ardently defend their perspective. I saw the parent 'group think' in 1980's raising my daughter.

INNER ENGINEERING has deeply created improvement in my life.

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I think one of the key points Desmet makes is that our entire 'system' has resolved itself into a belief in logic, numbers, rationalism. Science. Through a few centuries this has crowded out talk of spirit, divinity and the unknowable but magnificent pageant of life.

That is, when you replace a belief in a god, with a place for you in that firmament, with a belief we are all just random blobs with firing neurons, your 'place' and purpose are destroyed.

It has been ongoing for so long, and has reached such heights, we can no longer perceive where we were and where we are. Except for clues, like the word 'evil' feeling to most folk like a quaint word for times past. And the feeling the physicists will sort it all out eventually. Leaving your average folk with a lack of meaning. Why NOT be a mass murderer, or throw yourself off a bridge? Nothing has higher meaning, there is no 'purpose' to our existence. Centuries in the making, surrounds us like the very air we breath. And this lack of meaning is the precondition to find meaning in something, like maybe join a higher good in fighting the virus. It is a relief to find a higher purpose, ANY higher purpose.

I note the word 'evil' has made a real comeback. And spoken carefully, with forethought, by entirely rationalist folk who are struggling to understand what we are seeing from our elite.

I also note the surprising number of our leaders in this general 'resistance' who are either religious or pondering whether they ought to stretch out from being rationalists and find meaning in some sort of spiritualism. The religious folk, some of them, already had a purpose to their life. And the rationalists are looking for one, sometimes for the first time in their lives.

Desmet never seems to discuss religion, perhaps it is because he perceives failings in the organized state of it? However he strongly promotes the understanding that rationalism is never more than shadows on a cave wall compared to the experience of reality itself. For him, when he describes it, it is mystic, it is divine, this direct experience of reality itself. Numbers are useful, but they only go so far.

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Steve you look weary… There’s the physical body, and the mental body and breath the brings life. To revitalize and reconfigure physical and mental bodies; investigate breath. It will lift you from mind intellect to Wisdom. Ask Will Smith about Sadhguru. AskJoe Rogan re chemical adulteration. Facts: Sadhguru presented at the UN, June 2016, UN World Water Day, 2018, Advised heads of Harvard & MIT medics re interventions. Intuitively people resonate with Wisdom and Truth as a deeper level for those with ears to hear cos people have the most sophisticated technology in the world within their human system. Patented injections deteriorate life quality. When did you last read your personal ‘Users Manual’. Take care of yourself first. June 3-4 Atlanta, June 24-25 LA. July 2-3.

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Dr Jane Ruby has been also served notice by Dr. Malone for $16.M? She brings serious facts to the table that the deep state would not like exposed. Are suits an attempt to shut down people? https://www.bitchute.com/video/CoY56VMOUFIH/

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The Breggins disagree with Desmet and Malone on this specific issue and it is worth checking out, especially since Malone tried to shut the Breggins up by suing them for $21 million dollas: https://www.bitchute.com/video/7AG3IeVfcdif/

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Thank you for hosting an amazing interview!

Mind control was a big part of what happened. This is what it looked like on the frontlines.


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Given smoking came up in video & often used as a comparison; I’ve been wondering how much of the harm increased when Big Tobacco added all the chemicals? In my 60s breathing fine etc and smoke pure tobacco. Livid when out of the gate Obama made it illegal to buy cigs straight from the reservation. I campaigned for that poseur & that was a first priority? Humans have used natural tobacco for eons

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This is Matt Walsh's documentary "What is a Woman," released one year ago. Daily Wire reached an agreement with Twitter to show it today for 24 hours, and Twitter pulled away from the agreement this week. The media is retweeted here to share with varying degrees of success:


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Mattias Desmet is correct that we have to get past materialism/physicalism. Belief in physicalism is the mass delusion that is the foundation for all of this technocratic nonsense that is happening. If we are nothing more than jumbles of jiggling molecules, then we can be managed "scientifically" by the technocrats. But we are more than just jumbles of jiggling molecules. Physicalism is dumb.

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This was excellent. We cannot presume the push is over. I wish to share Dan’s research on a new jab that is on deck for rollout, and it’s as or more sinister than what was discussed today in terms of fertility impacts. I hope it’s ok to add the link in good faith, video is short and fully referenced. https://www.bitchute.com/video/7evN1M4Co8ft/

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Could a dedicated team of psychologists, psychiatrists, advertising experts and reformed confidence tricksters find a way to reverse-brainwash billions of people?

Such a team has never been formed on the side of Good - only for Evil.

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The "vitamin K" shot is a vaccine. It contains aluminium. Apparently, phytonadione is a pathogen requiring immunizing against.

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