Very good information here for all and specially vaccine injured.

Dissolving The C19 Technological Weapon - Detoxifying Graphene and Heavy Metals Components

by Ana Maria Mihalcea, MD, PhD


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In this "free country" the POISON is not required to be mandated, the American way is to inject the men/women volunteers without discussion, like how it's always been done.

Here's a question for y'all, let's say DJT get's the Commander in Chief job again, will he continue the policy that pushes the jab for the military? Denounce the jab or continue to push the jab? Either way it's bad optics, and too late for the military members.

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How can recognised POISONS be mandated? LIABILITY for deadly injection makers would end this farce! Mick from Hooe (UK) Unjabbed to live longer.

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Dr. Pete Chambers - This could help a lot of people : Dr. Mark Trozzi - Huaier mushroom helps repair ribosome damage from covid shots

Covid "vaccines" are more destructive to vital ribosomes than chemotherapy.

This causes profound health deterioration and accelerated aging. Thankfully, there’s a mushroom that helps.

Huaier Mushroom Effects on Functional Compensation with Destructive Ribosomal RNA Structure after Anti-SARS-CoV-2 mRNA Vaccination

by Manami Tanaka, Tomoo Tanaka, Xiaolong Zhu, Fei Teng, Hong Lin, Zhu Luo, Ying Pan, Sotaro Sadahiro, Toshiyuki Suzuki,Yuji Maeda, Ding Wei and , Zhengxin Lu


Although striking effects of vaccination strategy against COVID-19 world-wide, a long-term influence by sequential viral mRNA injections are unknown. We analysed biological alterations by total RNA sequencing in Pfizer-BioNTech vaccinated normal healthy volunteers and cancer patients, with or without adjuvant Huaier therapy. A significant destruction in ribosomal RNA structures was identified, enhanced by serial shots. Unlike the destruction caused by chemotherapy with platinum (II) complex, progressive destruction in 18S ribosome was identified even at 6 months after vaccination. The influence resulted in massive inhibition of translation and transcription, significantly in intra/inter neural signaling transfer and in lipid metabolism, related to ageing process. Huaier compensated these dysfunctions by miRNA-mediated transcriptional control, by typical activation in PI3K/AKT signaling pathway. Gene Ontology analysis revealed spontaneous virion production in number even after 3 months of the first vaccination. Present study indicated that the adjuvant therapy like Huaier compensates accelerated ageing process by mRNA vaccination.¨ 3:37 min



Fortune Journals - Archives of Clinical and Biomedical Research

Huaier Effects on Functional Compensation with Destructive Ribosomal

RNA Structure after Anti-SARS-CoV-2 mRNA Vaccination


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If you have a whole generation of fat unfit kids that play video games, download internet porn, smoke weed, and live in their parents' basements. It will be hard to meet recruiting goals.

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The DOD Top BrASS have purposely done all they could to drive good troops out and make potential recruits stay away!

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Just my humble opinion as someone that served honorably in the Air Force and Army over 20 years ago. I was also a men's health Phyician for some time.

I predict recruiting goals will continue to get worse- especially for special operations. This has been discussed prior to covid and covid shot mandates made things significantly worse.

1. Even by 2015 35% of Americans over the age of 18 were to obese and unqualified to serve.

2. 35% of non-obese applicants fail entrance drug screens.

3. 15% of military applicants have criminal records.

4. There has been a huge decrease in testosterone in young men in the last 20 years and nobody

wants to investigate why. This may not affect a truck driver but in combat you need testosterone

5. The military is purging those that do not want a covid shot that is medically unwarranted.

6. The military is purging conservatives and pushing a politicly correct "diversity and inclusion agenda.

To deal with this problem a lot of branches have relaxed recruiting standards. No offence but some of the people in uniform today would not have lasted a single week of boot camp in the 60's or 70s.

Guess I am just getting old and need to accept things.

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Oct 6, 2022·edited Oct 6, 2022

Article below from Zero Hedge… The comments are brutal. We can’t trust any injections, and we all sensed this simple fact. The Medical Profession is a criminal organization.

National Guard Gives Service Members COVID-19 Vaccine Instead Of Influenza Shot

The National Guard administered the COVID-19 vaccine to multiple service members who were lined up for the influenza vaccine, including a member who objected to the COVID-19 vaccine on religious grounds, according to officials and one of the members.


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Please check out, that's how every single injection center shoud end up, wonderful EXAMPLE, the power is in PEOPLES' hands:


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Military in Crisis!! This bothers me a lot. And, it's not getting very much coverage. Recruiting is down 25% (I believe). Many are retiring due to the forced Jab and/or Wokism! Weapon stores are being sent to UA. And, our Strategic Reserves are being depleted. All pointing towards Piss Poor Readiness.

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The former Green Beret would be usefull for UNODOC if not just in line with my expressed interest in Green Berets for UNODOC as elite Anti Corruption Force backed by U.N.Charter.

That is for enforcement of proper criteria for injections and informed consent.

Also for The Coast Guard and C.I.D.to investigate. So if Chambers is a Green Beret can answer my petition.

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Reducing the size of our military in whatever way possible has always been our enemies plan. The less military members the easier it is to take over the country by force.... it's really that simple

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“Military men are just dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy.”

- Henry Alfred Kissinger

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Picture this...not even considering the disability caused by the shots, but due to obesity alone this country has a very limited pool of young men who are even fit for active duty! Couple that to more and more young people waking up to how corrupt their country truly is and who have zero desire to risk their life for it. Houston we have a problem. There is NO WAY our country is poking the bear so to speak knowing these facts...without some plan already in place. I think Russia is very likely the last nation of any merit stopping the WEF's plans to install a global government at this point. Generally the military is "not woke" and not progressive, so why not force sicken 85% of them??? Lots to think about...

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Obama despised the military and it has taken a turn for the worse even more so under the

demented fossil and his menagerie of miscreants

Mush mouth Austin who rides the desk as SecDef and panties at half mast who squats in the chair

at JCS are reflective of how much intent there is to destroy what was a vibrant force at one time

We will rue the day that this is what has become the norm now

**never mind 'admiral' Levine and Brinton the epitome of depravity who holds court as

deputy assistant secretary nuclear energy

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Anyone know a good attorneys for the military members looking to sue over vaccines mandates and hipp violations

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