The first time they did this it was to diminish US economy and unconstitutionally change voting rules to hurt Donald Trump's reelection prospects. The economy is already pretty bad, so if they make it worse I don't think it will help Joe Biden, but maybe they're trying to keep in place or resurrect the voter fraud that occurred last time.

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"And the lamestream media has been quite vicious to him. Isn't that a clue that he's real?"

How BETTER to suck in the hurting Right? How better to distract u s into MORE non-action because "he understands me/us"?! I HOPE he is starting to reach folks -- but -- what is he offering them other than "I feel it, too"?

(I'm old and tired, and jaundiced.... Bashing my head (for years) against a WALL of uncomprehending, *NICE* people who just cannot encompass the idea of how deep, wide, and VICIOUS our enemies are! Hell most of 'em don't even SEE we have enemies!

Just vacillating on should I or should NOT send my idiot-lib sisters this:

BREAKING: UK Gov published official figures on deaths following COVID vax revealing 1 in every 482 vaxed people in UK died within 1 month of vaccination 1 in every 246 died within 60 days of vax & 1 in every 73 were dead by May 2022

That report was first reported a year ago, but it’s a good reminder


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"I have no confidence or hope that any sort of justice will be meted out."

Welcome to the modern day liberal Democratic (i.e., COMMIE!!) United States!! Evil hasn't won yet -- but they're sure crushing us in their skirmishing!! And SO many semi-intelligent people just discard *noticing* a "conspiracy theory." "Do they not even know THE CIA MADE THAT PHRASE UP to shut down people talking about, expressing disconcert/discontent and questions about the JFK assassination?! It's PROPAGANDA to shut up the people -- and the people have grabbed onto it like a life ring!!

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Graphene and hydrogels in the injectables patents:


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Shocking details are emerging today about the government's FEMA cover-up of Hawaiian children burned alive, as well as more details on the scripted "plandemic" scam that's scheduled to begin next week.

We have astonishing video clips, news analysis and an interview for you in today's episode of Brighteon Broadcast News.

Catch it here: https://www.brighteon.com/df154de0-ca0f-4db6-9504-1436147c5d2b

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Plandemic Measures Begin AGAIN Next Week


(Get Ready to Push Back on these MotherWEF'fers!!)



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Excellent program as usual!

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Absolutely right and thanks as ever. Related (isn't everything) I remind Steve Kirsch and his team that Andrew Bridgen MP (UK) kicked out of Tory Party for exposing slaughter by jab, Midazolam, and much else IMHO genocidally rooted in Operation Paperclip eugenics/depopulation, etc., has asked Steve to text him on his private phone number (as requested to me by Steve - see Steve's comment/request and thread - https://kirschsubstack.com/p/83-of-the-residents-of-a-nursing/comment/36845779), which I emailed to Steve via info@vacsafety.org as follows:


Subject: Message for Steve Kirsch from Andrew Bridgen

Date: Tue, 22 Aug 2023 19:59:32 +0100

From: alan chapman <alan@livewildlivefree.org>

To: alan chapman <ac@alanchapman.com>, info@vacsafety.org

Steve I've received the attached screenshot from Dr Teck Khong (ABtext.jpg), and I also attach screenshot of Dr Teck's text to me (AB2.jpg). Andrew Bridgen says, "Please pass him my contact mobile number and ask him to text me." [AB's private number redacted by me]

Best wishes and thanks, Alan

P.S. If you are not already connected with leaderships of TogetherDeclaration.org and Love-Party.co.uk they're probably worth exploring, IMHO.

On 22/08/2023 18:13, alan chapman wrote:


> Steve update re the Substack exchanges below:


> At my request earlier today Dr Teck Khong has very helpfully texted Andrew Bridgen to ensure he sees my email to Andrew about connecting with you.


> Dr Teck Khong is leader of the https://adfparty.uk/ and is also standing as an MP in the next UK General Election. Dr Teck Khong has Andrew's personal phone number, which I don't have [I do now].


> I'm still rebuilding myself in many ways, waiting to see what emerges, and perhaps another time I'll be able to see/focus on what help I might need; meanwhile I appreciate your offer beyond my words can say.


> Thanks and best wishes.


> Alan (Chapman)


> +44 7907 961408

> 85 Forest Gate, Anstey, Leics LE7 7FJ

> linkedin.com/in/alchap


Infinite love and gratitude to all,



livewildlivefree.org, alanchapman.com, etc

Leicestershire UK

(66yrs old in Sept, carnivore diet, stronger, healthier, and more peacefully lovingly fearlessly energised every moment :)

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MAUI FIRES - Insurance companies cancelled policies re Lahaina fires. Read the small print--Insurance policies are not covered for acts of war or terrorism.--??? What do they know?

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Welders know anodized aluminum requires 3100F to melt. What caused the railings on boats in the harbour to melt? And appliances in houses to melt? And cars? Forest fires, grasses & trees have a flash point of 572F and raging above 50meters are about 2200F.

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CAREFUL what you read .

I just received a response to this posting which had been altered . Identifying the flash point of 572F was removed, and altered to "Yes, we really need specialists in this area to comment! redirecting the conversation by referring specifically to the requirement of masks......from wynford1

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AUG 2023

GLOBAL COVID DEATHS -- 20,000,000.


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I think conspiracy web should not be brought into the movement against medical tyranny. I think it was an unforced error by Robert Malone to throw a bunch of stuff out there about weather engineering systems and beam weapons being used to destroy Lahaina. That territory will be covered by Stew Peters.

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Because YOU know for SURE how it was done? You think there is NOT anything such as DEW?

Dr Jerry Pournelle -- one of the SMARTEST people ever, working in and out of govt -- (way early, like in the mid19--teens?) pointed out in an essay in one of the "There Will Be War" anthologies he produced/edited that there WAS progress being made in Directed Energy ... and then SUDDENLY, without notice, it disappeared: it went DARK! If Dr Pournelle says they were working successfully on Directed Energy -- and then it disappeared behind doors -- then I accept about 95% that it is REAL! And there is TOO MUCH decent explanation to discard it!

You want to be a gatekeeper to information you don't have, to keep anyone else from seeing it? If you have NOT taken your trip down the several 'rabbit trails' -- then why are you trying to stop others from doing so? WHO are you protecting? Or as the Big Bear would say: "WHO is your master?"

Why should not EVERYthing be looked into? Are you afraid of what might be found? Bad choice! Worse choice to drive OTHERS away from what you don't want them to look into!

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Thank you for the comment.

I don't want the movement against medical tyranny to be undermined by dubious, knee jerk, or unrelated conspiracy theories: "the guy who believes Lahaina was razed by a beam weapon and weather engineering system to build a 15-minute city and who also thinks Covid vaccines have killed thousands." This will turn people on the fence away. A poll I recently saw said 33% think the Covid vaccines have killed or probably killed thousands; 65% say it is probably or definitely false that the vaccines have killed thousands. I think these numbers can change if people are open to the evidence, which clearly indicates to me we have a problem.

Obviously, feel free to explore and believe any conspiracy theory you want. As to Lahaina, a home with a metal roof where vegetation around the home had previously been removed survived the fire. A historic church survived. Dr. Kirk Milhoan in the interview with Steve dedicated to this thread said some people saved their wooden homes with garden hoses. Over 90% of the population remains after the fires, so the fire did nothing to further a 15-minute city. Eminent domain can be used to remove the people, but it would be unpopular. It would be especially unpopular after the fire.

I think Robert Malone undermined himself by needlessly speculating about beam weapons and weather engineering systems, and it will generally undermine his credibility on vaccines.

You asked who is my master is? Hopefully, good decision making.

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Thanks v much for making this happen: we are too late for the live-stream and hope it will be avaiilable for later viewing -- ?

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all criminals you are only allowed to shoot your victims between 9a.m. and 9p.m. says the deranged demonicrats --- Democratic alderwoman Maria Hadden shared a proposal last week by the community group Native Sons urging Chicagoans not to shoot their victims with firearms between the hours of 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.


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This continuous “heralding” of the return of “the mandates” thing, is getting weird...


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No vaxxes will ever be safe. Give up.

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